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Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 4 Uploaded!

Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:21 pm
by DiaperDesires
This is pretty much my first story in a long time, if you wouldn't mind leaving a vote in the poll I enclosed below I would appreciate it thank you. Also there are only 2 part's so far nothing too exciting but it's getting to the good stuff.

“Terrifying times at Coalton High”

The smell was overpowering, it was as if someone had stuffed a roll of mold up my nose. The cause of the smell was a dusty looking couch in one corner of the room where I was currently standing. Where was I? In a abandoned old house just off the interstate. You see I like to explore old dusty and forgotten buildings that haven't been touched in years.
I walked over to the fireplace which happened to be covered in soot, as black as the night sky. I could see the innate carvings on the mantle, at one time it would have been beautiful, what with its gold trim and lion statues on either end. This is my hobby exploring these decrepit building's. Every building is mysterious in its own way each building I enter has a story from long ago. Who owned this before it was abandoned was it filled with love and kindness or anger and hatred. I took out my camera and snapped a picture of the mantle.

Walking into the kitchen I could tell it had been taken care of before it was abandoned, the counter tops did have a covering of dust but aside from that it appeared to have been well maintained. There was a hanging rack above the island, covered with an assortment of pans. I snapped a pic of the rack it reminded me of my grandmother's pan rack she had in her home before she passed away. How I miss my grandmother, baking cookies on the weekends watching jeopardy she was a great woman.

The next room I came to must have been the pantry it still had rusted cans on the shelves and empty boxes of what used to be cereal. I let out a little scream, I thought I saw a mouse dart behind one of the boxes. Some would tell me I scream like a girl, of course me being one wouldn't have anything to do with it though would it. On a more serious note my name is Emma nessvik, don't ask me to pronounce my last name because I can't.

You might be wondering why I have been taking pictures of some of the things in this old house. Cataloging the items to sell, I forgot to mention this isn't solely just a hobby, its a side business as well. I can guess what your thinking, and to answer your question yes I have permission from the land owner, to take whatever I find worth something to sell.
Well now I thought, first floor done time to tread dangerous ground, or in my case dangerous wood. There is a certain degree of danger to searching through these old houses. You may find yourself face to face with a homeless person or there could be raccoons in the attic or loose and rotting floorboards you name it I have come into contact with it. I digress you can still find some intricate antiques within the shell of what used to be a fancy looking home. I wouldn't let anything get in the way of me and antiques.

I set one foot down on the bottom stair it let out a groan similar to that of a person. As I made my way up the stairs I looked the Bannister over, it didn't look to be worth much as it held no carvings or other fine qualities. Standing on the landing I could see above the chandelier, I didn't notice it before from the bottom of the stairs it appeared as if there was just a black hole, but from here I could see the hanging crystals covered with dust. I snapped a picture and continued on down the hall to what I assumed was a bedroom.

The door opened with a loud creak, what I saw inside made me smile something I would have fun with while I was here. The object in question with which I was so interested in, was a Victorian styled four poster bed, it was the kind with the drapes that close around it for privacy. I would be using this bed today for what you might ask, that will be answered soon enough not by voice but by my actions.

Part 2 Life is good.
Before I started what I call my special activity I decided to continue on with my search for antiques in the house. Standing in the hallway I could see two more doors a few feet from where I stood, one door was on the left and the other door was at the very end of the hall. I decided to try the door on the left first the door had on it in block styled letters the name Emma. It was as if this room had been made for me. Hearing a slight crunch under my shoe I looked down and saw another block styled letter with a J on it, I matched it up with what I originally thought was a Emma sign but it turned out the J fit on the sign without issue and now formed the word Jemma.

Still I thought that maybe the J came off just for me. Now I was really curious as to what lay inside this room of mystery. I attempted to open the door it felt as If an object was keeping the door from opening, I gave a quick shove with my shoulder and felt the object move just a little. A few more shoves and I was in, it appeared to be a girl’s nursery that was forgotten long ago.

Inside the room stood a light pink crib covered in dust, a mobile with fairies hung above. I spotted a changing table against the wall adjacent to the crib it too was covered in dust. I took a step in and peered behind the door to see what had blocked my entry it looked to be a diaper pail of some sort pink and covered with butterfly stickers. I noticed a closet out of the corner of my eye, I grabbed hold of the handle and slowly slid the door open hoping I didn’t find a dead body inside.

I gasped and yanked my hand back in shock, no there wasn’t a dead body inside but a rack full up with the cutest baby dresses and footed sleepers I have ever seen. I unhooked one from the bar a cute little blue dress with tiny squares covered its length it came complete with what looked to be a pair of plastic panties styled the same as the dress except it has rows of frills along the seat.

