A true story in detail.

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A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:32 pm

25 hours

Click, click, how many times have I reached this point in self bondage and desired a session that will last all night, how many times have I had an orgasm and then escaped, how many times have I broken into a hot sweat and panicked and escaped, how many times have I been to uncomfortable and bored and then escaped?.

I have set the parameters of my own destiny and I alone will suffer at my own hand. And I want to suffer, panic, and be afraid, fear is that the key?

I masturbated before I got in the shower; this gives me better control over my tucking and preparation,
I then lay out my clothes that I shall wear. At this point I prepare my bits for internal tucking, first I attaché the electrodes, but this time I added tooth paste as it makes the skin more sensitive to the electric stimulation and pain levels, I also applied tooth paste to the butt plug as well.

there are 3 wires to contend with, 1 on either side of my dick and held in place with a small piece of tap, and the 3rd is attached to my butt plug, then I manipulate my balls up to were they came from in the first place, I wrap ½” tape around the base of my dick then by pushing my flaccid shaft and wires in wards until it is past the tape then another tighter wrap round and it’s not coming out, just a little bit of tucking with the sack and it’s all done,

I then take a length of tape 4” wide and place this on my stomach I then squat with my legs apart and then bring the tape between my legs and pull back and up my back to keep everything in place.

This gives me a very flat profile and a felling of extreme femininity, next I pull on a pair of beige support tights that compresses and hides my hair on my legs and flattens my tummy a little bit,

I pull my tights up to just below my Brest line and put on a waist cincture at the same time bring the wires up to the center of my bust, next comes the panty girdle this smooths the line between my waist cincture and hips and adds more compression to my sex, then pull on a pair of shinny hose and Finally the Playtex girdle and false boobs followed by a short dress, almost ready.

I can feel the effects of the tooth paste as it gently stimulates my parts, the desire to plug the wires into the computer and play is quite strong at this point and it takes a lot of effort to ignore the desire, so I just lay there and plan my day and night of cross-dressing and captivity. But I must finish getting ready.

Just the makeup and wig to Finnish of the whole ensemble.

So I’m ready for the day, and as I have put in a lot of effort to prepare my image as to resemble my vision of what a woman should look like I shall take some photos of myself,(I’ll probably be disappointed when I review them latter).

I am not a vain person but I do not want to waste my efforts, so the first thing I do is to sort out the camera and tripod and get it all set up and at the same time start to consider what shots to take. So after several dress changes I finished with the photos, my mind drifts to my bondage session.

Just a few modifications to make, My tits are quite small so I use false ones and coated with deep heat cream that gives a burning sensation to my breasts,

also I have slid into an old tight dress and put on an old pair of tights over my good ones then poured myself a glass of scotch to give me Dutch courage to tie myself up for the night,

first I programmed the computer to play stereo wav files at given times, I’ve been doing this a long time and know which files will make me cum and which ones will tease and hurt, I guess deep down I wanted to experience the painful ones,

I want to fight the ropes that bind me so lovingly, to test myself and test my pain barrier, and to force me to an orgasm in the morning, I want the boredom and frustration, I want it all just before my planed release.

I have programmed a gentle stim at 10 to run for an hour, and then to be woken at 2 in the morning by a painful and teasing stim for 45min and then again at 7 by a heavy electro stimulation that lasts for 45min and that will and always has made me orgasm and then given me the sensation of being milked,

there is a 10min break in the stim before the last 15min of hell on earth hit me. And have never experienced the full 15 min as it was always been to painful, But I shall be free by then.

The tooth paste enhances the sensitivity of those areas that it is applied too, and increases the conductivity as well, so it appears to be more painful without increasing the volume,(so I have been told).

My only means of escape is two combination locks fitted to my wrist bond, and I need a mirror and daylight for these. Only once have I been tied for more than 9 hours, but that’s another story.

The problem with being tied for such a long time is boredom and the fact that I will probably cum and lose interest in what I’m doing and then try to escape, so I have designed the rope work to a point that it is tamper proof and no escape until morning I hope.

Hence the 2 combination locks and no emergency knife or light, I am determined to stay tightly restrained and will stay here until morning by self force,
What could possibly go wrong in 10 hours?

