Charlotte and Jeremy

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Charlotte and Jeremy

Unread postby restricted » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:14 pm

Charlotte and Jeremy were, as everyone thought; the perfect couple. Whenever they were in a crowd, they only had eyes for each other. They were never apart. Until one day they had a flaming row and they split up. All their friends were gutted. No matter what they did, they couldn’t even get them in the same room together let alone make them talk it out.

Months went by and Charlotte’s friends could see she was upset by them splitting up but was so headstrong, she would not give in to making the first move to get back to Jeremy. They lost count of the number of times they caught her crying.

Jeremy was in the same position. His friends tried everything, but he would not budge. He wanted Charlotte to run back to him. His friends were at their tether. More than once, they caught him with moistened eyes.

In the end, Charlotte’s friends and Jeremy’s decided they would have to take the matter into their own hands. They had to plan how to get the pair together again. No matter what it costs to them personally. Money didn’t come into it. A party would be no use as neither would turn up.

All evening they thought about it and came up with different suggestions. Eventually one suggested a party with invites sent out complete with a list of names. To make sure both turned up, Charlotte could be invited and hour later and would see Jeremy’s name is not on the invite list and Jeremy could see Charlotte was not on the invite list.

One of Jeremy’s friends knew someone in the print game so they could do the invites and lists to show who was coming and Charlotte and Jeremy would have lists without the others name on it. As it would be a properly printed invite they would take it to be factual.

The only problem now is how to find a place where they could make sure they wouldn’t be seen until they were ready. Then one of the girls, Anne, said she knew someone who had a castle on the Scottish borders with a swimming pool. If they could get them there in swimwear and hide their clothes they would be stuck and have to talk. Everyone thought it was brilliant. Anne went on the phone to her cousin who lived in the castle what it was all about, and as she knew Charlotte, she agreed and explained she had an idea how they couldn’t avoid each other. Anne listened intently and thought it was brilliant. She rushed back to the others to tell them of the plans. A rousing cheer went up. But they still had to make sure they had swimwear with them.

Hotels were booked for the majority. Jeremy would think he is staying in a hotel with one of his mates and Charlotte would think the same with one of her friends.

Surprisingly, Charlotte agreed to the break. It might take her mind off of Jeremy. Jeremy said he wouldn’t go. Allan, his friend told him they could pick up some totty and she might make him stop thinking of Charlotte. Jeremy changed his mind. He would have to get some swimwear. Allan said “Let her see what she would get, get some budgie smugglers. We are all going to get some”

Charlotte was told to get the skimpiest bikini she could get. Maybe some local lad might take a shine to her and make her forget Jeremy. “Just think of some muscle bound Scot in his kilt and no shirt. What fun you would have tossing his caber”. Anne said in a jovial mode. Charlotte smiled for the first time.

It was time. Charlotte’s party borrowed a minibus and one of her siblings drove it up there. Jeremy’s friends jumped in their cars. Jeremy went with Allan.

Charlotte’s friends were at their destination a good three hours before Jeremy’s lot who agreed to meet at Gretna Green. It wasn’t too far to go from there. They stopped for a coffee while they waited for the stragglers to turn up.

Charlotte and Anne had registered at their hotel and were shown their room. Anne ran down reception again while Charlotte put her bikini on. Anne returned and saw her standing there. “Crikey Charlotte; Are you trying to pull every man in Scotland. I love it. I’m jealous I don’t have a body like yours” Charlotte laughed and told her she had a perfect body.

Anne slipped into her bikini then put a T shirt over the top and a pair of shorts. Charlotte slipped a sun dress over her bikini. There was a few phone calls made to see everyone was ready and they got a taxi to the castle.

All the girls turned up and stripped down to their bikinis. The hostess, Marie, made them all welcome. She whispered to Anne everything was ready. Charlotte had to agree it was fun without Jeremy. For a few hours, they could have a girly session sitting around the pool.. They were lucky in that it was exceptionally hot that day.

Anne’s phone rang and Allan told her they were on their way. They would be about twenty minutes to the town and another twenty minutes to the castle. Add time to put their swimming trunks on and that gave them an hour to play with.

Charlotte was unaware that the girls were gradually moving slowly towards her. Eventually she looked round and saw that they were at the most ten feet from her. “Why were they that close when there is a whole pool to site round?” she thought.

Too late, the girls jumped her and she screamed. “No one will hear you Charlotte” Marie told her, “There is no one about”. Charlotte’s hands were forced behind her. She felt rope being wound around her wrists. More rope went above her elbows and they were pulled together to make her breasts stand out. A gag was put in her mouth and her feet tied together. Her legs were tied and to make sure she should not escape, they wound duct tape over the wrist rope, sealing it in.

Charlotte wriggled and was awkward to handle. She tried to ask them why they did this to her. But all they could hear was her inaudible “MMPPHing” against the gag. Marie went and got a stretcher.

