Marions revenge.

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Marions revenge.

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How and why I am writing this, I have no idea. All I know is that I have to write what has happened to me as a warning to others.

I should have known better, but I didn’t and now I have to suffer for my sins. This letter is my agreement to the treatment I received for being unfaithful to the person who would have been wife. This is my story. If you meet her, and she starts a relationship with you, then run. Run as fast as you can. Her name is Marion Castleton. I told her I was Peter Roberts.


It started out when I was sitting in a railway station buffet having a cup of coffee. A girl walked in and I thought she looked beautiful. She asked if she could sit at my table and I said I had no problem with that. She sat down and we started to talk about the delays to the trains. One thing led to another and I felt I had known her for years. During that time she asked why I was looking at the big breasted girl who had entered the buffet. She told me they only make the girl self-conscious of them. They must be uncomfortable as they are. Marion got up and went to the toilet. She had been gone for some time before she returned. I thought she had left me at one point.

A little later I glanced out of the window and laughed. When she asked me what made me laugh I told her there was a girl in a short skirt trying her best to hold it down in the wind. Her response was short skirts are lovely to wear, but it was rude to stare at her predicament of the wind. I told her that while I loved short skirts, if the girl didn’t want to display her knickers she shouldn’t wear such them. “She is wearing a skater skirt. You don’t like them?” she asked. I told her I loved seeing girls in them.

To cut a long story short, we got engaged and arranged to be married in 18 months from that date. In the meantime, I had met her parents who I felt disapproved of me. Maybe it was because I was not that tall nor built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am only 5 foot 6 inches, the same height as Rachel and rather puny in build.

Her parents turned out to be filthy rich. He was the Chief Executive Officer of a group of global health clinics. Their house was fabulous and they even had staff to look after it. The butler was Jeeves personified. The maids were immaculately dressed in black knee length uniforms with startling white aprons and caps. Black stockings or tights with sensible shoes were the order of the day. In fact every man’s dream of what a maid should look like.

I could sense the hostility in her parents when I met them. But I was marrying Marion and not them. She wanted to keep her virginity until we got married even though I kept begging her to let me take it for quite a few times. I was desperate to have sex. Why couldn’t she see that?

Months crept by. I was no nearer to having sex with her. Then came the fateful day that was to change my life forever. I bumped into Zoe. Tall, blonde, huge breasts, legs up to her bum. I was working near the red light district and she popped into the shop I was in. I let her get served first. I heard her say she was starving and she bought herself a chocolate bar.

As I went to leave the shop I knocked into her, sending her chocolate bar flying onto the floor.. After apologising we spoke a little and I took her for a hot meal as that was the least I could do for ruining her meagre meal. Needless to say, I wanted to finish the afternoon screwing. She told me about positions I had never dreamed of. Yes, I knew she was a prostitute, but a bit above the normal street walker type. Before we could get down to it, she got a phone call and said she had to go. But we would meet again one day. I quickly got dressed.

I thought that Marion would never see her so I would be safe. I said nothing to Marion and she never said anything back about it. So it was obvious she never knew about the hooker. I was safe. I kept on at her about letting me shag her.

A few months later, I was told that I should hand my notice in at work and my house I rented as her father was taking us for a six months holiday touring Europe and the Far East. Wow! What a surprise. Her parents must have come round to me.

The time came when we flew to Poland. Stepping out of the plane at Warsaw, I followed them. Our passports were checked but then I had a surprise. “We are going to one of father’s latest clinics. They do plastic surgery there. We are also going to try out his new plane for transferring patients and families. You’ll find it a life changing experience” Marion told me.

Our luggage was collected and taken to the first hotel. We headed to a Leerjet I followed them up the steps. “This is new” Marion’s father told me. “I want to try everything out. We had a problem with the last one and it took some sorting out. Would you volunteer to be the patient for me?” Willing to be on the good side of him, I agreed. I was taken out of the plane and told to lie on a stretcher. Blankets were wrapped around me holding me tightly. Straps were tightened and I was captive until the end of the test and they released me. There was no way I could get out of it.

