My friend from school

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My friend from school

Unread postby lanad » Wed May 29, 2019 11:35 am

At school I knew a chap that was very vindictive and a bit of a sadist, but as I sat next to him and over the years we became friends.
I lost touch with him when we left school, then about 20 years later he phoned me up, and as he moved back to the area would I like a drink with him,
Having met at the local we talk about what we have done and loads of rubbish talk, by the time it was time to go and being slightly inebriated, he looked me strait in the eye and Said “I now you dress up like a woman, I have seen your photos on the web and I want to tie you up and hurt you, I’ll be in touch”, with that he left.
It was 2 months latter when the phone rang all he said was he will come over tomorrow and be dressed in that little black dress in photo number 107 ok.
I was speechless and never said a word, after a moment of silence he said it would be good see you tomorrow, then, he hung up.
I was shaking and fearful when I put the phone down, why did I not tell him to bugger off and that I was not interested and will never do what he asked of me,
Sleep evaded me that night as I could not stop thinking about what he might do, perhaps he just wants’ to talk to a man that dresses up as a classy woman,
But deep down I was very curious and in a way very interested in bondage but the thought of having sex with a man was repulsive to me.
After my shower the following morning he was still on my mind, and as I put makeup on in front of the mirror, I realised that I wanted bondage,
I then started to dress and as normal I fitted my electrodes before tucking, once tucked, I gaffer taped the whole thing in place, he’s not getting in there, slipping on my tights followed by my corset and then my black dress, a very short dress at that, the wires to my electrodes were between my breasts and hanging over the top off my dress so I just tucked them down so that they could not be seen. I’m thinking that would be my choice if anything were to go that far.
I felt good and ready to receive my guest, but at the same time hoped that he would not show.
He showed, he rang the gate bell; my finger was trembling as was the rest of me and pushed the entry button,
He stuck out his hand and said Hi and that I looked marvelous, any tea. we were sitting and drinking and he was staring at my legs, may I tie your legs, yes I responded, and he started to tie my legs at the ankle then just below the knee and then above, he put multiple rope turns around my thighs and he cincture's it,
He sat back and admired my bound legs, we talked and he asked how it felt being bound by someone else, scary I replied,
I like people that are scared so scared that they pee themselves, that is so sexy,
I’m beginning to wonder if I should trust this man, after all if he just wants to watch someone pee themselves he could just hang out in the gent’s toilet,
Too much talking he said and he applied the ball gag, I was his, he then laid me on the floor face down and folded my legs and tied them with a belt,
This was painful at the knee and the desire to stretch out my legs was very strong, after he removed my shoes he crossed my feet and tied them together with cord. Placing a cushion on the floor he rolled me over and sat me up, he said that he was going to ball tie me, this is the first time I have ever been ball tied and was not expecting what was going to happen, at this point my heart was pounding and I was getting hot,
placing a leather belt under my knees he pushed me down and started to pull the belt tight across my back, when I thought that he had finished he placed his knee on my back and pushed me down even more, then he pulled the strap very tight indeed,
my breathing was restricted to say the least and it took my mind off the pain from my knees, he told me to put my arms behind me and interlock my fingers, having cord wrapped around my fingers was very scary but to have my wrists tied at the same time was even worse.
I can feel the rope encircling my elbows he was going for the full tie, and this is something that I have always desired and also feared, he pulled the rope tighter and tighter and I began to scream,
He tightened the ball gag up to maximum and then the leather mouth cover and he pulled that tight as well,
My screams were now a muffled grunt more than a shrill scream.
Cincture'g my wrists and pulling the rope through the small gap between my ankles he pulled tight and tied a knot and brought the other end of the rope up to the ring at the back of my ball gag so that my head was pulled back.
He then sat in front of me drinking his tea and smiling at me, watching my discomfort building up to panic and he was very aroused for he was rubbing his trousers, I was completely immobile but the pain from my bonds was intolerable, and I was still screaming for some sort of mercy into my gag.
