Tina was Always up for a Dare.

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Tina was Always up for a Dare.

Unread postby mingmerciless » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:30 am


Tina was always up for a dare, she had one of those personalities that would never admit defeat or fear. At 20 years of age, she had become her own person; she knew what she liked and how to get it. Her thin, almost boyish frame of 5’6” was framed by beautiful, perky, 36 C breasts, and magnificent, black, mid-back length hair, that partly hid the largest hazel eyes that you could imagine. Her waist was small to begin with, hardly measuring 23 inches, and corseted she was a real-life doll with a 19 inch hot, sexy, girl tummy.
Tina knew how to dress to impress, and took every opportunity to show off her assets to her best advantage. Seeing her strut around in shiny, vinyl, micro-shorts and a ripped-up, cropped, tee shirt and high heel, platform, fuck me heels was the norm.
Tonight was no different. Work had been a bear this week, and she wanted to party, get crazy, and get laid, but not necessarily in that order. Tina had a few dark fetishes that even she was afraid to vocalize, and often lay in bed masturbating herself to sleep dreaming about them.
She had seen an ad for a new club that caught her eye; something about the ad struck her fancy. She had to see what it was all about. Right in the center of the ad was a half-tone, grey drawing of a platform boot and a whip laying next to a coil of rope and an evil looking leather hood. Tina needed to know more.
She decided to make her own statement as she strode into the new club, located in a gritty, run-down part of the city. It’s the kind of place that good girls never go to, but Tina felt right at home. She had chosen to wear a locked slave collar on her neck, and matching cuffs on her wrists, just so nobody would think she was a lookie-loo. The building had no sign outside, just a number in red above the dimly lit doorway, “666.” Tina opened the door hesitantly, and was immediately greeted by a surly looking man dressed in all black.
“Come in, cunt,” he admonished.
Tina looked at him like she wanted to bite his head off, but said nothing, he was a man-mountain, and could have swallowed her whole she thought to herself.
The interior of the club was dark, illuminated by only a few small red light bulbs hanging from wires.
“No money wasted here on lamps of fixtures,” she thought to herself. “What a dump.”
There were a surprising number of guests there, most dressed in all black with weird looking hair and makeup. Even the guys, most of whom looked like slightly crazed girls, she observed. Tina wasn’t sure that this was worth the drive, and was considering leaving when she felt 2 hands on her shoulders from behind her.
“You’re Lucy’s friend, Joann, aren’t you,” he asked.
Tina looked back and saw a very tall, handsome guy with a tanned body, 6-pack abs and a ripped chest and curly black hair and a 2-day old beard smiling at her. His black leather jeans were so tight that he must have painted them on, she thought. His chest was bare, except for a leather harness made of straps and silver steel rings and buckles. His jeans had a cod-piece the size of a softball that jutted straight out. “What a package,” she dreamed.
“Errr, yes, sure I am,” she stammered.
She had absolutely no idea who Lucy or Joann were.
“But if it helps me get hold of this hunk for the night, what the fuck,” she thought.
“Well, I’m Kyle,” he stated, “Welcome to our little home.”
He took her by the back of the neck and walked her to the back of the club, behind a heavy black curtain that separated the large room. There she saw a young girl, maybe 18 or so, tied to a cross, crucifixion style. She was naked; and around her stood several odd looking people waiting their turn to flog her beautiful, tanned body with a heavy, red leather, stranded flogger. The girl didn’t make a sound, she just remained there, mute, reacting like every hit was orgasmic in nature. Tina saw that a wooden pole was placed between her legs, and extended up and into her pussy: the end of the pole had a large, powerful looking vibrator which impaled her vagina, up to her cervix. The buzzing could be heard over the crowd, it was so powerful.
Tina took a second look at her; she was a co-worker that she knew well! It was Kaitlin, the newly hired girl from personnel. Her body was striped with red bruises from her ongoing ordeal, but there was no indication of pain, only a wide smile on her face.
“Kaitlin!” Tina yelled out.
Kaitlin opened her eyes long enough to look at Tina, she smiled widely and murmured something that she could not hear, and then closed her eyes and returned to her oblivious state of pure orgasmic bliss.
“We’re really glad that you got here, we were worried when you didn’t show up earlier. Lucy told us how great a pony rider you are.” Kyle informed me.
“Pony?” I thought to myself, “Am I going to ride a horse in here? Weird….”
“Ah, sure, can’t wait,” I murmured.
“Great, let’s get you ready, your dressing area is back here.” He pointed. “Maria will help you.”
It was only a few feet to the room he pointed to. I opened the door and was greeted by Maria. She was a lovely lady, about twice my age and rather mother-like in appearance.
“Come dear, we have to get you ready.” She said. “Undress for me, I’ll get your things.”
