Women rule. OK?

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Women rule. OK?

Unread postby restricted » Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:07 pm

The year is 2191. Men do not have names.

There are no such things as countries any more. Women are the rulers. Men are not allowed to work in government or any position of authority. All police, judges and solicitors are female, as are all scientists and teachers. Men can become doctors but only working under a woman’s instructions.

STD’s are a thing of the past. No longer can these diseases be spread.

Men can only do service jobs and positions of servitude. Women do not work as shop assistants any more, nor as maids or cleaners. Those jobs are reserved for men. They are expected to be polite and curtsy when answering any question.

From birth girls are taught their position in life while boys get taught theirs.

At the age of eight, all boys are required to go to the local hospital and be fitted with a chastity belt. This will happen every year or as necessary while they grow. These are made of see through polymer that is indestructible and are locked around the base of the testicles. All nurses are female. But until the boys turn sixteen all girls and women can demand he shows them his chastity belt which allows them to look at his tackle so they can compare them.

The males are not allowed to wear trousers. They must wear skirts with a maximum length of seventeen inches. Only women can wear trousers and shorts. Should any woman demand he raises his skirt to show his knickers, he must not refuse. Failure to do so will mean imprisonment and torture. He must curtsy to the woman and thank her for allowing him to demonstrate he is properly dressed. The young girls are the worse as they are finding their feet as to what is their birth right.

Once they are sixteen women can propose to a male. The male must be sixteen. He does not have the right to refuse her proposal. There is no ring for the engagement, only a new chastity belt. The female will lock it on while he stands and thanks her for removing all temptation. This is normally a metal one that fits around the waist and under the crotch. There is an attachment for a false penis that is as lifelike as possible and comes in all lengths and sizes. That is for the woman’s pleasure and nothing else.

For the first five years of marriage, to prevent the female from yearning for a baby, the male must become the baby girl for her. He must allow her to dress him as such and dictate his foods and what time he must go to bed.

Every year there is a beautiful baby contest and all males still in their first five years of marriage will take part. All judged by women. The winner may expect sexual activity for the first time but this is not guaranteed. They are taken to the show strapped into push chairs that have a motor to assist in moving him.

To help the woman for the first five years, she may have a lesbian relationship. At the end of that time, she must decide if she wishes to remain a lesbian or be straight or bi-sexual. If she wished to remain a lesbian, she has to take her husband back to the hospital where they will be shown into a building and the lock will be sealed up for life. The wife will be expected to milk his prostate either herself, a friend, or if she has one, a maid, which of course is a male. This is done by using a strap on dildo. In the case of the maid, he could use the attachment for the fake penis. The strap on will also pleasure the wearer as sensors in the dildo will react to her actions. It will be the norm for the female demand her husband use his tongue on her or any visiting friend.

Bars are only for use by the female. The male will have to strip down to the chastity belt. Handcuffs will be attached to a D ring behind his back. A metal scold’s bridle will be fitted to prevent him talking. It fits under the chin right up to the nose and is held in place by a metal collar and a strap over his head that locks to the collar at the back. This has been made especially for him. Once he is cuffed and gagged, he will be led on a chain to the bar. Should he refuse to go, the female can use a whip or cattle prod on him.

Once at the bar, he is chained to the wall so that his nose is touching the marble wall. His feet are chained together. Now the female can collect the ticket number to say that male is hers. Once inside, she can relax knowing he will still be there when she is done.

The male waitresses dance about in their short skirts while the women pat their bums and lift their skirts. Groping is the norm except the chastity belt prevents any touching. A lot of women get a thrill from simply running their hand up and down the smooth metal of the chastity belt or tugging at the lock.

Some women have decided not to bother with normal clothes and simply wear bikinis all the time. They know they are safe.
If the husband has upset his wife, for a small fee, she can leave him chained to the wall for the night so all women to see what he has done.

Husband XX201 has got a rich wife. Men are not allowed bank accounts nor become a director or property owner. He is his wife’s property. Once she gets him back home she tells him it’s time for bed, even if it is only five o clock at night.

If he is dressed, he must strip off so the male nursery maid can wash him and stick a fresh nappy on him with plastic pants, a nice baby style nightdress, bootees, gloves and a bonnet. A dummy is put in his mouth and is tied tightly behind the back of his head. A bonnet is them tied under his chin and he is strapped into his cot for the night. He hates this as he watches his mistress smirk. The maid has to do as her is told or he will get the shock treatment.

XX201 is then strapped into his cot on his back. His mistress gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him to be a good girl. The side gets lifted and locked in place. She waves to him as she leaves and the maid locks the door behind them.

He can hear she has her friends as the noise comes through the speaker so conveniently put in his room. What he hears next shocks him. “Well girls, tomorrow is the last day of my five years trial. I have to decide which way my sexual leaning is. What do you think I should do?”

All he could hear was “We don’t need men any more for pleasure. We have had fun haven’t we?” His mistress agreed. “You also have his dildo attachment for your use at any time. No more Mr. Floppy or waiting for it to spring into action. Plus you have the option to use your one on him”

Tomorrow he would find out what her decision was. He never slept all night worrying in case she had the lock sealed permanently.
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Re: Women rule. OK?

Unread postby Hypercat » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:02 pm

You hate males very much uh?
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Re: Women rule. OK?

Unread postby martygraham » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:24 pm

I lost it at "Every year there is a beautiful baby contest and all males still in their first five years of marriage will take part. All judged by women. The winner may expect sexual activity for the first time but this is not guaranteed. " HAHAHAHA
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Re: Women rule. OK?

Unread postby VexMalleus » Mon Feb 17, 2020 6:54 pm

haha An interesting view into the future. It will never happen tho. Women are only good for making babies, cooking, and cleaning. :lol:
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