Justine, for sale?

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Justine, for sale?

Unread postby DarkLizerd » Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:47 am

You wake-up, it's dark
You are standing, arms apart over head, legs wide to the sides. You try to speak, but a tape prevents any sounds. A crack of a whip gets your attention, but there is no pain... Another crack, still no pain, but you jump anyway.
"Oh, good, she's awake." says a voice you do not recognize.
"We can now move to her biding." he continues.
You look around but still do not see anyone. But you now feel the band around your head, 'A blindfold! That explains it!' You hear several other voices mumble agreements.
You hear the first voice describe you, hazel eyes, dark brunet hair, "C" sized tits,
You jump when a hand caresses your left tit...
"Soft and yielding, and yet, so young and firm..."
You grunt in surprise when the other one get slapped.
"And just watch how they jiggle when slapped around, entertainment is garented."
"The eyes, the eyes!!" you hear someone call, "Lets see the eyes!"
You get ready for the blindfold to be removed... You get ready to see who has you so you can remember their faces for later when you go to the police...
"As you can see here, a nice light hazel, with just a few flecks of green..."
You wonder how they could see your eyes with the blindfold still on...
"What about the voice? Is she a song bird or an old crow?" someone yells.
'OK, they are not going to make me speak!' you mumble behind your gag. 'No way!'
You hear a click then, "Westend Construction, this is Justine, how may I direct your call?"
Then another voice, "You have a very nice voice..."
You hear you reply, "Thanks, but who would you like to speak with?"
"You, if you don't mind."
"I don't normally take calls, I just forward them to the department you are looking for..."
"But what if I am looking for you?"
There is a pause, before you continue, "I sorry, but I do not know who you are, and I can only help you if you tell me who you are looking for."
You suddenly remember this call from about 2 weeks ago, it kinda creeped you out as the time, and now it is starting to make sense...
"I'll see you later..." then the click of the phone disconnecting.
You remember being scared for a few days after that call, but nothing ever happened, so you just forgot about it... till now...
"As you can see, well, hear really, she is quite a sweet song bird."
"What about her figure? When can we really see what she looks like?"
You wonder about that for a moment before you grunt in surprise when your blouse is suddenly pulled tight around your waist.
"Lean, athletic, not a bit of fat to be found anywhere here!" you hear him say.
You want to blush at the complement, then remember where you are and the fact that you are not really be told the comment, just talked about like you are not really here.
"But before we get started with the biding..."
There is a short pause then you hear soft music, then something clamps over your ears and you hear the music very clearly, but not much else... 'Headphones', he placed headphones over your ears and now, not only are you blind and gagged, you can't hear anything but the music... It's not too bad, just soft stuff you would hear in an elevator, something to drown out the silence...
You jump when a pair of hands rub your tits, from behind you guess, rubbing them around, then bouncing each one, left, then right, then left again, as if he was juggling them.
Then, there is a tug on your blouse to one side, then another one on the other, followed by a tug up on the top, then the sudden the feeling that it was no longer there...
It takes you a moment to figure it out, the cool breeze across your midsection explained it... Your top was just cut away and now you are standing in front of several unseen strangers with just your thin, black lace bra covering your tits. You twist and turn trying to get free but the cuffs hold you tight and even prevent you from turning around.
(Picture a slow deep voice here, about like Barry White.)
"Nice... very nice... I was wondering if we had a submissive or a fighter..."
Surprised, you look around trying to find the owner of the new voice, forgetting you are still blindfolded.
"Oh, no, I am not out there. I'm in the control booth recording the whole thing. I hope you like my music choice, if not, I can change it to anything you like, all you need to do is just tell me what you would rather hear..."
You start to reply, but remember the gag...
You hear him laugh at his little joke...
"Sorry, a little humor just to keep things light...Oh, good... I like this part..."
While you try to figure out what he was talking about, there is a tug on your skirt, and before it registers, you feel your skirt whisked away from you exposing your matching black lace panties.
A short pause, then you try again to break free from the bonds holding you or at least turn around.
Try as you may, you are still stuck standing there, arms and legs out, facing the crowd with just your bra and panties protecting your modesty... While twisting about, you remember watching an old movie with your boyfriend and the woman with big tits was tied up and swinging her chest back and forth trying to get free. You remember laughing at how silly she looked with her tit bouncing around that way. For a moment you chuckle at the thought, then realize you are doing the same thing and although your tits are not as large, you know that without your shirt, your tits must be bouncing just as much, if not more. You stop struggling and feel your tits finally settle down. 'No more free shows!' you say to your self and plan to keep the struggling to a minimum from now on.
"Awwww, now that's not fair! You were looking so good struggling like that! But, that's OK, there is more time for that later."
An unseen hand grabs your ass causing you to squeal and jump forward. Well, you tried to jump, but there isn't much slack in what is holding you. You twist and squirm and now, two hands are caressing your behind. You feel a hand slip inside the back of your panties caressing, well, more like tickling, your ass and keeping you wiggling around. You freeze when you feel another hand slip inside the front of your panties and slide to the sides and start to ever so slowly pull them down.
It did not help that the music switched to that rowdy stripper song...
