Our crossdresser's party

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Our crossdresser's party

Unread postby radler » Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:36 pm

Well its our monthly party time again... we've been getting more and more adventurous over time and have built up a good roster of friends into the same lifestyle who are game for almost anything.

Since my wife & I are hosting this one - we get to make the plan - explain it to everyone and also to have the most fun of anyone there...
I have been getting more and more into wearing lingerie during our sexcapades - both together and more recently in groups...

We made this party a "come in lingerie" event - for everyone! - men and women were required to wear stockings, garter belts, high heels and open crotch panties - a few declined but our hard core friends were all up for it. We had a few couples attend and some single men - in fact we had to turn a few singles away and discovered afterwards that many already had their own lingerie to wear - we had struck a common interest it seem (I am far from alone..).

Some arrived at the party already dressed-up - some of the men & women were wearing dresses and some just in lingerie under a coat. Debbie & Mark walked from their car up the driveway in just their lingerie - Mark's semi-hard cock bouncing up & down and Debbie's breasts bobbling in an open cup basque as they made their way to the front door (very daring & sexy to see...). the rest brought their lingerie with them and changed after they arrived.

For those that came dressed for action my wife started the "welcoming line" - the others just joined in as they were ready...

My wife & I kneeled and had our new guests line up in front of her. Marlene nuzzled forward to lick Debbie's pussy - my cock stirred at the sight.

Marlene had only discovered her lesbian leanings in the last 18 months but had been making up for lost time since then. After a minute or so she passed Debbie onto me and moved her attentions to Mark's now throbbing cock. I licked at Debbie's tasty wet pussy while I watched Marlene gobbling Mark's shaved cock... I loved to see here like this - my cock stiffened - she was in a kind of initial frenzy.. I knew she would settle down in a while to a slower pace - she knew what she liked and would take her time to enjoy this to the fullest - and there was little chance Mark would cum at this stage in the evening.

After a few minutes Marlene popped Mark out of her mouth and started darting her tongue between Maddy's panties & into her pussy lips... of course that meant that I now got to take hold of Marks throbbing cock... I'd been looking forward to this - Mark had the biggest cock of all the attendees today and I loved sucking on It. I'd had him twice before but not with a large audience like this - my cock was straining just at the thought of the public display. I showed off a bit - licking and wanking him - but it was struggle for me to get very much of his length down my throat as Marlene had done... but then she of course had years of cock sucking practice over me... I'd first sucked cock only about a year before and was still working at it - in fact the first cock I'd ever sucked - David's - was to be next between Marlene's lips... David & Maddy always wore matching lingerie, in this case smoky grey stockings, deep wine-red cupless latex basques and matching tiny latex split front thongs - David's with his firm cock and balls hanging out as he wanked himself slowly pulling his foreskin back & forth over the already very wet head of his cock.

Marlene and I had several matching sets of lingerie too - but what looked good on Marlene didn't always look good on me and vice versa so we played variety too - her 34H breasts mean she looks spectacular in any lingerie that fits her well - however I have a much easier time finding lingerie that fits me. Today I was wearing black silky wide lace top stockings held up by an 8 strap black leather garter belt and black leather open thong. I had my trademark gold cock & ball ring and 5 tight gold rings around my balls stretching my sac. This was my favourite way to play - I loved the look and showing it off and besides the rings seem to maintain my erections, help me get extra hard and delay my ultimate ejaculation.. everything to love about them..

Before I was really finished with Mark, Marlene moved on to David so I got Maddy's shaved pussy to lick.. I wasn't really dissapointed as Maddy had an absolutely lovely sweet pussy and lifted a leg and pulled herself wide open to make it easier for me to find her clitoris - she just loved that. meanwhile Debbie was now on her knees next to me and was suckling on Mark taking her turn in the "welcoming line". And so it went on alternating with Linda & Max and then the 3 single men John, Alex & Art. All the guys had been jacking themselves and were all fully hard and ready to go.

After I was eventually done giving Art a gentle wanking & sucking it was my turn to take on Marlene who was now standing in front of me expectantly. I slipped first one then two fingers up her wet pussy while I sucked on her nipples - they stiffened and elongated immediately - she was well turned on! Sensing her readiness I bit down on her nipples alternating left and right as I thrust my fingers gently in and out - very wet... She stood up and I licked her for a little while then handed her off for Debbie' s attentions. Now I stood up and stretched and wanked myself up to full hardness - ready for my turn in Debbie's mouth... and so it went on until I'd moved all the way down the line and Art had finished sucking me off. I was feeling really good and after all that attention I needed to be careful not to come... all the men had managed to hold it together and avoid cumming so far.