Something was nagging at the back of my mind, then it hit me the dress and the dresses hanging up were for someone my size. I didn’t notice it before but the crib and changing table looked oversized as well. I placed the dress back on the clothes rack in the closet and shut the door. I decided to inspect the changing table closer it appeared to have drawers built into the side. Pulling one open I saw a stack of an unknown brand of pink disposable diapers, I pulled open another drawer more diapers peeked up at me except this time they were white with a wetness indicator on the front and a strip of diapered Teddy bears dressed in pink dresses.
I opened a 3rd drawer, bottles of baby powder and wipes greeted me. The 4th and final drawer I opened contained pacifiers in all colors, there was even a white one with a pink strap surrounding it. That one must be some type of gag to keep a naughty baby girl quiet I thought. Well this is going to be an interesting afternoon.

Next up was the door at the end of the hall, I turned the knob slowly in anticipation of what I would find in the last room. Inside I saw what appeared to be a sewing room, along one wall was rows upon rows of fabric of every kind and color. A lone sewing machine sat in the center of the room, along with a cutting table on the side opposite from the fabric. I took a pic with my camera of the room knowing I would be back for all of its contents. I started down the stairs to the first floor, I needed sustenance. I walked into the dining room and wiped off a section of table so I could eat the lunch I brought with me. My lunch consisted of an apple, a carton of apple juice which is supposed to be for kids I know but I don’t care, and a PB and J sandwich. Also for kids but I love them.

As I sat there and contemplated what I had planned for the afternoon, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen in the Emma room as I called it. I can see you sitting there wondering what the mysterious activity is that I have been hinting at. It does involve the four poster bed up stairs but not in the way you would normally think. One might think I plan to sleep on It before I have it moved to my house, you would be wrong in assuming that. The activity in question does require me to lay down on the bed, that is all I will say for now you will have to figure out the rest once I will be bound by my actions.

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High

Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:51 am
by DiaperDesires
I can see over 100 people have read my story so far, and no one has commented on my writing skills if I have any or how the story is. I welcome constructive feedback so please feel free.

Also I will be taking suggestions or incorporating others' idea's into this story if I feel it will go well with what I am trying to do.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:57 pm
by stephanie_cd
DiaperDesires wrote:I can see over 100 people have read my story so far, and no one has commented on my writing skills if I have any or how the story is. I welcome constructive feedback so please feel free.

This topic comes up a lot around here, especially in the Author's Corner section.

One reason that stories don't get a lot of comments here is that a lot of people read stories but can't comment on them because they haven't signed up for an account:

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This morning guests have the "registered members" outnumbered almost four to one.

Among the registered members online, there are also three "search bots" who can't comment either (and even if they COULD comment, would we really want them to? :lol: ) And because they're just "bots" they can (and do) sometimes hit the same page over and over at different times, trying to keep the most recent version on file, which leads to more "views."

So those fifteen "people" online is actually eleven guests who can't comment, three search bots who can't comment, and only one person who CAN comment!

Among the registered members who have read a particular story, there are a lot of reasons why they might not comment -- here's one older thread on the topic but there are plenty of others:

One important point in that thread is that there are a LOT of different interests within the BDSM community, and if someone starts reading a story and realizes that it's about kinks that are different than theirs, they'll often stop reading. That doesn't mean that it's a bad story, but if I'm mostly into one particular kink and start reading a story with a generic title that turns out to be about something else -- especially something that I'm NOT into at all -- I'll just hit my browser's "back" button. If I don't even want to finish the story, am I going to want to take the time to comment on it?

The poll at the top of this story is a nice touch -- people can "comment" with just a mouse-click, but that doesn't really offer a lot in the way of feedback, either. Since we're a relatively friendly kinky community, it's sometimes harder to leave critical comments and reviews out in the public eye, so a lot of the time the only comments merely say "nice story!" which doesn't offer much feedback.

Sadly, a lot of stories here will never get ANY comments, but in many ways that's because of the impersonal nature of the internet. :(

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High

Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:45 am
by restricted
I have read it and it has got my interest. Please carry on. Yes, the comments or lack of them are disconcerting, but if there is no flack about the story, people must like it. :D

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High

Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:34 pm
by DiaperDesires
I appreciate it, I will be posting a Part 2 fairly soon.

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High

Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:05 pm
by lanad
maybe that the title should up to a point reflect the contents, so that it could activate the readers kink.
Terrifying bondage.
Terrifying electricity.
Terrifying turnips. most gardeners will like this.

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 3

Unread postPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 9:15 am
by DiaperDesires
After finishing off my scrumptious lunch I decided to head on upstairs to put my plan in effect. Groan went the bottom stair, as I made my way up the stairs I couldn’t help but think about all that I had found in that nursery. I opened the door to the nursery and went over to the changing table with its treasure filled drawers.

