The Sisters of Mercy?

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The Sisters of Mercy?

Unread postby restricted » Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:39 pm

Right. Take note all you perverts out there who think you have the right to molest and or rape any female.
Let’s get this clear. Women are the master race and you worms are here only for our pleasure. If any of you decide to have your way with any female without her permission, this is what will happen to you. You have been warned.

It started out one night after we went to the club. After a good night drinking and being merry, we all wandered off home. We did tell Sue to get a cab but she insisted walking would do her good. Well, it didn’t. She was jumped on, assaulted sexually and mugged. Fortunately he ran off before he could rape her.

Two nuns saw what was happening and chased him away thankfully. Mind you I wondered what they were doing out that late at night. Fortunately they saw her home and at the following weekend came to see her in the morning while I was there. They explained they weren’t real nuns; it was just that they went to a vicars and tarts night. But this time the females were the vicars and the males were the tarts. But they admitted even drunks gave them some respect as they walked past. If only they knew.

Sue said she would love to get even with him. The two nuns Clarissa and Phoebe agreed that something should be done. That when I called the other six girls and they came running like hounds after a fox. I put it to them about getting revenge and they were all up for it.

Sue said it would be impossible to get even as we would be recognised straight away. I said I didn’t recognise the two nuns. That’s when we formed “The Sisters of Merciful Discipline” group. Clarissa said she would contact her dress maker who made the outfits for them. A quick phone call and it was agreed that tomorrow, Sunday, she would measure them all up and make the outfits on condition she could join us. Apparently she had been raped.

Sunday came and we had a few glasses of wine. Everyone was measured and was told it would be completed within the month. It looked promising.

Gradually over the month Sue got over the assault. But she was having second thoughts on revenge. Having said that, she knew where her assailant lived. She begrudgingly told us where to find him. At this point of time we were eleven in number. We convinced her that he should be punished in a way that will send warnings to others. Eventually she caved in and went along with us.

I went along to a wood yard and selected some stout timber. Phoebe drew up some plans of what I had ideas of. Eventually we got the perfect design.

I never told the others what I was thinking of but they all got stuck in and helped sand the wood down and varnish it. By the time they had finished it, the pieces of wood looked like they had been made in a factory.

In front of them I started the assembly. They were shocked at my idea. Giggled, and all applauded. To start with it looked like a bench. But on each of the legs were metal brackets. I demonstrated and Phoebe closed the brackets and put pins in. I was trapped.

Then she took another piece of wood and closed it over my neck. Thanks to the height, my bum and mouth was at the right height for someone standing in front of me or behind come to that.

Sue said we need a method to keep the mouth open. Phoebe said one of those wire openers dentists use. Perfect. But someone found an adjustable one that opened by turning a thumbscrew on each side.

A few days later Phoebe went into the stocks and I used the gag on her. She could only scream “Ahhhh”. We were ready for the ordeal to take place. It was Friday. We sent Phoebe out on her own to act as bait. But we were only a few feet away in a car. Sure enough, the man pounced. But he didn’t know Phoebe had a brown belt in Judo.

In seconds he was flat on the floor with six of us dressed as nuns around him. A piece of cloth soaked in chloroform soon knocked him out. It didn't take long to strip him.

We waited until the gay club was packed and it was quiet outside before we dragged him back in a van still stuck in the stocks. I went into the club and passed around leaflets to men and women that there was someone who wished to be abused outside. He is naked and waiting for them. Sue put a notice in front of him so he could read it. “Either way. I’m here for your satisfaction. The more the merrier”. It was great to see him squirm as he realised what was about to happen. It gave us great pleasure.

We watched from the van as they came out of the club. In 10 minutes he had been raped 3 times and forced to give oral 5 times within twenty minutes. Then the girls started coming out. Some had their strap on dildos with them. I thought it was unusual. In a half an hour, he had cum oozing out of every orifice he had. Even his nose shone as the female juices ran down it. We laughed and left him to it.

I said I was puzzled why the girls had dildo’s on them. “Oh dear. Did I let slip about it in advance. Silly me” Sue said. We all laughed. Clarissa said the next one should have a hole in the bench for his todger to go through and weights could be used to give him real pain. We all agreed that would be better for the slime ball.

So as I said, watch it, if you think you will assault a girl. The Sisters will be hunting you. We have forty in the sisterhood now. The next one will be left in a girls club. And the female of the species is deadlier than the male.
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