It was 8-30 in the evening when I tied the first of many ropes around my body and snapped on the first padlock
All my rope are pre-cut to the correct length and finished off with ether snap locks or eyes for padlocks, I started with the ankles, 4 turns of rope plus 2 cinctures and one padlock, I then repeat just above the knees and finish that with a padlock, these 2 bonds always come up nice and tight,

Tying my thighs this way is a problem as when I struggle it tends to slide down, so new this time is 4 turns of rope and padlocked with no cincture that will come latter.

The next piece of rope I pick up is a long one and has ring eyes at both ends for padlocks, folding the rope to form a loop at one end and keeping the 2 eyes together at the other end, I pass this around my waste and slip on 3 steel rings, 2” and a 1” from the loop end and slid along, placing the rope around my waste to form a slip knot,

the two ends hang down my front and are passed between my legs then pass up my back and threaded under my waste rope and pulled tight, at the same time the first 2” steel ring is positioned at my waste, the smaller 1” ring is positioned about the base of my spine,

The slack ends are now hanging behind me, so I gather the ends together and feed between my legs just below my thigh ropes, and at the same time leave the second 2” ring at the back of my legs. I then pull tight from the front and pass the ends over the top of my thigh ropes to the back and pull tight
The 2 ends are feed through the 2” steel ring and back between my legs and again pulled tight, the thigh cincture is in place and no matter how much struggling I do the bond is not sliding down or becoming slack,

I bring the 2 rope ends up to my waste rope passing through the steel ring at my waste and put on two mini padlocks, my legs are securely tied tight my crouch rope is tight and I’m in the mood for masturbating, but I can’t reach or touch myself so I must go on and finish tying myself up.

Ear plugs are next with a bit of a lick they are pushed in as far as they can go, then the tap gag and I gently warm up the tap with the hair dryer so as it cools down it shrinks, it passes from ear to ear, I normally tape my eyes shut at this time but I do need to see the combination lock in order to free myself, so I gave that a miss.

Next I Plug in the wires; as they have a tendency to unplug themselves during a struggle, so I feed them under my waste rope and the plugs are taped together, the idea is that I can’t forcefully pull them apart,

So I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, my legs are tied nice and tight, my head is gagged and my ears are plugged, on my left is a coiled rope and a longer double rope plus a short chain, on my right is my wrist rope and 2 combination locks.

Here we go then, I pick up the coiled rope and stand up, I reach out and snap out the light, the coiled rope is 4 turns sewn together to a belt shape and slipping my left arm into the loop pass behind me to slip in my right arm, by wiggling and jiggling I get the rope too just above my elbow, and I can just touch my breast bone with both hands, I sit down and grab the long double rope and again stand up,

In the center of this rope is a ring; on each end there is a snap lock, I place the ring on my breast bone and toss the ends over each shoulder, I sit down and grab the short chain and stand up again,

My thighs are starting to complain a little bit now, I clip the chain to my ring at the waste and the other end is clipped to the ring on my breast bone, the idea is to stop the rope and ring from riding up and chocking me when I struggle,

So the 2 ropes that I tossed over my shoulder are hanging down my back, I grasped one in each hand and crossed them so as to prevent them from slipping of my shoulders, I then bring them to the front and with a bit of jiggling bring them up to the ring at my breast bone and snap on, this rope prevents my elbow tie from slipping down my arms, it is firm and not tight.

Having completed the elbow tie and cinctured, I then move on to my wrists, so I sit down again and picked up the wrist rope,
The wrist rope is a length of rope that has a slip knot at one end and an 18” length of 3/8 chain at the other,

So once again I stand up and my thighs are beginning to hurt more, so in the dark and hands behind me, I place the slip knot over my left wrist and tighten up, then I form a half hitch and place this around my right wrist, then another half hitch over my left and another over my right and so on until I have 4 turns of rope around each wrist, then by pulling the end of the rope and twisting my wrists I can tighten up the bond,

The loose end of the rope with the chain attached is then feed between my wrists 2 times and forms a cincture, by this time the rope has finished and all I have is chain hanging down,

I sit down yet again to pick up the 2 combination lock then stood up again, So after a brief rest I feed the chain through the 1” ring at the base of my spine and then through the 2” ring at the thighs and pulled the lose end up, so now I have two chains ready to be locked together with the first combination lock, the second combination lock hooks around the 1” ring and through the chains, this will stop any sideways movement,

There are 3 digits’ on each lock and are highlighted with white paint so that it is easier to see in the large mirror that is in my bedroom.

