Initiation - many parts

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RE: Initiation - many parts

Unread postby feline » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:37 pm

this has just reached part 7, which is quite an achievement

really you should read this from the begining, otherwise it wont make much sense: n1.html

i wont go into the story to much at this point.  really this storydeserves a long and complicated review, and i have been meaning to doone for ages, and not getting there

so instead here are my "high point" thoughts upto and including part 7.

one of the first things you notice as you read this is how well writtenthe story is, and how much depth and substance the two people have beengiven.

there are times (parts 3 and 4 especially) when Rob really gets on mynerves while i am reading the story.  taking this as real, then iam 100% behind and in total agreement with Rob, his concerns, hisfeelings, his thoughts and questions.

yet when i am reading the story i wish his concerns could be madewithout having to spend so long dwelling on them *sigh*.  lookingback on the stories in my memory it is good to focus on this, but whilereading the stories it can get repetative and irritating, i just wantthe next bit of bondage

the flip side of this is Amy, certainly at first i really wanted togive her a good spanking or telling off!  talk about making lifedifficult for Rob!

one of the real delights of this story so far is watching how these twopeople grow and change.  you need the early, less bondage filledparts to form a solid foundation for what is to follow, and so farthere is still enough consideration and time given to how they feel,act, and how the journey is working out for each of them.

on the theme of bondage filled i REALLY liked part 5!  i will notgive away the details for the new readers, but watching this suddenlyburst forward, and as importantly watching the feelings and emotionsthat went with it...  *happy sigh* it was a real delight.

in contrast by part 7 Rob is really settling into his role of master,seems to be happy there, and the concerns of how this might take overor dominate their relationship seem to be easing, which is a greatrelief!

part 7 among other things does a very good job of opening upinteresting options and pathways for future parts, so i am definetlyinterested in seeing what more the authors have in store for us
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RE: Initiation - many parts

Unread postby jemima » Sun Nov 06, 2005 7:20 am

*grins from ear to ear*Thanks, feline, for your lovely comments :-) I am very pleased to know someone is reading this story, as it took a while to write. Part 5 is my favourite too, mmm...We're currently a little stuck on Parts 8 and 9 but hope to have them ready soon.
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RE: Initiation - many parts

Unread postby feline » Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:55 pm

go check your messages at this forum... ;)
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RE: Initiation - many parts

Unread postby Guests » Sat Nov 12, 2005 10:05 pm

Oh this is a hot hot story! The descriptions of how Amy is feeling as she dresses & so forth are excellent. I love it. Anyone who can read the whole thing without stopping at least once is inhuman! Another one to print & take to bed...There's some talent around- thanks again to all concerned for making it possible.tojo
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