Bondage Skydiving

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Bondage Skydiving

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The ad said, "Bondage skydiving" and I was intrigued. I called, and was invited
to an appointment. I arrived at the place, a generic rented office on a huge
lot. The building was one of those huge metal sided industrial type things.
It looked like the place I was going to was the only one being used.

I knocked on the door, and heard a voice inside say, "Dave? Is that you? Come
on in." It was a woman's voice. I turned the knob and opened the door.
Inside it was practically empty. Just a table and a number of chairs. On
the walls were taped dozens large photographs of people who were dressed in
kinky outfits or wore nothing at all, but all of them were of people
skydiving. What's more, all of the people were tied up in various ways, and

I was intrigued. The woman saw my interest and told me to go ahead and look
at the pictures. I looked at her and she was young and pretty, and wore a
skintight black body suit. I glanced around but there wasn't anyone else
visible. I looked back and went around, examining all the photographs.

"These are real? Not faked?"

"They're all real. It's the real deal. It's totally illegal but we do it anyway.
We've got our own plane. We do require the people to sign some release forms,
but they're just a detail. Knock on wood we've had no accidents."

"Wow, it's hard to believe. So how does it work?"

"Well, we offer a number of options. I can show you the details later. But
people choose what experience they want and what they want to wear, and we
quote them a price. They arrange payment and we assign them a place and time.
They show up, we take them to our air strip, and we get them dressed and
tied up according to their preferences. One note, the gag is a requirement
and it is the last thing put on. Once the gag is in place there is no
turning back. Then the clients are loaded into the airplane and it takes off.
While in the air special automatic release parachutes are strapped onto
the people. Once the plane reaches the drop altitude and zone, it begins
circling. The parachute release mechanism is set and armed, and double checked
by two different people. Then one by one the clients are tossed out an
open hatch and they're skydiving."

"Oh my god. How much does it cost?"

"It's only about twice what a regular skydive costs, but it can cost more
depending on options."

I found myself wanting to do it myself. "Your office doesn't look very
elaborate, or permanent. It doesn't look like you've been here long."

"We haven't. We don't stay in one place very long. The authorities would shut
us down. We're constantly moving."

"You say you haven't had any accidents?"

"That's right. Also if you like we can give you contact information for some
of our clients who agreed to talk about their experience in exchange for a
pricing discount."

"You say the parachute opens automatically? But how does landing work if the
person is tied up?"

"The parachute is especially large so the falling speed is only around 10
miles per hour at most. Our drop area is over a huge field covered with thick,
soft grass. And we arrange some thick cushion padding to be strapped on so
it softens landing. For example if the person is hogtied their knees would
have some thick padding strapped on. When the parachute opens the person
would be suspended by the lines vertically and their knees would be the
lowest point (if they were hogtied). So they hit the ground and then roll

"How do they get loose?"

"They don't, they have to stay tied up and gagged until our staff comes and
releases them. The gag has a special radio transmitter that we can home in
on. It takes only a few minutes. Unless there were special instructions,
usually a person is immediately untied and then provided clothing so they can
dress. They're then dropped off to where they left their car earlier."

"Special instructions?"

"Sure, whatever the client requests. Some people like to stay tied up for a
while. Some people make multiple dives in a row. Once they're already tied up
extra dives are cheaper. It's really whatever they want. Are you interested?"

After a pause, I built up my courage and said, "Yes, very interested. When is
your next drop?"

"Actually there is an opening later today. If you can make payment we can get
started right now. How about it?"

After a long pause while my common sense was screaming at me to slow down and
leave, I gave in to the other voice that said, "Go for it!" and I said, "Ok,
let's do it. What are the options?"

For the next half hour she showed me lots of information on the tablet she
was carrying. There were lots of outfits, but I already was wearing what I
wanted under my regular clothes. I opted for a tight rope body bondage
suit and a strict hogtie. I chose to have a handglove put over my hands. I
told her I'd be wearing my own clothing, thinking she'd just say ok, but
instead she said she had to know exactly what I would be wearing. I tried
to explain, and I mentioned that I was wearing it under my clothes, and
she told me to strip down so she could see it. She said she had to OK
everything because loose, flappy clothing was not permitted.

After a brief hesitation I began undressing. Under my long sleeve shirt I
was wearing a tight black long sleeve exercise unitard that covered my throat
but ended just above my nipples. I was wearing no underwear but a thong-like
strappy garment I had designed which tied tight around my waist and left two
white straps going from the bottom of my crotch to the left and right sides
of my waist, and behind there was a thong strap that went between my butt
cheeks and attached to the waist belt behind.

