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Boxed In Full Story

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Authors Note: I wrote this fairly recently, I would enjoy it if anyone who read this gave me constructive feedback on my writing.

Hello, United Carriers of america, Cheryl speaking how may I help you today?

Hello I replied, my name is Sarah Bjokely I have a pickup scheduled for 1PM this evening, I am calling to inform you that I have to travel out of town on urgent business and won't be at home to assist with the pickup, will that be a problem.

Not at all Mrs, Bjokely we will need the exact location of the package and any other pertinent information.

The package is currently residing in my garage, the password to enter my garage is 1288, I only ask that the door is closed after the package is removed from the premises.

Thank you for confirming that information with us here at UCA, I will be sure to inform our driver of the location of the package. Have a great day Mrs, Bjokely we hope you will continue to ship with us in the future.

Thank you Cheryl, bye now. "Click"

Well now I thought, now that the pickup has been taken care of it was time to prepare for my long journey. I took a 2 litre bottle filled to the top with water down from the cupboard and set it on my table. Then I grabbed the 2 litre bottle filled with liquid nourishment and placed that next to the water.

I went over my mental checklist, Water "Check" Food "Check". After taking those 2 items out to the package I headed to my bedroom to retrieve the rest of the things I would need. I pulled out an enema bag I had prepared earlier, along with 2 incredibly thick disposable diapers and a pair of translucent locking plastic pants.

While moving those items to the bathroom I couldn't help but feel nervous about the trip I would be going on. It would be both scary and thrilling, I was getting wet just thinking about it. I applied a few drops of lube to the enema nozzle and slowly inserted it into my butt. I grabbed hold of the pumps and pumped up both bulbs on the inside and the outside of my butt so the nozzle wouldn't slip out.

After ensuring the nozzle was tightly in place and the bulbs were both inflated I opened the hose and could feel the enema entering my body. It felt warm and odd at the same time, but it was necessary so that I didn't have to mess myself mid trip. After the 3 quart enema had filled me up to my limit I slowly and carefully deflated the bulbs and slid the nozzle out.

I lay down ever so slowly on the floor atop both of the thick diapers. I grabbed the powder and sprinkled it on top of my crotch and rubbed it in as much as I could in my current state. I grabbed hold of the front of the first diaper which had slits in it to provide drainage and pulled it tight and applied the 6 tapes. I did the same to the second diaper but this one didn't have slits in it.

As I stood up I could hear the water churning in my bowels. I picked up the plastic pants and slowly slid them up my legs. After ensuring a snug fit I locked the chain around my waist with the provided padlock at the small of my back, the keys to the padlock were currently frozen in a cube of ice which would melt in approximately 1 hour.

I knew I had to hold the enema for a minimum of 15 minutes for the best results, I could feel a little seep into my diaper, I struggled to hold it for 15 minutes. I assumed I had held it for 5 minutes already but taking a look at the clock told me it had only been a minute. After 10 minutes of struggling to hold it in I decided to try and get into the bathtub. I had plastic pants on but I wanted to make sure that I didn't leak out onto the rug.

As I swung one leg over the side of the tub I could feel more of the enema release into my waiting diapers. Which only made me swing my other foot in quicker. As I sat in the tub I couldn't help but think about what lay ahead of me. I was snapped back to reality by the enema forcing it's way into my awaiting diapers with a woosh. In total it took about 30 minutes to expel the entire enema, which made my diapers swell up and stink.

Here I was kneeling in a tub with very heavy saturated diapers which wouldn't be coming off for a while yet so I decided to continue preparing for my trip. I took the 2 litre bottle of water and fastened it to the inside of the package/crate, then did the same with the nourishment bottle. Both of which had tubes leading to a pacifier gag so when I sucked on the nipple I would get both food and water.

The restraint system in the crate that I had devised was impressive to say the least. There was a battery inside the crate under a false bottom which I would be sitting on, that was connected to 6 electromagnetic plates. My wrist, ankle and elbow cuffs each have a metal plate attached so when I put them all on and put my body into position the metal plates would be stuck to the electromagnets until the battery died in 2-3 days time.

I had also placed a tiny kids chair inside of the box and bolted it to the floor of the crate so I couldn't move when the delivery truck made its trip up to my summer home. After checking that the restraint system was in place and functional I decided to add a form of torture to the crate, I wired up a small motor to the back of the crate which would rotate ever so slowly pulling off a bunch of clothes pins one by one.

