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Mistaken Arrest And Held Indefinetely

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by rashaverak
CHAPTER 1 Captured

I was alone in my apartment, minding my own business, watching some videos, when a loud crash scared the crap out of me. I turned to the front door and saw it had been blown off its hinges, and a line of black suited figures was streaming in. They saw me and one of them screamed, "Get down on the floor! Hands behind your back!" and several of them were pointing some kind of weapon at me. In a moment I was surrounded and before I could react I was grabbed and thrown to the floor, face down.

Hands grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back, and I felt as some sort of cuffs were fastened tightly to my wrists. Then more cuffs were fastened to my ankles, and my ankles and wrists were pulled together behind my back and I was hogtied. I could see at least a dozen of the invaders moving around, and quickly they had determined I was alone in the apartment.

I was searched, but I didn't have anything on me, just my clothes. When they determined they had complete control of the room and me, they lifted the front door and managed to block off the entrance.

I then felt as some cutting tools were used and my clothing was cut from my body until I was completely naked. I was then subjected to a cavity search. I realized the invaders were all females, dressed in tight black catsuits. Some of them cleared away a space on the floor, and I was placed there, still locked in the hogtie, and told to remain still, obey all orders, and cooperate fully otherwise I would be severely beaten. I was so afraid and shocked any thought of resistance never entered my mind.

My wrist and ankle cuffs were removed, and I was made to sit up on the floor. One of the women produced a bag of some sort and dumped it out. Inside were what looked to be clothes, black and white, with lots of straps, and some shoes. I also saw what looked to be a gag. "These are your size, we've had you under observation for some time now and we know your measurements. You are going to put these on now."

Roughly I found myself first made to slide some kind of white, strappy garment around my torso. I had to place my legs through some holes first, then it was pulled up and then from behind somehow it was fastened tightly around my torso. It went from my crotch to my throat, and was like some kind of unitard, but it was made of straps that wrapped my waist, crotch, throat, upper and lower chest, and was very tight. I realized behind me there was a thong in the crack of my ass. From behind one of them very methodically tightened up all the various loops until they were all quite tight.

Next my arms were placed inside a tight black long-sleeved top that covered my throat but went down only until just above my nipples. From behind this also was fastened shut and tightened, and somehow it was attached to the white strappy harness like garment underneath. I found out later the white torso covering was called the body suit, and the black long sleeved garment was called the vest. Next some tight black boy-shorts were pulled up my legs, but when my cock and balls were pulled through some small, tight holes in front I realized I couldn't count on them for covering my privates.

The boy-shorts were tightened up and fastened behind me, and also somehow fastened to the body harness. Next some white straps were fastened around my legs, 4 total, 2 on each leg, above and below the knees. Then the shoes were placed over my bare feet and their laces pulled very tight and tied off securely.

"Very good. You're now dressed. Now you will be tied up and gagged." One of them was already approaching me with some lengths of white binding fiber. When I felt my arms being pulled behind my back as I stood there finally some involuntary instinct kicked in and I jerked free and struggled to break free of them.

"What the hell is this? What's going on? Who are you people?" I yelled. Several of them grabbed me and quickly got me under control, and one of them slapped me roughly. "Shut up. Do as you're told. You can't escape. Just submit." I looked around, tried to pull loose, but there were too many of them. Finally I gave up and went limp.

I allowed my arms to be moved behind my back, and I felt as binding cords were wrapped around my wrists, cinched tight, then tied off snugly. I then felt as my hands were guided so my left hand was cupping my right hand, which was held in a fist. Then I felt as some fabric glove was pulled up over my hands, and I felt my thumbs guided into some parallel tubes on the inside of the glove, and then I felt as the glove's opening was pulled tight around my wrists and the ends tied off to my wrist loops. I then felt as some laces on the glove were pulled tight and tied off, so the glove wrapped my hands very tightly. I realized my hands were now completely useless and it would be completely impossible to work the glove off of them.

