Cheerleader Detective in Trouble

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Cheerleader Detective in Trouble

Unread postby y2ap » Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:54 am

Cheerleader Amanda Kendrix finished putting on her white ankle socks. In a few hours she’s have to rush off to college for the big game. As the team’s captain, everyone expected her there. She grabbed her sneakers from the closet but before she could put them on, her phone beeped. Looking at it, she noticed it was a message from the local police chief. Since age 18, she had been helping the cops solve cases when she broke open an unsolved mystery after some amateur sleuthing. With her help, the police were able to put away four out of five of the top criminals in the city.

She read the message, “Another girl missing, last seen at the old cannery. Check it out if you have a chance. We have reason to believe whoever is taking these girls knows we’re on to them.”

Amanda knew she had to check it out right away. If these people expected the cops, they wouldn’t be expecting her. A lot of criminals knew of her but the cheerleading game would be the perfect cover. The bad guys wouldn’t think she’d skip a game to follow a lead. She knew she had to change, as her cheerleading uniform wouldn’t give much cover. She stripped off her clothes and put on tight jeans and a tank top. She put on her sneakers and in a few minutes she was off. Little did she know she was being lured into a trap!

She arrived at the cannery twenty minutes later. Getting out of the car, she looked around the premises to make sure it was safe. She knew better than to go inside without checking the entire building. Seeing that it was safe she tried to open the door. Locked. She took a paper clip from her jeans pocket and opened it, using the end to pick the lock. Success!. She snuck in and flipped the switch, lighting the place up. Empty.

“Be careful, Amanda,” she told herself.

She never got caught in the past and she didn’t plan on it today. Although she didn’t carry a gun she was trained by some guys on the police force to fight, so she had no problem engaging bad guys if she had to. As she walked around, she saw an empty chair. She went over to it. A pile of rope and a ball gag was set on the chair. “This must have been used on the last girl they caught,” she said. “Poor girl, it must be terrible to be tied up and gagged.” She began to look for more clues. Suddenly the lights shut out. Complete darkness. She froze. The lights flipped back on.

“Crap,” she said.

Looking around she was surrounded by six men in masks. Each one had a different tool they meant to use on her: rope, handcuffs, leg irons, ball gag, net, chloroform.

“Give up or you’ll be taken forcefully,” a voice announced on a speaker.

“I think I’ll take my chances with force,” Amanda Kendrix said defiantly.

The men began to get closer. One thing she learned was that she could use her sexuality to get out of tight spots. Standing at 5’8” with long, brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and perky C cup breasts, she knew she could try a few things. As they crept up on her, she slipped off her tank top. The men froze, looking at her tone tummy and luscious breast neatly packed in her zebra striped bra. She saw her chance. She charged the man with the ball gag, kicking him and getting out of the circle.

“After her!” yelled another.

She ran for the door but several more henchmen appeared, blocking her path. She began to punch her way through them, hitting and kicking anything that moved. She fought her way through 10 men before but this was getting ridiculous. One of the men at the door threw something at her feet. It popped. Sleeping gas! She tried not to breathe it in, but between the fighting and trying to run away she needed to breathe. She began to slow down. The man with the chloroform grabbed her and muffled her with his soaked rag. Before she could fall completely under he let her go. She fell on the floor, weakened.

“Tie her up,” the voice on the speaker said.

She could feel the rope tighten around her wrists and ankles.

“Let me go,” she said angrily.

The man with the voice on the speaker stepped out. She recognized his as the Mad Roper, known for using rope to strangle his victims. He had something in his hands. His henchmen picked her up and held her in front of him.

“Are you going to kill me?” she asked.

“No,” he responded.

“Then what’s in your hand if it’s not rope?”

“This,” he said, producing a ball gag. She had never been gagged before. Her face turned flush when she saw it. How humiliating she kept thinking.

“I’m going to enjoy gagging you,” he said as he shoved it in her mouth and strapped it behind her head. Bound and gagged, now she knew how those other girls felt.

“Take her away and lock her in the smallest cage you can find. Take her shoes off, too. She’ll be missing her game!”

I'll do part 2 if anyone likes this sort of thing. Let me know.
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Re: Cheerleader Detective in Trouble

Unread postby DarkLizerd » Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:24 am

good start... action right away... no 3 chapters to set the main character up...
(which most people skip anyway...)
(Yes, like several of my stories... :shock: )
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Re: Cheerleader Detective in Trouble

Unread postby y2ap » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:16 pm

DarkLizerd wrote:good start... action right away... no 3 chapters to set the main character up...
(which most people skip anyway...)
(Yes, like several of my stories... :shock: )

Hi and thanks for the feedback here as well. I'm not sure if I would ever be good with developing my main character in depth. I'd probably end up feeling sorry for her and change it from a bondage story to just a normal detective story!
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