Mandy and Kelly’s Plaything

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RE: Mandy and Kelly’s Plaything

Unread postby feline » Sat Nov 12, 2005 3:50 pm

Mandy and Kelly’s Plaything ly_plaything.html


at a logical level i can see how all of this fits together, and to bequite honest i found quite a lot of the bondage in this storydistinctly sexy

it is everything he asked for, and more!  the obvious lesson here is to be very careful what you ask for!

however there was one distinct weakness to this story for me.  theman and his reactions just did not make sense after the firstbit.  i can see and follow what led him to visit these women, butonce things started to clearly get out of hand where were the reactionsand feelings that one would expect to go with this?

having said that i did like the ending, especially the comment about rose tinted glasses
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