I sit down for the last time and lay back on the bed and consider my actions and what I’m about to undertake, This is the point of no return, I place my fingers on the tumblers of the lock and, fuck let’s do it I spun the dial and then the second one and it’s done.

Totally fucked and randy as hell I struggle to test and savoir the tightness that is all over my body,

I twist round so that I’m laying along the full length of the bed and shimmy to the side, as I lay there sweating from all this effort to tie myself up, slowly began to feel the coldness of the room so I grab the duvet between my toes and grab a hand full, I rolled over a couple of time and wrap myself tightly in a warm comfort zone of pleasure, It was not long before I began to fantasize about my situation and x girl friends and some of the bondage sessions I have had with them.

It did not seem long before the 10ok stim started, and for 60 minutes I gyrated my hips and wallowed in pure pleasure, but I could not help but notice that the power of the stim was greatly increased on account of the tooth paste that I applied earlier, the caress of the rope, the hopeless predicament and my cocooned environment that I had put myself in, lovely and lush,

so it was stronger and I was pulling my legs up and down, twisting my wrists enjoying the burning desire of even more pain, I was struggling hard and was on the verge of an orgasm constantly but then it stopped, frustrated I struggled more until I was exhausted and realised that I will not cum until later.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Fri Aug 26, 2016 8:51 am

Being caressed with all this rope is something beautifully sexy, and I think that if I could just masturbate I’ll have a blinding orgasm, but I cannot touch nor stimulate myself in any way and that is so frustrating.

That was so beautiful that I start to fantasise again about my predicament and drift into a disturbed twilight sleep,

I was walking across a dessert when I started to sink into the soft sand, I started to struggle to get free but could not move my limbs, I began to slide deeper it was then that I saw a snake coming towards me with its mouth open wide and it’s fangs were headed straight towards me, it lunged and grabbed me deep in to my sex,

The pain and the fact that I could not move was terrifying and I sank deeper and deeper I woke up and my night mare seamed to blend with reality,

I was sitting on the floor the duvet was covering my head, I was in a panic my arms were numb and I had no feeling in them at all and worse the duvet was covering my head so I was getting hot.

The electric stimulation was working on my dick and balls in such a way that I was frozen stiff In case any movement would make it worse and I still had a vision of that snake, I pulled my legs up and got some grip on the floor and pushed myself back on the bed as I lay there and I could feel the cool fresh air on my face,

I slowly began to relax and savoured this feeling of utter pleasure pain and vulnerability, I was on the edge again and I wanted to go over, but it held me back, this was extreme sexual torment, it was too strong to make me climax but at the same time I was almost there, the snake was running its teeth up and down my shaft and twisting then it stops and turns into a fist and punches me in the backside and vibrates only to turn back into a snake again and have another go at me,

By the time it stopped tears were running down my face and I was curled up in a ball, but I wanted more, I wanted to cum hard, and the thought of waiting a further 4 hours drove me to struggle more, perhaps I could get a little bit of slack on my wrist rope and slip of one loop, then I can get the rest off,

I managed to roll over and get out of the duvet and ended up on my stomach and began to work my hands back to life, fiddling with the rope trying to get some slake then fiddling with the lock, but after a time I realised that I am securely bound and totally trapped,

I was getting hot and beginning to panic again, I was pulling and kicking whimpering and shouting through my tape gag but to no avail,

It did help knowing that this is what I wanted,

I rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed and felt myself calming down, breathing heavily through my nose, I was sorry that I fitted the gag, I became aware that the rope to my wrists was pulling very tight on account that I was sitting, I had no desire to lay down again so I stood up,

With my legs against the bed for support I just stood there with my head bowed breathing softly through my dripping nose and after a time my thighs began to hurt as was my ankles and my wrists became very sensitive to any movement,

I sat down and then laid on the bed with my feet on the floor, I was tired and getting cold, I grabbed a hand full of the duvet and rolled over and dozed off and on, everything was hurting but loved the caress and pain, and at the same time wanted release and most of all to climax,

In-between dozing, fantasizing, and trying to get comfortable I was fiddling with the combination lock, I wanted to be free and had enough of this pain in my thighs ankles wrists and my elbows were burning and I had snot all over my face, I was also becoming aware of discomfort in my arse,

I wanted to fart big time.