A fork lift hoisted my stretcher carefully onto the plane and the nurses in there placed the stretcher into one of the safety bays. Clamps held it in place. “The final test is for you to let us know if you have any feeling of sickness when we take off”. I was happy with that although I would love to have seen us take off. There wasn’t any window where I was.
I felt the plane trundle down the runway, a burst of power and we were airborne. It was a little disturbing but not too much that people could be upset or sick. When the plane levelled out Marion came and gave me a drink. I asked when I was going to be released. “In a short while. Not long now”

I felt calmer and started to doze off to sleep. I woke up when I felt myself being wheeled along. Gradually my senses started to return. I saw the fluorescent lights travelling by on the ceiling. I was still strapped down but now wearing a hospital gown. To my right was Marion. To my left was a tall blonde nurse.

I asked what was going on. Marion reminded me she had told me it would be a life changing experience. By the time you come round you will be a lovely girl. You’ll be wearing short skirts and have a lovely pair of DD breasts. I tried to say I didn’t want a sex change. Marion told me I would look lovely.

I asked why she was doing that to me. “Turn round Melissa”. The girl turned round. “Remember the girl with the big breasts at the station? Well, when I went to the toilet I told her how you ogled her. She said it happened all the time and she was sick of it. They were painful as well. I got her address and father sent her to the clinic for a breast reduction. We have become good friends and when I told her of my plans she jumped in at the chance of watching the transformation”.

Marion told me that my change would be complete by the time I came round. I would be given the choice of working in her house for the rest of my life or go to Madam Wu’s brothel in Shanghai. “Your manhood will join the other in the grim display” I asked what other “My last boyfriend betrayed me as well. He is now working the payment off for his sex change in Madam Wu’s brothel”

“What do you mean betrayed?”

“Sylvia, open the doors?” Marion called on her mobile phone. I heard some doors opening up and there was the prostitute I had tried to shag. “Surprised? She works for us and gets a good payment when she catches anyone out. She is not a prostitute. This will teach you that you should have remained faithful” The Sylvia smiled. I tried begging that it was only a lapse in concentration and I didn’t mean it. I needed sex and begged Marion for it several times, but she refused. “I think you must be a virgin so you have never felt what sex for a man is like. I like that. Now you will never know.” I didn’t try to ask her how she knew I was a virgin.

“Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing. I am the only person who will be here who speaks English so Marion and her family can carry on doing their tour. My name is Sylvia. You say you want DD breasts Marion?”

“Yes, he loves large breasts so now he can find out how they can be a curse. He has been on Oestrogen supplements for weeks now and although I don’t know to what extent they will take to work, or how long they will take, he needs his tits by the time we go home”

Sylvia felt my nipples. “They are starting to enlarge. It shouldn’t be long. But I’ll make sure he gets the right size enlargement packs” Indeed my nipples felt sore.

Marion kissed me on the cheek, “Goodbye Peter Roberts. I’m looking forward to Phyllis Roberts working for me unless you choose to go to work for Madam Wu”. With that she turned away and walked out of the door.

I struggled to escape, but the straps were far too strong. I asked what difference it would make and was told they would give me a more slightly oriental look. I thought they meant with makeup. I asked Sylvia about what Marion meant about my tackle. “It will be pickled in preservative and left in a jar for anyone to visit”. I took it she was joking. “The last person to work for Mrs. Wu was supposed to be there for three years. That was seven years ago. He gets one dollar for every customer he entertains. The other one hundred and forty nine goes to Madam Wu. Out of his one dollar earnings he gets he has to pay for clothes and food. He doesn’t have that much left to pay Madam Wu for the cost of his operation. It should take him about another fifteen years at the rate he is going”

Thinking they were only winding me up, I opted to be Marion’s maid. After all, the knee length dress can’t be that bad. Just like a long T-shirt. The girl sent a text message. Who it was sent to I had no idea at the time, until she said Marion said she was glad I took up that option.