I walked back into the house and into my bedroom pulling out my special chest of goodies from my closet, I piled all of what I needed onto my bed for later along with a surprise. I glanced at the clock on my wall it read 12PM, the key should have melted by now I thought. I strolled into the kitchen to retrieve the key from the cold water and proceeded to the bathroom to take off the soiled diapers and get cleaned up, I had less than a hour to shower and get ready.

I unlocked the plastic pants and slowly slid the garment down my legs, my diapers hadn't even leaked a drop. I stepped into the tub and popped open the tapes on the diapers and let them drop to the tub floor with a thud. I picked up the heavily soiled diapers and disposed of them into the trash basket next to the sink and stepped back into the bathtub.

As I let the hot water cascade down my body I couldn't help but contemplate what might go wrong, what if I wasn't delivered on time and ran out of food and water or what if they heard me inside and opened the box. I knew deep down that they couldn't hear me because the box was sound proof. I could still breath due to a few holes in the side but they were covered by a black screen so no one could see them.

After my shower was over I decided it was time to get ready, I grabbed for the surprise off my bed which happened to be an electro shock butt plug to keep me entertained during the trip. I inserted the plug after coating it liberally with lube, I decided to test it and pressed a button on the control box nothing happened so I turned the dial up to halfway, still nothing so I turned it all the way up and felt a tiny jolt. Must need batteries I thought after switching off the device. I walked into the kitchen with device in hand and looked in drawer after drawer for batteries. Snatching up the package of batteries I found I made my way back to my bedroom and replaced the batteries in the device. As soon as I snapped the last battery in place I received a massive jolt and screamed out in pain. I grabbed the dial and quickly turned it to off, I had forgot to turn the power of the shock down. I set the device to give me a jolt every 10 minutes and switched it off for now until I was ready.

I lay my butt down on the pile of diapers I had prepared earlier, after applying powder to my crotch and rubbing it in, I pulled the first diaper into place and taped it up nice and snug. I taped all of the diapers into place and pulled another pair of locking plastic pants up my legs and locked them into place. The combined thickness of the diapers was enough to force me to waddle because my legs were forced so far apart.

The time read 12:30 I knew I had to hurry or I would miss the pickup. I waddled to the crate as fast as I could with all the stuff I had piled onto my bed earlier. I quickly applied the leather cuffs to my ankles, wrists and just above my elbows and locked them on with little padlocks. I climbed into the crate and turned on the power to the electromagnets. I placed my feet into position and they stuck to the magnet with a click now that my feet were locked into place it was time to apply the clothes pins. I applied them all over my breasts, on my nipples and on my stomach and lastly to my sides. I made sure the string was attached to the gear of the motor. After that was done I strapped the pacifier gag around my head making sure the tubes weren't kinked and gave a little suck, sure enough water and food flowed into my mouth and down my throat. Next I grabbed the top lid of the crate and slid it all the way into place until it clicked, it too had metal plates attached to electromagnets so it would stay closed until the battery died. The next thing I did was to place the multi tool pliers next to my feet so that if I needed it for some reason it would be there.

Now was the moment of truth, all I would need to do is move my arms arms back behind me against the electromagnets and I would be stuck until I was released in 2 or 3 days time. Before I could find a way to release my legs,I moved my arms behind me and leaned back, I heard the plates snap to the electromagnets with a little force. My elbows were so close together it felt like I was wearing a armbinder. I had grabbed the electro shock plug controller before finalizing my bondage, and turned it on then I dropped it down to the bottom of the crate out of reach so I would have to endure the shocks.

After what must have been 5 minutes I heard voices outside of my garage.

Hey Jake, is this the right place one guy said.

Yea joe, the code is 1288.

After hearing the code to my garage I heard the door opening. This was it I thought I was going on a long journey and wouldn't be released until I had reached my summer home. The way I had sound proofed the box I could hear all sounds around me but no sound could escape the confines of my prison. I felt the crate tip a little to the left and then a scraping sound. I felt the box shift back to it's previous position then it tilted to the right and I could feel the box moving down my driveway and set back down at what must have been the back of the truck.

Hey jake

Yes joe

Does this crate look odd to you?

In that moment I received a shock from the plug and let out a muffled sound. I hoped I wouldn't be found.

It looks like the woman glued the crate lid into place from what I can tell but forgot to nail it shut exclaimed Jake.

Oh shit I thought, don't do what I think your going to do.

Joe grab me the hammer and nails from the truck please.

I could hear the man named joe climb into the back of the truck and slide something off a shelf. Immediately after I heard pounding and could feel the crate walls vibrate with each hit of the hammer. The thought of being stuck in the crate forever scared some pee out of me and into my diapers. I tried to make some noise to attract their attention but they could not hear me because the crate was sound proof.

