Never rile your partner

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Never rile your partner

Unread postby restricted » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:04 am

It was getting warmer by the day as Spring led into Summer. I was getting bored of watching TV and wanted a little more fun. Jackie, my wife of fifteen years loved her Coronation Street and Eastenders.

I started to suggest that she ties me up and has her wicked way with me. Jackie didn’t seem interested. So I took to running for a hobby to get me out of the house while that hour and a half was wasted.

I bought the trainers from our local shoe shop and some white socks. Unfortunately our local sports shop had closed so I couldn’t get a track suit or shorts unless I drove into the nearby city or bought on line. Unfortunately work took me away from that area so Jackie said she would get them for me.

A week later there was a bag on the table when I got home. Jackie said she thought about it and decided that it would be best if I was seen rather than running round in the jogging pants they had. The only colour they had left was grey. So she got me these things.

I opened the bag to find a fluorescent yellow vest at the top. I pulled it out and held it up. “It is your size. Get the rest out” Jackie said with a big grin on her face. The next thing was a pair of cotton athlete’s running shorts. I said they were too small. Jackie disagreed. After that came the slip to contain my crown jewels. “Go and try them on”. So I went upstairs to the bedroom and put the outfit on.

“Wow. Keep them on for the rest of the night” Jackie said, “I’ll get you some more. You look terrific. I am going to have to be careful that you don’t get attacked by some sex starved girls”. Sex that night was terrific.

Anyway, I kept on about her tying me up and when I couldn’t stop her, she could have all the fun she wanted. She still wasn’t interested. I said I thought it was because she couldn’t tie a knot. Jackie told me she was very good at tying knots.

“If I put my shorts on, you could tie me to a chair and keep me waiting while you watch your programs” Jackie never responded. This went on for weeks. In the end she asked why should she tie me up wearing those shorts when all she had to do was slip her hand into them and grab it anyway.

I told her because the anticipation would keep me nice and firm for her. The longer she kept me waiting the better. Besides it would give me something to do to try to escape.

It was now the height of Summer. It was a Wednesday. I had another moan and even ordered lots of soft cotton rope from eBay. It turned up the following week. I showed Jackie and she said she thought I had gone mad. I told her I couldn’t tie myself up. She told me to try.

Eventually she agreed to tie me up on the following Friday. She would watch her rubbish while I tried to escape. I had won. Jackie told me to just put my shorts on and no vest. She wanted all my body at her disposal. I had never moved so fast to get undressed.

I went back downstairs in my shorts and slip holding me in to save bits poking out. Jackie told me she didn’t want to hear me during her programs so we had better go to the spare bedroom. Up I go like a boy who has just been told Father Christmas is there.

Jackie pulled a chair into the middle of the room and ordered me to sit. Eagerly I sat down. Firstly she tied my hands together behind the back of the chair. I could feel my erection growing already fighting against the slip. Then my feet were tied together and ropes went to either leg of the chair. I couldn’t thrash about and make a noise by banging the chair. She wound rope around my thighs and the chair before tying it off. This was followed by rope just below the knee caps. I was well and truly tied up. But Jackie hadn’t finished.

She would rope around my waist and the chair holding me firmly to it. I found she had tied my wrists to that rope so I couldn’t move them. Even more rope went around my arms and chest. Now I was well and truly at her mercy. “Let’s see you get out of that lot. One more thing. I don’t want to hear you” With that she cleave gagged me with one of her silk scarfs. A peck on the cheek and she left closing the door behind her.

I heard the music start up for Coronation Street. I started to struggle. But it was no use. She really had tied me up. The adverts came and went and I was no further towards getting the ropes lose. But that was only fifteen minutes. The closing music started so I knew it was eight o’ clock by then. Eastenders music started. I heard the program and the closing music. It was now eight thirty and I was still as stuck as ever.

Jackie came up to check on me. “You must be enjoying yourself as you have made no attempt to escape”. She laughed and left me while she went to the toilet. I heard her walking downstairs. Coronation Street started and finished. Okay it was now nine. I was getting bored. Still, she would be up in a few minutes to release me. Or so I thought.

I heard the news music start up and close. Now ten thirty. Still no Jackie. I was held as firmly as ever. She came in the room. She took a look at me and said I must be having a ball as I was still stuck to the chair. “I’ll leave you there for the night. I hope all that is for me in the morning” she said rubbing her hand over my shorts that were just about hiding my shaft. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, told me to enjoy myself and she would see me in the morning.

She turned the light out, closed the door and went to bed. All night I struggled but it was no use. My erection had faded. I was bored to tears. I never realised how adapt she was at tying people up. I knew then.

Next morning she came in and untied me. “Enjoy yourself?” I told her I didn’t. Jackie said she did. She had a lovely dream where she had taken me for a ride, tied me to a tree and left me for a while before coming back to ride me at her discretion.
But it has done some good. She now ties me up and impales herself on me or I tie her up and either do it doggy fashion or use my tongue.
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