Suspended for dreams.

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Suspended for dreams.

Unread postby lanad » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:37 am

For a long time I have wanted to suspend myself horizontally but never been able to find a suitable way of doing this,
Of course it’s not from lack of trying, the first time ever was just hanging by my wrists, needless to say that lasted a whopping 15 seconds and was extremely painful.

Then one day when I was dreaming in a very comfortable bed tie, I had a brain wave and I started to plan as you do,
If you have read my previous adventure this is a similar arm tie that I shall apply, and having attempted many a set up for this particular tie, I eventually settled for this one.

So I hung from a beam a heavy chain with large links, it stopped 6 inches of the floor,

From the bottom of the chain I attached a 3/8 rope and passed this up to the beam 7 feet from where the chain was attached,
The rope passed through a forged steel ring that was suspended by a 3/8 chain, the chain was passed through an eye that was screwed firmly to the beam,

The other end of the chain was embedded in a block of ice that was mounted on the floor, this chain was tight.

The rope passed through the ring from the underside and returned to the main chain and was connected using a snap lock at a point that I can easily reach when I stand on a wooden 4” block with my back to the chain,

Then I fitted a further 2 snap locks to the rope, the first one at the point where the rope passed through the steel ring and the second one at a point 6” further down,

Standing on a 4” block of wood and with my back to the chain and put my arms behind me so as to mark were my wrists would be and my fingers are in relation to the chain,

I stood back and looked at the set up, it’s simple but some were I must try to fit a strong and effective ice lock that’s not going to drip all over the floor.

The most effective ice lock that I have made was a 1.5 litre plastic bottle with a ½ inch chain frozen inside with a length hanging out the top, this is placed on the floor and wedged under a ring that is screwed to a beam or into the wall, I’ve used this method before on a chair tie,

The chain passes through the eye and then added an extension chain to pass up to the beam and through the heavy duty eye and fitted a steel ring,

as the ice melts the water drains to the bottom of the bottle and allows the ice to move up the bottle, so the water will not go all over the floor,
the chain can’t pull through the ring because of the big lump of ice on the end how long will it hold ?. I haven’t got a clue, an hour and a half on a warm day, 4-5 hours on a cold day, if you wrap the bottle in a towel will add more time.

I wrapped the bottle with towel.

I used a 5 litre bottle.

I must find out how long.

Man builds to make life easy.

I build to make life more painful.

So there it is now use it.

Time approx 20-00.

In front of the large chain I placed a homemade bird table, on top of which I placed all my ropes locks and tape and also placed a 4” block of wood on the floor at the bottom of the chain, then programmed the pc to give me painful stim after 2 hours and lasts for 45mins, if the ice lasts that long!.

I now know what trepidation means.

It begins.

Unrealised mistake, I program the PC to a certain time (22-00), this time slot is not erased automatically but remains active on a Daly basis providing the recorder and play back program is open,

And it is open.

I plug in the wires that connect me to the PC and tape the plugs together as in the past they have pulled out and this is an absolute disaster,

I stand on the wooden block with my back to the chain and facing the bird table, taking the ankle rope and feeding it through a link in the chain wrapped it round my ankle then back through the link again and repeating this till I had 4 turns of rope around my ankles then snapped on the lock,

the tie is firm but not over tight, keeping my balance is now a problem hence the bird table and using this as a support to keep my balance,

I was able to tie a rope 4 turns just below my knees and locked it, then 4 turns just above the knees and locked in place, the next 4 turns of rope was half way up my thighs, keeping my balance was more difficult than I anticipated so the bird table was very useful,

I then put 4 turns round my butt, and then my waist then again just below my bust and then above my bust, I was now able to stand without the aid of the bird table so I moved it to my side,

I lifted my feet of the wooden block, it was like being griped by a giant hand as a soft gentle caress griped my whole body, with my feet I slid the block of wood to one side and there I was airborne,

This is it.

Will it work?

I just love it when a plan comes together.

Well almost.