I slipped my pants off and was wearing grey sneakers tied tightly but with
no socks. White straps were tied above and below my knees. I stood before
her and turned around when she told me to. She studied my outfit for a long
time and eventually said it was ok, then she said, "You really look sexy in
that, by the way. I had no idea you were wearing that under your regular

I was going to put my clothes back on, but she stopped me. "There's no point
in getting dressed. You'll need to leave everything back at the base anyway.
I have some bags here and I'll just put your stuff in one of them. But first
you need to make payment."

I pulled my wallet out of my pants and handed her a credit card. Quickly she
entered the numbers into her computer and after a moment said it was all
taken care of. She then returned the card, I put it back in my wallet, put
the wallet back in my pants, then put the pants and the rest of my clothing
into the bag she had offered. She took it and told me to follow her through
a rear door in the room.

On the other side was an adjoining garage-like space. There was a small
SUV and she told me to get in. She said I was the only client scheduled to
show up today so she'd take me over herself.

I tried to pretend like everything was perfectly ordinary, even though I
was practically naked in front of her and dressed in my sexy outfit. As
she drove she glanced over at me often. She had tossed the bag with my
clothes in it into the back, and I thought of it frequently.

After about a half our we arrived at a long dirt road and she turned onto it.
After another 10 minutes we arrived at a rough landing strip with a small
cargo plane parked on it. There were several other people wearing the same
black skintight body suits the girl I was with had on, and 6 people, 3
men and 3 women.

There was a large nylon tarp spread out on the ground and staked in place.
On that were several thick gym mats placed and the people were on the mats.
They were all dressed in kinky outfits or naked, just like the people in the
pictures. 4 of them seemed already to be tied up and gagged, and the last
two were in the process of being tied and gagged.

The girl directed me to an unused mat and said she'd tie me up herself. I
obeyed. After about 20 minutes she had tied on the bondage body suit (very
tightly, I noted) and had tied my wrists behind my back, then tied on a hand
glove she had fetched from a pile of supplies. She then tied my elbows tightly
behind my back and cinched the cords tight and tied them off to the upper
knot on my body suit. She then took the ends and tied them to my wrist
cinch and pulled them tight so my wrist cords were pulled up towards my
shoulders and elbows and couldn't be worked down off my wrists.

"Remember, once you're gagged there is no turning back, those are the rules.
Before then you can chicken out if you just say so. When I'm tying a person
up I like to gag them once their wrists are tied behind their back. Can I gag
you now?"

After a pause I nodded. There was no turning back now! I was excited by her
suggestion because I was afraid I _would_ chicken out. She produced a gag
and told me to open wide, and she worked the foam mouthpiece into my mouth
and told me to put my lips around the end part. I obeyed. She pulled the
straps sideways and behind my head and I felt as the outer part of the
gag was forced closer to the inner part and my lips were clamped tightly
in place. I realized there was some sticky adhesive on the outer plastic
piece, and that and the compression gagged me completely. I was unable to
separate my lips from the mouthpiece. She buckled the straps behind my
head very tightly and then stepped away and returned with some kind of air
pump. She proceeded to stick the needle attachment of the pump into the center
of the mouthpiece where I imagined one of those rubber holes must have been,
like on basketballs or volleyballs. Once the needle was inserted she pumped
a few times and I felt the foam expand inside my mouth and firmly press down
against my tongue, and I felt the two pieces clamping down on my lips tighten
up even more. When she was finished I found I was gagged more effectively
than I had ever been before. I tried making noise, but it was obvious I
couldn't be heard. I even tried yelling as loud as I could, but if anyone
heard me there wasn't any sign of it. I felt a pang of panic but managed to
calm myself down. I had never felt so helpless.

She then directed me to get down on the mat and lay on my back. She then told
me to bend my legs up and hold them together, and I did so. With the binding
cord she tied my legs together at my ankles and above and below my knees. She
then tied my feet together and tied off their cinch coords to my ankles so they
couldn't slip off my feet. She then tied my upper thighs together and cinched
those loops tightly.