It didn’t take long, a crop top and shorts come off quickly. Maria returned with my outfit, Wow! What great looking things. She gave me my footwear first, a pair of crotch high boots with unbelievably high platforms, maybe 4 inches tall and huge stiletto heels. They laced from foot to the boot top with silver eyelets all the way. They were about a half size too small, but I managed to get them on, and wow, did they look hot!
Next, she held up a beautiful black leather corset. It was a wasp waist design, with a stovepipe middle, It was an over-bust design, with wide leather shoulder straps to help hold it up. In the center of the bra cups were large silver grommets to allow my nipples to protrude. The center of the grommets was threaded for some kind of attachment. The heavy corset was very severe with numerous steel spines to hold its shape, not a play thing for sure. Maria placed it over my shoulders and began to lace the back of it up. I could feel the restriction almost at once. Apparently the person I was replacing was a bit thinner than I am. Tighter and tighter it shrunk. I could see my waist being transformed, something that always got me hot, loving corsets as I do. I was teetering on my feet as the laces stretched tighter. Maria said that I had a long way to go, and to walk over to the steel bar hanging against the wall. I did as she said.
I stepped up to a small wooden stool as directed and grabbed the bar. I knew what was coming. I was to be finished in the Victorian style, dangling from a bar in order to make my waist as small as possible.
“Hold tight,” she said as the stool was taken away from under my feet.
Maria then pulled and pulled the laces until I was constricted to the point of nearly fainting. I could not breathe, only a furtive small gasp here and there.
“You can let go now,” she instructed.
When my feet hit ground, I felt the immediate decompression of my body. I was so tight laced in that I was light headed and nearly fainting.
“You’ll be fine, just breathe slowly.” she said.
In a short while, I was coming around. She took a tape measure and measured my tummy. It was an impossible 16 inches.
“Great,” she said, you made it!
I stood there as she placed and locked leather cuffs with large steel rings on my ankles and heavily studded arm coverings with attached ring cuffs on my wrists. Then she laced a tall; black leather, neck collar which was slowly tightened around my neck, nearly cutting all my air off.
While Maria was lacing it up she asked, “Child, are you still able to breathe?”
“Just barely, Maria, but it is very difficult.”
“That’s good, we don’t want it to be too easy to tolerate, do we” she admonished.
“We’ll just make it a bit tighter for you.” She advised.
I agreed, the whole submission of being so vulnerable was getting my totally crazy, my pussy was pouring down my legs, I was so excited.
I could not move me head an inch, as the collar fit from just below my ears to my shoulders. As a final insult, she placed a ring gag in my mouth which made me start drooling profusely.
“They love these,” she said as she tightened the gag. “You look good enough to eat.”
I just raised my eyebrows and made a sound like, “Yesshh.”
She brushed out my hair, and fluffed it up a bit, added some red lipstick to my lips and smiled at me. “You are ready, just one more thing.”
Maria then opened a drawer and too out 2 polished brass cylindrical things that were threaded on one end and closed on the other. They looked like metal bottle-caps.
Maria then took my arms and pulled the behind my back, clipping the cuffs to a ring on the back of my corset.
“They think of everything, don’t they?” she added.
Then she took one of the caps and started to thread it into the grommet over my left nipple. “Let me know if you feel it.” She asked.
“Feel it? “ I thought.
I found out why she said it. Seconds later, I felt a stinging in my left nipple like a bee had bitten me. I screamed as best I could with the gag in my mouth.
“Dear, it’s only a small pin, and it is hardly half way in,” she admonished as she continued to tighten it.
I was crying and wriggling around as best I could, considering. Then, she took her full open hand and slapped my face as hard as she could.
“Better snap out of it, bitch, you haven’t felt anything yet.”
Then she placed the second cap in my right nipple’s grommet and tightened it. I was wailing like a stuck pig. Seconds later, my guide Kyle entered the room.
“What the fuck is going on here? We can hear her all over the club.”
Maria went on to tell him that I was complaining about the pins in my tits, and was not cooperating.
“She’ll cooperate soon, drag her out here, we are ready for her performance.” He chuckled.
“I’m almost finished with her, I only have the butt plug to add,” she told Kyle.
“Butt plug?” I said to myself.
“Bend forward, my dear, this will only hurt a bit,” she chuckled.
Maria then produced a large, polished steel butt plug with a large red jewel secured in the base, it was about 6to 7 inches long and at least 3 inches wide.
I tried my best to yell, “NO”…but nothing came out, just “Urmmmph.”
“Yes, my dear, I know that you will enjoy it, now take a deep breath and hold it.”
Kyle pressed his hand against my back, and forced me over the nearby table. He kept it there as Maria lubed the cold steel plug with some kind of grease and pressed it against my rear. It was not going to go in.
“You must cooperate, relax or it will really hurt you,” she admonished.