Alright lets lift her up shall we remarked Jake.

Wait did they know I was in here, or did they just call the crate a she?

On 3, one, two, three.

I felt myself being lifted into the air and slid into the back of the truck. Well I thought my journey is starting and I am officially stuck, whether I liked it or not. I heard the 2 men close the doors in the back, in that same moment I heard my garage door closing. At least they shut the door as per my instruction I thought. I felt a lurch as the truck drove down the driveway and made a right.

I was sitting there listening to the whoosh of the freeway under the trucks wheels as we made our way out of town, when I received another shock. This was going to be one long ride I thought, in that same moment a clothes pin was pulled off my right side. It stung but at least it wasn't pinching my side anymore. One less pin to worry about I thought.

I wet my diapers for the first time of many to come that day, as the pee gushed out of me I received another shock but this time I felt it shock my pussy as well due to the wet diaper. I could feel my juices soaking the diaper even more. I was so turned on, even more so with the shock I received on my pussy. I tried grinding against anything I could find, but alas it was useless I couldn't even grind against the seat to bring myself to orgasm. I was bound too tight to move an inch in any direction.

I wiggled my bottom a little and could feel the warm and wet diaper squish up against my bottom. In the past hour I had wet myself twice and received 10 teasing shocks to my ass and pussy, which did little to sate my hunger for an orgasm. After about 10 hours of constant teasing from the shocks and wetting myself about 20 more times I fell into a deep sleep.

I was woken up by another shock, what time was it I thought, I tried rubbing my eyes but found I couldn't move, scared out of my mind I started to struggle and tried screaming for help. Then it all came back to me I had done this to myself. I could not tell the time bound as I was I was still a little tired so it must have been early morning. I think it must have been about 7 am because that is when I usually wake up for work.

As shock after shock hit me I thought it might do me some good to do some fantasizing to pass the time. I imagined I was forced into a crate after being sold at an auction, I had just been bought by a gorgeous auburn haired woman to be her diapered slave girl. To be forced to please her and to be used for her pleasure. I was now just a sex slave on the way to the mansion where my mistress resides. I was brought back to reality by a stinging pain in my right and then my left nipple. Glancing down I could see a pile of clothes pins and my bare chest, all red from the pinch of the clothes pins. At least that's over I thought. I wished I could rub my sore nipples, but alas that wasn't an immediate possibility.

For hours I was tormented by shock after shock, but finally the butt plugs batteries had run out. Wiggling my bottom made it feel like I was swimming. By now my diapers were thoroughly soaked with pee and were starting to get cold and clammy. I wondered what time it was and when the battery would die so I could pleasure myself, I was so horny I was ready to hump anything just to get off. I even considered taking the 2 guys in the truck, just so I could finally cum.

I fell into a deep sleep and started dreaming a really erotic dream. I was in a high school, coalton high school to be exact. I was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, a blue and white plaid dress with stark white tights and white cotton panties, no bra even though I have B cup breasts. I was sitting at my desk just doing my schoolwork when I felt the urge to pee, Mrs. June was at the front of the classroom but I didn't dare ask because she is real strict on students who interrupt her class. So there I sat the urge to pee getting stronger with every passing minute. I was squirming badly when I felt a little pee escape so I crossed my legs tighter trying to hold it until the end of class.

Good I thought only 5 minutes left to go, 3 minutes had passed when my bladder finally forced the pee out into my panties onto the chair and then onto the floor.

Sarah my teacher screeched did you just wet yourself, in my classroom no less.

I tried coming up with an excuse to save myself but came up with nothing.

Does baby need a diaper a girl on my right said.

She needs to be put back into preschool,  a boy in the back exclaimed.

Well Sarah what do you have to say for yourself,  Mrs. June asked.

I didn't mean to Mrs. June honest, I thought I could hold it but it just came out. All of a sudden the bell rang,  I grabbed my books and was about to walk out of the classroom when my teacher yelled out, everyone return to your seats, except Sarah come to the front of the class this instant. I slowly shuffled to the front of the class hoping she would just let me go clean up and go home.

Class I have a demonstration for you all,  that you may enjoy, Sarah I want you to remove your skirt and place it in the wastebasket.

But Mrs. June it was an accident...

An accident that won't happen again after I'm done with you little girl.

I unbuttoned my skirt as slowly as possible and let it drop to the floor, now I was half naked from the waist down at least I got to keep my panties and tights on.

Now sarah I want you to lean over my desk NOW!