She then told me to roll over onto my stomach and bend my legs up behind my
back. I did as I was told. She then took a long length of the binding cord
and folded it in half and fed it around my wrist cords and back through
itself so it was attached to my wrist cinch. She then fed the ends down
towards my knees and looped them around my knee and leg cinch coords. She
then took the ends and fed them through my elbow cords, and then fed the
ends down to my ankle cinch where she went once around and began to tighten.
With irresistable jerks I was pulled into a tighter and tighter hogtie. My
wrists were pulled down towards my knees, my knees were pulled back behind
me towards my elbows, and my elbows were pulled towards my ankles, forcing
me to arch backwards. I realized that with my wrists pulled down to my knees
and my ankles pulled up to my elbows there was nothing to limit how strict
my hogtie would be, unlike when the ankle and wrist cinch loops are tied
together. In that situation the hogtie isn't very strict at all. I realized
she had already pulled me into a much stricter hogtie than that! My ankle
loops were already higher up than my wrist loops!. Bit by bit she continued to
jerk the hogtie tigher and tighter until finally she was satisfied and she tied
off the hogtie cord tightly to my ankle cinch. My hands were far away from any
of the knots that were tieing me up, so even if they hadn't been inside the
glove I would have been unable to even hope to touch any of the knots. I was
doing nothing but laying there, soaking in the sensation of being so tightly
and securely hogtied and gagged, when I felt her touch my shoes. "Your feet
are loose, do you want to be tied in a full pretzel hogtie? I can tie your
toes to the back of your gag if you like. Should I?" I vigorously shook my
head. I was tied up enough already! "Are you sure, sweetie? Maybe you'll like
it. What if I just tie you so you can see what it feels like, you might
change your mind." I continued to shake my head, and then she laughed and
stepped back. I realized she was only taunting me. I felt my face turn bright
red. She continued staring at me, chuckling.

By this time everyone else had been tied up and gagged as well, and I was
able to see that some of the people had already been loaded onto the waiting
plane. Finally it was my turn. Two strong men grabbed me by my elbow ties and
my legs and I was hoisted up. I watched the ground slide by underneath me
and then I was inside the plane and laid down on the floor. The guys entered
and I was then raised upright on my knees and I was strapped to the wall
of the plane by a number of belts. The girl who had tied me up came in and
she proceeded to tie the cushions onto my knees. As I watched her an
overwhelming sense of panic came over me and I started shaking my head and
screaming into the gag, trying to get her attention. She merely looked up at
me for a moment, smiled, then said, "Having second thoughts?" I nodded
vigorously. "Did you change your mind? Want to call it off?" Again I nodded
vigorously. "Hah! Too late. Rules are rules, once the gag is on there is no
turning back." She then turned her attention to what she was doing and in a
moment was finished, and then she stood up and backed away and paid no more
attention to me. I continued to shake my head and yell but aside from the
other people, both staff and customers, glancing at me briefly no one came to
rescue me. After a while I just shut up and sat still, resigned to my fate.

After a while they closed the doors and started the engine, and I felt the
plane begin to move. After maybe 40 minutes the pilot announced we were at
our target location and were circling. The workers unstrapped themselves and
got to work. One by one they would unstrap a client from their place along
the walls and they'd strap on a bundle that had to be filled with the
parachute. The parachutes were attached to the people in various ways.
Sometimes it would be belted onto the person's back like a backpack. Other
times a sort of harness was belted onto the person and tightened, and it
was connected by a long, thick cord to the parachute. This was the option
I had chosen. I'd fall and the parachute would follow down me on a 20 foot
leash. When the chute opened I'd be hanging by my shoulder harness below

One by one the parachutes were attached, the automatic release armed, and
checked twice by two different people. Then with even, 5 minute spacing
the clients were lifted up and tossed out the open door. I realized I had
a hard-on, as did the other men. I thought about the gags, how no one could
ask to be released, nor was anyone even considering such a possibility.
Everyone was going to be tossed out and there was no escape.

Finally everyone but me had been tossed out and it was now my turn. I felt
as the harness was very tightly strapped onto my upper body, around my
chest and shoulders. I was surprised to feel some other part of the harness
was pulled up and wrapped around my neck, and I felt as it was buckled and
tightened behind. I was surprised at how tight they tightened it. Turning I
saw it was the same girl that had tied me up. She saw me looking at her and
yelled into my ear, "It's a new special harness, I thought we'd try it out
on you. Let me finish the last part..."

I felt as some other part of the harness was wrapped around my upper arms
and tightened very tight. By this time I had been in a very strict hogtie
for almost an hour and so I wasn't expecting to be tied up even more
tightly, but there was nothing I could do about it. When she had finished
she called the guys over and had them stand me up, and she produced a
camera and took a number of pictures of me from all sides. I felt completely
naked and vulnerable! She smiled at me and said I looked fantastic. Then
the guy holding me up gently laid me back down on the floor of the plane,
where I waited for my turn. I tried to struggle against my bondage, but found
I practically couldn't move at all.