I had originally planned on tying myself to the four poster bed with a vibrating dildo inserted and my largest butt plug inserted, but my new found treasures beckoned to me. I decided to alter my plan a little. I grabbed the same blue dress out of the closet with the matching pair of plastic panties and set them on the changing table. I then pulled out one of the thick pink diapers and set that atop the dress. At the last minute I decided to grab the pacifier gag from the other drawer.

As I made my way to the room that had the glorious bed, I couldn’t help but feel a wetness in my cotton panties, this was going to be an interesting session. As I had previously set my backpack on the bed I set the new items down beside it and started to undress. I pulled my yellow flowered sundress up and over my head and folded it neatly and set it on the floor. Next I removed my cotton bra and panties, and set those on top of my dress.

I have no experience with putting on a diaper so this would prove to be an educational session. I unfolded the diaper and was about to lay down when a thought hit me, I would need baby powder to prevent diaper rash. I was about to grab my dress and slip it on but then decided to just risk it. No one should be near where I was anyways. I darted down the hall and into the nursery as fast as possible. Even though I knew nobody was around my heart was beating a mile a minute. I grabbed a bottle of baby powder and wipes from the drawer and dashed back to the bedroom as fast as I could go.

I took the bottle of lube I brought with and started to lube up the butt plug. I had to be careful when inserting it as I hadn’t had it in, in over a month. I bent over the bed and placed the tip of the plug at my back door and started to insert it slowly, I pushed it part way in and out teasing myself with the large plug. Finally It popped in with an audible pop. I lubed up the dildo and started inserting it into my other hole, it slid in with ease. With that done I lay myself down on the diaper and made sure my butt was center on the back part of the diaper. I applied the powder liberally to my diaper area and made sure to rub it in. Then I grabbed my ankles with one hand and pulled them up to my head so I could apply baby powder to my bottom.

With all of that done I pulled the front of the diaper up and placed it on top of mound, I grabbed one of the bottom tapes and applied it to the front of the diaper and did the same with the opposite side. I applied the tapes at the top in the same fashion, but my diaper looked loose so I unfastened all the tapes and reapplied them further in on the front plastic. Nice and snug I thought. Sitting up on the bed I grabbed the plastic panties and started sliding the garment up my legs, I could feel the cool plastic caress my legs, making sure the diaper was tucked in and not peeking out anywhere I was ready to pull the dress on. The dress fit me near perfectly, it was slightly smaller than I originally thought. I took the straps of the pacifier in hand and popped the pacifier in my mouth and pulled the straps tight behind my head and buckled it tightly.

Now that I was diapered, in a very cute baby dress complete with plastic panties and gagged with a pacifier I was ready to prepare my restraints. I took four lengths of rope and tied one end to each corner of the bed, these particular ropes came complete with a ring device I learned about on a bondage website. I tied the other end to the four leather cuffs I pulled from my bag. I should note one rope had a ice release fixed to it so when the ice inside melted I would be able to free myself. You’re probably wondering why it hasn’t melted by now it’s because I had it sandwiched between 2 ice bags. I lay down on the bed and locked the ankle cuffs on and pulled the ropes so my legs were pulled taut to each corner of the bed. I grabbed for the remote to my little friend and turned it on medium setting wfw set it beside the wrist cuff I would apply.

I grabbed for the right wrist cuff and slipped it on and pulled tight on the strap. Now for the other hand, I grabbed the remote in my left hand before locking the wrist cuff on. In that moment I couldn’t back out I could however move my hands close together, I though what the heck let’s make it tight no chickening out with light bondage. I grabbed both ropes and pulled as far as I could. I was now pulled into a strict spread eagle. I adjusted the vibrator to high and started coming to an orgasm fast, I was started to climax when I heard a creak which made me drop the remote to the vibrator. The orgasm hit me like a freight train, the thought of someone being in the house with me and not being able to control the vibrator made me reach a second orgasm.

My heart was pounding, my mind running rampant with thoughts of, was that someone I heard or just the house settling, how many times will I orgasm before I am released. Just the thought of uncontrollable orgasms made me cum a third time. I could feel my juices being soaked up by the diaper, it was starting to feel warm and soggy. At least a half hour had passed I surmised. A fourth orgasm started to surface when I felt the need to pee, perfect timing I thought. I started to let go and wet my diaper when I started to orgasm for the fourth time that day. Pee gushed out of me like a geyser, I started shaking, that orgasm combined with me peeing was so strong I felt as if I would break the bonds that held me with such ease I knew they wouldn’t.