I just hung there for a while, sort of testing the balance of tightness from all my bonds,

So I placed my hands behind me and released the snap lock, and grasping the rope that goes up to the steel ring and passes down to the bottom of the chain and I began to pull,

easy at first but became harder as my legs got higher, it is very difficult to pull backwards, so I had to jiggle my legs and pulling at the same time managed to get to the second snap lock, one more pull and I reached the third and another pull and managed to snap the lock to the ring that is fitted to the chain, I let go of the rope,

I was horizontal, extremely comfortable, and randy as hell; I just hung there for a time and began to notice that were the chain passed over the base of my spine was beginning to hurt in an unpleasant way,

I had planned to put a cloth hood and a stocking over my head, so a change of plan,
I took from the bird table and rolled up the cloth hood and used this as packing on the bone of my spine, much better and will be improved next time as so far this is a superb bondage.

But the pressure was still on the base of my spine and to hang like this for hours will I’m sure be extremely painful and possibly damaging to my back and not the sort of pain I need,

I ran my hand along the chain and realised that it was my waist rope that was causing the problem, so I retrieved the key from around my neck and un-locked the waist rope so as to slacken it,

Instant relief and settled for 3 turns of the rope and a big knot, replaced the key and got my hood back.
It’s not a painful bond but very caressing and motherly, I felt like I could stay here forever,

I reached out and retrieved my bits and pieces and placed my arm rope and my wrist rope on my butt, I also placed a small chain about 8” long with snap locks at each end,

This chain is ½ and the snap locks are heavy duty, as this chain will support all the weight and restrain my wrists without putting too much pressure on my wrists.

From the bird table I picked the large piece of tape for my mouth then inserted the ear plugs, pulled on the cloth hood and placed a leather strap around my neck to secure the hood,

I then wrapped with tape around my eyes tightly, I don’t know why I do this but I like the pressure on my eyes, over my head again I pulled a tight stocking the lose end I tied to the chain this supports my head against the chain,

in case any thing happened and I end up hanging by my head it will just pull of, I now feel totally cocooned, my heart is pounding with anticipation so I try to relax and beginning to regret not using more ice,

I started to slide on my elbow rope, not easy but the effort is worth the restriction of my arms,
At this point I distinctly remember feeling totally afraid, and became very hot and a bit panicky, so I just hung there for a time till it passed.

I then slipped the wrist rope over my left wrist and looped it over my right and repeated this 4 times then twisting my wrists alternatively tightened up the bond,

I was almost there and fear took hold of me again, so I stopped and began to think seriously about what I was doing, all this just for an orgasms, while I was arguing with myself I’d formed a 2 turn cincture around my wrist tie.

At this point the rope had finished and all that was left was the chain,

There is something extremely scary and terrifying at this point in all bondage scenarios, if I don’t go on I’ll regret this moment for the rest of my life.

I felt for the end of my wrist rope chain and retrieving my 8” chain connected the snap lock to a point that was comfortable and as close to my fingers as possible,

The other end was connected to the main chain; I can now lift my hands the 8” including the length of the 2 snap locks,
Here I also fitted a knife, and good quality side cutters both of which are attached to a long length of cord, and gently lowered them to the floor.

I then felt for the 2nd snap lock that is dangling from the rope that is holding me horizontally, and connected this to the end of my wrist rope/chain.

This was the moment of truth, pulling on the rope and jiggling I released the1st snap lock from the ring, all my lower body weight was now connected to my wrist tie and via the 6” chain to the main chain,

I gently let go, my legs dropped 8” or so and pulled my wrist rope 10” or 12” away from my body, and also pulled my shoulders back,

At this point it was impossible to reach the snap lock that kept my wrists secured,

The bonus here is that t also lifted the main chain further away from the base of my spine,

I was now totally helpless in a very restrictive bond and very little movement anywhere, my arms were pulled up and I could hear nothing and totally blind, I could only feel the tightness of the ropes and I had severed all my sensations,

I became acutely aware that I was swaying or so I believed, side to side back and forth, I was floating, flying, and immobile, I was scared so I touched the rope that was connected to the knife for reassurance, there were only two ways down, the knife or melting ice,

Don’t be such a pussy I argued with myself, this is to sumptuous to end, wishing I’d used even more ice, I was flying, floating and weightless, my mind was drifting all over the place.

my nose started to hurt first, being compressed by the stocking that encased my head, then it was a double whammy from my ears as the ear plugs were hurting and the compression on my ear itself, I could see stars and patterns from the tape that was compressing my eyes, next it was my ankles followed by the shoulders,

I remember concentrating on the pain from my shoulders and the numbness from my hands, so I began to work my hands by clenching my fist into a ball, repeating this operation brought them back to life again.