I could tell she meant business so I followed her instructions, she moved to the back of the desk and was looking for something. Before I could react she had locked my wrists to the corners of the desk with some leather cuffs. I started pleading with her to let me go get cleaned up and go home.

No I don't think so Sarah, you see you're a naughty baby girl and you need to be punished or you won't learn.

I wondered what she meant, was she going to just leave me here tied to her desk with my soaking wet bottom in front of all of the other students. I could hear her rummaging for something else behind her desk. She stood back up with one hand behind her back and moved behind me with her front facing me so I couldn't see what she was holding. I heard what sounded like fear from the students behind me. What is it I asked to no one in particular. In that same moment I heard a thwack sound and felt a searing pain spread across my bottom,  I let out a scream.

Now Sarah we can't have you making any noise can we.

I felt her hands slide into the waistband of my tights and pulled them down to my ankles.

Step out please, my teacher asked.

After she removed the tights she wrapped them around my head effectively blinding me. I felt her hands slip under the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my legs and off. Now I was naked from the waist down, I could sense her presence next to me.

Here this will keep you quiet.

I felt the panties being stuffed into my mouth then she wrapped tape over it and around my head several times, sealing my mouth shut. I tried screaming but all I heard was a muffled squeak. As I lay on her desk I couldn't help but wonder what she would do next, all of a sudden I felt a searing pain on my bottom again.





By the 50th wack I was sobbing uncontrollably, my ass was on fire after the caning I had just received. The blindfold was removed and Mrs. June untied my wrists from the desk and pushed me onto my back on top of the desk. As soon as my bottom hit the desk I screamed out in pain and tried lifting my ass off the desk but I was pushed back down. She came around to the side of the desk and fastened my hands above my head.

Now let's get the baby diapered so she doesn't make a mess.

Mrs. June went over to her desk and pulled open a drawer, she pulled out a bottle of baby powder, wipes, and a couple of thick disposable diapers. I looked on as she wiped my nether region clean and applied powder liberally to my diaper area. After applying the powder she pulled the diapers up and taped them into place and made sure they were nice and snug. She was just about to untie my hands when I woke up.

When I woke up, I couldn't hear the whir of the tires on the road anymore, I wondered if I had been delivered or had the truck just stopped temporarily. An hour went by, still I heard no sounds of life outside my prison. I sat there for what must have been a few hours when my restraints finally came free of the electromagnets.

I stretched out my legs and arms as far as possible trying to get the kinks out, if I calculated right I had been bound for approximately 2 days and 6 hours give or take a couple hours. Lifting my butt off the seat proved to be a challenge my diapers were so soaking wet, I felt like I was wearing a 10 pound weight around my waist. I searched the floor of the box for the multi tool, I planned on sawing my way out of the crate.

I flipped out the miniature saw blade and went to work trying to cut a small hole in the box so I could see where I was. It took me a few minutes but I managed to make a 1 inch hole in the side. I put my eye up to the hole and waited for my eye to adjust to the bright light shining in so I could see my surroundings. All I could see was a gray metal wall and some packages close to me. Shit I thought I was still in the back of the truck. I placed the little piece of wood back into the hole so the delivery guys wouldn't find out they were transporting a person. They must have stopped for lunch I thought, I was still very horny so I started rubbing the front of my diapers as hard as I could, I wasn't getting anywhere with that.

I tried to grind against the chairs seat edge but that didn't give me any pleasure through the thick wet diapers I was wearing. I tried sticking my hand down the front of my diapers but there was no way to get my hand in, the chain around my waist was just too tight. I took the multi tool in hand and tried cutting one of the chain links with the pliers, all I ended up doing was hurt my hand in the process. Where were these guys I thought even if they were having lunch it sure was taking a long time, just then I heard shuffling near the truck. I waited a few minutes but nothing happened,  no one got in the truck or even tried opening the back. The person must have moved away because it was dead silent, once again.

I decided to curl up on the floor of the crate to try and get some sleep to pass the time. I awoke some time later to a buzzing sound, I tried to move but found myself struggling against the restraint system I had devised earlier. I looked down and saw what was making the buzzing sound someone had fastened a vibrator into place pressed against my diapers. The vibrations barely reached my pussy before fading, it was keeping me stimulated and even more horny than before. I noticed a pain in my breasts whoever had fastened the vibrator in place had put my breasts into bondage, they were now pointed straight out and purple. Who had opened the crate and done this to me, and what did they want with me.