I passed out after that orgasm it was just too much for me to handle. I don’t know what time I woke up I only knew that a 5th orgasm was building inside me, I knew this one would be a earthquake of an orgasm compared to the last one. I tried to stop it I attempted to think about random everyday things, but alas that didn’t stop the massive orgasm from overtaking me. It made me scream I thought I would be heard by someone passing by out on the main road a mile away. Fortunately for me I only heard myself make a muffled noise. The next thing I knew my wrist came free of its binding, I knew I had to hurry or I would orgasm yet again and I knew it would be even more powerful than the last. I quickly untied my other wrist and ankles, I could feel the thick soggy diaper between my legs when I moved, it felt like I had a pillow between my legs and the warmth from the diaper felt pretty good I must admit. I scrambled to reach the remote but did not find it in time.

A 6th orgasm hit me this one made me fall over onto my side, when I did I saw the remote underneath the bed, I snatched it up right quick. I hit the off button as fast as I could, the buzzing stopped so I lay down on the bed to take a little nap. I was exhausted from my ordeal.

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 1 and 2

Unread postPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 5:06 pm
by DiaperDesires
Would anyone like to critique my story as it is right now?

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 1 and 2

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:45 pm
by DiaperDesires
Part 4

I awoke to find I was soaking wet, at first I thought my diaper had leaked but it was then that I realized the roof had leaked from the rain. I leaned up in bed and took a glance at my sundress it too was soaking wet. Now what will I wear I thought, but then I remembered there being a closet full of dresses in the nursery. I hopped off the bed and started to remove the articles of clothing I put on previously. I started by removing the gag and flexed my sore jaw, off came the soaked blue and white checkered dress and matching plastic panties. Just then a thought hit me, I didn't have any dry panties to wear. Well there are clean diapers inside the nursery I can use I thought to myself. I released the tapes on the diaper and it plopped to the floor with a thud. I removed the dildo and butt plug ever so slowly because I was sensitive down there from all the torturous orgasms that had wracked my body.

I started to shiver, there I was standing in a strange bedroom that was not my own, naked with a very wet and soggy diaper and sex toys at my feet. I strolled down the hallway to the nursery and peered into the closet, low and behold there were towels on the top shelf above the rack of baby styled clothing. I grabbed a light blue towel and sifted through the rack of clothing. This time I picked out a pure white sundress which appeared to be shorter than the blue and white checkered dress, which would most definitely show off my diapered bottom to the world, but it wasnt like I had a choice, besides I was starting to like wearing this babyish clothing it's not like someone would see me anyways. As I toweled myself dry I thought about what happened today and about the future sessions I would have with my new possessions.

After ensuring I was nice and dry all over, I took one of the baby wipes and started to wipe my nether region as clean as possible. I unfolded the teddy bear diaper on a dry spot on the floor and lay down on it. I snatched up the bottle of baby powder and applied it liberally to my diaper area like before and rubbed it in good. I then applied powder to my pert bottom. I pulled the front of the diaper into place and fastened the tapes on either side of the diaper making sure it was snug the first time around. I pulled on the sundress and then went over to the full length mirror on the wall, I could see the diaper sticking out about 3 inches at the front. The back was another story, I turned to look at my bottom and at least 5 inches of the diaper could be seen sticking out. I hoped there would be nobody around. As much as I was starting to like wearing diapers it would be embarrassing for someone to see me in my diapered state.

Time to start loading up all of my new found treasures I thought. I started with the sewing room first, I put all of the fabric into boxes and packed it away into the back of the box truck I had brought with me. In next went the sewing machine and all of its bits and bobs, after I finished with the sewing room I decided to start dismantling the four poster bed, you may be wondering why I would take a soaking wet bed. I wouldn't be taking the mattress with me and definitely not the box spring that lay beneath. All I wanted to take with me was the frame as it had ornate carvings covering the frame, besides I didn't have a four poster bed with which I could play with at home. Once the bed was all loaded up I decided to take a nap, with the bed packed into the truck I decided to try out the crib. Why not I was already dressed like a baby why not sleep like one.

I went into the nursery and climbed into the crib, the mattress was extremely soft and looked to be in adequate condition as apposed to the four poster bed mattress. I decided to make the experience more realistic and pulled the other side up, it popped into place with a audible click. I lay there in the crib mulling over today's events, and about how much those antiquities would fetch at auction. I have a guy whose name is Bill he handles the appraisal and sale of all antiques I bring to him for a fair percentage off the final sale price. In no time at all I was sound asleep and somehow my thumb had found its way into my mouth. I opened my eyes to sun shining through the window, it felt like I hadn't slept long but what must have been a half hour. I started down the stairs and walked into the kitchen to dismantle the pan rack. Looks like I need a screwdriver I said to Noone in particular. I walked out the front door and froze in shock, there in front of me stood about 50 people all looking in my direction. Why they were there I did not know the house was condemned and it wasn't up for sale.

"Look at her a woman said, the little baby is wearing a diaper and sucking her thumb"

I reeled back in surprise what were these people doing here and why were they being so rude.