A nurse put some antiseptic on my arm. I went to shout and found some cotton stuffed in my mouth and it was covered in tape. I tried to wriggle free again, but was held down by the nurses. One got a needle and showed it to me. “Time for your new life” Sylvia said. Another nurse started the countdown in Polish, but I could make out the gist of it.
The needle was inserted into my arm the fluid in the needle started to flow. A nurse, in an Eastern European language started the count down. I could make out the gist of things, “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five” and that was the last I knew.

I woke up one day. How long I had been out, I had no idea. But my neck was sore. My face hurt in lots of places. But I was still strapped down. I had a mask on feeding me with oxygen. My head was held steady by pads on either side. I was unable to turn my head in either direction, nor up or down.

Sylvia came in to see me, “Awake at last. You have been out for a long time. We were worried. The operation you had should have been taken over eighteen months, but we did the whole lot in four months. You had a team of forty surgeons working on you. Blink if it still hurts” I blinked. “Well we will have to put you back under a general anaesthetic again. We will see what the doctor says. I will go and get him” She walked out leaving me staring at the ceiling.

Sylvia came back with some of the nurses and a couple of the surgeons. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but Sylvia explained I would need to be knocked out for another month. In the mean time they will massage my muscles. In went the needle and out I went.

I woke up and found all the straps were off and I no longer had the mask on. But I couldn’t move. Sylvia told me they were going to get a hypnotist to stop me feeling the pain. The next day he turned up and I went under his spell.

As soon as I woke up, I hoisted myself up with the aid of some of the nurses and swung my legs off of the bed. I looked down to see I had these huge breasts. I went to feel for my tackle and found there was nothing there.

I went to scream “What have you done”, but all that came out of my mouth was, “Thank you for making me a beautiful woman” I went to say my name was Peter Roberts. My mind was telling me that, but all I could say was “My name is Phyllis Roberts” No matter how much I tried to say Peter, all that left my mouth was “I am Phyllis Roberts”

I realised I was talking with a lisp in a higher pitch than before. Sylvia told me they had pushed my Adam’s apple back to my vocal chords which turned my voice from a deep base to a woman’s voice. They gave me a mirror and I saw this beautiful woman looking back at me. “They have rounded your chin, enhanced your cheekbones, shaved your nose and for good measure pierced your ears and tongue, putting studs in each of them. Your stomach muscles had to be re-arranged to give you a feminine look. Of course your legs were altered as well plus you have some wonderful tits now. I’m jealous. The hormone that you have been given intravenously has given you a wider hip bone and a more rounded bum. But that had to have collagen put in to make it more female and grabable. By the way, your lips have been filled with collagen as well. Tomorrow we start on walking in high heels and teaching you the art of makeup.”

My hair had grown and had been permed. Eyebrows had been plucked and lasered into a higher arch than I usually had. I felt the studs in my tongue and ears. I was given a pair of knickers and a bra. “I’ll help you this once” said Sylvia “after that you are one your own. Normally you put the bra on back to front and swing it round to face the right way then put your arms through the straps. You must have felt how heavy your breasts feel now.”

I turned my back to her and she slipped the bra around me and then clipped the two halves together. My arms went through the straps and she pulled it up putting my breasts into the cups. Finally she adjusted the shoulder straps. “There, now you are ready for your panties” I stepped into them and she pulled them up ensuring they were a snug fit on my body.

I walked a few steps and said my shoulders hurt through the bra straps pulling on them. “You’ll get used to that. All big breasted girls suffer from it. That’s the curse of big breasts”

Slowly and surely through the rest of the day, gradually lengthening the time walking, my leg muscles grew stronger. I didn’t like these huge tits. I couldn’t see where my feet were.

That’s when Sylvia hit me with the news about my hypnosis. “There is a word that when said will make you carry out all instructions given by Marion or anyone who knows the word. It will end when the other word is said. You will know what you are doing and you have no power to stop it. You must do it, no matter what it is”. Then I snapped out of consciousness into an automatic mode. “You will listen to me. Every time a woman speaks to you, you will grab your skirt or apron and give a deep curtsey and say thank you ma’am. You will not remember this” Then I suddenly woke up.