Finally it was time. I felt the two guys lift me up and carry me to the
door, and before I knew it I was tossed out. I was skydiving while dressed in
my tight, sexy outfit, practically naked with my cock and balls fully
exposed, and I was in a very strict hogtie, and I was gagged.

Unable to stop myself I screamed hysterically, but the gag silenced me
so completely I couldn't even hear my own voice. The sound of the rushing
wind filled my ears. I stopped screaming and looked around. I found I was
able to control my orientation by writhing around, even while hogtied. I
flipped over so I was facing upwards and I located the plane some ways
away, already on its way back to the air strip.

Flipping over again I looked around. Far below me I could see two of the
other divers. Their chutes had opened and they were swinging underneath.
From this distance it wasn't obvious they were tied up and gagged.

As I fell I struggled against my bonds. I couldn't get loose! Another moment of
panic hit. What if the chute didn't open?

The ground was getting closer and closer. I was getting closer and closer
to the chutes of the other divers. Then I was suddenly right at their
level, and real panic hit. My chute wasn't opening! Looking down it was
clear there was still a long way to fall. It occured to me those two
divers must have requested that their chutes be set to open very high up.
It occured to me I hadn't made any selection, the girl must have chosen for
me. I had no idea when my chute was supposed to open.

I continued to watch the ground approach. Finally when it seemed I was going
to hit in just a few seconds, I heard a loud pop and then felt a strong
jerk against my upper body, and my throat and upper arms. The chute had
deployed! I was now hanging from it and swinging wildly around. I looked
down and the ground seemed quite close. Many seconds passed and after about
half a minute I landed, my knees hitting first. The cushions strapped to
them softened the impact. Immediately I fell over and landed on my side.
Then the chute dropped to the ground and spread out. A gust of wind picked
it up and I felt as I was dragged a few feet along the grass by the harness.
Then the chute settled down and everything was still.

I struggled, but could barely move. I was lying on my side and found I couldn't
even roll over. I was cursed to remain just as I was, in strict hogtie,
laying on my side, gagged perfectly. I comforted myself with the girl's
reassurance that I'd be rescued quickly.

Several minutes passed. I listened but couldn't hear anything. I was able to
look up and I couldn't see either of the other two divers. I wished I'd looked
for them earlier, but it was too late now. I had no idea where they had
landed in relation to my location.

I struggled some more but escape was impossible. No matter what I tried I
couldn't roll over onto either my back or my stomach. More minutes passed.
Time seemed to be passing excruciatingly slowly. What was going on? Where
was my rescue?

After maybe 45 minutes of struggling off and on I was able to rotate around
so I could see in the opposite direction. I couldn't see very far, but still
there was no sign of movement. I tried to scream but the gag kept me silent.

Time passed. Finally there was some noise. I heard static, then from behind
me I heard a voice speaking, as if from a walkie-talkie. It was the beacon
attached to the gag! It must have some kind of receiver circuit.

I recognized the girl's voice. "Dave, can you hear me? We are unable to pick
up your homing beacon. We've picked up everyone else but for some reason
your transmitter isn't working. I can only hope you're hearing this. We're
all out here searching for you but it's a huge area. I hope you're hearing
this. Don't panic! We'll find you soon."

She kept reassuring me, and I was deeply frustrated that I couldn't answer
her. Then something happened that scared me even more. Her voice started
to crackle and distort, and then after a moment it cut out completely. I
then realized her transmitter had a limited range and she had just gotten
too far away for my receiver to pick it up.

This filled me with panic. Those things could transmit for miles. If her signal
was lost that meant she wasn't close to me at all. I looked around, and
finally realized I had landed in some kind of shallow depression in the ground.
The ground sloped up around me in all directions. I realized I was invisible
to anyone searching for me on the ground, unless they were practically right
up on top of me. I felt myself beginning to panic.

All the while I remained hogtied. I was miserably uncomfortable. I noticed
the sky was starting to darken, and the sun was going down. Would I have to
spend the whole night as I was, strictly hogtied, gagged, naked, lying on
my side? What if some animals found me, like wolves. Or coyotes. I started
to tremble. I realized I was a bit cold also, but not uncomfortably so. I
realized the tight, folded bundle I was forced to assume reduced the surface
area and so I was warmer than I otherwise would be if I had been stretched
out as normal. I wondered how much colder the night would get.