"Hey a man said she looks like she's going to cry, is the wittle baby going to wet her diaper"

Hot tears started sliding down my cheeks, stop it please I stammered, I couldn't help but wet my diaper.

"The same woman from before said look at the little baby wetting her diaper, do you want your mommy to change you baby girl.

I turned to run and everything faded to black, suddenly I woke up back in the crib gasping for breath. It was all just a dream I thought thank God for that. I got up in the crib and felt a warm thickness between my legs. I had wet my diaper while sleeping, I couldn't believe it I haven't wet the bed since I was 14. I'll bet it was that terrible nightmare I surmised. Thunder boomed nearby startling me into peeing more into the already soaked diaper I was wearing. About the same time I started to hear rain lightly hitting the roof of the house. Did I put everything into the truck I wondered, I raced down the stairs and out the front door, all the while my thoroughly soaked diaper was sagging and bouncing. After making sure everything I put in the truck so far was in the truck I ran back inside to get out the rain before I got soaked.

The diaper was still warm and felt very good there was a soothing and secure feeling to wearing a diaper, I made a mental note to wear them more often. While I waited for the rain to let up I decided to count how many diapers were actually in those drawers. As I counted the diapers I couldnt help but think about how I could buy more of the same kind. The pink diaper I flooded earlier was super soft and hugged my body in such a way that it felt made just for me. The teddy bear diaper on the other hand was so thick between my legs I felt if I wet it anymore I would have to crawl on my hands and knees like a true baby. I counted forty four teddy bear diapers and 60 of the pink diapers. I would have a good supply for a while depending on how many I used per day. Sounds like the rain has finally stopped I thought, I decided to move everything from the nursery into the truck last as I wanted it to be put into my house first.

As I removed the antiques from the house I couldn't help but think about the special nursery I had found. I reached around and moved my hand around on the diaper checking to see how wet it was. Then i felt the front of my diaper it was still slightly warm and squishy. Looks like I can have one more good wetting before I have to change. After everything was loaded up I decided it was time for me to head on home. I hopped into the truck after ensuring my camera bag and lunch bag were in the cab of the truck with me, I started the truck put it into gear and headed on home.

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 4 Uploaded!

Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:24 am
by KinkyTrash
Ah, I'm loving this! Can never find enough good diaper stories!

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 4 Uploaded!

Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:00 am
by DiaperDesires
KinkyTrash wrote:Ah, I'm loving this! Can never find enough good diaper stories!

Thank you for the kind comment, it really means a lot to me.

Also the story isn't done yet for anyone wondering. I am just getting started ;)

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 4 Uploaded!

Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:29 pm
by Dianag
Just came across this story and I like the way it's going. The title seems to point to much more happening, so please continue writing this.

The language and style make it easy to read, so keep up the good work!

Re: Terrifying times at Coalton High Part 4 Uploaded!

Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:45 am
by DiaperDesires
Just a little part to add to the story, I am sorry that it has taken this long to post another part life has been busy to say the least. I hope you all enjoy as always please leave me feedback I appreciate and welcome it.

I put the truck into park and turned the key in the ignition, resulting in a groan from the dying engine. I had just drove 5 miles from my home in the city, I was parked in front of a old abandoned schoolhouse near the suburbs. Much like my previous session I had decided to bind myself to a school desk inside the school while wearing a schoolgirls uniform, which I hoped to find inside whilst being tormented by a vibrating dildo. I pushed open the driver side door of the truck and slid off the seat onto the ground. I walked around to the passenger side door and pulled the bag I had prepared earlier off the seat and made my way up the stairs and to the double doors of the schoolhouse.

I pulled on one of the doors, to my surprise it slid open with a loud screeching sound. I looked down the dark damp hallway for any sign of where I was, I was trying to find the school nurses office because there was a good chance that I would find a uniform in there. As I rounded the first corner I came face to face with a person, I screamed and reeled back in surprise. I was going to explain myself but it was just a mannequin. I could see a sign down the hallway that read Nurse Off, it appeared the other letters on the sign were missing. I strode in and straight to the back part of the office, in there were cabinets of all sorts, an examination chair and a large wardrobe.

The uniforms would have to be in there I thought, I swung open the wardrobe doors to reveal a rack full of uniforms complete with Maryjanes  and stark white tights. I selected a uniform that just happened to be in my size and lay it neatly on the examination table. I started rummaging through the cabinets looking for anything worth grabbing. To my complete surprise I opened a cabinet filled with some very thick white diapers with blue tapes. These were even thicker than the last diapers I used in that old house they were at least 5x as thick. I originally planned on using the white cotton panties that came paired with the uniform but now that I had found these new treasures I would have to try them out, in place of the panties.