But this was my plan, and I loved it.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:26 am

Part 3
It was a long night and when the 7ok stim kicked in I was extremely grateful for this was it,

the plan was to get to the mirror during this excessively painful session and release myself, although still not quite light enough to see the locks in the mirror sunrise was 7-20, in front of me was 45miniuts of uncomfortable and nauseatingly painful stim,
By the time I got to the floor I was in agony from thighs and my elbows were on fire and the relentless attack on my private parts was almost unbearable but at the same time very exciting, so I laid motionless for a while as I soaked up the pleasure and tried to regain some sort of control over the situation,
I had a 6mtr crawl on my back, my thighs were screaming at me to stop pushing, but at times pleasurable pain from the stim, the pain in the ass, in fact the pain from every were hindering my progression to the mirror , I wanted to get free but I needed to cum,
About half way across the floor I stop dead in my tracks and started shaking uncontrollably I was building up to an orgasm, a lot of my x girl friends said that I was like a vibrator, the trembling starts in my thighs and moves down and up, sometimes even my arms shake,

not good when standing, but it was good timing with only 3mts to go, fucking awesome, I began pumping and pumping and trying to pull against all this rope sweating like a pig,

I pulled on my wrist rope and arched my back forcing my elbows apart moving my leg up and down the pain was astonishing, the stim was beginning to hurt more as my cum flooded the electrodes with salty fluid, all I could do was kick my legs and moan,

Sweating profusely, and to a point reluctantly I carried on crawling to the mirror, can’t wait to get out of this but slowly.
I was hurting too much to remember all the sensations I was having, and with my back facing the mirror, turned my head so I can see the locks, but my eyes were full of tears, I kept blinking till I could see better,

Rotating the dial till the white marks lined up and click the first one was off, I began shaking again but no orgasm but it felt like it, I was being milked I’m sure, all the ropes were burning from my crawl across the floor, I just lay there shaking sweating and tears running down my face, I was hurting,

The stim stopped, that meant that I had a full 10 minutes to get free and pull the plugs out before the last 15 minutes of stim hit me, and a very painful square wav sound it was too, I have never been able to stand this part of my “music”,
I started to line up the 3 white marks, and click the lock fell to the floor; I was free at last,

I began to pull the chain back through the ring but it didn’t move, I pulled harder and it still would not move, I panicked and pulled as hard as I could, nothing,” what the fuck”.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:34 am

Part 4
I looked in the mirror and the chain from my wrists to the ring was as tight as ever but the other end was just hanging , no knots, nothing snagged almost if it was welded to the ring, “for fuck sake what the fuck is going on”.

My 10 mins was up and received what felt like a kick in the balls and a razor blade running up and down my dick and my arse contracted involuntary, and being no longer in the mood the electricity was unwanted and hurtful,

I curled up into a ball putting more strain on my thighs and wrists, this was the first time I had experienced this part of the program, (and that was when I’m in the mood) I was screaming in to my gag and pulling on this fucking chain like a man possessed,

I was in real bondage trapped by something; I began shaking again and felt an orgasm beginning, it was not that pleasant at all, I remember screaming bad words at nobody in particular and rolling around the floor in an attempt to somehow rip out the wires, curling up in a ball, straining by stretching out and pulling on that bloody chain, all this struggling only added more pressure to my thighs and wrists,

Involuntary I started to tremble and slowly straightened out and arched my back as once again I had an orgasm and it hurt so much that I remember screaming as loud as I could, the relentless ball kicking and razor blade kept going so I curled back up into a tight ball again,

then I started kicking out against the sharpness of the pain and pulling against the ropes, somehow thinking that the agony from the struggling would offset the devastating razor blade that was running up and down my dick,
fucking hell that hurts,
but I was thinking the weirdest thoughts, I wished that someone would find me and beat me with a riding crop or a Cain till I passed out, I was in a state of euphoria, I was in so much pain that all my body was in a form of ecstasy and this is something I have never encountered before,
Sobbing and screaming into my gag, tears rolling down my face and my eyes squeezed shut, no longer trying to escape, I just lay there and succumbed to the bliss that I was in, but finally it stopped and it was over.