He just watched me for ages, and every now and again would rub himself through his trousers,
He then said that he loved to hurt people and watch them struggle to get away, It’s so sexual,
All this time I was trying to straighten my body against the straps that held me so tight.
The mere fact that he was not doing anything to me made time slow down and what seemed an age was in fact only half an hour, he then he started to stick pins in my feet I have never known such pain,
The pins were left in, and then he started on my ass, it was intolerable, he sat back and every now and again would run his hand over the pins sending shock waves of pain through by entire legs and bum.
And I was still fucking screaming, it was all I could do,
He left the room and I was still screaming,
What he did when he returned to the room was in my mind unforgivable, for he began to probe my crutch with those damn pins, he didn’t get the response he expected so he asked if I’d tucked inside, I nodded my head as best I could.
He began probing with his finger and located my right testicular and pushed very slowly a pin and he did not stop until the head of the pin was flush with my corset,
The sheer pleasure was amazing and I needed to cum, he also found the wires that went to my helmet and he traced these with his finger,
Ahh, here it is and this will hurt,
He pushed the pin into my sex all the way in, I was screaming on top my screaming, and he let me suffer until the pain subsided,
Then he pushed a second one in fucking hell and was informed latter that this was the point that I blacked out.
He said that I was out for about a minute, and that I was still ball tied,
Soon be over as I have only 5 pins left, he smiled at me and said that I was a wonderful subject,
He let me rest for ages, there was no pain as I’d lost the feeling in my legs and my arms, it was just breathing that bothered me and the pain in the small of my back, my rest came to an end when he pushed the 3rd pin into my dick and all that agony sprung back to life as I tried to move away from him,
He began to push a pin through my left testicular and sheets of pleasure rolled over me, and again I was desperate too cum,
I was crying now as I knew where the next pin was going, that was a big mistake for he pushed two pins at the same time through my left and right testy,
Fuck why can’t I cum I needed to explode, after I calmed down he pushed the last pin into my dick and rubbed his hands on my feet and bum and started to smack my crutch, I passed out again,
When I came too he had removed the two leather belts and the rope from my gag that felt so much better, removing the pins from my arms and butt left me with even more relief,
He helped me stretch out and was face down and after he undid my fingers he rolled me on to my back, he placed his hand on my crutch and pressed gently and I could feel the pins pricking, god I want too cum,
He kept this up for about 5 minutes and it was like I was coming continuously, he said that he was doing this so that I will want him back when he’s redy for more,
He continued to rub my groin and I was in a way helping him, I was gyrating my hips and pushing up and down, and fuck the pain, as I was desperate to cum,
He stopped and gave me a slap on my groin and said, well you appear to be empty and he held his hand in front of my face, it glistened with what appeared to be sperm,
Your milked, totally milked, you will have to wait until tomorrow to have a good wank,
He began to untie me and helped me sit up, I was like a rag doll, numb and hurting and my mind was smashed, god I need to cum but he’s fixed that,`
He then placed a cup of tea in front of me and I just sat there panting and didn’t move from the position that he put me in, he asked if I had an orgasm and I said no, I know you did, your knickers are soaking wet, but I did twice, the first one was involuntary as you looked so vulnerable, the second one was when I had a wank in your tea, he replied, have a long rest as I have to leave shortly,
But first I’ll set you up for your stereo stim and then leave, so under my instructions he set up the lap top and mini amp and switch it on,
Bliss, I’ll cume soon, but after an hour I was on the edge and stayed there for a further hour,
He had long gone by this time and in frustration I punched my balls, and the pain that I received was humongous as he had not removed the pins,
I continued to stim as I slowly removed the pins, that fucking friend had fixed me good as I was unable to cum, and as he said I’ll have to wait till tomorrow,
I had wet stains on my tights and my crutch was very wet indeed, there was a lot of sperm that he’d milked out of me,
I did not undress but went to bed and set the timer for 7 in the morning to be woken up with stim and I hope an orgasm.
With trepidation I look forward to his next phone call, and I was in agony for about 2 days afterwards.
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