"Open your mouth, you will be gagged now." I hesitated a moment too long, and was slapped. I then opened and a gag was held in front of my mouth and then shoved in. I felt as a large foam mouthpiece was stuffed into my mouth, and then my lips were made to close around the outer part of the gag, and as the straps were pulled back behind my head, fastened together and tightened, my lips were clamped tightly. I tried to move my lips away but was unable to, I realized there was some sticky adhesive on the surface of the gag that touched my lips outside. My lips were now sealed around the gag. Then some sort of pump was produced and a needle was stuffed into the front of the gag, and air was pumped into the gag, forcing some part inside to inflate and expand, pressing firmly down on my tongue, filling my mouth completely. The pump was then removed and put away.

Next I felt as my elbows were wrapped with many loops of binding cord and pulled together, and then the loops were tied off and then wrapped by the ends of the cord. I felt as the ends were fastened to either the body suit or the vest, high up on my back, and pulled tight, and I realized my elbow bondage was tied up so it would be unable to be worked down my arms.

Next I felt as the loose ends of cord from my wrist tie were pulled up and tied off to my elbow bonds, and I realized there would be no way to work the wrist bondage down off my hands. Next the ends of the various cords were wrapped around and around, tied off in tight knots, and then finally trimmed off. At last everyone seemed to relax.

"You are now going to be taken to our vehicle. You can't escape, don't bother trying." I was then shoved towards the front door and I stumbled, and had to step quickly to keep from falling down. With a few of them leading the way and many more following I left my apartment and went out into the hall. I saw that the hall was filled with my neighbors, staring, curious as to what was going on. I felt acutely embarassed to be seen like this, but after I was in the hall an hand grabbed my elbow cords and I was stopped. For several long moments I was left standing there, completely exposed to all my neighbors, and they said nothing, but all of them stared at me and looked me all over. Finally one of the women spoke.

"This man is being taken into custody. He has been accused of subsursive and uncitizenlike behaviour, and is going to be held while his case is being investigated."

No one said anything, everyone just continued to stare at me. Finally I was shoved and we marched down the hall, and my neighbors all stared at me as I passed them. At the elevator I was turned around to face the long hallway again, and someone hit the elevator button. Eventually the elevator arrived and we entered. The doors closed, and I could enjoy a moment of peace.

I lived on the 12th floor. As we descended the doors opened twice, and in both cases girls were standing there waiting to enter the elevator. I was in the middle and closest to the door, and in both cases the girls immediately saw me and stared at me up and down. I saw their eyes stop at stare at my exposed genitals for a moment, before they looked up into my eyes.

"Take the next one, sweetheart!" one of my captors said.

Finally the elevator made it to the lobby, and I was led along. There was a lounge area in the lobby and it was filled with people, more of my neighbors, many faces that I recognized immediately. Everyone just stood and stared at me and the women as we passed.

I was led out the front door and parked in front was a large black moving van. I was led around behind and saw the inside surface was covered with soft white padding, except for the walls about 3 feet up which were mirrored, as was the ceiling. The inside was empty. I was made to hop up inside and then I was led to the center and made to sit down. I felt as some cord or loop was attached to my wrist cords and pulled tight, and then I heard a powerful click sound, and I assumed my wrists had been tethered to some secure bolt in the floor. I was then made to turn around so my legs were facing the rear entrance of the van, and I was told to place my legs together, and I did. One of them proceeded to tie my legs together tightly, at my ankles, and knees, both above and below the knee. Then some other tether or cord was attached to my ankle cinch loops and then I was roughly shoved sideways so I fell over. My legs were folded and I heard another click sound and I realized the ankle tether had been fastened to the bolt also.

My captors then moved away, and somehow some motor was activated and I felt as my wrists and ankles were being pulled, and the tethers were being drawn down into the floor and were made shorter and shorter. I kept scooching around to keep the tension on my wrists and ankles from getting too painful, and finally when my ankles and wrists were held tightly behind me to the tether bolt, and I was thus forced into a fairly strict hogtie, the tightening stopped.

I felt as my wrists and ankles were grasped and jerked around, as one of them tested to make sure I was securely tethered in place. I looked up and saw her nod her head to the others.

Finally they all moved out of the van and then they pulled the sliding panels down and they slammed into the base of the doorframe, and I heard as the outer latch was closed, and then I heard a loud click and I suspected some lock was being locked on.