Charlotte was laid on it and tied down. They blindfolded her and she was panicking by now. “We are selling you off as a slave girl to a handsome stud” Anne told her. Charlotte struggled more and then felt the stretcher being lifted and carried somewhere.

They put her down in a bedroom where they. had a fitted wardrobe with two inch thick doors. The wardrobe was made of three parts each two foot wide. They untied her from the stretcher and put her in it. She couldn’t even slide down properly. The door was closed and the heavy locks were locked shut.

“Don’t worry; there is an air vent at the back which none of you noticed. She will be safe”. The girls laughed and went back to the pool. Charlotte was realising she was stuck. The doors didn’t even budge a little.

Jeremy’s friends turned up and stripped off to their budgie smugglers. The girls loved what they saw and the lads were more than impressed with them. Marie brought them a drink and told them to help themselves.

Once they had settled in Anne suggested it would be fun to tie all the men up and see if they could be aroused. Jeremy didn’t want to but after a few of his friends had their hands tied behind their backs, he agreed. He wasn’t ready for his feet to be tied though. Or his legs either. Tape was wrapped around his wrist rope. Marie got the stretcher once more and he was tied down to it. He asked what they were up to and was told he would find out.

Jeremy was gagged and blindfolded and was carried up to the bedroom. The wardrobe was unlocked and Jeremy was untied from the stretcher. He was manhandled to the wardrobe by his mates. Marie opened the door and he was shoved in. The wardrobe was closed again and the locked shut.

Jeremy felt the female body pressed hard up against him and his erection grew even though the swimming costume was trying to hold it back. Charlotte could feel his response and her nipples stiffened. Jeremy felt them and that made it worse for him. The pair were wriggling to stop themselves getting too excited, but it was making it worse. Somehow his cock through his trunks and her bikini managed to find its way between Charlotte’s legs. Jeremy was enjoying it and yet hating it at the same time.

Charlotte was getting damp at the thought she couldn’t stop whoever it was from taking her. She didn’t know he was tied up as well. The next thing was Jeremy was trying to hump her and her reaction joined him.

They were left there for two hours before Marie went back to the wardrobe and removed their blindfolds. Everyone watched as the shock they were tied up in the wardrobe made everyone cheer.

Marie said she would leave them there for a while and come back later. All Charlotte and Jeremy could do was try to make sense through the gags. Charlotte was jumping and casing her body to rub over his cock. Another hour went by and Anne went to remove the gags.

“Right you two. We are sick of you two moping about because you split up. We arranged this for you. I’m going to leave you here for another hour so you can talk about getting back together again. If at the end of it you still will not become an item,, then you stay here until you do”

Once Anne had shut the doors and locked it they started talking. They agreed it would be wonderful to get together again. Charlotte by now was getting a familiar warm glow. Jeremy was trying his best not to shoot his load. They were kissing as best they could.

Marie opened the door. “What’s it to be? Are you a pair or do you stay here?” They told her they had decided they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives. Marie let them out and untied their legs. She put the ropes around their necks and led them to the garden. Everyone cheered when they saw them.

They were released and Charlotte said they were a rotten lot but she loved the surprise. Jeremy thanked them all and they were untied.

“Now about the engagement; we need to get some gold for you” Allan said.

Marie said the stream nearby contained traces of gold. They could come up for a holiday and pan for some to make the rings. Everyone loved the idea, then she went on, “Of course you will have to get married in Gretna Green you know”.

Charlotte said she would love that, with the pipers and the men in kilts. The men said they would not do it, but the girls said they were going to do it. It was Charlotte’s wedding and whatever she wanted she will get. “Or go in the wardrobe and you don’t get your clothes back today” Marie piped up.

Jeremy took Charlottes, gently put his arms around her and said he would do it. He gave her a long lingering kiss. Neither of them heard the rousing cheer that went up.

Jeremy asked Marie a question. “Why do women love a man in a kit?” Her reply was that it fired the women’s’ imagination that nothing was worn under the kilt and it made for easy access. “By the way, you can stay here any time you want, even on your honeymoon”

“Does the wardrobe come in the deal?” Charlotte asked. She was told it does and if they wanted to they could use the dungeons.

“I didn’t know you had dungeons here Marie” Anne piped up. She was grabbed and Marie led the way to the dungeon where she was chained to the wall. They locked her in and left her.

But she was let out for the dinner Marie had arranged. The only problem was, all their clothes had gone missing. They had been locked in the wardrobe. Would Marie let them get dressed before they went back to their hotels?
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Re: Charlotte and Jeremy

Unread postby Samster1975 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:48 pm

Restricted, you write some great stories here. You've given me plenty of entertainment while I travel :)

I wish I wasn't so bad at writing otherwise I'd give it a shot myself.
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