The convent.

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The convent.

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Janet and Carol were lazing on the beach in their bikinis. The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky. It was very hot and the sand burned their feet if they tried walking without sandals.

They were in a very remote part of Southern Spain. Neither of them had heard of the place before. But it was nice there. A little village about ten minutes walk away and a bus service to the city from there.

On one side of their bay were some cliffs. In the other side was a small mountain with a large building on top. They had wondered what it was but the people could not speak English very well. Janet and Carol had tried to explore but found the only way to the building was by a lift one the side of the mountain facing them.

They had hired a car and driven round only to find that it was impossible to gain entry except via that outside lift. They took the car back disappointed in not being able to get to see what the building was.

One day they were lying there as usual when they saw the lift coming down. They couldn’t make out what was going on. Twenty minutes later they say a cart heading their way pulled by four women dressed from head to toe in tight latex cat suits. On the cart were two nuns. Unfortunately for Janet and Carol they were headed straight for them.

As the cart got closer they could see the women were unable to see anything. They had what roughly resembled a horse’s head with a mane coming out of the top of their hoods. That must be the hair of whoever is in the cat suits they agreed.

Carol called out to see what was going on. The nuns pulled the cart up to a stop and climbed out to speak to them. Janet asked why the women were pulling the car dressed like ponies.

The nuns explained that was their order. They have to go to town to get supplies. The girls pulling the cart were novices and no one is allowed to see them nor are they allowed to see anyone. It is their punishment for getting their rituals wrong. But they enjoy it. The exercises are good for them. “Are you enjoying it girls. Stamp once for yes, three times for no” They each stamped once using their heavy clad feet that looked like horses hoofs.

The nuns invited the pair of them up to their convent the next day. Janet and carol said they would wear something more respectable but was told that the nuns did not object to the female body so it they wanted to wear their bikinis they can. “You might find you get tanned up there quicker than down here”

The cart moved off and left the girls in peace. An hour later, the cart well packed, the nuns returned pulling the women from the front and slapping them with a riding crop. One of the nuns said “We get this every time. Once they get to the village they want to stay a little longer. We have to get back for out evening prayers” With that they walked off and one of the nuns called back, “See you tomorrow”

The girls were looking forwards to it. The next morning they thought they had better show reverence so slipped on blouses and miniskirts over their bikinis. They strolled to the bay where they saw the lift coming down for them. They climbed in and up it went. When they got to the top the gate was opened and they were allowed to enter the courtyard.

Before they knew it, they were seized, stripped of their skirts and blouses and had their bikinis cut off. “You won’t need these any more” One of the nuns said, “Take them to the shaving room”

They had their hands tied behind their Backs, their elbows tied, a collar locked around their necks and their shoes were removed. They started to scream and were gagged.

They were led into the building and laid on a table. Janet watch as Carol had her pubic hair removed. Carol had to watch Janet being treated the same way.

Once they were smooth cream they were dragged for that room back into the courtyard. Their clothes had gone. “We have borrowed them for two of our nuns to wear to go into town and check out from your hotel as you two. It’s most surprising how many girls we catch this way. All too nosey for their own good”

The two girls were panicking and wondering what was going to happen to them. They did not have to wait long. “We have an order from a strict Tsarina who wants a couple of Lesbians. Now we know you two are not so it will be fun breaking you in. By the time we have finished, you will hate men. In case you wonder, our female clients are far worse than the men. But this one would rather kill you than let you go with a man. One girl was buried up to her neck in the sand and as the tide came in, had to hold her breath each time a wave splashed over her. She became quite good at holding her breath. But in the end, after four days, she gave in” Janet and Carol looked at each other.

“Take them for a tour of the convent”. They were led through a door into another part of the convent which was an old castle in reality. “These are the cells. These rarely get used except for the first night or punishment” The nun opened the first door to find a naked girl standing spread eagle between four points. She was gagged. “Oh, is it that time already. I nearly missed it” She snapped a latex glove on her hand. Janet and Carol watched as the girl tried to escape. The nun walked up to her. They could see the terror in her eyes as she tried to say no, please through the gag.

The nun didn’t care. She inserted her finger into the girls’ pussy and started to wriggle it about. Slowly and forcefully she moved it up and down. The girl let out a scream as her climax hit her.

“This one is hard and is fighting it. She has had an orgasm every hour on the hour for the past four days. She is the strongest one I’ve ever encountered. Still, she will give it. We have other tortures waiting for her”

The next cell had a naked girl over what look like a tin bath. Under the bath was a glowing fire and steam was going off of the water and the girl was struggling to escape the heat. “Put some more wood on the fire. She is not hot enough” Then she turned to the two girls. Her skin will get tender and be ready to concede. They usually do” Then she turned back to the nun who was punishing the girl. “Rub some spirit into her vagina area. That will make her think twice” The girl screamed as the burning from the spirit hit her soft fleshy areas. “Ah. Music to my ears” the nun said.