Again,. She pushed it into my ass, it slowly slid in, it felt like it was ripping me apart, but I was getting even hotter as it filled me to near bursting.
“There, you made it,” she said in a happy voice.
It felt so unusual, it must have weighed 2 pounds; it felt like it was pulling me apart as I stood up. “I could get used to this,” I dreamed.
I was pushed out of the dressing room and back into the club’s main room. There stood a large wooden horse, like a contractor would use to hold wood to cut. But this one was very tall, about 5 feet high, and about 6 feet long. The top edge was not wood; it was the edge of a steel piece of angle iron, which was polished to a bright shine.
Above the horse was a pulley with rope attached that hung down to the horse’s top edge, and large steel hooks attached to winches on the bottoms of both sides of the horse with rope attached to them.
I think I figured out what they meant about riding the pony.
The crowd was applauding wildly as I came into their view. I was pushed across the floor to the “pony”, where a step ladder was placed.
“UP,” ordered Kyle.
I was helped up the ladder and told to swing my leg over the top edge and sit down.
“On that sharp edge?” I tried to say, but it came out, “Omntheatrmedgeed?”
“SIT!” he ordered.
I closed my eyes and sat down as gingerly as I could. It wasn’t all that bad, the steel edge on the top of the pony was pressing into my pussy like crazy, but it was tolerable. Then he took the ropes on the bottom of the pony and snapped one of the hooks onto each of my leg’s cuffs.
“At least I won’t fall off, these will hold me straight up,” I thought.
Maria then stepped up the ladder and took the rope that was dangling overhead and slipped it over my head. I then noticed for the first time that a noose had been tied in it! She pulled the rope tight, snugging it against my neck collar. I then felt her pull the loose end of the rope tight, effectively holding my head tightly in the noose.
My legs felt like they were being pulled down, and they were. Kyle was ratcheting the winches tight, pulling my legs downward and my pussy tighter against the sharp, steel edge of the pony. I was beginning to feel real pain, and cried even more as I moaned.
I could hear an announcer whipping the crowd up, telling them how I was there to be sacrificed for them, and if they wanted to see more pain! They all cat-called and yelled, “YES.”
The winches were pulled tighter, I felt my labia beginning to feel wet, I think I was either bleeding, or leaking my own sex juices. Tighter and tighter the winches were pulled, my legs felt like my knees were going to break by the time he was finished pulling on them. I could feel the cold steel pressing against my clit and separating my labia to the point of agony, but strangely, I was also feeling a sexual excitement along with my agony. Just the idea of being tortured for the pleasure of the crowd was getting me hot, I could hear their cat-calls and comments about my plight, and I was beginning to love it.
My crying was incessant, as Maria clipped wires to the metal caps over my nipples. Then, I felt the entire pony begin to rock back and forth, there was a motor on it and it was rocking me faster and faster. As the pony moved forward, I slid on the sharp, top edge, forward several inches. As it rocked backwards, I slid back forcing my butt plug even higher inside of me. My pain amped up to nearly intolerable, as each time the pony hit bottom, I could feel my pussy being ripped apart like it was being hammered into my clit, which was raw and aching. I guess the final straw were the intense shocks that I felt as the wires attached to my nipples and to the steel edge of the pony were electrified. The current coursing through my body set off my endorphins, I was both hating this and hoping for more.
I screamed and screamed, it only served to excite the crowd more. Then I felt the noose around my neck being pulled much tighter, they were also hanging me as I rode the pony of doom! My air was being cut off. I was beginning to hallucinate as I was sure that my sacrifice was going to come soon.
Then, strangely, I felt a familiar feeling from deep within me. I was beginning to climax, and it was going to be a powerful one indeed. My clit was screaming out for release, the pain of the steel edge cutting into my sex was driving me to a crashing climax. The electric shocks were fueling my fire to the point of no return.
Only a few seconds later, I came harder and stronger that I could have ever imagined. I felt myself squirt all over my legs, the pony, and the floor. My eyes rolled up in my head, I was passing out and everything was turning black.
Immediately, the pony stopped rocking, the noose was loosened and the winches removed. Kyle and another man helped me down, and the entire club applauded and yelled out their approval. Maria removed my ring gag and I was asked by Kyle if I had enjoyed it.
“Help me to my knees, please,” I asked.
As I kneeled down I opened my mouth wide and looked up at him, “Choke me with your cock sir.”
He ripped his pants open, jammed his cock down my throat and I sucked him like I had never sucked anything before. He came in my throat in less that 2 minutes, and dutifully, I never spilled a drop.
“What do you think?” he asked.
“I think I want another ride.” I blurted out.
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Re: Tina was Always up for a Dare.

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I had a rock hard boner reading this! Goodness, reading this on the way to work (as I do with other stories from here). Very good read! :oops:
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