I gathered up all the items in my arms along with one of the diapers and made my way to the nearest classroom. I set the items down on a desk at the very front of the classroom right smack in front of the teachers desk. I wanted it to be like one of my fantasies, I was a naughty Schoolgirl who had wet herself so my teacher caned me in front of my whole class and put a really thick diaper on me afterwards, then tied me to my desk forcing me to use my diaper in front of everyone. Sometimes I wish that would've really happened to me when I was attending school. I stripped off all my clothes and lay down on the floor on top of the diaper, I sprinkled some powder on my nether region and rubbed it in, then I pulled the front of the diaper into place and applied the tapes firmly onto the front of the diaper.

After putting on the uniform I took my things out of the bag I brought with me and started setting my restraints up. I hooked my wrist cuffs to the back top part of the chair, I tied an ankle cuff to each leg of the chair then I applied some cuffs to the seat of the chair on each side so my legs would be forced wide open. I would not be able to close my legs which would effectively put my diapered crotch on display and would also help my little friend I inserted previously, force me to orgasm over and over. I pulled my 2" red ballgag from my bag and slipped the ball between my teeth and tightened the strap. I took my hood out of the bag and slipped it on next. Now I was gagged and blindfolded unable to see and barely able to hear.

I applied the cuffs to my ankles and thighs, feeling around with my hand I found the remote to my little friend and turned it on. It would turn on in 5 minutes and would turn off after 15 minutes then it would have an interval of 10 minutes on and 5 minutes off. I quickly slipped the cuffs on my wrists and tightened and locked them on, I was now bound until I was set free by the ice lock attached to my wrist cuffs. I tried pulling on my bonds as hard as I could but I was effectively bound, I wasn't going anywhere until my metal mistress the ice lock let me free. I felt my little friend spring to life inside of me vibrating mercilessly. Unable to stop the vibrations I started to slowly reach climax, I could not help but wonder how many times I would orgasm that day before I was set free. I almost reached climax when the vibrator shut off at the peak of my first orgasm. I tried grinding but with my legs spread the way they were I couldn't press my sensitive clit against anything to get off on.

I groaned into my gag wishing I could finish myself off and climax right then. I sat in utter silence waiting for the vibrator to spring to life. Contemplating my next session, how I wished I had a mistress to force me to cum over and over and over again until I begged for it to stop. The vibrator sprang to life and brought me closer and closer to the edge until I felt like I jumped off, into the abyss.

My whole body started to convulse after that first orgasm but subsided after the dildo shut off. I waited for it to spring to life and bring me another glorious orgasm when I heard the door close behind me. Oh shit I thought who or what was that, I didn't have long to wait because in the next instance a woman's voice echoed around the room, well well well a new student. I started tugging against my bonds as hard as I could but I wasn't going anywhere until my metal mistress released me.

I tried to say who are you but it came out as pitiful gibberish, the woman must have guessed what I was trying to say because she replied with, your new teacher. I was taken aback by those words, surely she couldn't keep me tied up forever.?

I see you did a great job at tying yourself up for me little one, I especially like this shiny metal cylinder you have fixed between your restraints. What exactly does it do I am not familiar with the new contraptions of the 21st century. Since you're indisposed at the moment you can tell me later.

I felt her hands on my nipples through the blouse they felt like ice through the material.

These are very nice breasts you have baby girl I am going to love playing with you. You are now mine forever, I hope you don't have any other places to be.

I started sobbing behind the Hood while the dildo continued its assault on my pussy, I didn't want to be her property, or did I? WAIT she didn't know that the metal device tied to my restraints would release me all I had to do was wait until it melted and I was released.

I have to run to the principals office to get your class schedule you stay here and don't move, even though we both know that won't be happening.

I waited until I heard the faint click of the door close, I pulled with all my might but it still wasn't budging. I reached orgasm and bucked in my seat tugging against my bonds. The ice lock came apart with a pop. I was free I had to act fast before she came back. I scrambled to remove the hood so I could see to remove the rest of my restraints. I could feel another orgasm coming on. I quickly undid my feet restraints and made a beeline for the door not caring about leaving my restraints behind. I just wanted to get away from that crazy woman.

I got to the door and was about to yank it open when it opened abrubtly hitting me in the face and knocking me out cold.

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by DiaperDesires
Part 6

Sorry that it took so long to post an update to this story I will be sure to update it sooner from now on.

When I came to I wasn't able to move any of my limbs, I was securely tied to something. I looked around me and noticed that I was back in the nurses office bound in the examination chair. I still had my ball gag in and my little friend was still buzzing away inside me. I wondered where that woman was, but I had more important things on my mind like getting the hell out of this place. The real question I had to ask myself is did I really want to escape, wasn't this what I wanted all along. To be bound and tormented by a woman who would become my mistress, to be rewarded when I've been a good girl or to be punished severely when I am naughty.