I never realised how much pain I could stand, and I am astounded at how beautiful it is, euphoria is the only word I can think off.
I rolled onto my stomach and began to calm down; snot was still hanging from my face, my sex was tingling to the aftershock in a very pleasant way and my arse was doing the same, and I was trembling from all the excitement that I have just experienced,

I felt extremely happy and satisfied and safe now that is was over, cocooned in rope and began to drift off into that twilight sleep thinking what the hell I’m going to do to get out of this mess.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:28 am

Part 5

I became fully alert when I came down from my euphoria and with an uncomfortable pain in my groin and a shiver began to roll up my body and an overwhelming need to go for a pee big time, and at the same time realised that I was still trapped and any movement caused a lot of pain in my legs and shoulders, my arms were numb as I’d been laying on my back for some time,

The effort of rolling onto my stomach hurt a lot, I was so week that I lost control of my bladder, I wet myself and the warm feeling of piss crept onto my legs and my stomach.

Did I felt better laying in a pool of piss, yes and no, I began manipulating my arms and hands until they came back to life again, I started to run my fingers down the chain until I felt the steel ring, I could not believe what I was seeing with my fingers, the steel ring was through the link of the chain!,

impossible but there it was, my bowels started to go into a small spasm, god now I want to poo or fart but I was blocked with a steel plug, gaffer tape, 2 layers of elastic and a fucking crouch rope,

This sort of pain fogs the mind, so I rolled onto my side and just lay there curled up in a ball until it passed, then back on my stomach again and decided that the only way this can happen was that the weld on the steel ring had failed and allowed the chain to slip onto the ring itself (Murphy’s law), rotating the ring I soon found the problem the weld felt sharp and had broken, opened and snagged the chain,

No matter how I pulled and twisted I was unable to open this joint again, I gave up as it was becoming too painful on my thighs, I needed tools. I remember panicking at this point as I became totally aware of my situation, there are no tools in the upstairs of my house, I was heating up and shaking my arms in order to fling off my ropes, and my legs were kicking to do the same, also I remember making a lot of noise.

I was tied up fucking too tight, sweating, trapped and hurting and slowly began to relish this fact that I had a challenge on my hands, I also was fearful of the fact that I may not be able to free myself, I lay still for ages, savouring the tightness and the fear of my predicament, resting and planning on how to escape.

For the first time in my life there was no safety back up (what a prick) as I was determined that it will last a good 9-10 hours. I considered breaking the mirror and using a shard to cut the cincture on my thigh rope this then will allow the ring to be free, If I stayed like this then it will be at least 3 days of hell until my partner returned home,

My bowel went into spasm, only this time it was much stronger and a very unpleasant pain at that, I pushed in the hope that I could at least fart to release some of the pressure.

Suddenly I remembered that I had a posh travel razor in a case in the shower room, the old fashioned type with a separate blade and that was my way out, I’ll cut the cincture on my thigh ropes as that was probably the safest place to use a razor blade and better than a mirror shard, that will release the steel ring then freedom, yes let’s do it.

I started my long crawl on my back, I never realised how much you use your thigh muscles to make any type of movement, with each inch I pushed forwards I had to rest, my bowel went into spasm again, a little bit stronger than before, I needed the toilet big time, and trying to crawl to the shower room over 14 meters and 2 doors away on a polished wooden floor, it was taking forever as the burning from my ropes and going into spasm and the agonising pain from my thighs,

I have decided that there are 2 types of pain, (1) tooth ache, you have the ability to carry on but it just wears you down, (2) a broken leg or arm, that stops you dead in your tracks, and carrying on is very difficult if not imposable.

Number 2 from my thighs and number 1 from everything else, I know that I was in a dreadful mess and I seemed to be sobbing with each breath that I took, the only luck I had was that the first door was open and I finally arrived at the shower room, and thank god the door was open I entered feet first, all I had to do now was open the fucking top draw!!!!!!.