The next day I was given a pair of ridiculously high heeled shoes, a tight blouse and a skater skirt. I tried to say “take it away” but for some reason I had to say I loved the outfit. I stumbled quite a bit according to the films they made of me. It took me all week to walk by putting one leg in front of me giving me a wiggle as I walked.

The final week I was given all the tutoring I needed to apply makeup. “Less means more as they say or you will look like a crossdresser”. Finally with my hair permed I was ready to leave. I said I didn’t have any clothes. Sylvia said she would lend me a skirt.

It was that extremely short and lightweight skater’s skirt. Coupled with the tight blouse, I looked a tart. The shoes were making my skirt seem shorter and if I wasn’t careful, my knickers would be on display.

Before I knew it, Marion turned up. I argued I couldn’t wear this, but whatever she said, I told her I would love to wear this outfit home and although my brain kept telling me it was wrong, I was shaking with excitement at the prospects of wearing it.
“Could I have some tights?” I asked, but was told that it would be too hot for tights. I asked for stockings and was told that the skirt was too short for them. Marion gave me a bolero and handed me a passport. For some reason I snapped back to where I was and my predicament. “This is your new passport in the name of Phyllis Roberts. We changed your name by deed poll. As far as everyone is concerned Peter went on a hike and was last seen in Borneo”. We headed for customs control at the airport. I was studied quite intently. Having passed that area, the three of us walked towards the plane. I was conscious of everyone’s eyes on me. Sylvia and Marion had a smirk on their faces.

I tried saying “I can’t go home dressed like this!” but instead said “Thank you Sylvia for lending me this lovely outfit. I don’t know what I would do without you”. Fortunately it was quite warm. I climbed the steps to the plane. I could feel male eyes looking at my bum as the skirt swayed in the warm breeze. I could feel it flapping about at the top of my thighs. It was a lovely sensation.

We sat on the plane with me in between Sylvia and Marion. I came round suddenly and asked what I was doing there and why was dressed like I was. I looked down at Marion’s legs in her knee length skirt and Sylvia in her neatly pressed trousers. “Why can’t I wear something like that?” Marion told me that it was because I had told her I loved short skirts. “Now you can see what it is like from the other side. Not many men have that chance”. Before I could yell, my mind went blank and I fell asleep.

We landed before I woke up. Marion, me and Sylvia headed for the exit steps of the plane. I saw one of the air hostesses give me a frosty look and she said “You will regret wearing that today” Without hesitation, I grabbed the hem of my skirt and gave a deep curtsey “Thank you ma’am” Behind her two aircrew were giggling as I walked past. They must have realised. Or Marion had told them while I was out of it. “Goodbye miss” one said. I turned grabbed the skirt once more and curtsied to them. By now all three were in hysterics. I descended the stairs and as I stepped onto the tarmac, the wind blew hard and my skirt flew up exposing my bum. I heard a wolf whistle from somewhere near the back of the file of people.

By the time we got to the building my nipples were straining against the soft bra cup. I was conscious of everyone staring at them. I pulled the bolero around me to cover them up. I was glad when we got into the building. The crowds were too close to be able to stare at me in the whole.

Customs and the customs officer stared at me long and hard. When we walked away, Marion whispered, “I bet he had an enormous erection when he studied you” I thought we were going to go by cab to Marion’s father’s house, but Marion insisted we took the tube.


First few stations weren’t bad. All I got was men staring at me. Three stations on and the train was packed. I had my bum rubbed and pinched, my breasts stroked. I complained to Marion she was being unfair. She laughed back at me.

Thankfully we soon arrived at her father’s house. I was glad to get there after all the taunts I had from Marion and Sylvia plus the stares from people in the street.. One of the maids opened the door to us. “Welcome home Miss Castleton” and we entered the house. She looked me up and down. Marion called the other maids in.

