Summer holidays?

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Summer holidays?

Unread postby restricted » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:59 pm

Traci and Sharon were looking forward to going on holiday but hadn’t got anywhere booked, so they looked through the brochures and on line to think of where to go. Eventually they decided it was cheaper to book the hotel and flights themselves save money.

They flew out to Sharm El Sheik only to find the hotel was packed but at least they had a room. They were handed cards to fill in and sign to say they had the room. The first few days were okay but a rowdy crowd turned up. The girls had just about had enough. When they lay on the beaches in their bikinis the youths would not leave them alone.

So they asked the reception if there was anywhere else they could go for peace and quiet. Surprisingly the receptionist sad there was a lace called Ali-El-Bakarah. It was about 50 miles away and as the hotel needed the room, they would refund their rental costs. They looked at each other and asked how they could get there. They were told he would arrange a free taxi cab as they were saving him the room.

Once they got to the new resort, they soon settled in. The only thing was they had no mobile phone connections, but it didn’t bother them as they had a land line in the hut where they were staying. The hut wasn’t that great, but at least they were alone.

A few days later, they started getting bothered by greasy Arabs who were trying to pick them up. They didn’t understand what they were saying so never bothered answering except telling them to go away.

Some days went by and Traci noticed there were more and more women coming to the beach. It was obviously a beach for women only. The only thing was the women were all dressed in black Burqas. It made them stand out in their bikinis. More and more women joined the party and gradually they seemed to be shifting towards the girls.

Sharon was a little wary. She needed to be. A man came up and said something in his language which they could not understand. He was asking them to become concubines to the local sheik.

When they didn’t respond to his demands, he called out loudly in his language and in a matter of seconds the pair was jumped on by all the women. In a matter of seconds they were held with their arms stretched out while one of the women removed their bikinis. They were bound with their hands behind their back and their feet tied together.

Before they could recover from the shock enough to scream, they were gagged. Some bags were produced and they were shoved into them forcing their knees up to their chests, and they were tied around the neck so there was no escape even if they undid the ropes on their wrists. They were dragged in the bags across the beach. Although there were lots of women about, no one helped them. Finally they were blindfolded.

They were handed over to three men who unceremoniously threw them into the back of a jeep and driven off to destinations unknown. They had no idea how long they were driven for or where they were heading. Sharon worked out that the jeep kept turning left and right to confuse the two girls.

Eventually after a couple of hours, the jeep stopped. They were dragged out of the jeep and dumped on the ground. A woman came over and in Egyptian said something. The bags were untied and the girls were poured out of the bags. They could not see what was happening or where they were.

In perfect English, although with an accent a woman said, “You have been brought here to become a couple of concubines for the sheik. Do you understand?” Both girls shook their heads, they knew what a concubine was and were having nothing to do with it. The woman went on, “Oh dear, they are refusing to obey. I’m looking forward to training these two” Another woman spoke in English back, “It will be fun to see how long they last until they break. In case you wonder, there are only two of us that can speak English. The rest will not understand a word you say”

They felt their bonds being untied and then they were frogmarched for a short distance before their hands were bound once more while their feet were held. Ropes were pulled tight and they found themselves with their arms outstretched. Their ankles were tied in a similar way so they found themselves naked and spread-eagled standing between two posts each.

A male voice said something and from the reaction of the two women, Sharon and Traci both realised it must have been the sheik. He went off and one of the women said “The sheik loves you. You are the first blondes he has in his harem. We must not harm or mark you in anyway. But not to worry, that still gives us plenty of scope to train you”. Sharon and Traci realised the women had walked off leaving them immobilised in the sun, the warmth of which was getting hotter.

They could not see who it was but make voices were excited to see the two naked bodies and soon hands were pawing over them. They suffered the torment for some time, but then as suddenly as it started, it stopped. The woman asked if they were prepared to become concubines of their own free wills yet and both shook their heads.

The girls felt scented oils being poured on their bodies and massaged in. It soothed the soreness they were getting from the blistering heat. Again they were asked if the agreed to be concubines. Again they refused. They were cut down and shoved into a hut and the door locked. The removed their gags and blindfolds.

A little while later some water and food went taken in and a pile of clothes was left with the instructions that when they had them on, they were to call out and would be taken to the sheik. Sharon held the clothes up. I was a typical slave girl’s outfit that looked like a genies costume. AQ pair of briefs and bra, and sheer silk pantaloons that went down to the ankle. “Harem pants” Traci called out “He expects us to put them on and become two of his concubines. Never”

Sharon lifted the head cover and face mask. “It does look lovely but it’s not worth the price he is asking for them” she said to Traci. The girls agreed to go naked but drank the water anyway. A little while later the woman called out if they were dressed. Both screamed back “Never”.

A few moments later, they were dragged from the cabin by four burly men. The woman held up some bags and they were forced into them. This time the bags were tight but at least they would be standing, albeit with their arms inside internal sleeves which prevented them for easing their frustrations. .The bags were secured around their necks. No one spoke in English so they still had no idea who had spoken to them in the first place. They were carried to two deep holes and loved into them. Sand was poured into the holes leaving them unable to move. Only their heads were visible.

The screamed at the men as they walked off leaving them there trapped like they were. From a distance a the woman spoke in Egyptian that it looks like the girls would be broken very soon. A couple of hours later she went behind them and asked if they had changed their mind. The girls said no.