I noticed the dial on the vibrator was set to low, those bastards couldn't even be nice enough to let me get off. Suddenly the crate lid slid open, there above me was a man with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He had thick wavy brown hair, was clean shaven aside from a 5 o clock shadow. He looked pretty hot to me, I tried talking to him through my gag but all he must have heard was gibberish. I attempted to break free from my bondage until he placed his hand on my head.

It's okay baby girl I have no intentions of hurting you, my name is Jake I am one of the delivery men from the delivery company you paid.

I tried motioning with my head towards my bound hands and arms.

Oh you must want to know why you're tied up again, we have a few short hours left and I thought that you might enjoy a little surprise until we get there hence the vibrator placed between your legs. Don't worry sweety I will be turning it up soon.

I received a powerful shock to my ass and pussy once again, I looked up at him again with questioning eyes.

Oh yea I forgot to mention I replaced the battery's in your little device and turned the shocks to 75% I know you will have fun with that and the vibrator. You might be wondering why my partner isn't back here with me, he doesn't know you are back here and I don't intend on telling him.  To him you are just a crate with unknown contents. I found you quite by accident, you see I noticed a hole in the side of the crate and peered in, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a gorgeous woman gagged and diapered. I pried the lid off as fast as possible fearing someone had done this to you, but I figured it out when I found the magnetic locking system.

I blushed at his flattering compliment. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

Well it's time for me to fasten the crate lid back on, this time I wont nail the lid down now that I know a human being is inside. Before I go here is my name and number I wrote down for you just in case you want to do this again sometime.

He started to close the lid of the crate when I made a noise and motioned towards the vibrator. Oh yea Jake said, I forgot about that. He turned the dial to high and slid the crate lid in place. The vibrator he had tied into place was already bringing me to a massive orgasm. I was right on the edge about to leap off when a shock hit me, my whole body started to convulse as the orgasm over took me I felt my pussy squirting into my diapers similar to that of a garden hose. I rode the orgasm for at least half an hour before I came back down. I was spent but at the same time I could feel another orgasm around the corner. I felt the trucks engine start, then the truck lurched forward, we were on our way.

I could feel another orgasm rounding the corner, but I didn't think I could take it my pussy was so sensitive. I tried moving away from the vibrator but couldn't move an inch in any direction. I could feel the second orgasm coming on, this one felt even more powerful than the last, as the orgasm wracked my body I couldn't keep from screaming into my gag due to the intensity. It started to dissipate when a shock brought the orgasm back even fiercer. I must have blacked out after that because when I awoke I was slumped on the floor of the crate and birds were chirping.

I struggled to pull myself onto the chair my legs were like jelly. I peered out of the little hole I had made earlier and saw a white picket fence with a blue mailbox. I had been delivered to my summer house out in the country. I attempted to slide the lid off the crate but it wouldn't budge, either I was really weak from having orgasms ripped from me or it was stuck. I picked up the multi tool from the floor and tried to pry the lid open with the pocket knife tool, but I wasn't successful. I know I will just saw a hole in the side big enough to climb out of.

I sawed and I sawed for over an hour, I nearly had a two toot hole in the side, I just had to finish cutting open the last side of the square. I was sawing away when the saw blade broke off of the tool, shit I thought now what. I sat back on the chair and tried breaking the hole the rest of the way open. I pulled my legs back and gave a kick to the wood, did I hear it just crack. I gave it another kick, and another and another, finally I brought my legs back as far as possible and kicked it as hard as I could "Crack" yes I had done it. I pushed it the rest of the way off with my hand and peeked my head out.

I looked toward the highway at the end of my driveway and waited a minute before I tried to get out. I turned around inside the crate and stuck a leg out then the other through the hole, I was pulling myself out all the way when the tubes leading to my gag stopped me. I wrenched the bottles out of the crate and snatched up the butt plug controller and made my way to the house. I retrieved my key from under its secret hiding spot near the front stoop, unlocked the front door and let myself inside.

I walked into the kitchen to retrieve the keys to my restraints so I could finally get cleaned up. I started by unlocking the pacifier gag first so I wouldn't have to carry the bottles with me. Then I removed my wrist, ankle and elbow cuffs. The next step was to remove my soaked diapers, I walked into the bathroom and climbed into the tub, I inserted the key into the lock and turned it, the chain fell away and the diapers being as heavy as they were ripped apart and dropped to the floor of the tub before I had a chance to react. I grabbed the base of the plug and slowly pulled it out of my ass, it came out with a "Pop".

I forgot my breasts still had rope around them, I guess I got used to them being bound in that way. I took my scissors and cut the ropes off. To cut the rest of this story short I cleaned myself up and went to sleep on my nice comfy bed.

The End
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