The wrong wedding

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The wrong wedding

Unread postby restricted » Thu May 10, 2018 8:18 am

Jane is 23. She has no family as she was brought up in an orphanage. However, she did have a lot of friends.

One day at work she announced she was marrying Bob. All the girls had met him and thought he was dreamy. They all congratulated Jane on her news.
The wedding was arranged for the next June, which gave her six months to plan the wedding. She planned to have three bridesmaids, two of her work colleagues and her hairdresser. Her hairdresser Sarah used to go out with Bob and was upset when they called it a day and split up. In fact, Sarah was angry and wanted to get even with him.

It was agreed that Sarah would do the girls hair for them on the day of the wedding. She had friends who worked in her shop and they offered to help. Sarah was so good to them, they even said they would get even with Bob for her. Over the time, they had let his tyres down. Put a potato in the exhaust. They put Superglue in the locks on his car. Every nasty thing you could think of, they did..

Over the months, Bob had a delivery of sand and cement dumped on his drive. He knew it was Sarah behind it, but could not prove it. The police said they would have a word with her but until the catch her red handed, and had proof it was her behind all the trouble, they could do nothing. Bob found that by ignoring it, they got fed up and the problems stopped.

The week before the wedding and Jane had the wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses delivered to Sarah’s shop. Sarah who was to be the chief bridesmaid, would have the shop closed and the blinds down so they could work in peace on the wedding group..

Sarah told Jane her dress looked beautiful and she couldn’t wait to see her in it. Jane loved it. It was a slip line dress with long sleeves, hugged her perfect figure and finished up like a hobble dress. Sarah showed her the one she had got in a sale. It flared out princess style. She bought it early so she daren’t put on weight.

The big day came. It was 8 in the morning when Jane turned up at the shop Sarah ran. Sarah suggested that Jane and her other bridesmaid Elaine got dressed first so there wasn’t any chance of the hair style being ruined. Sarah said she didn’t think it would happen, but agreed to it just in case. The two changed into their gowns. Elaine was wearing a similar style dress, but in a dark red colour.

Sarah was impressed by Jane’s underwear, white satin bra, knickers, a white satin suspender belt with white stockings and court shoes. The long satin underskirt went over that lot. She even had a blue garter on one leg. Sarah said she looked lovely. It would be a shame Bob wouldn’t see it that way, only a means to an end to remove Jane’s clothes. The only problem Jane had was that in that dress, she couldn’t walk very fast.

Sarah told Jane that once the pair had their makeup and hair done, she would put her dress on so they could work on her. Sarah’s two assistants were Samantha and Sue. Between them they ran the three S’s hair and beauty salon.

The girls washed Jane and Elaine’s hair and told them to sit in the chair while they got their hair styled. Once they were in the chairs, both Jane and Elaine had a cloth soaked in chloroform shoved over their noses. A few breaths and they passed out.

It was still only 9 so there was 6 hours before the wedding. At 10, Jane and Elaine woke up. They could not move. Jane tried to speak but found she had been gagged. Her wrists and arms were tied to the arms of a chair. It wasn’t the same one that she had sat in when she was knocked out. Her feet were tied with her ankle crossed. She could not mover her feet sideways or backwards and forwards as they were fixed to the cross bar between the front legs. Ropes went over her thighs and more around her waist, holding her tightly to the chair.

Neither did she recognise the room. This was cold and just white emulsion on the bricks for lightness. A heavy steel door was on her right, and there was a television on the wall in front of her.

Elaine was tied standing to a pole with ropes around her ankles knees, thighs, arms (with her hands behind the pole), more ropes around her waist, under and over her breasts, Her long brown hair had been plaited around the pole so she couldn’t look down. The pair struggle futilely against their bonds, and made no headway in escaping.

Sarah came into the room wearing her wedding dress and holding something white. Samantha and Sue were in blue bridesmaid’s dresses. She held Jane’s face while Samantha and Sue took the object from Sarah and opened it out. It was a collar. Sue put it around Jane’s neck and Samantha tightened the two straps up before putting the little locks on them. Sarah forced removed the gag and forced the collar upwards and over her chin. It had a ball gag built in and straps went either side of her nose and joined up before going over her head. Sarah tightened the straps tightly. Jane could not move her head at all now.

Sue held out a white veil and Sarah put it on Jane finally settling it down over her face. “There, now we are done. I’ll tell you what is happening. The TV will come on and you will see a blushing bride marry Bob. Of course, it was going to be you, but the bride on the TV will be me. Many years ago, we went to a hypnotists show. I got him to leave me with the words that would put Bob in a trance and get it out of it. I have used it so Bob has forgotten he was going to marry you and thinks we were going to get married. The ropes I have used on you both are soft cotton bondage ropes as I don’t want to damage the goods. You will be able to watch the proceedings in comfort. Later, you will see Bob duck under my dress to eat my pussy and give me my deserved orgasm as a reward for my effort. Isn’t that extremely kind of me? Maybe you two will be so turned on you'll get an orgasm. Finally, I have sold you two to slave traders. They will be here tomorrow to pick you up. You will be boxed up and flown out to somewhere. I have no idea where, nor do I care. You won’t be found as you are no longer in my salon. So give up on being rescued if I were you. It would make it easier if you accept your fate. I understand that there is a village where there are no women so you will get all the cock you want and more. I got a good price for two virgins. Anyway, I have to leave now for my wedding. At least you have got to wear yours. For your interest, I’m recording you two so later on I can have more fun watching you both. Bob also loves a good bondage film so will not realise it is for real and not just a film. It’s also on line to the village so they can see what a lovely present they have got coming their way”.

With that Sarah, Sue and Samantha left and locked the door behind her. The two girls struggled again but fell back exhausted. Sarah and her cronies had made a good job of securing them, leaving them to ponder their fate.
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