The cock collector

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The cock collector

Unread postby restricted » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:55 pm

I was driving along the A303 somewhere in Somerset when the heavens opened up. I saw a girl getting soaked so I stopped to give her a lift. I didn’t think she was going to get in the car so I told her to use my mobile phone top let people know she was with me and I gave her the registration number.

Once she was in, she thanked me. But she needed to get dry. She told me there was an old barn about a quarter of a mile down the road. If we stopped there, she could get some clothes out her ruck sack and dry off. It turned it she is a doctor. So I thought she was responsible enough I would take her to where she wants and once dry carry on going to my destination.

I said I would stay in the car but she told me not to be silly. I was to go into the barn. She had some wine that while we waited for the storm to abate, we could drink and talk about ourselves.

Well you know what it’s like. A nice log fire in the fireplace at one end of the barn, straw to sit or lay on, wine to end our inhibitions and in no time we were screwing. We both came together. Well a couple of minutes apart. She came first fortunately so I stayed firm for her.

Another bottle of wine was opened and we drank to a successful sex session. That was the last I remember. She must have drugged my drink.

I woke up in a strange room with low lighting and jars of something all around the walls. I couldn’t see what was in them, but they were specimen jars nonetheless.

I couldn’t move. I was firmly strapped down. A gag silenced me. I lay awake for ages before the light went on. The doctor I picked up and another girl dressed as a nurse entered the room. The latter was pushing a trolley.

“I’m so glad you are awake so you can feel the operation we are about to perform on you”. I tried to speak but couldn’t. The girl went on talking. As she turned some more lights on. The lights above the jars lit up. It looked like something I hoped they weren’t. “Yes, they are male organs. Every time I have sex with a male, I remove their testicles and cock. That way I know my body will be the last female body they enter. I’m suppose you could call be a cock collector. Some people collect stamps. Mine are more intriguing”

I struggled to no use. The nurse removed the gag and I started to shout. “Nobody can hear you love. Just accept you will be a new person unable to rape girls in future” As I screamed she put some tablets in my mouth. I was forced to swallow them. Then the gag went back on. “We will be back in an hour” the doctor said.

An hour later and I could feel my cock was starting to rise. The nurse came back and started to suck and kiss it. It became the most erect I had ever known it. The doctor gave me an injection. “Just to hold back the pain. Once it is all over, I will stitch you up so you have a nice vagina.”

The nurse sprayed my cock and balls with a spray anaesthetic. I watched in horror as the doctor picked up a scalpel. The nurse flicked my cock and I couldn’t feel a thing. I fainted as the scalpel start slicing my manhood off.

I woke up days later. I must have been out for days. I was told after for two weeks. They had stitch me up. I was shown my erect cock and balls standing in a new specimen jar. “You are number 66. I have such a lovely collection. Only 34 more to go and I have the hundred”. Then they injected me and I passed out once more.

I woke up in my car back on the A303 way past where I had picked the doctor up. I drove up and down and found the barn had burned down. All evidence of me being there had been destroyed.

Asa much as I tried I could find no trace of the doctors’ house. Excuse me while I go to the toilet. It’s such a nuisance having to sit to pee. She did give me some panties to wear as that is where I need the absorbent area these days.

So if yo are driving down the A303 and some female needs a lift, don’t stop or you will be number 67 or whatever the number is these days.
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Re: The cock collector

Unread postby this_girl » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:32 pm

This story should not turn me on ... but it does. Future lovers beware.
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