I was excited and wanting the stim to kick in, how long I have been hanging must be nearly two hours at least, I waited dozed and floated, the ropes around my chest began to caress tighter,

I touched the cord again for reassurance,

In my mind I was going through the stim set up, I had checked all the wires set the parameters of the stim I wanted, I was acutely aware of wriggling against my bonds trying to increase the level of pain so that I could achieve my desire, it did seem a very long 2 hours.


Have I made a mistake?

All this work for failure?

I stiffened as I felt a tingling sensation in my groin and braised myself for the onslaught of this painful session,
instantly began to get excited and forgetting all the pain that was coming from all parts of my body, I began to gyrate my hips to the pleasures of the stim, and I was also aware that I was moaning with pleasure,

I was waiting for the stim to really get hold of me and attack my parts with the force that was unbearable for that is what I wanted,

That didn’t happen,

this stim was one that I’d created a long time ago as a restful caress that gently tickles and pricks the skin in a tantalising manner and the duration is about an hour, how could I have made such a mistake I was so carful setting up.

I Felt extremely disappointed and considered letting myself down, but that meant cutting the rope and then undoing all that work just to adjusts the computer settings,

I twisted my wrist in order to grasp the cord that went to the knife; the rope slightly burned my wrist so in order to balance this discomfort I twisted the other wrist, and then forced my elbows apart, pulling my head down then up again seamed to set my face ablaze,

I was pumping my legs up and down against the rope, and I could feel myself getting more violent with each push and pull,
I was struggling hard and fast against my bonds moving my legs up and down pulling at my wrist tie trying to increase the level of pain but all I achieved was sweat and exhaustion and cramp in my calves,

And no orgasms, so I just hung there enjoying the caress of the burning rope all over my helpless body, and the gentle tingling of the stim,

and my predicament, and my pounding heart, when I cooled down I struggled again but more violently this time and I think longer, my legs and wrists were burning but without the power of the wicked stim I failed to orgasms. I felt useless and not complete,

The cramp in my calves was switching on and off and soon was able to control this new experience, not pleasant but the pain was awesome.

I think this was the point that I was weeping praying that somebody will come and finish me off.

I was staring at my tightly bound slender body suspended by a heavy chain encased with nylon and elastic underwear and covered with a tight fitting dress,
There was tight rope, chains and locks, and I am sure that I had an out of body experience as I do remember picking up a leather belt and began to thrash my legs and bum with no regard for the suffering that I was administering to myself,

I was floating like a mist, not touching the floor, the leather belt was not in my hand but under control of my mind, the recipient off this was my arms and chest and finally that useless part of my body that has let me down all these years,

I thrashed it like a man possessed, I can feel the pain so I went faster and faster.

I awoke from my dream, panicking, sweating, and struggling against my bonds and my private parts gripped with electricity that was twisting pulling and stabbing me, my arms were dead and could not feel my hands at all,

I tried to lift my knees, it was then that I remember where I was and what I was doing to myself, and it was painful.
and I began to shake uncontrollable, I was gulping air through my squashed nose and grunting as I exhaled and snot was bubbling as I drew in more air,

All this time I was still struggling against my bonds,

Cramp I want cramp, I stretched my feet and pain shot down the back of my thighs, the pain was incredible,

I started to pump hard aided by the pulses of electricity that was mercilessly attacking my sensitive body parts, finally I was having an orgasm at last, I was pulling at every rope, straining every part of my body to increase the level of pain,
I was also forcing my head down increasing the pressure on my ears and nose, and stars in my eyes what a trip I’m having,

more pain, my arms and hands were totally dead and the cramp almost unbearable, I had reached a state of euphoria.

The increased conductivity on my flesh after Cumming so much, increased the conductivity,

And inescapable agony of the stim, and I had to endure for what seemed a life time.