Some minutes later I heard the engine start and the van started to move. I remained as I was for a long ride, and I was unable to do anything to get free. I passed the time by pulling against my tethers and rolling around. I stared at my reflection in the ceiling mirror. I wondered what was going on, why had I been taken into custody like this? I comforted myself with the certainty that his must be some mistake, and things would eventually work themselves out. As I struggled pathetically I wondered why so much attention and effort had been invested in tying me up so securely. I had no idea such arrests took place. It was clear some secret organization had been activated and its standard practice upon arresting someone was to reduce them to complete, naked helplessness without any possibility of escape.

Even if I somehow managed to get free of the hogtie that tethered my ankles and wrists to the secure bolt in the floor, I'd still be securely locked inside the van. It seemed keeping me tied up, gagged and tethered was just cruel overkill. But sadly there was not a thing I could do to change my predicament.

Chapter 2 Delivered

Finally the vehicle stopped, and the doors were unlocked and opened. Someone entered, and I saw it was a female dressed in some lab coat. She wore glasses and looked like a doctor. She approached me and I saw she had a syringe in one hand. I saw as she inserted the needle into some vial she had and carefully drew some precise amount into the needle. "Don't worry, the dosage is correct for your size. This will just put you to sleep for maybe an hour, but after you're unconscious a mask will be strapped over your mouth and nose and you will be breathing in a mixture of anesthetic gas and oxygen, and so you will remain unconscious indefinately. The location of the prison where you are being taken is secret, and you are not permitted to be conscious during the transport.

She then bent down and I remained still as she placed the needle into my neck, and I felt a hot, warm feeling enter my neck, and within moments I blacked out.

At some point I was in a dreamy state, my head was spinning, and I was very woozy, but I was able to look around and I saw I was strapped vertically to some sort of pillar, and I felt my legs folded up underneath me and fastened behind my back. I turned my head a bit to one side and saw there were other people nearby, each gagged and strapped to a vertical pole. I then passed out again. Some unkown time later I awoke and the scene was the same. I was just able to look around a bit when motion caught my eye, and turning I saw someone was approaching. I saw a hand approaching my face and I felt as something was moved around over my face, and I saw it was a woman staring down at me. I heard her say quietly, "Your breathing mask wasn't seated fully, some air was able to get in. You'll stay asleep from now on." I tried not to inhale, but I couldn't hold my breath very long. I felt as she reached her hands behind my head and I felt some straps or something was pulled tighter, and I knew she was tightening up the breathing mask on my face. Eventually I had to gasp for breath and it was as if a hammer came down on me, I blacked out and knew no more.

When at last I woke up I found myself alone in a room. I felt very groggy and dizzy. I looked around and saw I was tethered as before in the center of the room, by my wrists and ankles. The floor was covered in white cushions, but the walls and ceiling were covered in mirrors. The mirrors on the walls went all the way down to the floor cushions. No matter where I looked I could see my reflection.

After several minutes I started to wake up fully, and the grogginess passed. I was able to sit up and get into a kneeling position. With my wrists and ankles tethered behind me I learned I had maybe 6 inches of slack on my wrist and ankle cords. I saw that my legs were tied in a frogtie, where each ankle was tied to its thigh, and other loops were tied at my knees, but my legs were not tied together. I was able to open my legs a bit and balance myself. I found I was able to turn myself around and see my the inside of my cell from all directions. I saw that the floor was a large hexagon, and the walls were flat panels, 6 total, that extended from the floor to the ceiling. There was no sign of a door. Towards the top of the walls additional mirrored panels bent inwards so they formed a 45 degree angle between the walls and the ceiling. I could see myself reflected in each of these panels.

Looking down I saw that my nipples were exposed, and I was wearing either the same body harness, vest, shorts and shoes the women had placed on me, or ones that were impossible to tell apart. But I realized my groin in front was covered now, and my penis was hidden from view. I was able to see some triangular patch of cloth had been fastened around my waist and drawn down between my legs and pulled up behind and attached. I could feel that I was still wearing only a thong behind me so my ass cheeks were fully exposed. I wondered why my groin was covered now.

