Saving a marriage.

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Saving a marriage.

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Hello, my name is Mistress Katrina. Well, that’s my domme name. I won’t tell you what my real name is because I have a secret that I discovered by accident.

I’ll start by telling you about my premises. I was left a large piece of land and managed to get a loan to have a house built. I was lucky as a lot of my clients were and still are in the building trade. So with their connections I had this wonderful house built and with the left over money, furnished it well with all sorts of goodies for bondage.

There are no houses within a quarter of a mile and my house lies well back from the main road so my clients know they can drop in any time to see me.

The tour of the house. My part. Top quality kitchen with all mod cons. Laundry room, big American fridge freeze. Washing machine, tumble dryer, Dish washer. Instant hot water, built in oven and microwave. In fact all the goodies I always promised myself. And that includes air conditioning.

Lounge with leather upholstery. There is a ceiling to floor book case that can swing open to allow me to chain a client up in there. I love it when they have had enough and want to come out. I usually ignore them for another hour. I have a nice 55 inch TV with connections so I can see all my clients in any room I leave them.

My bed is a four poster with manacles fitted to the posts. I love it. I once blindfolded and gagged four men naked looking in on me and when I removed their blindfolds, they were so ashamed, their erections faded faster than a politician’s promises. I had a lovely night’s sleep listening to them begging to be released.

I have an extensive music collection and a top of the range outfit so I can hear it perfectly. My wine cellar is full of different wines. And of course must not forget my car. Oh, in case I forget, I can open and close any of the curtains and windows in any part of the house.

There is more but apart from mentioning my greenhouse, solar panels and underground heating that is about it.
The clients part of the house.

I have three underground cells with grosses, whipping benches, (clients can be strapped down to it face up or face down) manacles, thick oak doors so people can’t hear them scream.

There is another two cells that consists of all bars so they cannot hide themselves. I love taking my girlfriends down there to show them the pathetic wimps of the day. Mind you, some of the girls like to be locked in there as well.

On the far side is a thick oak door. If my client wants to try that door out, he has to strip naked. I shove them through the door and I love it when I see the recording of their faces when they realise the cell has no roof. There are just bars to stop them escaping. I love it when it rains; they don’t take long to start crying or cringing for me to let them out. If I am about to get a visitor, I can lower a stone slab over the cell. I put a large wooden barrel on it with flowers in. Although it is a large barrel the soil only goes down a foot.

My greenhouse is made of plexi glass that is impossible to break. I lock them in their naked in the summer months and watch them sweat. Some of my friends use it to slim themselves down a bit.

I can afford not to give clients a little longer for their money than they normally have. I look upon it as entertainment for me as I can watch them on my TV and record it at the same time.

Anyway, I have told you all about my house. Now for my secret. Oh I don’t know if I should. However, the excitement of knowing what I do is killing me knowing i am the only one who knows. Oh to hell with it. By tomorrow one of my clients will be much the worse for wear from his wife. She will love the power she has over him.

What my client Ron doesn’t realise is his wife was an old school friend of mine who I met in town and invited her back to my place. She was moaning that their sex life is all about him. No loving, no foreplay, just, “Get your legs open”. I asked her how long this had been going on and she said all their married life. I asked why she stayed with him and she said security. I asked if he had ever used his tongue and she said he loves her giving him a blowjob but he refuses to do it to her. She told me she would love that to happen.

I asked why she hadn’t had a fling and she said she loved him and couldn’t do that. I asked what he does for a living. She said he is a sales rep and she thinks he is having affairs himself, He has to go away for some reason every two months for meetings. She felt like following him. She’d hire a private detective but can’t afford it. I told her I’d send pout messages to my friends to see if he contacts them. She gave me a photo and I scanned it into my computer and flashed it off to everybody.

She said he must be up to something as he works all the hours he can and they have hardly a penny to spare. I said not to worry and gave her some cash for herself.

It was the next day, my e-mail was being answered. I had fifty of them as replies. He had used those girls and found he was as coarse with them as his wife. I answered for them to tell him about me so he pays me a visit.

It was a month later, he paid me a visit. I showed him everything except the outdoor cell. To make sure his wife got some money from him I charged him extra which I gave to her. He wanted to be locked in the caged cell for a weekend. I locked him in naked and watched as the filthy beast masturbated in the cell. I thought I would stop that in future.

