A bondage convert.

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A bondage convert.

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Please forgive me ladies if I have got this all wrong. As a male, I can only imagine. I hope it doesn't ruin it for you. :D

My name is Tracey. Terry and I started living together some 5 years ago. Somehow we never got round to marrying, but we each are still only 27 years old so there is plenty of time. Our sex life was sort of satisfactory. It could have been better, but I was the one to hold back. I didn’t even like talking about sex. I suppose that was my upbringing. All went well until Sue moved in to next door.

I noticed him looking at her a few times. She is gorgeous. Her long blonde hair flows down her back. She has a figure to die for. I do my best at the gym and go running three times a week.. But my figure isn’t a patch on hers. I tried to get my boobs to increase, but so far there has been no result that notices. Sue has the sort I want and her bum is better than mine.
Terry started looking even more at her. It was every given chance he could glimpse at her if he thought I hadn’t noticed. Unfortunately I did. So the next thing would be to step up our sex life. It took me a week to think what to do.

Come the Saturday I sat him down at the table and served him a romantic meal with a bottle of chilled wine. By the time we finished the meal, all our inhibitions had been erased and we were talking about it as if it were an everyday normal chat.
Several ideas came out. Terry said he liked the idea of bondage. He wanted to tie me up and when I was helpless he would tease and torment me for a long time before making love. I still wasn’t sure about bondage though. The thought of not being able to stop and being at the mercy of anybody else, even Terry.

I had a few days off. I planned another romantic meal for that weekend and looked on line for ideas and then searched for bondage. I could see the idea of the bed straps. The girl lying naked while the man teases and torments her. Or in a film where the girl was tied to a chair and was left to struggle and try to escape. But they did nothing for me. To get this out of my mind I went out and bought a French Maids outfit.

Came Saturday, Terry sat down for the meal and I put on my maids uniform. My small breasts didn’t do the uniform justice. My cleavage isn’t that great. Still, I thrust my breasts forwards and pushed my bum out. Terry had a good view of my frilly knickers and petticoats. When I walked in the room with his meal Terry nearly choked. My incredibly high heels made sure my undies were on display. I put his meal down and he gave me a gentle pat on my bum.

I stood beside him and he asked where my dinner was. I told him I am his maid and can only do what he ordered me to do. He told me to go and get my dinner and sit opposite him at the table. I thanked him and gave him a deep curtsey. He was loving it.

All through dinner he kept staring at what bit of cleavage I was showing. “I’d love to tie you to a chair in that outfit. I’d be able to play with your body and there would be nothing you could do except sit there and take it. I’d have you screaming in passion in no time, for hour after hour”. I told him I would think about it. He ordered me to keep everything on when we went to bed.

It started with him removing my knickers with his teeth. I couldn’t see his head owing to the dress, but his attempt at using his tongue wasn’t that satisfactory. Eventually we gave up and went back to using his finger on me. Finally his cock was inside me, but it wasn’t that great at all. We called it a night and said we would have to look at what we are doing wrong.

Over the weeks I became friends with Sue. We each had a spare key to each other’s house. We went out for a coffee one day and she could see I was upset. I told her that our sex life was plummeting in a downward spiral. She asked why I thought that. I told her about Terry wanting bondage. I explained about the French maids outfit.

Sue looked at me but before she could speak I told her how Terry fancied her. She laughed and said she loved the idea, but it would do him no good as she is gay. That cheered me up. I told her how Terry had bought the bed straps but I still wasn’t sure. He had bought some sort of helmet that blocked out all lights and sound plus would gag me. Sue looked pensive.

A few moments of thinking went by and Sue spoke up “I tell you what, women are strange creatures. They love to see other women in escapable positions. If I let you strap me to the bed, see what you think, think of yourself as a man”. I didn’t think it would help but agreed anyway. A few days later, Terry had to go up North to a meeting so we had time to play around. Sue came over and said we had better get on with it. She removed her top and trousers to reveal she was wearing a very tiny bikini. She lay on the bed. I fastened her wrists and ankle to the straps and put the helmet on her. The leather of the helmet showed the contours of her head, but was well padded around the eyes, ears and mouth. I tightened the laces up. I should have done that first. Never mind, that was something I have learned. Sue was now cut off from the world as far as she was concerned. The last thing was for me to tighten the straps so she was stretched in a spread eagle position.

I felt a little warm down below and couldn’t help becoming damp. I could see what Sue was saying. Her sex was on display through the knickers of the bikini. He nipples were like organ stops and come to that, so were mine. Sue was tossing and turning as much as she could. The bikini pants were now clinging tightly to her body. I was being affected even though I didn’t want to be.

I left her there and went to do my housework. In all Sue was there for an hour before I released her. She asked to use our toilet and I heard her scream as obviously she had succumbed to an orgasm. She apologised and I told her there was no need to,. She had been that frustrated, she couldn’t wait to finish the job off. I said what I did wrong was when she was strapped to the bed; I could have put my maids outfit on so she could think of me walking around dressed like that while she was unable to escape. Sue said she would love that idea.

Over a coffee we discussed what we found. Sue suggests that I strap my legs up and just wrap the arm straps around my wrists. That way I could get the idea. The she went home. So I did as she said. Twenty minutes later and it did nothing for me. I phoned her. “That’s because you were still wearing your jeans. Try it in your undies”

Again I felt nothing but boredom. I felt a complete idiot lying in bra and knickers like that. “Try it naked”. Not a lot happened that time either. A further 30 minutes wasted. I just felt stupid. Back on the phone. “Fasten your legs, put the helmet on then wrap the straps around your wrists” I told her I had done enough for one day. Sue came over to discuss what happened. I had found it boring. I said I would try it with the helmet but was going out the next day but in two days’ time I would be able to try it. That was the day Terry was to come home. “That’s because you know nothing is going to happen. But with the threat of someone going to shag you at some time but not knowing if or when, you might get in the mood”

I asked Sue if there was anything she wanted. She told me she fancied being tightly mummified and forced to listen while a couple made love. Another thing would be to be put in a coffin and buried alive. But of course, she wanted to be released after a while. The thrill of not knowing how long she would be in the coffin, with only her undertaker knowing she is there makes her excited. I thought it was weird, but each to their own.