I saw many black round balls fixed into the ceiling and in the center of the wall panels, one in each wall, and I realized they must be cameras. I counted 12 cameras total.

For a long time I was left alone. I struggled to get loose but was completely unsuccessful. Hours and hours passed. Eventually the lights dimmed until it was very dark, and I started to feel sleepy. I laid down and tried to get comfortable and go to sleep, but in the end I managed a light doze at best. Time passed, and eventually the lights were brightened. It must be morning, a new day.

Eventually I heard a sound behind me, and I managed to turn myself around and I saw as one of the mirrored panels swung outwards, and I realized that was the door. I saw as a woman entered. She was carrying some plastic pouch or something in one hand. She approached me and I felt as she fastened the pouch around my throat, and I felt as she pulled some tube from the pouch and inserted it into the gag. "Try to suck some fluid, can you?" I tried, and with a lot of effort I was able to get a slow stream to enter my mouth. It was room temperature and I couldn't tell if it was sweet or sour. I swallowed. I looked up at her and she was still waiting for me to answer. I nodded my head.

She then stepped back, looked me over, and said, "I'll be back in an hour. Drink it all. You will be fed once per day. When I return you'll be able to relieve yourself. You'll be able to do that only once per day, so try to get it all out. The liquid is nutricious, it will keep you healthy and alive."

She then backed out of the room and I saw the glass door swing shut, and I heard a click outside and knew she had locked it.

It was very difficult drinking the liquid, it was so hard to suck it through the small tube and through the tight foam mouthpiece, and I just barely finished it when she returned. She saw it was empty and said, "Good, very good. I like it when my prisoners are healthy and strong." She unfastened the bag from my throat and pulled the tube out of the gag, and she placed it inside a bag she had brought in with her. From the same bag I saw her pull out some more bags. I looked down and saw as she unfastened the triangular cloth that covered my genitals. "You won't be wearing this anymore, I'll take it with me." She unfastened it from behind also, and pulled it away and thin strings were drawn from behind and my penis and balls were exposed again.

I saw that some plastic tube had been inserted into my penis, and a larger object was attached to the end of it. The tube extended only about two inches from the end of my penis. She saw I was staring at it and explained. "That's your catheter, it extends down your urethra and the end is inside your bladder. The inside has been inflated so it can't be pulled out. You won't be able to urinate unless the fitting is attached to the end of the catheter. That's what I'm going to do right now."

I watched as she strapped a clear plastic bag tightly around my waist, and then attached the end of a tube extending from it onto the end of the catheter. When it was fully attached I felt pressure suddenly release and yellow urine flowed along the tube and started filling the bag. "Push, try and get rid of as much as possible. Don't worry, it only goes one way." I pushed and more and more came out. I suddenly realized how much better I felt having been able to urinate.

After a few minutes she said, "Ok, that's enough." She then unfastened the bag's tube and unstrapped it from my waist, and I saw her put it into the pouch she had brought in with her.

"Ok it's time to go number two. You're probably not going to like this. We will do this every three days only. The liquid diet doesn't produce much solid waste. Now turn around so you're facing away from the door and spread your legs wide." I did as she directed. She moved around in front of me and I felt as she fastened something to a collar at my throat, and I saw there was a long cord in her hands. I saw as she fed the end of it down to the floor and I saw her fingers locate a cloth eyelet fastened to the cushion and feed the cord through it. I had noticed the floor cushions had many of those eyelets but I had not guessed what they were for. She then took the end of the cord and brought it up to my chest and fed it through some loop in the body harness, and again back down to another eyelet in the floor, and then once more back up to my waste, and then down to the floor again. Finally I heard a click and guessed she had attached the end to some recepticle in the tether bolt in the floor.

"Bend down as much as you can, and spread your legs as wide as you can. I'm sorry, this is going to hurt, but you'll get used to it. There's no point in struggling."