When the weekend was over he got dressed and I said I thought he might enjoy it more if he was locked in a chastity belt until the last minute. His eyes lit up. I knew I had hit a nerve. But how do I catch him out?

We made arrangements that he should come back in four months to make sure the chastity belt had turned up I would get a friend to come an sort him out as well. He asked what she looked like and I said she had an amazing figure and would get him as stiff as a board, but of course he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. “Until the last day” he said. I thought I wouldn’t tell him of my plans.

I saw my friend Dianna and told her of my plans of action with Ron. She looked downhearted. I poured us out a wine and said “Don’t look like that. I made it four months so I can get you a leather cat suit. He won’t recognise you in that and a nice whip to wield. You will soon have him grovelling. Or if you prefer; an extremely tight fitting latex cat suit which would amply demonstrate your frustrated sex organs. It’s up to you. I will teach you the rudimentary of taming a male. What you do with that is up to you.. I will let you know when it is time”

I measured her after she had stripped stark naked. That way, her body will be amply displayed for her husband to ogle and not realise it was her.

Two months later and not only did the chastity belt turn up, so did the two cat suits. Dianna tried them on and said she felt incredibly powerful and sexy at the same time. I handed her the whip. She loved it.

I showed her the chastity belt. “This will be locked on him. You will have the keys. You will get a phone call on the last day to say you had to run off home as your husband had turned up early. I will tell him you appear to have picked up the keys. I can’t get the chastity belt off of him. Then we will see what reaction he gives and tells you when he gets home. Of course while he is here, he can use his tongue on you as he will be told you will only let him shag you if you get to cum twice by his tongue. If he doesn’t, he won’t be let out of the chastity belt. I’d love to see his face when he gets home still wearing it”

Dianna told me she would leave her laptop open and Skype me. I could record it. I told her to take my one as well and hide a camera up in the bedroom. It was agreed. She told me to keep the keys and the clothes in case he found them. I was happy with that.

A month before the time, Diana came to stay while he was away and I asked some of my clients if she could attend to them. I would reduce the price for them. No one refused when they saw the outline of her body in that skin tight leather or Lycra cat suits. Diana got good at it. She took to it like a duck to water. She really laid into the aggressive role. We were ready.

The big weekend was due and one day Dianna phoned me to say he would be away for the week. I told her I would lock him in the cell and make him put the chastity belt in place. She could get ready in my bedroom and come and snap the lock shut herself. She liked that idea. And of course if she didn’t have the keys and clothes at home, he would think her alto personality had them.
Ron turned up right on time. He told me he was allegedly in a conference for two weeks. So if he told Dianna one week, that meant he wanted to go elsewhere after. I thought “I will put paid to that matey”.

Ron stripped and stepped into the barred cage. I slammed the door shut. I could see he was already thinking about tossing himself off. I produced the chastity belt and told him to put it on or I won’t let him out at the end of the session. I told him not to close the lock as Godess Felicity was coming to look after him.

He put the waist band around him and then pulled the crotch piece between his legs forcing his cock into the tune. He said he had only just managed it with me standing their looking stern at him. I told him he should wait until Godess Felicity snaps the lock shut trapping him until they think he deserved he should be let out.

He sat patiently until Godess Felicity stepped into the cell room. He took one look at her figure and thought he would love to shag her there and then. Godess Felicity (Dianna) walked over to him grabbed the padlock and snapped it shut. “That’s all mine. You will never see your cock again unless I say so”

I had a job to stop myself laughing as he went to grab his cock and found a steel chastity belt in the way. “Damn” came out of his mouth in an almost inaudible level. But we heard it. Diana picked it up. I told him we did not tolerate swearing he needed to be punished. Dianna threw some handcuffs at him and I told him to put them on behind his back.

Ron asked why Godess Felicity wasn’t saying anything. I told him it was because she had a sore throat but some of his spunk down her throat might help cure it.

Once into the room with the whipping bench Diana released his handcuffs and pushed him back to the padded leather bench and strapped him face up. He asked if he was to be punished shouldn’t he be face down. I told him that might be okay but how can Godess Felicity give him a blow job face down? He saw sense in that.

Godess Felicity unzipped the crotch zip of her leather cat suit and straddled his face. I screamed at him to lick until she came. I could see she was tensing up so I ordered him to lick harder or I would come and suffocate him by sitting on his face.