We took a break and enjoyed some champage and snacks outside on the pool deck. The women were feeling rather free to wander round and wank on cocks at random if they saw you softening too much - a few of the men also did this - myself included but I focussed on Mark & David. I found my own cock was just throbbing & straining the whole time... I didn't need much help to stay hard - the thought of our planned evening was enough alone.

We spun a bottle to select between the 3 women guests and Linda was the chosen one. She was rather dissapointed to hear she was to be the designated camera woman for the shoot.

We explained the plan and their individual parts to the rest of the participants - there was some surprise at the plan - but everyone was game enough.

To get everyone ready again the couples started straight fucking and after a little while the men fed their wet cocks into their womens mouths and allowed the single men to take their place in fucking position - this continued with a few rounds of rotation. Meanwhile Marlene was on her knees and I was easing myself into her ass from behind - very gently and slowly with lots of lube just to loosen her up and warm her up for what was to come...

Now to start the main event... Max lay down with his long thin cock sticking up like a popsicle and Marlene slowly mounted him reverse cowgirl up her ass, Maddy and Debbie helped her down into poistion. She gasped as it slid all the way in. She waited a moment with her eyes screwed closed - then slowly started to move up & down on his cock - a smile spread to her lips and Maddy & Debbie helped here lay back on top of Max and he started a gentle rythmic pumping up her ass. Maddy and Debbie took a nipple each into thier mouths and started teasing them with their lips tounge and teeth - Marlene looked very content. They then lifted and spread Marlene's legs and started caressing her pussy lips and the inside of her thighs - she squirmed a bit on Max's cock as they did this... a very nice sight - she was well away already...

I motioned to Mark and he moved forward and rubbed his wet cock backward & forwards over her lips - she eventally opened and gently sucked him into her mouth - turning her head to get more of him into her mouth. Meanwhile Art and Alex had snuggled up behind Maddy and debbie and were slipping their cocks gently into the girls from behind - holding their hips as the gently thrust in & out.

I moved forward and rubbed my cock between Marlene's pussy lips, Debbie grabbed my cock and started wanking me gently and sliding my cock head up & down on Marlene's clitoris. Marlene started orgasming and bucked back onto the cock up her ass - this set her off into another spasm and she took Max so hard up her ass she gasped. I gently pushed my cock into her pussy with Debbie's hand still locked at the base of my shaft. I pushed as far in as I could with Debbie in place and then moved back out. Debbie started wanking my shaft - I could feel my forskin moving back & forth over the head of my cock burried in Marlene's pussy - it was a wonderful sensation - but wasn't really part of our plan.

Debbie released me and I slipped all the way in and spread my legs wide outside Max's & Marlene's legs.

David stepped up and pulled the panty thong out of my ass and across one cheek. He slowly slipped a lubed finger up my ass and repeated lubing me again and again. I could feel Max's thrusts up Marlene's ass as if he was along-side me in her pussy. Marlene was still sucking on Mark. I pulled back out of Marlene and could feel myself getting impaled on Davids finger - I thrust back in deep into Marlene's wet pussy and them back out again onto David finger - I could feel him push it into me - Wow - felt great.
David stepped up and slipped his condom covered cock into my ass gently... it felt huge and I had to ask him to go slow... but gradually I got used to it. My cock was still hard due to the sensation of Max's trusting and my cock pushed hard & deep up Marlene's super wet cunt. David started some gentle thrusting and I asked Marlene if she could feel it - she said it felt just like I was gently fucking her. My cock was getting super hard at this new sensation - however back to the plan... I had David pull out about half-way and I started fucking in & out of Marlene. As I pulled-out I impaled myself fully on David's smooth cock and as I pushed in I penetrated Marlene deeply and David's cock almost slipped out of me.. and again ... and again - it was quite devine - the sexiest feeling ever.

John - our newest friend - had been watching events unfold and had been wanking away over Marlene's face occasionally rubbing his cock on her cheek & lips and getting a little sucking every now & then. I motioned to Marlene and she switched sides to take John fully in her mouth and I leaned over and sucked Mark into my mouth.. mmm. It was difficult fucking and sucking at the same time so I mostly alternated sometimes staying fully inside Marlene and letting David fuck my ass hard while I sucked on Mark and sometimes fucking in & out myself while trying to lick at Mark's cock on the in stroke...