It got darker and darker. The stars became visible. I heard a crackling
noise, and then the girl's voice. "Dave? Can you hear me? I'm so, so sorry
about this. It's getting too dark to see. We're going to quit for the night.
Don't worry, we'll be back before dawn tomorrow morning to resume the search.
I think you'll be fine overnight. There are no dangerous animals around here,
and the night won't be too cold. I'm sorry I hogtied you so tightly. Try to
get loose, maybe you'll be able to free yourself. Don't give up hope!"
She paused for a while, then spoke again, "Ok, we're back at our parking
area. I'm going to sign off now. I don't even know if you're hearing this.
Good night! If you can't get loose, at least try to get some sleep. We'll be
back early tomorrow morning."

Then there was a deliberate click and the sound was gone.

I was left alone to contemplate my situation. The skydiving experience
itself had been spectacular, more than I could have imagined or hoped for.
But this endless, inescapable waiting was torture -- pure hell. I imagined
they'd try to make it up to me somehow, probably refund my money. Might
even offer me a free dive. Would I do this again? I decided I would, but I
wouldn't go for the hogtie. Instead I'd have my legs frogtied, so I'd be
able to sit up and move around after I landed, even though I'd have to remain
securely tied and gagged.

I imagined myself struggling with my frogtied legs, inching along the ground,
dragging the parachute behind me. At least that would be better than my
current predicament. It occured to me that at the very least this would be
an experience I would never forget.

I didn't feel at all sleepy. I passed the time by trying to get loose, but
nothing I did served any purpose. Escape was utterly impossible.

A long time passed. Finally I thought I heard some noise. After a while I
realized there was the sound of some vehicle coming closer. As I
listened it got louder and louder. I tried to rotate so I could look in the
direction it was coming from, but it was difficult. The sound kept getting
louder and louder. Finally I was able to face the direction it was approaching
from. It seemed to be coming directly towards me. I hoped it was someone
coming to rescue me! In a moment I could see light flickering, and I knew it
had to be the vehicle's headlights. In a few more minutes I could see the
lights directly, bobbing up and down, coming directly towards me.

Finally the car pulled up within about 20 feet of me and stopped. The engine
went off but the lights were left on. After a second I heard a car door open
and someone got out. I heard footsteps but with the bright lights in my eyes
I couldn't make out anyone. After a few moments I could see it was the woman
who I had first met and who had negotiated the experience and who had tied me
up. I was able to look up at her as she approached until she stood next to me.
She stopped and stared down at me. I didn't hear anyone else getting out of
the vehicle. I saw as she took a slow look around in all directions, then she

"You seem to be ok, are you?" I did my best to nod. I wondered why she wasn't
untying me. "I have a confession to make. Your transmitter wasn't broken. I
just set it to a different frequency so the receiver couldn't pick it up. I
have something special in mind for you."

With that she bent down and rolled me over onto my stomach. I felt as she
snipped the cord that held me in the strict hogtie, and my limbs unfolded and
I was laying down on my front, stretched out, and I can't recall ever feeling
a bigger sense of relief. I felt as she unbuckled the parachute line from my
harness, but was surprised that she left the harness on me. She then gathered
up the parachute and stuffed it into its own bag, and tucked that away in her
car. She also picked up the hogtie cord and put that into her car. By this
time I had rolled over and managed to sit upright with my legs folded in front
of me for balance. My legs were still tied together. I wondered what she was
waiting for, why she didn't finish untying me.

She came over and told me to get up. She went around behind me and pulled me
up by my armpits, but mostly I lifted myself by my own muscles. My legs were
quite stiff but I was able to balance myself. She then said, "Hop over to the
passenger side of the car." I did as I was told. She steadied me with one
hand and with the other she opened the car door. She turned me around and
helped me to lower myself onto the passenger seat. She then helped me center
myself and lift my legs into the car.

She then proceeded to buckle me into the car seat. I discovered there was a
seatbelt that tightened around my waist, but also there were shoulder straps
that tightened around my upper body behind my neck. She pulled these belts all
very tight, and I realized the release mechanism was behind the seat. Finally
she moved around to where my feet were and I felt as she wrapped my ankles in
another belt, then from behind again I felt as she pulled it tight so my ankles
were held tightly against the lower part of the seat.

Finally satisfied she closed the door, and I saw as she looked around one last
time to make sure there was no trace of my having been there, then she went
around and got into the driver's side and closed the door.