Unfortunately the girls could not turn to see who it was talking to them in English. Some of the other concubines dressed like they were asked to wear, came by. From behind them the woman said, don’t they look lovely? You could be dressed like that if you surrender. All you have to do is dance a suggestive dance and surrender to his will now and then. It’s not much to ask” The girls said they would not do it.

The woman walked off still behind them so she would not be seen. The girls watched the sun set and they could feel the cold on their faces, but the sand kept them warm. The next morning, they again refused so they were dug out of the holes, taken back to the cabin and removed from the bags. Food and water was there which they arte and drunk happily, but the pile of clothes were still there.

Again asked through the door if they were ready to submit, the girls shouted back no. A few moments later, they were back into fresh bags. This time the girls were separated. Traci was taken to the east of the cam while Sharon was taken west. Again they found themselves buried up to their necks in sand.

This time though, they could not hear each other call out. From behind, the woman said to Traci that they camp was moving in two days, if they don’t give in, they would be left there. Then she went to Sharon and told her Traci had caved in and if she doesn’t, she would be left their in two day. Sharon did not believe her. “Okay, have it your own way, but you will never see each other again” the woman said.

All day long the pair could hear the noise of the camp but was unable to hear each other, so they must have had some distance put between them. Back with Traci the woman told her, Sharon had relented. Traci didn’t believe her. “Okay, but you will never see each other again. Even if we leave you both here, you are facing away from each other”

Traci asked the woman, if she gave in what was her job? She was told to dance a suggestive dance to seduce the sheik. “What if I fancy sex and the sheik doesn’t?” She was told that any time she needed the services of the Eunuchs; they would use their tongues on her. “However, should you fail to satisfy the sheik you will be buried in the sand and left”. To prove the point, a girl was brought out wrapped head to toes in bandages, only her eyes were visible. She was struggling. The Eunuchs carried her off to Sharon’s spot. She was told the same as Traci that the girl was about to be buried.

“Now we have to take her far away so she can watch the camp disappear into the distance. That must be horrible. Unable to call out or ask for another attempt at satisfying the sheik, knowing he life is slowly disappearing”

As the sun crossed the sky, both girls were wondering if it was worth it. As it slowly set and the shadows grew longer, they were released and taken back to the hut. Released from the bags the girls drank the water and ate the meal. They spoke to each other and agreed to put the clothes on. Sharon took the pale blue outfit and Traci the purple one.

“Wow, you have seduced me already” Sharon told Traci. Traci said Sharon loved beautiful. Soon they were in each other’s arms kissing and cuddling. It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

Next morning when the door was unlocked, the girls walked out. The sun hit the small coin like ornaments on each other’s head, face mask, bra and the transparent belt like covering their briefs, but it still allowed the briefs to be seen on their right side.

“At last” said the woman, face to face with them. “You will be trained how to dance. I warn you, the instructor is cruel. What has happened to you is nothing to what will happen to you”

The girls were shown the dance and then Traci said, “We are a couple, are we allowed to get together when the sheik does not want us?” They were told, what they did in their own time was down to them. So they started to dance. Traci got it wrong and was stripped and tied between the posts again. The instructor took a can and hit her across the breasts. Traci screamed,

Sharon went to help her but was held back by the other girls. Next the woman swiped the cane up hard hitting her soft fleshy mound between her legs. Traci screamed even louder. Again Sharon went to step forward and again the girls stopped her.
Traci was released and was allowed to get dressed. She was told she would be up all night until she got the dance right. Luckily for her, she got it right the next time.

Two days later the camp uprooted from the spot leaving the hut there and headed due south. Sharon and Traci wondered if they would pass the poor girl in the bandages. They would try and rescue her. But they never saw her. The following day Sharon and Traci saw the palace in the distance. It took all day to reach there. Once they got there they were locked in the harem.

Three days later, they were told that the sheik required their services that night. The girls got nervous. The hours flew by and as they were led out into the sheiks room, there was a sound of gunfire.

The French Foreign Legion had come to rescue them. So many girls had gone missing and they had no idea where they were, but once they saw these two they followed the camp and here they and all the others were.

The girls ran out screaming, glad to be rescued. Traci spoke to the sergeant of the rescue team and told him what had happened to her. They grabbed the instructor, Traci and Sharon stripped her. She was tied between two palm trees and Traci got the cane and struck her across her breasts and her pussy. The woman screamed but was released.

Taken back to Cairo, the girls were given money by the embassy to buy more clothes. The ambassador told them they had rounded up the whole people trafficking gang. “What about the girl they mummified and buried? Sharon asked”

The Ambassador pressed a button and woman walked in. “Meet Jenny Sinclair. She went out to look for you and got captured. When the camp moved off the legion rescued her. Luckily they left her head above the sand” All three girls hugged each other.

Sharon looked at Traci and said, “I think we had better take these harem pants outfits home as a memento” Traci agreed. The Ambassador said they deserved them and booked flights for them back to the UK. “Do you think we should go home in them Sharon?” Sharon said it was best they didn’t. They walked out of the embassy laughing. “Who would believe us?” Sharon said, “It does put a sparkle into our love life again”
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Re: Summer holidays?

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Nice work.
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