“Hi ladies, please meet Phyllis Roberts, the new maid” I was introduced to each of them. Marion went on “Rose lives here and the others come in early” Each of them introduced themselves and as each one spoke to me, I gave them all a nice curtsey and thanked them by calling them Miss Smith (Rose), Miss Jones, (Rachel) Miss Turner (Pam) and Miss Chapman (Ruth). They all laughed as I did the curtsey. I couldn’t see what was wrong.

Marion told me to go with Miss Smith to find my room. I would be sharing with her. My uniforms would be in a wardrobe waiting for me. Once Miss Smith had got me ready, I was to present myself to the family and return my clothes I was wearing to Sylvia.

I was ordered to strip. Standing there naked in front of Miss Smith I was nervous and tried to cover myself up. “Don’t be silly. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before. Nice tits by the way” I bobbed and thanked her. A huge grin came on her face. I couldn’t help myself. I found myself removing the bolero, tight blouse, bra and after kicking off the shoes, removed the short skirt.

“Get them off” Miss Smith said staring at my knickers. I wanted to scream out I can’t take them off but I found my thumbs going into the waistband of the knickers and slowly I lowered them until I stepped out of them. I couldn’t help myself. I gave a quick bob and said “Thank you miss”. Miss Smith went into fits of hysterics.

I was told to turn my back on her and she passed a corset around my waist. My huge breasts were pushed up and forward by the cups. I felt her tugging on the strings at the back. After a few moments of it being pulled this way and that, which I presumed where she was lacing the corset up, I felt the corset closing around me. It was pulled tight, but not as tight as I imagined. “We’ll leave it like that for now so it can adjust to your contours.”

I thanks Miss Smith and gave a bob. She handed me a pair of white knickers with lots of frills all round. I held them up and worked out which was front and back and went to step into them. I had trouble bending my back until I realised the corset was stiff enough to hold me straight. Miss Jones helped pull them up. “Push the corset suspender straps through the knicker legs” I did as I was told after giving a quick bob and thanking her.

I was told to sit down and Miss Smith pulled stockings on me and clipped them to the suspender straps of the corset. After standing up the stockings pulled tight on the suspender straps and I thought my knickers would be pulled down. Miss Jones told me that was the curse of suspenders. I would grow to love it.

The uniform was presented to me. It was extremely short as I could see in the mirrors. It had white petticoats sewn into the skirt part of it. Miss Smith tugged and pulled at the skirt I all directions. “It needs more petticoats” I curtseyed and thanked her. She got some more half petticoats and made me stand in them. Slowly she pulled them up, and finished up by making sure the elastic was around my waist. “That’s better, now the full glory of your uniform and undies can be seen” she said as she stepped back. “Sit down and I will do your hair as they like it and fix your makeup. But only this once” Again I tried to stop myself but in a feminine lispy voice thanked her and holding my uniform dress, thanked her while curtseying. I looked in the mirror and found that thanks to my buttocks, the skirt stayed fairly flat at the front and rose behind me giving everyone a tantalising glimpse of my frothy panties and petticoats. .


After I was finished at the dressing table she put the maids cap on me and used clips to hold it in place. “Spin the chair round to face me” I did as I was told and thanked her. Miss Smith produced a pair of extremely high heeled shoes and put them on my feet. When I went to stand up, I found they were even higher heels than the last pair. It took me quite a while to be able to walk in them. I had to go backwards and forwards turning at each end of the room. I looked in the mirrors and there were my panties and petticoats for everyone to see.

I was ordered to stop in the middle of the room and two of the other maids came into the room. One put an apron around me and the other one tied it up with a bog bow at the back. The first one took some small safety pins in pinned the apron to my uniform. “There, now we are all ready to meat Miss Marion” I curtseyed to each of them and thanked them for making me look lovely.

I walked down the stairs in front of them. I was aware of my dress bobbing up and down as I walked. We entered the lounge where I was ordered to wait on all the maids. I was told my job in the morning was to get up, turn on the heating at 6 A.M precisely and then wait for orders from each of the other maids. I was to make breakfasts for each of them. Finally when they have finished with me, I could retire at 11.P.M. This would be seven days a week. But for the first week, I would be able to finish at 8 p.m.