She stopped and thought for a moment, then said, "Just to be safe..." I felt
her reach around behind my head and her fingers found something on the back
of my gag, and I heard and felt a snap. "I just switched off the transmitter,
just to be safe. We can't have anyone finding you, can we?" I had no idea
what she was up to. I couldn't answer, just looked at her.

She faced forward and started the engine. She put on her own seatbelt, and I
saw this was an ordinary waist and shoulder kind. She then put the car in gear
and turned it around, and drove along. Eventually she came to a dirt road
and followed it, and then it turned into a road. There were no other cars
visible. She drove for a long time, saying nothing. We stayed on small,
anonymous side roads and never passed another vehicle. Finally she pulled up
next to a dirt road leading off the road, and followed it for perhaps a mile.
It ended with a large flat area. She stopped the car and turned the engine
off but left the lights on.

She then got out and stood for a long while, watching back down the road we
had come along. She then glanced over at me and said, "Looks like it's just
the two of us. Sit tight while I open up the box."

She then moved around to the front of the car and out into the area covered
by the headlights, and I could see her hopping around on the ground. Finally
she found what she was looking for and dropped some bundle on the ground there,
then came back to the car. From the trunk she produced a flat shovel and
then walked back out to the place she had located. For about 15 minutes I
watched as she shoveled dirt from a large rectangular area on the ground,
about 4 feet wide and 7 or 8 feet tall. The dirt was about 6 inches deep.
When she had uncovered enough she tossed the shovel aside and bent down, and
worked her hands on something. Then I saw a trap door in the ground lift up.
It was the same size as the area she had uncovered. It was some hidden
underground chamber. I wondered what was going on.

She then came over to the passenger side and opened the door. I felt as she
released my ankles, my shoulders, and finally my waist belt. She then told me
to get out. I swung my feet out and hoisted myself up. She said, "C'mon, over
this way." She tugged me along, keeping me balanced but forcing me to hop
quickly to keep from falling over. Briefly I resisted but she said, "Don't
even bother, there's nothing you can do to control the situation. Just go
along." I realized she was right, I was completely within her power, tied up
as I was.

We approached the underground chamber, and from the light of the car I saw
dimly that a staircase led down into the ground. She told me to be careful,
and she followed me down as step by step I hopped down the stairs. She kept
both her hands on my arms and kept me from falling several times. I counted
18 steps, and when we hit the bottom the floor must have been at least 10
feet below ground level. The passage leveled off. There was barely enough
light to see. She reached out a hand and touched something on the wall, and
a light overhead came on. I could see the narrow tunnel was only about 8
feet long and it ended in a very sturdy metal door. She approached the door
and entered a long sequence of digits into a locking mechanism, and then she
turned the knob and pulled the door open towards us. She had left me leaning
against the wall. The walls were grey cement cinderblock. When the door
opened there was darkness behind, but I could see some white cushion on the
floor and on the far side I could see the wall was obviously covered with a
mirror. She flipped a switch on the wall just outside the door, and lights
went on in the room. She came back to me and guided me inside.

She positioned me to the center of the room, and helped me to sit down. She
left me sitting with my butt right next to the center of the room, and my
feet were facing the door we had entered by. She moved around behind me and
I had a chance to examine the room. The cushion I was sitting on was white
and soft, and was shaped in a hexagon about 8 feet across. The walls were
covered with mirrors, and I could see even the door had a mirror on the
inside. Looking up I saw the ceiling was covered in mirrors also, and there
were mirrors that joined the walls to the ceiling, set at a 45 degree angle.
I could see myself in many of the mirrors. I also saw there were round black
spheres set into the ceiling where the 6 corners were, and it was obvious
they hid cameras. The lights came from panels set along the edges of the
ceiling, and they left the room very well lit.

I felt movement behind me, and felt her wrap something around my wrist cinch
loops and jerk it tight. I then felt as she pulled on it strongly, and it was
clear she was both tightening it and testing to make sure it was secure.
Satisfied, I heard her scraping around behind me and then there was a muffled
but weighty sounding snap, as if some large metal pieces had been snapped

She then went over to the door and stood in the doorway, watching me. Her hand
went up and she must have flipped some switch, because I heard an electric
motor sound behind me and I felt the cord on my wrists pull a little. I was
forced to scooch a bit closer to keep it from tightening too much. The cord
was evidently being pulled down into the center of the mattress by some
machinery set into the floor. She motioned for me to move aside, and I
obliged, because it was obvious she wanted to see the cord behind my back.