As I contemplated my fate the door to the office swung open revealing the woman standing there, with a unusual blue glow surrounding her like a blanket. She appeared to look like one of those people from a movie I once saw where radiated people were glowing green. Unlike the green glow, the blue glow about her seemed to be calming and mystical.

"Aww has my baby girl woken up from her nap"

"em ee ooh"

I tried saying let me go but it just came out as baby talk. I could feel another orgasm washing over me, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I started shaking from the over stimulation I was receiving. A strange look came over the woman's face and she let out a loud screech which snapped me back to reality.

"Did you just cum without permission, young lady?"

I tried to tell her I couldn't help it but she couldn't understand me one bit. She pulled my skirt off and popped the tapes open on my diaper and pulled it down, she saw the end of the still buzzing dildo sticking out of my dripping pussy and yanked it out, resulting in a scream from me. What the hell is this she asked me. I don't know if she was expecting me to answer that, me being gagged as I was. She looked the dildo over, it's like she had never seen one before in her life. She took the dildo and shoved it back into my pussy eliciting a moan from me, then she pulled it out again and inserted it again. She did this a few times which was bringing me close to another massive orgasm.

Before I could climax she took it out and tossed it into a bin, I let out a groan this woman made me very frustrated..

"I think my pet needs her diaper changed."

I didn't even notice the diaper was soaking wet beneath me, I wondered if that was just from my juices or had I wet myself. She went over to a cupboard and pulled out some diaper supplies and brought them over to me. Then she went over to the wardrobe and pulled something from it's confines and hid it behind her back.

"Since you were a naughty girl and didn't ask my permission to cum I think your little pussy needs to be punished."

I didn't like the sound of that, she brought what looked like a long wooden rod from behind her back and twirled it with her fingers. I gulped when I saw it, it looked to be a rattan cane. She placed the end right on my pussy lips and brought it off a few inches and started tapping my pussy with it. It didn't really hurt it actually felt a little nice but I cringed at the thought that this couldn't be the punishment. She brought the cane up and brought it down hard onto my pussy. I screamed like a banshee, she brought it up again and swung it right at my pussy but stopped it an inch above my pussy. She was toying with me.

She lifted the cane up again and brought it down on my pussy this time harder than the last. By the time she was done punishing my poor vulnerable, defenseless pussy I was in tears sobbing into my gag. She set the cane back into the wardrobe and went over to one of the cupboards, she brought a tube over and squeezed some kind of cream onto her hand and starting rubbing it onto my stinging nether region. It felt cool to the touch and took the pain away. This woman who just punished my most sensitive place, was acting like she wasn't the one who punished me. It still stung slightly but it felt a lot better with the cream on it.

She indicated for me to lift my bottom up and pulled the soaked diaper out from under me. She grabbed a new diaper from the cupboard and slid it under me and diapered me in a matter of seconds. She must have experience doing this I surmised. My vision was a little blurry from crying so she took a tissue and wiped my eyes.

"I am sorry I had to punish you baby girl but you'll learn to not to cum without permission again will you."

I nodded my head, and tried to say yes around the gag. She removed the ballgag and told me to tell her my name

"My, please let me go I won't tell anyone"

"Calm down baby Emma, my name is Ana and I have been waiting for someone to come through those doors for a very long time, to become my slave to do with as I see fit, within reason."

"Why are you even here Ana this place has been abandoned since the 50's, do you live here or something. Can you tell me why the hell you're glowing blue.?"

"First off you will address me as mistress Ana, if you don't you will be severely punished, to answer one of your questions I do live here in a way, your 2nd question will be answered later on."

I gazed at this woman in front of me known as Ana, apart from the blue glow she was really quite beautiful, she looked to be the same age as me with auburn colored hair, a kind face, long slender legs, a nice pair of what looked like size C cup breasts, and a perfect ass. Her eyes were a deep blue color, which I could get lost in and never find my way back out. I was snapped out of my daze by her beautiful voice.

"Are you going to behave baby Emma, or will you require more punishment.?"

"No mistress, I will be good from now on."

"WHAT, was that.?"

"Ye.....Yes mistress Ana I will be a good baby girl for you."

"That's better another slip up like that and I will be forced to punish you, do I make myself clear young lady."

"Yes mistress Ana I understand"

"Good girl, now if you promise to behave I will untie you."

With that she set to work untying my legs from the examination chair then went around the back to untie my hands. When they were free of the cuffs I leapt up from the chair and ran out the door and down the hallway towards the double doors, they would be my salvation. I made it to within 50 feet before she appeared in front of me stopping me dead in my tracks. I wasn't going to be taken without a fight I tried landing a right hook on her face but I missed. I tried again and was shocked to see my fist go right through her face, like I had just punched air.