With that I heard a wirring sound and felt as the cord was drawn down into the base of the tether. I tried to do as she had instructed, but my joints were stiff and I couldn't spread my legs very far while trying to bend down also. Moment by moment the cord was being drawn in and shortened, and I then realized the wrist and ankle tethers were also being shortened. I was forced down flat against the floor and my legs spread wide and wider, until at last I was completey against the floor and held in place by my throat, chest, waist and my wrists and ankles. At the last moment I had managed to tilt my head back so my chin was resting on the cushion. I was in a huge amount of pain, and I grunted into my gag.

"That's very good! Now let me just plug you in." She then moved away from me towards the entrance, and I heard as she pulled something along the floor towards me. I then felt as she rammed something behind me, right into my anus, and deep inside me. "There's a butt plug clamped inside you, this connects up with that. This will clean out your insides. Liquid will be pumped in and sucked out, so it will be as if you've gone number two."

As she talked I heard some high frequency motor sound starting up, and then I felt as some icy cold fluid was forced up into my bowels. I felt it enter more and more, and after a while I wondered if something was wrong. I felt like I was being inflated like a balloon. Wasn't it supposed to remove material? Instead it seemed to be doing the opposite.

While this was going on I heard a click, and by tilting my head I was able to see in the mirrors that she had left and I was now alone in my cell. After a long time the pumping stopped and then nothing happened. Eventually the icy cold feeling went away, but still nothing else was happening. I struggled against my restraints but accomplished nothing. I realized instead that the more I struggled the more the tethers were tightened up.

I must have been left as I was for an hour. After many minutes I felt as the fluid was being removed from my bowels, and the relief was intense. At last I felt as though I was completely empty. But immediately I was shocked as more icy fluid was forced up into my bowels. The cycle was being repeated! I counted, and the filling then draining was done 4 times in total. At last everything stopped and I was left in peace.

Some minutes passed as I remained strapped down and spread out. Finally I heard a click and the door opened behind me. "All done! Sorry about that, I know it wasn't pleasant. But it's only once every three days." I felt as she pulled the tube out of the plug in my asshole, and heard her take it outside. "I'm going to leave you strapped down for another hour, it will help you to stretch and get used to the procedure. This is standard procedure for all newcomers."

She then left and locked the door again. After what must have been an hour passed and she didn't return, then another hour, and another, I realized she had lied to me. Finally the lights began to dim, and I was horrified to discover that I was going to be left as I was overnight. I heard myself start to whimper and cry in despair, and tears entered my eyes.

Just then I heard a click and the door opened. "I'm terribly sorry, I was unavoidably detained somewhere else. I'll set you loose right now." With that I felt as the tethers were permitted to loosen up, and she unfastened the tether from my torso and throat, and I was able to roll over and put my legs together finally. I laid back on my back and stared up at her. She stared down at me and I realized then that she was not wearing anything over her groin, she was naked. She leaned down and put her hands on my penis, and said, "I'm so sorry, maybe I can do something to make it up to you." I felt my penis harden quickly, and when it was fully erect I looked down and saw just the connector on the end of the catheter tube was visible. She straddled me and I felt as she took my erect penis inside her, catheter and all, and started to pump up and down. She brought me to the brink of orgasm, then slowed down, then brought me right to the edge again, then slowed down. She did this again and again and I was frantic for her to finish me off. But then she slowed down and I could see she was spasming, and I knew she was having an orgasm herself, while I was still frustrated and not able to achieve release! It was torture!

Finally her breathing slowed down and she opened her eyes and looked down at me, and then pulled herself off of me. "Was that as good for you as it was for me, sweety?" She then snickered. I then realized that she knew I hadn't been able to climax, and also that that was exactly what she had desired. Again I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I stared at her mournfully. She backed off and knelt on her legs, folded underneath me, and stared down at me, with a thin, cruel smile on her mouth. "I'm sorry, but it's regulations. Captives are not to be permitted to experience sexual release while awake."

She eventually stood up and went back to the door. Before she left she said, "Your hearing is set for just under a month from today. Within a few days your counsel will come and discuss your case with you. Since you're a male your counsel will be a female. For your entire stay here you will only be visited by either myself or your counsel, you will have no other visitors. No one you know has any idea where you are. You are being held without bail under the presidential authority as a domestic terrorist suspect. Anyone may be held for any length of time under that authority without any hope of recourse or escape. Your only hope is that you are found innocent during your hearing or trial. But I should tell you, the chances are practically zero of that happening. All the time I've been here no one has ever been found innocent."