Satisfied, she approached me again and in her hand was some length of cord
that ended in some metal cyllindrical object. She got down next to me and I
saw as she fed the end of the cord around my ankle cinch and back through
itself, and tugged it tight and made sure it was secure. She then tugged
and motioned for me to bend my legs, and I obliged, until my ankles were
close enough to the center of the room. I saw out of the corner of my eye
as she fed the metal part of the cord into the hole in the center of the
room, and I heard another powerful snap.

She then got up and returned to the wall, and again flipped the switch and
I felt as the cords tethering me by my wrists and ankles were slowly but
irrisistibly shortened as they were drawn down into the floor by the
machinery. Finally there was a thumping sound and the movement stopped.

She came over and examined the tether cords. She jerked my wrists, but they
were held securely in place. She tested my ankles, and they too were securely
tethered in place. I was being held in a somewhat loose hogtie, tethered in
the center of the chamber by my wrists behind my back. I looked down at my
ankles, then up into her eyes, and she guessed my question. I was wondering
why she had bothered to tether my ankles, when the room was obviously large
enough so that I couldn't reach the walls anyway no matter how much I tried
to stretch, with my wrists so tightly tethered behind me. Why not permit me
a bit more comfort by letting my legs remain free? I could at least lay down
and stretch out and achieve some level of comfort. But she explained.

"I'm just a witch, that's the main reason. I like tormenting sexy men like you.
The room is big enough so that your ankles don't need to be tethered, but you
look more helpless and sexier with your ankles tied up. I know it's not as
pleasant that way, but only you care about that. It's what I want that matters.
You're now completely under my power. Only you and I know you are here. No one
else has any idea, and no one else will... for a while at least."

She stopped and stared at me for a while. "You've been kidnapped. I checked up
on you on the internet. You're worth a lot of money. I saw the opportunity and
took advantage of it. I'll figure out what to do with you later. First thing
was to get you captured and tucked away, and that part is done. Now I can take
my time deciding on what to do next.

"I could ransom you for money, but I'm thinking something else is more
attractive. Not as much profit, but money isn't everything. I could sell you
into white slavery. You'll fetch a high price, I'm sure. You're a very
sexy, slim and attractive young man. There's a good market for men like you.
There's even another smaller but more lucrative market for men like you who
are into bondage. Lots of rich women like to have a man like you in their

"I'm going to leave you tied up and gagged as you are. I'll be back to check
on you in a few days. Don't worry, you're completely safe here. The lights
will stay on. This chamber has automatic ventilation machines, so you won't
suffocate. The machinery is all battery powered, and the battery is charged by
a solar panel hidden a long way away. The wire is buried in the sand so there
is no trace."

"If you're wondering about this room, it belongs to a friend of mine. He
inherited some land in the middle of nowhere and came up with a clever use for
it. He hired some contractors to come build it. It turns out these sorts of
rooms are pretty common, there is a standard design. He used to rent it out
to people, no questions asked, for a month at a time. When he couldn't rent
it he'd let his friends use it. Some guys get a kick out of kidnapping their
girlfriends and leaving them tied up out in the middle of nowhere over the
weekend while they go have a wild time. He was my boyfriend for a while, and
he drugged me once with a knockout pill, and when I woke up I was tied up
and gagged and he was standing over me, gloating. But I got him back, another
time I left him in the same predicament. He's... away for an extended period
and so I kind of took posession of this little hideaway. You're the third
person I've trapped here. The human slavery business is quite lucrative..."
She chuckled a little.

"Oh, I'm going to leave your jumping harness strapped on you. It looks sexy
when it's tight on you like that, especially the part that wraps around your
neck. In case you were wondering, those are cameras up in the corners. You're
being constantly recorded in high definition. The video is uploaded onto the
internet. I'll be able to view you in real time. There is even a microphone I
can transmit on so I can speak to you. Anyway I've got to get going now
otherwise I might be missed. We've got a long day tomorrow, searching for you.

"We'll probably spend the entire day looking, then by chance we'll happen
upon your parachute in an unexpected place. There will be signs you landed
within site of a road, and that you must have been found and picked up by a
passing car. Once we're all convinced of that we'll assume your fate is out
of our hands, and no longer our responsibility. After all, you did sign those
release forms! Nothing will point back to us. Even the credit card billing
company is a dead end, it's a throwaway foreign corporation. You will never
be rescued, I can assure you.