You don't know if the crowd can here the same music you hear, but if they do, you could just picture them standing and cheering about now. You feel the front slip down part the top of your trimmed bush.
"MMMPH!!! MMOO!!" you scream into your gag as you shake your head side to side. 'Don't pull them off!!! Please!!!'
You feel the panties stop, and the hands remove themselves from inside your panties, but not before a last, longs, sensual caress across your ass... You almost moan from the pleasure of it, but it stops waaaay too soon.
"Awww, oh well, that show is over... for now." It takes a moment for you to understand what you heard... But you do catch the 'for now' part. You can tell your panties are pulled down to just the top of your bush. Your pussy is hidden for now, but you suspect much movement on your part and they will slip down further.
A short pull on your left bra strap is followed by tug on the right. "MMMPH!!!" you squeal when you figure out is happening. You try to back up when you feel something cold touch your chest and slide up between your tits. You feel a bit more movement then the bra snaps free and your tits bounce into view. You squeal again into your gag and try to twist free, or turn around or anything. You realize your tits are bouncing all around and you must be putting quite the show.
"Oh! Yea! Shake them tities! Show everyone just how much they can bounce! Left! Right! Up and down! And all around!"
You realize you are doing nothing but putting on a 'nice' erotic dance for everyone watching. And try as you might, you are not getting free. One last pull on the bonds that are still not letting you go, and you settle down. You stand there, heart pounding in your chest, breathing hard through your nose and starting to sweat from your exertions, and just a bit light headed, and try to relax before you pass out.
"Yea, that's it, relax, rest up, and catch your breath. You still have a much longer show to do... While you are resting, I'll tell you why you are here. You see, your boyfriend has a 'slight' gambling problem. Well, 'slight' may not be the right word, 'Big' would be better. And the best part, he is not even a good gambler!" you hear him laughing at they last part before he continues "And, well, we are a 'collection' agency, of sorts, that collect payments for past due debts. In the past, people just had 'accidents', some minor, some major, but a clever guy figured out that a guy with a busted up hand, or a busted up knee cannot work as well as before, if at all, and would never be able to pay back his debt. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a guy to pay back any money when he is in a hole out in the desert?"
He pauses and it gives you a chance to think this over. You knew Gary for a little over two years, or so, and really got close in just the last six months, but you never knew about any gambling problem.
"So," he continues, "We started this 'agency' to collect all kinds of debts. And, quite frankly, it works out so much better than the old way. No more messy broken bones, no more missing people, and everyone get paid once again. And, we even get to make a little more money on the side with the videos."
You forgot about his comment before about recording this. You shake your head 'no' but you don't suspect anyone will stop. You feel something clipped on the sides of your panties and when you move, you feel them vibrate a bit, but you can't tell anything else about them. You notice hands at your ankles, but you can't tell what they are doing, yet. You feel a short tug at one side then the other of your panties, but they stay up. Well, as 'up' as they are, but they do seem just a bit more loose. Someone slaps the outside of your left foot and automatically you move it in. A slap on the other foot and back to the left and before long, you legs are closed. Well, that is now easer for standing and it takes the strain off your arms. You are relieved, that is until you hear the stripper music start up again.
"Time to dance little girl..." And then you figured out what is clipped on your panties... weights!!! And with the waistband cut, you figured, they will slip down so much easer! You decide that you are going to stand still and not... "MMph!, AAAaanh!" You squeal as something unseen slides from your left side, just above your panties, up your ticklish ribs and up under your armpit where it slides for a long time before it exits. You jump and squirm, forgetting about your panties, as another feather does the same on the other side. Then it returns to the left.
You laugh hard behind the gag, trying to form words to make whom ever to stop. But even if you were not gagged, and could beg them to stop, you doubt they would. Then the feather, or feathers, you can't be sure, begin to caress your now bare ass causing you to jump around even more.
Up and down your sides, circles around your ass, in and out between your legs and all along the bare lips of your pussy, up and down the front of it, up and down the insides of your legs, up your belly then more circles around your tits and across the nipples themselves, then back down your front, between your legs and across your pussy again... and again, and again...
Hours, it seems this continued, you are laughing so hard that it is making breathing difficult, you struggle, fighting for breath, fighting to get away from the feathers...
Then it stops... the tape is ripped from your lips, you gasp for breath, you feel light headed and your ears are ringing...
"Well, that was quite the show. I hope you feel better shortly because that is just the start. SSSHhh! Don't say anything, you don't want that gag back on do ya?"
You just hang there, still breathing hard, dripping with sweat, not really paying attention to what is happening, and not noticing that you are now standing with your legs apart again.
You pop your head up as you just realized what happened over the last few minutes. That feather slid over her bare, exposed pussy, and now you are standing again with your legs wide open! You try to close them but it is already too late, they are tied and there is nothing you can do about it. You twist and try to fight the bonds, but you are still just too wiped out from what you went through before. Giving up, you slump down hanging from your wrists.
