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I did have a good relationship with a girl, Marion, when we were both 23. But she was kinky whereas I was simply just wanting a little plain loving. After six months, she asked if I would wear a chastity belt for her. I said I could not see the point. But she told me it would make her more than loving knowing she controlled my cock. I said it was silly, but she insisted and we looked at them on the internet.

She told me she loved the clear plastic ones as we could both see it but not touch. However, she liked the idea of the unrelenting steel ones from Neosteel. Just for a joke she sent off for the measurement kit for me.

Two months later, there it was. One inescapable chastity belt. She begged me to put it on. I refused. This went on and on and eventually I agreed to try it as long as I had the keys. I went into the bedroom and stripped, put it on, locked it and went back down into the lounge. Marion fell in love with it running her hands all over the shiny metal.

“I am feeling really randy now. If the keys were locked away for a few days, I’d be ready to screw you to death” she told me. I said I felt stupid in it.

After another six months we split up. I couldn’t stand her keep on about seeing me in that chastity belt with her as the key holder.
A year later, I was clearing out the junk and found the chastity belt once more. I had had a succession of girlfriends since but none like Marion. I guess I loved her more than I thought.

I thought about it. Would it have hurt me to go along with her wishes on the promises of more and better sex? Night after night, this idea kept entering my head. Maybe I should give it a try. I phoned her number and got no response.
So I decided to take a trip to see her. Marion answered the door and invited me in. I apologised and said I should have respected her wishes and let her be the key holder to my chastity belt. She told me that she knew of my several girlfriends I had met since I left her.

I begged her forgiveness and asked her to try again. I got the chastity belt out of the bag and held it up. Marion said she would need to put it on me. I agreed. She handcuffed my hands behind my back and then put the waistband around me. I had to hold it up at the back with my cuffed hands. She held up a fake penis which fits to the belt.

Marion slipped my cock into the tube and clipped it into the crotch band when she pulled it up and placed it over the lock hasp. “Are you sure?” she asked, “You do know there will be no standing to urinate in future!” I agreed and she closed the lock leaving me trapped. She told me not to get dressed as she wanted to see it once more in place.

She ran her hands all over it. “God, I’m getting damp already” I said to take it off of me so I could satisfy her. She replied that she would rather wait to see how she feels after a while. I wanted her to drag me to the bedroom and rape me. But she released the handcuffs from me.

Eventually I got dressed and went home, all locked up with Marion holding the key. I tried phoning but got no response.
A few days later, I got a letter from her. I opened it as I recognised the writing.

“Dear John, it seems silly writing a Dear John letter, but that is your name after all. Just to let you know that I have put the key on a chain around my neck and the key is resting between my tits.

You remember how you used to love playing with them and teasing my nipples? I do hope this letter is making you feel hard, but of course it will do you no use unless I release you will it.

The thing is, I am screaming now I need a good seeing to. The longer it is left the more frustrated I am and the more aggressive I am getting during sex.

Please do not phone as you will find the line dead. When you visited me, I had packed up all the upstairs furniture I wanted to take and I have moved. I only had a few things in the lounge to pack and did that as soon as you left. You will never find me.

I have another boyfriend now and I have got no need to put him in a chastity belt as I know I have you in my power for the rest of my life. Even he noticed I was leading more into sex with him. He asked what happened and I told him how I locked you in a chastity belt and showed him the key. A key you will never see. Don’t write to the maker as I am the only person they will send a key to. Even the thought of you locked up made him firmer and it was sooo lovely. I was exhausted at the end of it.

Now that belt has got a fake penis attachment so you will be able to, well, sort of be able to shag your next girlfriend. Perhaps she will use a strap on you and milk your prostate while she is at it.

I wish you well. I know I am going to enjoy it. Good luck and best wishes for the future.
Lots of Love, Marion.”

I was stuck. I jumped into the car and sped to her house just in time to see new people moving in. I knew she wasn’t lying then. I have to spend a lifetime of chastity now. I wonder if there is a dating agency for women that don’t mind using fake cocks and using strap on dildos for her man?
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