Standing up was not an option, although I tried but with my back to the wall I was unable to get any power out of my thighs as the pain was to intense, although I must stand at some point in order to remove my elbow tie, but with my hands free that should not be too difficult, so I reached the cabinet after having a long and painful fight with a small rug,

so feet first and on my back, I kept moving forwards till my knees were almost touching the cabinet so that I could reach up to the draw handle with my feet,

I began to walk up the front of the cabinet using my toes, and pulled the draw open an inch or two and had to stop as the pain from my thighs was unbearable coupled to that my wrists were now very tight and my elbows that I was laying on felt numb,
My bowel had a spasm and I involuntary began to push, the steel but plug moved a little and then was forced back in on
account of all the elastic and ropes holding it there,

I also became aware that my dick was rock hard and felt uncomfortable trapped inside me, and I was sobbing again for I felt the tears running down the sides of my face.

I stayed like that for ages savouring all the strange feelings I was getting from all over my body, even my ears were throbbing as I have never kept ear plugs in this long,

so with my toes under the draw I began to push the draw out but realised that when it eventually drops out it will fall on my face.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:45 am

Part 6

New plan, I had to turn round and use my head and let it fall on my thighs, at this point I did not care about hurting myself anymore, I wanted out, as soon as I made my first move to turn round the pain board lit up big time.

By the time I had turned round and in the right place must have taken an hour or so, with resting and moving was making me feel sick with the pain, I was now resting and sobbing more than moving,

I punched the bottom of the draw with my head and the draw flew out, crashing down on to my already painful thighs, then it toppled forwards in what appeared to be slow motion, and I involuntary put my arms out to stop it crashing on to my shins,

cold fear as I realised I was tied up and in slow motion the back edge of the draw crashed into my chin bone and the contents fell all over me and the floor, the pain went on forever and the tears rolled down my face, I wanted to comfort my chins and was crying in frustration,

I was in bondage and totally powerless and loved/hated it,

After a time I spotted the case with the razor in it and slid down the cupboard to the floor and rested again, I started to shimmy towards the door and grabbed at the razor case with my hands, as I turned onto my side to get the case, a bottle of after shave rolled of my thighs and smashed on the floor, that’s all I wanted fucking broken glass,

I shimmied sideways away from the glass, then towards the door, as I passed the broken aftershave I went into bowel spasm again, that stopped me dead and was aware of the strong smell of aftershave, the fumes’ were over powering and made me feel very light headed to a point that I remember having a sort of night mare,

I was floating on the water next to a whirl pool and going round and round, slowly I was going to the middle so I tried to swim away but was unable to do that, slowly I was being sucked down, everything was going dark, I was drowning, I woke with the sweats and agonising pain in my stomach again and totally disorientated, so I panicked and then realised my situation, but it was getting dark.

How long have I been crawling around bloody this floor, sleeping, suffering with a running nose, I continued shuffling through the door way, and away from the glass, once clear I opened the case and removed the razor, I became aware of a tickling sensation in my sex and realised that it was the 10ok stim starting again, fucking what that’s 12 no 24 hours and a bit, my dick was rock hard or as hard as it can in the confines that I’d placed it in, the tightness from everyware,

I rolled onto my stomach and Unscrewed the handle from the razor retrieved the blade, the stim was nice and gentle and different than I remember, it was like a thousand pins all pricking at once all over my stomach and upper thighs,

must be all that piss, reaching down with my fingers began to pull the ring as close as I could so as to begin cutting through the ropes, I stopped as I was going to have another orgasm, so I pulled on the wrist ropes, tried to slid my legs up and down and generally pulled and pushed at every rope till the pain was so high that I started pumping up and down with my hips,

I was pounding the floor with my stomach and could feel my ball taking a pounding, we all know how it hurts when you are kicked in the balls, I was in that state of euphoria again and I kept up the pounding and pulling on the ropes, my balls were on fire and I remember a black cloak of darkness beginning to form then nothing,

I had passed out, and when I opened my eyes there was no panic and I was perfectly aware of my predicament, the razor blade was still between my fingers and felt so helpless and I actually considered discarding the razor blade,

I think I could stay here forever, but my bowel went into spasm again with such a force that a bit of sick came into my mouth,

I cut the rope and was free.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby Franzia » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:04 pm

As I've said in another post, a very elaborate and well thought out session- quite a mind bender. More complex than anything I've tried- I just know that somehow, something would go wrong and I would be trapped. :-?