"What the hell I exclaimed"

She zipped behind me before I knew what was coming and had me in a head lock, I felt a needle go into my arm, I tried resisting going to sleep but the drug was too powerful as my eyelids sank lower and lower with every passing second I couldn't help, but wonder and fear what lay in store for me.p

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by DiaperDesires
I couldn't believe this I had just woken up from my drugged sleep again for the 2nd time and I was worse off than before. This time I woke up inside of a gigantic nursery there was a babies crib the size of an adults bed with a locking top set of bars. A huge changing table which looked like it could fit 2 adults on it with medical looking restraints at each corner. Underneath the changing table were what appeared to be stacks and stacks of thick fluffy disposable diapers, some were white in color some were white with babyish prints on their surface. Adjacent to the table sat a large cabinet I could only imagine what was inside.

I was bound yet again no surprise there, this time I was secured in a white straightjacket with black rope leading from a D ring on either side of the jacket to some eye hooks in the ceiling, my ankles were also tied spread eagle but with some ankle cuffs fixed with the same rope to eye hooks in the floor spreading my legs far apart. Effectively holding me in place for who knows how long. I tried struggling as hard as I could, twisting and turning and bucking in my bonds, didn't help me break free even a little bit. I felt a little draft on my bum at the same time I could feel a presence behind me.

"Naughty baby girl you are Emma, trying to escape from your mommy. I hope you're ready for your punishment I think you will find it to be rather humiliating."

I tried to shrink into nothing but that is impossible.

"Have you ever been given an enema before baby girl, if you haven't you will be experiencing your very first one."

I had heard of enemas before but never received one I hoped it wouldn't hurt as bad as the caning had. I could feel a finger slide into my ass and wiggle a bit, it was cold and intruding. After she pulled her finger out she replaced it with a hard plastic phallic shaped object. I winced as it entered, as it was bigger than her finger. I heard a hiss sound and felt it grow inside me, which elicited a moan from me. The thing just kept growing until I thought I would be stretched until my hole was damaged, thankfully it stopped before that happened. I sat there for a few minutes waiting for something to happen I could hear Ana behind me wheeling something over to where I stood. I felt her hook something up to the phallic object and then I could feel liquid filling up my ass.

"I am giving you a 3 quart enema baby Emma so you will be nice and clean inside. I hope you enjoy messing your diapers for hours baby girl because this is going to be a lot of water for you to expel into your diapers." After having said that I heard Emma moan with displeasure, that will teach her to disobey me and try to escape. I watched as the bag slowly emptied into the poor girls bottom, I gave her a couple swats on her nice round ass when she tried to sass me. Finally the bag was empty so I removed the hose from the inflatable enema nozzle I inserted into her prior to administering her enema and rolled the bag back to the corner of the room.

I could tell she was having some discomfort, she couldn't expel the enema because the plug had only a one way valve, ensuring she can't release the enema until I let her. I waited for 15 minutes before I decided that was long enough for it to take affect emma seemed to be experiencing cramps so I decided I better hurry and get her ready for the explosion that would happen in her diapers. I grabbed a couple of all white diapers from under the changing table and secured them around her waist. Then I set up the camera I found in her bag so I could record her messing her diapers like a helpless little baby, so she could re-watch it later over and over. I reached down the back of her diapers and deflated the plug and pulled it out as quickly as I could. Seconds after the enema just started shooting out into her diaper creating a massive brown spot that just kept spreading this was going to be a very messy cleanup job.

Emma's POV

I couldn't hold it anymore I was cramping something fierce and when she put her hand down my diapers and pulled the plug out, the enema shot out of me like a cannon I could feel it reaching to every corner of my diapers even going so far as to saturate the front of my diapers with the foul smelling liquid. This whole enema business was strange but also felt kind of nice aside from the cramps. The enema seemed to go on forever my diapers were getting really heavy now, so much so I thought they would eventually drop off but they were still holding on tight. It seemed like I was nearing the end when little spurts would come and go.

I felt Ana place her hand on my diapers and smush my messy diapers into me, I tried wiggling to get her hand off but all she did was laugh and call me a messy baby girl. She went over to the cabinet and pulled out a couple of things I couldn't see. She came back over to me and unzipped a black hood which had only nose holes and slipped it over my head and I heard a click at the back of my neck and only saw darkness after that. I heard her playing with the front of my diapers fastening something to the front. I didn't know what it was until it was turned on and I could feel strong vibrations through my thick messy diapers reaching my pussy making me weak in the knees. I could feel an orgasm coming on when she said something that made me whine with displeasure.

"Baby Emma since you decided to cum without permission earlier and since you're being punished I've decided to leave you tied up with your thick messy diapers for a few hours, I have also added a little enjoyment to your predicament so it won't be all bad at least for a while. You'll eventually be begging me to stop you from cumming after the first 5 orgasms or so."

With that I heard her leave the room and shut the door leaving me to contend with my little friend.