She then left and closed the door behind her. I was horrified by what she had said.

Day after day passed. Every third day I was treated to the anal cleansing, and although I grew accustomed to the ordeal it never stopped being an agonizing experience. Every time it was done to me she left me strapped down on my face until the lights dimmed, and then she pleasured herself with me, always being very careful to make sure I never was able to orgasm. When I tried to resist, she slowly and methodically took binding cords and strapped me down on my back and forced my legs apart. She also tightened up my wrist and ankle tethers. It seemed as though she was going through some ritual, that she had been waiting for me to resist being raped, and that had merely served to permit her to subject me to this new method of torment.

After I had been strapped down and splayed open, she straddled me and pleasured herself anyway. Thoughout the whole process she didn't say a single word. Finally when she has finished, she looked down at me as she remained on top of me, with my hard cock still inside her, and said, "You've got to learn that there is no escape for you, you are powerless to resist. The sooner you understand that the better it will be for you. As a reward for being uncooperative I'm going to leave you strapped down overnight." She pulled herself off me and stood up, and stared down at me and laughed.

I'd guess you think there is someone else monitoring what's going on in these cells. The truth is there isn't anyone else. Just me. I can do whatever I please with you, or any of my prisoners, and no one will care. Not even your counsel. In fact, as you'll find out tomorrow she's free to do with you whatever she likes also. There is no record of the time she'll be with you, by the way. Attorney client privilege and all. She will be free to remove your gag, but usually they don't. She will release you in the morning."

She then left, and true to her word I was left tied down as I was the whole night. Finally the lights came on, and shortly later the door opened. A figure entered and stood over me. I could see it was another woman, a different one. She stared down at me. She was wearing some sexy, tight black, kinky dominatrix outfit. When I saw that I felt a wave of despair.

She bent down and untied the bonds that held me down. I was left kneeling upright and held in place by my wrist and ankle tethers. She discarded all the pieces of binding cord outside and then caused the door to close and lock, with her inside.

"I am your counsel. That's the closest thing you're going to get to a lawyer. You have to realize there is no hope or expectation of justice for you. You have fallen captive to a secret, elaborate, unmonitored branch of homeland security. No one you know knows where you are. No one even knows this place exists. Even the president does not know where it is, even though he authorized its construction." She paced around as she spoke.

"This is our first session. You're going to remain gagged during this session. It is very rare for prisoners to ever be ungagged, get used to that. I've been on this job for 4 years now and only twice have I ever ungagged a prisoner." She paused. "I've got some very distressing news for you. Your being here was just a terrible mixup. During the followup examination of your case I myself discovered that there was a mistake as to the apartment number. It wasn't you you who was the suspected terrorist. It was your neighbor in apartment 23. Your apartment is 32. An agent reversed the digits by mistake, and although your neighbor was placed under surveilance, it was your address that was entered in the file. It didn't help matters that his physical appearance matches yours so closely. Have you ever seen your neighbor in room 23?" I nodded. He and I had spoken many times. We'd each been to dinner at the other's apartment. We even double dated once. He did look a lot like me. I felt a sudden wave of relief and hope when I realized this was all just a terrible mistake! He was the bad guy, not me. They'd be letting me go now, that's for sure."

She must have guessed what I was thinking. "You looked almost happy for a moment there. Did it occur to you that since you're innocent and this is all a mistake that now you're going to be set free?" I nodded, vigorously. But then from somewhere a black though came to me, chilling my excitement. I realized that if what they had told me was true, that no one knew where I was, that there was no way I could force justice to be done, that I was still completely at their mercy. What if they decided not to release me? Could anyone be that cruel? I shuddered at the thought. Again she must have guessed what I was thinking.