This seemed to go on for quite a while - then Mark & John switched with Alex & Art and both Marlene & I got fresh pussy flavored cocks - mmm nice! after a while they swapped back again and this time I got Maddy's pussy juice on Mark's cock - mmm... you could really tell the difference

The sensations for me were just really intense throughout this and I was the first to blow my load. I could feel it cumming and said as much - I pushed hard into Marlene for my final cum-stroke and just as I was about to cum David thrust hard up my ass and Max thrust hard up Marlene's ass. It was a heavenly ejaculation and I sank my mouth over Mark's cock and deep throated him better than I ever had up to that point. I kept him deep in my mouth and David deep up my ass as I shot at least 10 big loads into Marlene - a spectacular amount for me. With my last few loads max started thrusting again and this was enough to make Marlene cum hard as I drained myself... I pulled Marks cock out of my throat - I don't know how I had managed that - temporary suspension of gag reflex maybe - I had too many other other things going on to think about it.

I was still very hard - this had been so exciting and Marlene was still quivering and wimpering - Max was still thrusting - I had a feeling he was getting close too... I asked David to slip the condom off and fuck me till he came. The condom was for lubrication not protection and I wanted he & I to feel every part of this next stage. David started fucking hard and Marlene gasped "whoa that's good" as she felt David's indirect thusts along with Max's very direct ones. I took Mark's cock again and he was pretty ready too - he'd been wanking hard and pretty soon started to cum in my mouth - I took about 4 spurts on my tongue then directed the rest onto Marlene's face and onto John's cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Mark pumped for a long time - initially shooting short streams, then little spurts, then little dots of cum across Marlene face and onto John's hand & cock. John was clearly very turned on by this and was pumping his cock over Marlenes face as she licked at his wet knob each time it appeared as he pulled his foreskin back on each stroke...

David grunted and started pumping the contents of his balls into my ass - I could feel every spasm and obviously so could Max because as soon as David started pumping Max matched his thrusts and groaned he was cumming too. Marlene convulsed again as another orgasm wracked her body - I had a feeling we were both getiing fed a good large dose tonight. Right then John started to shoot great gobs of his sperm across Marlene's face - she groped for his cock and stuck it into her mouth to take the rest of his seed... As soon as he stopped shooting I kissed Marlene full on the lips and opened my mouth to allow Mark's saved cum to dribble into her mouth - then her tongue darted ito my mouth covered in John's sperm. We kissed like this for a minute as Debbie and Maddy sucked on John's & Mark's cocks cleaning up. Art & Alex were both getting ready to cum and both pulled out of the girls and moved to shoot over Marlene's face from each side. They came at about the same moment further covering her face with sticky goo. I licked at her face and shared the sperm into her mouth with my tongue - we both sucked on their cocks to clean them fully. Wow - Wow Wow...!!

David pulled out of my ass and Maddy dropped on her knees to suck on his cock briefly as I pulled myself up & off Marlene - then she switched to my cock - just beginning to go a little limp - she soon had me stiffening. She pushed me down into a chair and sucked me a little more then she lifted my legs onto her shoulders and rotated me back on the seat - she gently lifted my balls up and started licking at my asshole as she wanked my firm cock. She kept licking my ass and would sometimes pick up a little escaping sperm on her finger and show it to me before slipping it onto her tongue to be swallowed. She wispered "I'm just recovering all my husbands sperm - I wouldn't want to waste any". Next she started probing up my ass with her finger to reach more sperm to eat.

Meanwhle Debbie had slipped between Marlene's legs and while gently massaging Max's balls started licking at Marlene's gaping pussy. Marlene was already very wet with her own pussy juice and my sperm leaking out - it was lovely to watch Debbie slurping it up. Marlene rolled off Max and Maddy sucked Max briefly - but he was pretty soft by now so she gave up on that and lifted and spread Marlene's legs to open her ass right up. She was gaping wide and Max's sperm was running out in a thick line - Maddy lapped at it until the flow stopped then moved up and kissed Marlene full on the lips for a new sperm exchange...

All of us but Linda were pretty spent - we felt bad for her as she really felt like she missed out - she was trying to get the guys interested in fucking her but everyone was empty to the point of being sore. So in the end the girls took it in turns to fist her which seems to make her very happy. She moved around sucking on some cocks (mine included) while being fisted but didn't get any payoff - however she soon started to cum hard and the girls did a relay effort to keep her cumming continually for a total of about 20 minutes - after that she was just ready to go to sleep with the rest of us.

Next morning at breakfast everyone said they had really enjoyed it and Mark confessed he can't wait to set up the same plan for himself and Debbie and how he wants me to fuck his ass. This is only going to be complicated by the fact that Debbie agreed with him but wants me to fuck her ass instead. I'm sure we can work it all out - but we'll have to make sure Linda gets an action role next time too.

The end. My author profile and all my erotic stories are available at http://www.asexstories.com/Authors/Dongle.shtml
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