I hope members aren't discouraged by a lack of responses to their stories (or artwork) but unfortunately that's the way it is, since this isn't an art or writer's forum. Be assured though- even if there are few compliments or critiques, people are reading them! :D
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby Jimdini » Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:35 am

A gripping story,and a truly frightening predicament :shock: .
Sounds like you almost want to try it again,experiencing the "15 minutes of hell" , but being sure you could then get loose :?:
But a timely reminder that equipment can fail and trap us! Also never do an elaborate bondage without a human backup being available. :!:
Never confuse your ambition with your abilitues, if you can't free yourself who will?
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby tekoma » Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:23 pm

Ok, first of all... you are a real beauty. And I am glad I found you here.
My eyes were glued on the screen while I was reading your story. This is so intense. You are amazing!
I know from the details that you describe that everything of this session is true.
Selfbondage is my passion too, and I am estimming since a nerd from my school class told me about it. This was ages ago and many many stories has to be told since then.
But for now, please can you explain me a little bit more in detail how and where you place these electrodes.
You have 3 wires ... I know, thats the triphase stim. you do one into you anal passage, whats up with the other two wires? do you put them on the left and right side of your shaft or top and bottom under or over you foreskin? And I don't understand this taping thing you discribed. Please help this curious guy.

ps. je suis désolé que je suis juste un Boche. A propos d'une réponse, je serais vraiment heureux.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:59 am

wow, thank you for a wonderful comment, and I think you deserve a more precis answer, I believed that my description was good enough but on re-reading it again the detail is a bit thin.

I use stereo stimulation, my amp is made for a laptop and and has 2 remote speakers,and 1 built in base woofer,
so I unplug the the 2 speakers and disconnect the base woofer (by removing the wires),
I then plug in an extension 3 meter lead, then a second 3 meter lead, these plugs are tapped together so that they don't pull apart during a struggle.
this gives me plenty of scope for moving around.
as for my personal set up this is made from a short extension lead 1 meter long, I cut of the 2 plugs off at one end and pealed them back, so now I have 4 wires, the common wires (the earth return) are joined together,
so now I have 3 wires.
the earth wires are connected to the but plug, this is only an inch long and is made from a chrome kitchen door knob,
and to stop it going right in I have fitted a strip of plastic to the end with a screw and here I attach the earth wire,
one down and two to go,
remember that my dick is flaccid, so I have taken a bicycle rubber inner tube and cut out a length approximately 1" dia and 3/4" long,
I squash it flat and pierce a small hole right through the middle, so that when I release it I have a rubber ring with 1 hole either side,
from the out side I feed through a single wire, that's one wire from each side, too the ends of the wire I have soldered an electrode, I used two silver coins, and they are polished and no sharp edges.
by covering the back of the coin with glue I can then pull the wire back and secure the coin to the inside of the rubber ring, I repeat this to the other side, It's finished.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby tekoma » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:29 pm

Dear lana,

once again, thank you so much for sharing your story and answering my questions. Unfortunately, now a I have even more question than before. Sorry for that.
Your explanation already made things a lot more clear to me. I can remember quite well, while doing my first e-stimming sessions, that bad edges of my first metal electrodes resulted in extreme pain after some hours. A brand-new CD player playing remotely "technotronix no limit" in a loop, grandpas old tube amp (no joke) and a 6v AC transformer brought me my first e-stimmed orgasm. From there on I was addicted to this and a journey has startet.
But I drift away.
You have a rubber ring made out of an inner bicycle tube. smooth silver coins as electrodes glued to the insides. so far so good. But where are you placing them? I read your story and your comment at least three times and I still have no clue. Do you pull back your foreskin and place these electrodes on the head (mushroom) of your best member or do you place them at the outside of your forskin?
But then this taping, tucking thing you described makes no sense. I am confused.
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Re: A true story in detail.

Unread postby lanad » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:48 am

I read your story and your comment at least three times and I still have no clue. Do you pull back your foreskin and place these electrodes on the head (mushroom).
answer: It tends to slip off if you place it on the head, better to put it behind the head with the skin puled back,
then you can do an internal tuck, so that every thing is in side, the 4" tape keeps every thing in place, and this can only be done when you are flaccid after masturbation,
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