I was to serve anyone who needs my services in any way they wanted. To prove the point they called for a man to come into the room. I tried to stop myself but found myself fishing down his trousers and feeling for his cock. Finally I removed his trousers and pants and started to stroke his cock. I couldn’t help it. I hated it, but I had to masturbate him while saying “I really miss my cock”. All the girls were in fits of laughter. “That is another of your duties. To give blowjobs and let anybody use you in any way they want to at any time” I thanked Miss Marion and curtsied. “You look ever so sweet. You will be sharing a room with Rose. Thank her for allowing you to share it” When he had shot his sperm, I had to clean him up and thank him properly for allowing me the pleasure of doing it.

“Thank you Miss Marion” (Curtsey) “Thank you for allowing me to share your room Miss Smith” Everyone went into fits of laugher. Marion spoke next. I bet you wish you hadn’t betrayed me now and was still a man and had your cock attached. Still, it will be great having a maid that doesn’t suffer from the monthly blues” I wanted to shout at her but instead thanked her and again against my will, gave a deep curtsey while holding the apron corners. I was told that in future I must call Marion by her surname of Miss Castleton.

I asked why I couldn’t have a nice uniform like the other maids. They looked very smart and efficient and was told that Marion wanted me to suffer for betraying her. They had spent a lot of money converting me so wanted to get their share of the views of my body. Marion said that perhaps a nice swishy uniform might make a change.

I found out why the girls laughed when I was told I could share a room with Miss Smith. There was only one bed and that night she started to caress my breasts and finger my vagina. I don’t know if I will ever get any excitement from it as all I could feel was her finger moving about in me. “Don’t you wish you had your cock now?” I really hit rock bottom. Especially when Miss Smith placed a strap on dildo around my waist. It was thicker than mine ever was. “It’s nice to have someone doing the pushing instead of me doing it by myself” she told me. It was weird feeling her breasts pressed on mine.

After that she got me to bend over and shoved a thinner one into my rear orifice. “I won’t use your pussy hole yet as you may still be a bit tender in there. Aren’t you glad you’re a girl now?” I was glad when it was all over, even though she had lubricated my anus, it hurt. She told me that it will get better in time before we went to sleep. I woke up with her arm over me cupping my breast. I could feel her pubic hair on my bum. She was snuggling up really tight.

Next morning, I had to serve them all teas and cakes. The family came into the room and called me Roberts. I thanked them in the usual way. I was told the following month they would be having a party. Some people would be staying over so I would need to be on call at all times during the weekend. I was to take orders from anybody and thank them properly.

“Another thing, we need to reduce your waist by a couple of inches”. How they intended to do that I had no idea. I soon found out when the other maids said they would love to help tighten my corset. I thanked them in turn. Over the month my corset was tightened and eventually when it got my waist reduced by one and a half inches, they were happy. By now I found it hard to breath and had to take shallow breaths with deep ones when I could. That of course made my breasts heave even more. By the time the week before the party came round I could take deep breaths but they had to be done slowly.

All the other maids watched as my breasts rose and fell. They all told me they were jealous. I asked why I couldn’t have a uniform like the others and was told that my figure is so lovely I should be proud to display it.

It was decided that as some Germans would be coming over and hopefully give Marion’s father a juicy contract, all the maids would be dressed in dirndl outfits. We were shown pictures and I thought at last “a dress to cover my legs”. How wrong I was. The day of the fitting and all the girls came down in their dresses. They looked gorgeous. Knee length dirndl dresses with aprons. When I saw my one, it looked as short as my maid’s uniform. Still, it was a nice green colour. However, they were not happy with it and I had to stand on a stool while they turned up the hem so the dress was the length they liked. They kept turning it up and letting it down. It tried to fight it. But I had to do it. I felt a right fool for some reason with all the girls fussing around me. Eventually they agreed upon a length and I was allowed to get down and get changed into my maid’s uniform.