"Now, now, don't cry. You are doing so well so far. Rest up... Here, drink this, it will help."
You feel a straw placed at her lips, and with a little hesitation, takes a sip. Cool, refreshing, water... You drink more until it is removed.
"OK, that's enough for now. Don't want you to get sick on this... But don't worry, you will get some more later, but for now, relax and enjoy some music... Actually, here, sit, relax and take some weight off your wrists..."
You are surprised when something is press up under your pussy hard enough to make you stand on your toes before it drops back down a few inches. The top is rounded and padded, but only about two inches wide or so. It is soft and yielding and for now, kinda comfortable... and for some reason, you don't think it will stay that way...
While you rest and catch your breath, you twist your hands wishing you could rub them. The cuffs, you notice, are not hard steel like police cuffs, but wider, softer, as if they are padded. There is a constant pull from the back of the wrist as if that is where they are connected. You reach your hand around, but can only touch the connecting rope with your fingertips. Even it there was a knot there, you know you would not be able to untie it... Not with an unknown number of strangers watching you, perhaps, even closely.
You shift you weight on the padded 'seat' you are on. The constant pressure is starting to make your pussy just a but numb. You rise up a bit on your toes to give it a rest.
"Here, have another drink before we begin again..."
You open your mouth to sip from the straw again, but this time it is larger, and softer. You open your mouth wider and the object is shoved in your mouth. Not deep or far enough for you to gag, but enough for you to figure it out. Some has shoved their dick in your mouth as a joke! 'Well,' you think to your self, 'we'll see about that...' and you bite down, hard! But there is no jerk, no pull back, nothing. But, you noticed, that it squirted some liquid in your mouth that you swallowed as a reflex. You bite down again and another squirt is the result. You try sucking on the fake dick and are rewarded with a steady stream of water. You suck some more until it is pulled you of your mouth.
"There, there... just enough to keep you hydrated, but not too much. But here, try some of this..."
You open your mouth again, expecting another dick, or dildo, shoved in your mouth again, and right on cue, there it is. But this one was more solid, but not hard, and shorter. But when you suck on it, there is nothing. You try again, but feel a wide patch cover your mouth, but before you can do anything, you feel it pressed tightly against your face, then feel a pressure around your head that gets tighter. 'Another gag!!!' you shake your head and try to spit it out, but you realize it is already too late. You try to scream out, but you can tell your mouth is sealed again and this time, even better than the tape gag from earlier. You give up fighting it and just try to relax and wait to get this over with.
You calf muscles start to tire, so you lower your self back down to the 'seat' and grunt in surprise when you hit the hard, sharp edge of a board. You raise your self back up, but can't stay there very long before you settle back down on the hard board. You rest there for a moment to give your legs a rest.
"And so it begins... My Dear, do you know what a 'wooden pony' is? No? Well, that is what you are on. It is a medieval form of torture for, mainly, young ladies. Some ladies would sit on these like you are, able to raise your self up to get some relief, but ultimately failing and sitting back down, just like you are doing and will be doing until you can no longer push your self up and will just be forced to sit there. Others were on a higher horse where their feet never touched the ground so that all their weight rested only on their pussy, and others would have weights added to make the effect even more sever."
You raise your self back up and realize that what he said was true, no mater how long you rest your legs by sitting with your pussy on the pony, it would never be long enough.
"You have only been there for about 5 minutes. Could you imagine being there for 2 hours? How about 6 hours? What if we just left you there like that until this time tomorrow?"
You sit back down on your now 'getting sore' pussy. 'JUST 5 minutes???!!' you think to yourself. 'And I could be here for 2 hours?! 6? Even 24!!!' You know no one here would be nice enough to release you. Maybe they would like to see you broken here like that. Just left here, no way out, stuck forever! You push up with your legs and pull with your arms to rise off the board but you know that you would not be able to keep this up for long.
On and on it goes... You sore pussy is getting sorer every time you sit. Your legs never get enough rest and your arms never gave you much help after a few tries. You are loosing the fight and you know everyone watching this knows it. Still you try again, you pull with your arms one last time, you push with the rubber bands you call legs, you manage to rise up on your toes... You're gona make it, just one more... You cry out as you fail and your full weight come crashing down on the board and your pussy. You try again, but there is nothing left. Crying behind the blindfold, you just hang there, exhausted, broken, unable to do anything...
"And there you have it folks... just 45 minutes and she has got no more!"
'45!??? That was ONLY 45 minutes!!!???' You cry to yourself, 'it felt like it was hours!!! I could never last for 6!!! or even 24!!!'

to be continued...

So... A question for the girls here (and maybe, the want-a-bes)
How long could you hold out, like this, before your legs gave out???
(and yes, it really was more than 45 minutes...)
All advice is checked, re-checked and verified to be questionable...
Don't ask, we both wont understand the answer...
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Re: Justine, for sale?

Unread postby Petrajane » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:37 am

Nice story, I enjoyed that! :gag:
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Re: Justine, for sale?

Unread postby lanad » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:05 am

loved this story, makes the imagination run wild.
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