"Did it occur to you that even though you're innocent, maybe there is some small chance you won't be released after all?" I slowly nodded, and looked up into her eyes. I suddenly realized that rather than a look of compassion and mercy, her eyes were filled with an obvious look of pleasure and satisfaction, almost bordering on rapture. What kind of monster was she? Or any of these people who ran this place? She saw the horror on my face, and then she laughed out loud. "You are right. This place is run by monsters. I'm a monster. That's the job requirement. Do you imagine a normal person could do what this job requires? Keep people constantly tied up, gagged, tethered, locked up? And more important, could normal people keep this place secret? Of course not. It takes a certain kind of person to work here. You could maybe describe the character profile as 'sexual sadist'. The sexual aspect is definitely a requirement. And the sadistic part--- only people who enjoy the suffering of others would be able to do this sort of job."

She walked around some, clearly thinking to herself. "It doesn't matter if we believe the prisoners to be guilty. Some of them aren't, we know that. What matters is that we obey regulations, don't expose the operation, maintain secrecy -- and do our best to make sure no one escapes. The only way we could do that is if we take pleasure from our work. We are tested very extensively before we even come close to this place. We have to be the kind of person who delights in seeing other people suffer, and having power over other people."

She looked over at me. "Your keeper said I was your counsel. The truth is that I am identical to her. I have prisoners of my own that I administer. She is counsel for some of them. The only rule is a prisoner must have a different person for their keeper as for their counsel. But it's really just a good cop / bad cop situation. I'm the good cop. Your keeper is the bad cop.

"I don't usually tell prisoners this. But in your case since you're really innocent, I make it a habit to tell known innocent people like yourself everything right up front. You may think it's an act of mercy. But it isn't. Actually it's the most cruel thing that can be done to you. See, a guilty prisoner knows they're guilty, they know they've finally been caught. The best way to torment them is to keep them guessing as to what is going to happen to them. A counsel for such a prisoner will then keep feeding their sense of hope that eventually they're going to be set free, will keep them thinking that there is some machinery at play here, that justice plays some part. But as the months pass, then years, and they finally come to the conclusion that their counsel is not truly on their side, that's when their spirit is truly broken. It's a delight to see that..."

"But for prisoners like you, the way to torment you is to admit that you are known to be innocent, but that it doesn't make any difference. What will torment you is how powerless you are to do anything to improve your situation, that even though it is purely an act of injustice that you are being kept here, it doesn't make a bit of difference. You're here, and that's all that matters. You'll stay here. Innocent, guilty. Your fate was sealed the moment you were taken into custody. You know too much. You can never be released, because if you are, you will tell what you've seen, and what has been done to you. This place must remain absolutely secret, otherwise it will be destroyed. As long as this place is operational, no prisoner will ever be released."

"There is another reason, you see. This place is constantly being expanded. If more and more prisoners are arriving all the time, and they never leave... do the math! It costs a lot of money to run a place like this. A lot of people are getting very, very wealthy while this place exists. Imagine what would happen if this place were ever exposed? There would be investigations, inquests, charges filed, arrests... everyone who has ever been involved in the operation of this place will be considered guilty, and rightfully so. So everyone that knows about this place and profits by it will do everything they possibly can to make sure it never shuts down."

She looked at me. "You're crying. Did you know that?" I shook my head. She stared at me for a long time, as I continued to sob quietly. Finally she said, "You need to be careful about crying, you lose a lot of water that way if you keep it up. You'll still only receive your one bag of nutrient every day. If you cry too much you'll dry out. It's very unpleasant." I shuddered at her words. It dawned on me that she had no compassion whatsoever with me and my predicament. Rather to her the whole thing was an intellectual exercise. She had no empathy whatsoever for me. She considered her situation to be completely distinct from mine, and she couldn't imagine our positions being reversed. I realized it was such a person as her that the nazis made such effective use of. My tears dried up and I just stared at her in loathing. She saw my look and smiled.

"You really despise me, don't you? That's good. It makes things more enjoyable for me." She paused for a moment. "Anyway I'm going to leave you alone now. I will visit with you again in two weeks. I'll show you the paperwork on your case. Behind the scenes there are judges and procedures, and there is the appearance of justice being done. Often judges rule that a captive is innocent and must be released. But one way or another they never are. We can file forms, bury the process in paperwork, introduce new evidence. We have even resorted to reporting that a prisoner has fallen ill and has died while in captivity, or that a prisoner was killed while attempting to escape. In one particularly nasty case we actually had to produce a corpse. It was tragic, actually. A young girl who was unjustly accused by a scoundrel, and whose family never gave up. Finally there was no way to avoid it, she had to be set free. So while she was being transported in an open boat, due to a terrible accident she fell overboard!" She laughed for a while then.