It took another 30 minutes before Dianna came. She let her back arch and flopped back relaxed. Ron was gasping for air. “That will teach you to do the job better next time” Mistress Katrina (me) screamed at him. Put him back into the cells for the night. Ron went to say that he thought he was going to shag Dianna but he was gagged, handcuffed and frog marched to the oak door at the far end of the dungeon cellar. He was released but before he could get his wits about him, he was shoved into the cell and the door slammed behind him. He looked up. There was no roof. Just more iron bars. Apart from the chastity belt, he was naked. It started to rain.

Dianna and I watched him on the TV as the rain really started to pour down now. We gave him ten minutes and we were spot on, he was banging on the door to be let back in. Dianna let him back in and I ordered him not to say a word or he would get a prod from my cattle prod.

Once he was back in the little barred cell, we left him. Tomorrow he will get a treat. Some of my friends are coming to torment him. He walked around for a while but settled back on the mattress we had provided for him.

We watched him for a while before Dianna shot off home. The following morning, twenty of my friends turned up in erotic outfits designed to make him hard which of course he couldn’t. They sat around laughing at his whimpering for a couple of hours before they left us. Every day we had a new torture for him. That week soon went.

I said that the following day would be the last one as I would be going away. I could see Ron wanted to meet someone else. Well, he could meet her, but in the state he was in, it would do him no good.

Dianna really gave him a rough time that day. He had to lick her out again, but this time it was better for her. He had learned how to use his tongue. Again she had a hard climax. She was exhausted. Then her phone rang. “She whispered to me and shot off” I told Ron her husband was supposed to be away but has just turned up early.

I let him out of the cell and he asked me to take the chastity belt off of him. I looked around and said it looked like Godess Felicity had gone off with the keys by accident and I couldn’t get it off of him.

Ron helped me search but couldn’t find the keys. Dianna had put the keys behind the front wheel of my car. “What am I going to do?” cried Ron. I told him I had no idea. “How do I explain this to my wife?” I told him to say it was some prank at the meeting and the joker had left the keys at home. He told me his wife wouldn’t believe that story. I knew that already.

Ron drove home to find Dianna in a seductive mood. She had cooked a lovely meal. She had turned out the lights, lit candles and played soft music. I was watching all this through the laptop and Skype. This was the best program I had seen for a long time.
After the meal Dianna told him to forget the washing up and go to bed with him, she was ready to spread her legs for him. Ron didn’t seem interested. Dian started unbuttoning his shirt and told him he could tie her to the bed. Ron still didn’t let on, He turned out the bedroom lights and slipped his trousers off and climbed in. He turned his back to Dianna. Dianna in turn put her arm over his and worked her way downward. Then she felt it. “What the hell is this?”

She threw the covers back and turned the lights on “What the blazes have you been up to.?” Ron could not answer. “I know, one of your sluts husband found out you were knocking her off and did this. Get your clothes and get out”

Ron said that wasn’t the reason he was wearing it. So she said “tell me the truth and I might forgive you” Ron explained it all to her. He never held back. “So this, what did you call her? Godess Felicity? What did she look like? She has got the keys to your freedom. Hard luck. You could be wearing that for the rest of your life. But I don’t see why I should go without sex even if you have to”

Ron asked what she was on about. Dianna said she could have an affair or he could use his tongue on her. She laid back while Ron got to work on her. In no time, she was purring like a cat on heat.

After she had her orgasm she said she enjoyed it so maybe leaving it on him might be the best option. Ron said he would go down to the fire station to get it cut off. Dianna said she doubted if they would do it in case they cut him.

I remembered that one of the people who was a client was a fireman there so I phoned him and told him not to cut it off saying it would hurt Ron. Ron went the ext day only to be told “sorry mate. It would mean cutting you”. Ron was at a loss.
While he was there, I phoned Dianna, “get down here, put your gear on and I will lock you in the cage. Then I will phone Ron to tell him you had brought the keys back. Once he is in the cage with you, you can take the gear off and surprise him. But of course you will be both stuck in the cage until I let you out”

All went to plan, Ron went into the cage. I slammed the door shut behind him and Dianna slowly stepped out of her cat suit leaving the mask until last. The look on his face was a picture to remember for all time.

I turned out the lights and I could hear them screwing each other like mad. Dianna told me he is a much better lover now, but she does show him the chastity belt when he steps out of line.

I’m so pleased that I could help their marriage like I did.
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