Two days later, I phoned Sue to tell her I was going to give it one last try. I would let her know as usual what if anything happens. So now I started. Sue said she was off to the shops in Bradford so she would be away for the rest of the day.
I stripped off, fastened the straps to my ankles, closing some little padlocks on the cuffs. My sex was now on display. I left the hand straps where I could reach them and put the helmet mask on. I was feeling stupid already but thought what it did for Sue might work for me. Tightening the laces up tight behind my head, I could feel the mask following the contours of me. I could not hear anything nor say anything. The mask had a piece that went inside the mouth. I did notice that the gag and eye pieces were detachable. I should have left the eye pads off until everything was in place.

Still, I felt about and fastened one strap around my wrist before feeling for the little padlock nearby then felt for the other strap and just wrapped it around my wrist like I did the last few times. This was weird. I felt cut off from the world. I tugged on my fastened arm and felt it resisting me. I tried moving my legs but they too were held fast. If only I could fasten my other wrist strap on I might have realised why bondage was such a turn on.

I struggled thinking to myself I was being held by some slave traders. I had no idea how long I was like that when I felt the strap around my wrist being unwound and then fastened around my wrist. Then I felt the cuff being fiddled with while a lock was put in. I tried to get my bound arm over to stop whoever it was from fixing it in place. But of course, I had fixed myself in a lousy position to resist whoever it was.

Finally all the straps were pulled tighter. What happened next shook me. I felt some straps being put around my thighs. The bed was being shaken by someone crawling on it. Finally my thighs were pulled apart. Now my sex was fully on display. It took me some time to realise I had been left alone after that. I wished I hadn’t been so stupid now to tie myself up like this. Now I’m at somebody’s mercy. It can’t be Sue as she was shopping. My mind was racing. It had to be Terry come home early and taking this opportunity on me. Now I really felt stupid. This will be the last time I get tied up.

“What the!” I felt something warm around my left foot big toe. Then I realised, Terry has put my toe in his mouth. I felt his tongue licking the underside of it. He is brave. One by one I felt my toes being sucked and licked. This is a new experience for me. It tickles but it is rather pleasant. I like it.

From there I felt kisses up my legs. A kiss and then a lick. Then another kiss and another lick. I shivered when it got to my thigh. Terry stopped and started on the other leg. A cloth containing my favourite perfume was draped over my nose. It was so overpowering I felt woozy. Then the kissing and licking started again.

A kiss on my sex and I involuntarily shuddered. That was nice. But then the kissing and licking moved on up my body. It tickled having a tongue in my belly button. I tried to scream to stop but realised that Terry would not hear me. The kissing and licking continued until it reached the underside of my breasts. Long slow licks were used. Sideways and upwards alternatively. Neither breast had more spent on them. First one breast then the other. Just when I expected the other breast to receive the licking, Terry went back to the same breast. In the end it was driving me insane trying to work out which one would be used next.

A mouth went around my nipple and slowly a sucking pulled my semi hard nipples out. Now they must have looked like organ stops. The tongue gave them soft licks, and teeth were used to tug on them. The alternative between slight pain and pleasure was driving me insane by now. I could feel my sex getting really hot. I wanted Terry to plunge his cock into me.

But no, the kissing went on up to below my neck. I realised that Terry could go no further. The they kissing started on the way down. When it got to my vagina, a tongue went in and gave my clitoris a lick. This was lovely. Terry must have learned something as this was much better than the last time. I could feel a strong orgasm coming and there was nothing I could do to make Terry stop. I screamed into the gag as the most powerful orgasm came over me. As best I could I bucked against the straps. I could not see or hear anything so all my concentration was on the orgasm I was getting. It seemed to last for ever.

Slowly the straps were undone. It was lovely to be free again. I undid the mask helmet only to find Sue sitting there with a big grin on her face. It wasn't Terry after all. “You enjoyed that didn’t you” I was shocked. I had never fancied a woman before but had to admit this was the best session I had ever had. Sue went on talking, “A woman is more sensuous than a man. We know what another woman wants. I have filmed it so you can see what happened to you. I’ll give you a copy later. I have taken my camera home”

I sat there, naked in the warm afterglow of cumming. Sue poured us a drink. “Next time, I’ll fasten you down and show you queening. You will have to lie there and lick me out” We spoke about further sessions. I wasn’t becoming gay, but I had no objection to Sue doing that to me.

After a shower I sat down with her and we spoke about Terry. Sue said she knew what would drive him mad. He would have to be fastened to the bed like she was. Once he was unable to escape Sue would come in and with one of us on each side of the bed, lick his cock with our two tongues to get him into a frenzy. She wouldn't appear until he was blindfolded. I said that sounded a good idea. Sue didn’t want sex but she did suggest that when Terry was worked up and firmly gagged but no helmet they could let him listen to me having an extreme orgasm again. Maybe when she had taught me the art of queening, I could sit on his face while she teased his prick.

I asked what I could do for her and she reminded me of the mummification and being buried alive. I grinned I was up for it and l might even try it myself. Now I really loved bondage and wondered why I had missed it all these years. Terry phoned later and said he was on his way home and was just waiting for a train. I told him that I have a surprise for him.
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