"Anyway I'm off now. You're in for some long, quiet time. Feel free to try
to get loose, you won't be able to but it might help pass the time. It's also
fun to watch on the video when a captive struggles against tight, secure

Finally she nodded and got up and left. She closed the door and I heard it
very solidly latch into place. I heard some clicking sounds and guessed she
was clearing the entry code so the locking mechanism would be fully engaged.
I then heard a few muffled sounds that were probably her steps, then after a
while a very loud bang sound that rattled the walls. She must have slammed
the trapdoor closed. I heard nothing more, but assumed she was now shoveling
the sand back in place and hiding all traces of the secret underground chamber.
After a while I thought I heard the sound of the car engine starting, and
the muffled sound of it as she turned around and drove off. I could feel a
small vibration through the floor from the car moving along. Then that stopped,
and there were no more sounds for a long time. I was clearly left completely

It was then that I felt a wave of helpless, uncontrollable panic wash over me.
As all this was going on I had felt like I was in a dream, unable to really
believe what was happening, nor really try to do anything to affect my
situation. But now with an awful clarity reality was slamming into my mind and
I at last understood what had happened and the predicament I was in. I was
overcome with a fit of uncontrollable shaking. I felt the panic rising until
I couldn't think clearly anymore, and could only think of escape. I jerked
and pulled against my bonds to the limit of my strength, trying to break free.
I tried to free my arms from being tied behind my back. I tried to jerk free
of the tether. I tried to free my ankles from the tether, and tried to break
the cords tying them togther. I fell over onto my side and tried to work the
gag free, by rubbing it against the cushion. I struggled for what must have
been 20 minutes or a half hour and then collapsed, exhausted.

I had made absolutely no progress whatsoever. I hadn't loosened or shifted
any of the cords that tied me at all. The gag was still exactly where it had
been, strapped tightly around my head, the mouthpiece kept firmly in place
in my mouth. I thought about the gag, realizing it also was overkill, like
tethering my ankles. With the remote location of this chamber even if I wasn't
gagged there would be no way I could be heard by anyone. But she had left me
gagged just the same. I was certain the loudest noise I could make couldn't
even be heard on the other side of the door, let along outside on the ground.

I was inescapably tied up, gagged, tethered, captive. I lay on my side with
my wrists and ankles behind my back, held by a short tether cord less than
8 inches long to the exact center of the cushion. I stared at my reflection
in the mirrors for a long time, wondering what was going to become of me.
I had never felt so alone and helpless. I was tormented by how stupid I had
been to agree with the whole bondage skydiving thing, how if only I'd said
no I wouldn't be trapped in this predicament. I was enraged also that I had
gone to the appointment without telling anyone, as I had been embarrassed
about it and hadn't wanted any of my friends to know of my kinky side. No
one I knew had any idea where I was, or even that I was missing. I cursed
myself for being such a fool to be so thoroughly trapped and made captive.

The minutes passed by excruciatinly slowly as I remained tied and gagged, in
total silence, with my own reflection in the many mirrors constantly
imposing itself on my awareness. I was awash in constant, inescapable
reminders of the dire situation I was in. No matter where I looked I saw my
own naked and bound reflection. The various cords, straps, tight and sexy
garments, shoes, the gag -- they all were impossible to tune out. It seemed
as though over almost every square inch of my body there was tight, binding
pressure, and the slightest movement resulted in something somewhere getting
even tighter and announcing its presence. I wondered if it would ever be
possible to get used to the sensation of being so tightly tied up and gagged.
I was pretty certain if it was even possible it would take a long time.
Certainly more than hours. Days. Certainly many days, possibly more than a
week or even longer. I shuddered at the thought of being left as I was for
that long. But the reality of my predicament was undeniable. I had no control
whatsoever about my future. Unless someone came to release me I would spend
the rest of my life exactly as I was, very securely and tightly tied up and
gagged and tethered by my wrists and ankles in this lonely, unknown, hidden
underground chamber somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I laid down onto my
side and tried to fall asleep, but it seemed hopeless. The crushing feeling
of despair and hopelessness, combined with the unrelenting discomfort of
my tightly wrapped, folded and bound body, would undoubtedly make sleep
impossible for a long, long time.
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Re: Bondage Skydiving

Unread postby scruff » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:32 am

I wanted to let you know that I joined the site solely to comment on this story. I really enjoyed it! Hopefully you write more similar stories that focus on the bondage and what the person experiences. Too much seem to focus on exterior items. Well done!
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Re: Bondage Skydiving

Unread postby Marigold » Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:08 am

It's a great story with brilliant descriptions of the increasing bondage and the feelings of the victim. I'm just a little worried that the poor fellow has not been supplied with food or drink (and apparently won't be for days), while I guess a toilet break or two might make him more comfortable!
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