The stim was no longer pleasant just fucking painful, I remember struggling by trying to pull at my wrist rope, but I could feel nothing at all except for the incessant stabbing and twisting from my sex.

I was scolding myself for putting myself in this situation, cursing for not being able to use my hands to get the knife, and crying in agony,

The pain went on and on, then suddenly I had the sensation of falling strait down and spinning, I had no control at all and still pulling at my bonds, I was no longer in fear of being subjected to this agony for I have finished wanting all this pain, I started to fall down and down,

As I reached the bottom of my swing, it felt like the ropes had turned to hot wires and burned my flesh as I continued to swing back and forth.

My disorientation was such that I was expecting to hit the floor hard and was gripped with fear,

But it felt like I was upside down swinging from side to side, and the burning from the ropes, coupled with the incessant twisting and pulling from the stim,

I tried to release my wrists but was overtaken with pain, and at the same time I was trying to steady myself from falling over,

The stim was still going and it was hurting like hell, I began to pull at the ropes that held my wrists and slowly in between agonising stabs of pain and uncontrollable shaking, I managed to regain some sort of feeling in my arms and hands.

I was getting that sort of milking feeling from the stim so just hung there in a pleasurable state of ecstasy, but every now and then the stim would stab and twist the pain was incredible, moaning in pleasure I just swung back and forth. (Or so it seemed)
The burning sensation from the ropes was beginning to hurt a lot, so I remember trying to shift position a bit by wiggling my legs and pulling my arms, the pain board lit up and I felt my member getting extremely hard,

I wanted to fuck somebody.

I pushed forwards and then backwards, then forwards and backwards, I kept repeating this action and was bouncing on the chain, I was going as fast as I could, with each thrust the rope appeared to bit deeper and the burning was sensational,

Exhausted I had to stop but I was near orgasm, I began again pumping harder, forwards and backwards, bouncing on the chain,
I was getting closer to the final outcome, how I wish there was somebody to use a ridding crop on me, suddenly I began to tremble, finally I was coming and keep pumping till I was totally wasted.

I was panting like a dog just hanging there sweating, I think I could have slept if it was not for the stim that was now becoming irritatingly uncomfortable,

After a while I slowly began to unwind the rope from around my wrists,

I squeezed my elbows together and the loop rope fell off, my arms were free and hanging at my side, I struggled to lift them up against the burning ropes and the stabs of twisting and cutting stim to unplug the stim wires,

It took ages for me to pull out the wires, as the pain in my shoulders was extremely uncomfortable, but finally the stim stopped as the plugs hit the floor,

And total peace and satisfaction washed over my exhausted body.

I know that I’m upright and that I‘m hanging from a chain, but it did not feel like it at all.

I just hung there savoring the aftershock, and the burning sensation from the rope was becoming more bearable, so I continued to just hang there.

The sensation that I was experiencing from my bound body and wishing that I’d not removed my arm bonds, the moisture between my legs, the satisfaction, and the caress of the ropes that still held me tightly in its grasp,

I was thinking about getting the hard on, how this is new to me and after coming so hard, is it that I have reached and gone beyond my pain barrier, this is the second time that’s happened, but I must say that I feel fully satisfied.

I reluctantly began to remove my head bondage and as I removed the hood, the room was bathed in light; I was totally confused it should be about midnight or one in the morning!

I pulled the wooden block back with my toes and put the bird table in front of me then retrieved the keys and started to undo all the locks,

I was totally disorientated and had to hold onto something in order to stand, as my body came back to life and I looked at the clock and the time was 10-45,

Almost 15 hours, where has all that time gone? I think that the disorientation of my bondage was something to think about for next time,

I am extremely happy with my ice lock, and I think it could last for at least 24 hours! (But could I last that long?).
I really believed that it lasted only 2/3 hours.

Next time I think I shall use a padlock to retain my wrists after the ice lets go, for the feelings that I had of all this disorientation was fantastic, the shear comfort and immobility and the sensation of floating was amazing, the time loss and the dreams,

And the hard on, awesome that’s all I can say.

All so different from all the other types of bondage that I have experienced, I can imagine just to hang like a pendulum and to be intimidated every 4 hours with electricity,

My god I must be insane I’m actually planning my next session.
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