Back into my uniform and I was as busy as ever. I was getting annoyed that I seemed to be the only one doing any work. I’ve even had to scrub the front step while wearing this short uniform which caused much merriment to the passers-by. I also got a few wolf whistles and some disgusting remarks from women who passed me. I was not allowed back into the house until Miss Castleton agreed it was clean enough. People on the buses that went by had a good view of my bum. I was blushing with embarrassment.

The day of the party. Everything had been got ready the night before and so we could lie in until 9 that morning. The girls came into our bedroom and started to get me dressed. Firstly the waist corset. By the time they had finished, my waist was two inches thinner than when I started out on the journey to the clinic. I could hardly breathe again.

A bra came next. “You have had your breasts supported by a corset up until now. It’s about time you found out what it feels like working in a bra filled with your big breasts. That was fixed in place. When they went to put the blouse on, the bra was showing, so I was stripped again and the blouse put back minus the bra. I shivered as the cold cotton blouse encompassed my breasts tickling my nipples and making them stand out. There wasn’t much material in the blouse; just a cover for my breasts. It left my midriff bare. All the girls laughed. I was told to lift one leg and then the other and a pair of frilly panties was pulled up my legs. Miss Smith made sure they were around my waist and fitted tight. Finally she let the elastic waist band snap onto my body. “I love doing that”.

White sheer hold up nylons with green bows at the top of the stockings was rolled up my legs. One of the maids thought any man would love this to happen to him. Shame there was none about. They all burst out laughing. Short multi layered petticoats were placed around my waist. They only came to the level of my crotch so my panties were on display as well. Fortunately only glimpses of the crotch could be seen and not my complete bum.

The green dress was lowered over my head and the girls fussed until it was in the right place. Miss Chapman pulled the zip up at the back while Miss Smith criss-crossed the ribbon laces at the front. They were tied with a bow. Miss Chapman put the tiny apron around my waist and passed the waist band around my back and tied them up in front of me.
The dress held my breasts up and the tiny blouse showed my cleavage. Even through the blouse and dress, my nipples were visible. Finally I was given low heeled shoes and told to sit down by the table.

All the girls had seen the hairdresser and I was the last. My hair was permed into a Teutonic style with a braid of my hair going from the back, right around my head and threaded into the back again. With all the makeup on, I was ready.
I couldn’t work out why, but when Miss Castleton asked for a volunteer to go to the shops, I insisted on going like I was. I got lots of wolf whistles from men. In the shop I felt my bum being rubbed and patted a few times plus a couple of hefty smacks that made me jump. But from women, I got nothing but frosty stares or them laughing at me. Especially the two young girls that lifted my skirt and looked at my frilly panties.

Back at the house I was scolded because my panties had got stained from the oils of men’s hands. “If only they knew you were a man” Miss Castleton said laughingly. I had to change my panties and wash the dirty ones out.

The party went well, but I was rushed off of my feet as all the men (and a lot of the women) asked for me to serve them. I came to realise that women love to see another woman in a perilous position. It made them feel superior.

I was glad when the night was finished, but I was ordered to take Miss Castleton’s father’s guest back to his room and give him a blow job. I thought one, but I was ordered to stay in the room and eventually sucked him dry. I was covered in sperm.
I thought he didn’t know about me until he said “That’s one thing about a man giving fellatio. He knows what he likes. Do you miss your cock these days?”

I left him satisfied and for his services, he gave the contract to Miss Castleton’s father. For my troubles I was told that I would be expected to learn ballet so they could entertain another guest who loves ballet. I would have to go with the other maids and buy my tutu and after that enrol in a dance school to learn some ballet moves.

Oh dear, I have to go. The bell just rang for me. I’ll just have to straighten my uniform before attending Miss Castleton.
Oh dear, she has told me that she is going out on a date tonight with a man and wants me to dress her. “You’ll see what you could have had” I have practised trying to say he should steer clear, but I can’t say the words for some reason. I’ll just have to get on with my work.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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Re: Marions revenge.

Unread postby Hypercat » Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:50 pm

Do you hate more men or more women?
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Re: Marions revenge.

Unread postby restricted » Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:12 am

I don't hate anybody Hypie.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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