idea - suggestion requested

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idea - suggestion requested

Unread postby Pete » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:39 pm

Hi folks.

I'm in the process of writing a new adventure for Karen, but I need some idea. :?:

Here's the background of the story: An asteroid is going to destroy all life on earth. Although attempts are under way to divert its trajectory, plans are prepared in case they fail.

The plan: put into suspdended animation a group of people (mixed M/F) for the time the earth would be hell. Sensors will awake them when the proper time has come. Scientists forecast about 25 years.

Now, Karen and her team, will be, well, "fully protected :twisted: " for the duration of their suspended animation.
Now I won't give any more details aobut the setup :gag: . However, I'm asking myself, where would be the most secure location to put them.
Now, living in North America, the first place that pops to mind is the Cheyenne Mountain Complex of NORAD in Colorado (USA) but I will not likely be the only place to "store" the future of humankind. Of course, the safest place will be the fartest away from Ground Zero (that has not been determined yet, but probably in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific ocean).

So I'm asking for suggestions. Think about your fantasy, what if you were one of the "chosen" to create a new population of the planet. The place needs to be high enough so the ocean will not flood them, and safe enough so that the "nuclear blast-like" impact of the asteroid will not destroyed, yed in a place where civilisation could start again.

Go ahead, give me your best shot!!
Leave your suggestions as replies of this post.

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Re: idea - suggestion requested

Unread postby Opiumsamurai » Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:32 am

Oddly enough it might not be on the planet at all. You could put them on an orbiting station (which would need to have enough fuel to constantly adjust course etc over 25 years), and then have them come back via a shuttle or something.

If space is out, somewhere pretty high up would be best to ensure nothing goes wrong with the massive flooding from an oceanic ground zero. Maybe... Tibet? You could find some excuse to shove them into something that looks like a Buddhist statue too ^_^
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Re: idea - suggestion requested

Unread postby pandried » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:20 am

Whats powering their 'suspension units' - If there's massive damage, then isn't it likely the power source is also damaged? (Japanese Tsunami for example of what secondary damage can cause.)

At the same time, even if you build a nuclear reactor in the middle of remote Tibet in the time it takes for this to asteroid to come (which is another topic); who is going to be looking after it? - Reactors aren't automatically run & need constant supervision & maintenance.. (Nature will take back land fairly quickly in the timescale your looking at, there's plenty of examples with truly abandons towns)
Not to mention the processing of spent reactor rods (Cant just leave them lying around :mrgreen: )

This is true of Wind or Solar collection methods, You'd still need to have maintenance people working on the upkeep for the privileged few.. (who's paying for them to do this? why would they do it?)

Then back to the asteroid, other than the few which are known & based on computed trajectories, If an asteroid did have our names on it, you wouldnt even get a warning. If you where at ground zero, you might just get to sneak a peak in the 1 or 3 seconds it would take to fall through the thin atmosphere, You can bet initial damage & shock wave would remove any visible eyewitness's.
Over land? - quite a lot of destruction there - check the size of the Arizona Crater, think of the shock wave & destruction around that. (on the plus side, we could get rid of France instantly! :lol: )

Hit in water? Think of the tsunami, & then all the coastal towns you once enjoyed!

Then the real downside.. Its government controlled, so they get to choose whos going..
So in your story, its going to be 'karen' & then the politician chumps..
Good luck writing that story with their immediate needs to forget finding food, but instead trying to fund and run an election campaign!
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Re: idea - suggestion requested

Unread postby Pete » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:46 am

Geesh, guys, it's about a FANTASY story, not the next World Disaster Documentary!
It's about a fantasy where the only persons left are rubber/bondage fetishists.

All I wanted was to make the story "international" so people from everywhere could fantasize about being one of the "chosen".
All I wanted was a place in Europe where a "bunker" coule be located so I could write about the cities around it and how the selection process went.

Obviously, you're not interested into it.

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Re: idea - suggestion requested

Unread postby south l8x » Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:14 pm

what about CERN?

French/Swiss border, so plenty of big cities not too far away + lots of tunnels and underground chambers. Just need to nudge the LHC out the way!
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Re: idea - suggestion requested

Unread postby DarkLizerd » Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:51 pm

Thinks "Dooms day preppers"...
Seen an advert for that program...
Yes, if it came to that, the governemts are gona have their "best" protected for that, but the "little" guy is out
on his own...
This sounds like something a bunch of scientest that would be left out trying to do something to preserve people that
could save and rebuild the world...

It could be an stastis experiment that after it started the dooms day asteroid shows up and wipes everyone out...
But the stastis is not "deep sleep" and the mind is somewhat active, so the computer sets-up a virtual world that
everyone "lives" in and that is where the bondage idea gets started...

(That could be the location of your story...)

Then, the monitoring computer determins the world is now livable and wakes everyone up to fix all the current problems...
Then you have a MadMax world to contend with...

Post holocaust... great place for a story... little to no laws, and lots of activity...
Maybe it takes place a little further in the furure and new non-leathal weapons were being deveoped...
A "glue-glob" gun that wraps the target up to disable them...
A sonic gun that acts like a stunner...

Queen Karen and her squad of laytex goons providing the disipline and corrective bondage to correct a world gone mad...
Watch as the old west shoot out is transformed into a lashing contest...

Queen Karen is awaken into the madmax world and works to bring silivation back to a vilent world with the use of the new weapons provided by the computer and the automated manufacturing plant...

Stranglely... I picturing some '70's era post-holocaust world with the main caracters emerging dressed in furturistic white jumpsuits, low camera angle with the stars climbing up from the back of the hill...
But white latex for the goon squads, red for the Queens close guards, the black for the queen herself with the cape and hood... (OMG!!! a female Darth Vader!!!)
(Really, I did not think of Darth Vader unil I added the cape and hood... really!!!)
All advice is checked, re-checked and verified to be questionable...
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