"See, the story was that this place is located on an isolated island near the US virgin islands. It's actually nowhere near there, but that's the story. Normally prisoners are kept securely bound and gagged in cells below deck, but in her case, since she was to be released, she was allowed to remain on deck. Only to keep the location of the island secret, she had to be hooded at all times. And to make sure she couldn't take her hood off, her hands had to be tied behind her back. And it is just normal routine that prisoners are gagged also. The story was that the deck hands didn't really have any guidelines how to handle this prisoner, so they just left her tethered to some place on deck so she would be out of the way and couldn't get into trouble. It was just bad luck that she had been tethered by her wrists and ankles behind her back to a guardrail so close to the edge of the ship, and that unknown to anyone the rails had some sharp edges that she had been able to use to cut through her hogtie, and so was able to release herself. And finally it was just more bad luck that she had blundered around, blindly, until a wave rocked the boat and she tumbled overboard." She saw the horror in my eyes. I knew she was telling the truth.

"It was her family's fault. They should have let her go. She'd still be alive now if they hadn't just kept pushing. Sure, she'd have still been a captive, but she'd be alive. And they would have known that." She paused and stared at me. "I was there when she drowned. In fact I filmed the whole thing. We took her out in a small boat, just three of us. Two men, and me. They were her keeper, her counsel, and me, who had never spoken to her. I was the one that used the jagged piece of metal to cut her loose of her hogtie. She wasn't hooded though. She watched everything. She was gagged though. After I finally managed to cut her hogtie, we drew lots, and her keeper lost. Or won, depends on how you want to look at it. He had to toss her in. She knew what was going to happen, we had told her right up front that she had to die. I saw her eyes when she was pushed backwards into the water."

"It went on for so long. She was gagged but not hooded. She managed to keep kicking, even though she was tied up so much. We kept nearby in the boat, all of us watching. I filmed it. Finally we were running out of time. We fished her out and pulled her in, and then we got an idea. We took some weights we had brought along and tied one, a very small one, I think only a few kilograms, to her ankles, on a length of cord. And we put another loop around her elbow ties, and tied it to a float, on a long piece of cord. That was so she couldn't sink down and be lost, you see?" Then we tossed her in again. It was harder for her to keep her head above water, with the weight, but she did it. After 15 minutes we got impatient. We had left a length of cord tied to her ankles that we hung onto. We pulled her in, tied on a few more kilograms to her ankles, and let her swim some more.

"This went on for like another hour. Finally we put all the weights on her, it was like 30 kilos, and hooded her, and tossed her in. We'd seen enough, and we were out of time. She went under and couldn't get back up. We left her for 15 minutes then pulled her out." She looked at me. "Oh well. Anyway I'll see you in a few weeks. Oh, in case you were wondering, the fellow who was really the target? We picked him up, and he's here. Just a few doors down from you, actually. So there is some measure of justice, after all." Again she looked at me.

"That does create some problems for your case, though. Since we can't let you go, ever, we've got to make a plausable story that you were guilty also. So we're putting together a body of evidence that you and your neighbor were working together. I've seen it. After all, I am your counsel! I think it'll stick. It's not like anyone is really fighting for your release. This might interest you: Everyone you knew pretty much accepted the whole premise that you're guilty. It's procedure that your contacts are all interviewed. We were surprised at how little objection anyone made to your arrest and captivity. It looks like you've already been forgotten..."

She then left and locked the door behind her. I was filled with fury and despair, and I couldn't decide which was stronger. I tried for several hours to work my bonds loose, or at least move them around a little, but my muscles cramped or became exhausted with no sign at all of progress or success. I knew in my heart that escape was impossible. How long would I be here? How long could this place be kept operational?

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Das ist eine gut story!