The next cell had a naked girl suspended with her hands tied to her thighs. A nun was beating the souls of her feet in between beating her breasts and pussy. The girl passed out. “That’s enough for now. Wake her in two hours and start again”

They were taken back into the courtyard and back into another room from there. A girl was sitting astride a triangular hobby horse with a steel edge. Her arms were held by straps above her head. Her feet were tied to the ground with heavy weights that were pulling on them forcing the horse further into her. Through her gag the girls could hear her crying and begging to be released.
The next cell had a girl standing on a pole with a dildo attached. Her hands were held above her head. Ropes went from her waist to the walls in four directions. She was unable to move. Her feet were tied to poles holding her legs apart. “She is not complaining enough. Turn it up two notches” The torturer inserted a bar into the pole and turned it. Slowly the pole lengthened forcing the dildo further into her. The girl screamed. “Two more for her insolence” The pole length was increased. They could see she was straining against the intrusion.

Back into the forecourt. One girl was on a rotary spit and slowly being turned. The flames never reached her but the heat from the coals made her very aware she was being roasted alive. “All you have to do is surrender and you will be released” The girl carried on screaming. “Very stubborn that one. Now you might be wondering where the four girls you saw yesterday are. I will show you.”
They descended some stairs. “In here is the lift mechanism. The girls have become lift attendants” She opened the door and they saw twenty girls, naked all chained to beams that led to an axle. They were gagged. The gags consisted of a metal collar that extended under the chin and up to the nose. “Inside the mouth they have a piece of steel depressing the tongue so they can’t talk. The collar is locked on. All they hear all day is raise lift and lower lift”

At that point the order for lower lift was given. Janet and Carol watched in horror as the twenty girls started walking. As they went by the nun on the other side of the room, they receive a vicious swipe with a cane on their bums. Each girl tried to scream as she leapt forward. “Anybody not pulling their weight gets a whipping.

They were led out into the courtyard again. A girl was spread eagled standing in a frame. She too was naked and gagged. “She will be left here for the night. It gets awfully cold up here of a night time”

One the other side of the courtyard four girls were trotting round like blind ponies just like the ones they saw yesterday. Their heavy shoes were clomping as they came down on the hard stone floor. “Pick those feet up” The trainer whipped them hard and they lifted their legs up even higher.

“In two days’ time, you will be in the team that takes the cart to town. You will be able to see nobody misses you. Take them to the holding pens” They were led into the stables and put into separate pens. The doors were locked. “Don’t think you can become one of the convent nuns to get out of your troubles. We have enough staff as it is. Enjoy your last peaceful day. Tomorrow we start your training. Like it or not, you will become lesbians”

The two slumped down on the straw. Not being able to talk nor see each other made it worse. The next day started early. They were dragged out and had to stand while they were hosed down with cold water. They were dried with a rough towel. In all this time their hands had not been untied. A sensory deprivation mask was put over their heads and laced tight. They could not see where they were being taken.

Eventually they had their hands untied and manacles fitted. They realised they were chained to a wall but were they together or not? The hopelessness of it made their spirits fall. They could not reach the mask to undo it as the manacles were too short. At least they were sitting on the floor with the wall as their back rests.

Suddenly a soft voice started talking through speakers in the mask, “relax, let your inhibitions go. Don’ts think about the male of the species, all he wants is use of your body. A woman will want you for you and not your body. Relax, sleep on it and think how lovely and soft and warm a woman’s vagina lips are and not the ugly stiff thing the male will point at you”

This went on and on all day. By the end of the evening Carol was about to go along with it and then they were released. “Do you fancy a woman now?” Both girls said no.

The following day they were dressed as ponies in the latex suits and hitched up to the cart. They tried to refuse but got a severe whipping. They trotted off to the town like good ponies should. They didn’t fancy being chained to the lift mechanism with only the word lift up and lift down being said. Plus the caning they would be given as they went round.

One the way back there were two girls in bikinis on the beach. The nun invited them up to the convent the next day. Carol and Janet tried to tell them to run, but the gags stopped them and although they tried to stamp their feet, the nun explained they were novices who could not wait to get back to the convent.

That night, they were put in a latex suit and had a breathing mask on connected to a pipe pumping air. They were put in a pool with the water at body temperature. They were tied to the sides of the pool spread eagle in the centre so they could feel nothing. The lid was closed so all they could hear was the voice to relax and allow you to become more feminine. They were floating and had no idea of the time or how long they were in there. In their minds images of men flashed before them. They could not feel their weight or anything.

At the end of the next day they agreed they wouldn’t mind giving it a try. They were released and told the nuns they would not become a lesbian for anybody.

Carol finished up on the hobby horse with the steel putting pressure on her body. Janet was standing on the pole as the dildo was pushed further into her. She had been told to expect this from men, but a woman would not do it. She would be soft and gentle. Janet had been told the same.

By the end of that night, both had cracked. The nuns watched them gently licking each other out until, they both orgasmed.
The following day they saw the two girls they saw on the beach before they were wrapped up in cling film and duct tape. Gagged and nailed into boxes they were sent off to their new home wondering what was going to become of them.
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