The robbery

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The robbery

Unread postby restricted » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:17 am

Bondage. I won’t ever try that again either by myself or trust anyone ever again. Bear with me while I try to explain.
So, I love cross dressing. The feel of soft feminine clothes really turns me on. Well, it did until last week.

I was proud of what I had attained. New furniture, a smart TV, the best Hi-fi you can get, the kitchen had all mod cons but I loved my leather three seater sofa with the stout wooden arms and feet. I used to love tying myself up and pretend some female had grabbed me dressed me like I was and left me.

Well, last week, on Friday night, it came true. But out of it, some good came to light. My next door neighbour had a key to my place and I said that if I was going away, I’d leave her a note and if she hasn’t heard from me in three days, come in to see if I was okay. It worked well.

Becky is an airline hostess for a well-known airline. She flies all over the world and often brings me back a gift. I should have realised that she thought more of me than just a neighbour.

Well, she had just come back from Delhi and had a week off. That is the day the horror started.

I put on my knickers, bra, tights, girdle and petticoat. I love the cocktail dresses with the long back zip. I had figured out how to pull it up by using thin rope through the zip and pulling it out when it was fully home. I was readily dressed for fun.

I got out all my cable ties and straps. The cable ties ran from very short thin ones to long thick ones. But this day I decided on my straps.

I strapped my ankles together and then below my knees and again above my knees and pulled the dress down. I put a strap around my waist and left some straps hanging down which would contain my wrists holding them close to my body. It did allow me to move them behind my back and bring them back when it was time to release myself.

I rolled up a piece of cloth and shoved it in my mouth and then tapped over it by wrapping tape all around my head. I tightened the wrist straps on my wrists and lay on my sofa. Face down. My false breasts were a nuisance but it was a small price to pay for a bit of fun.

It was 7.30 at night by the time I was ready to enjoy myself. I was now a helplessly bound girl who was going to be sold to slavers.
Unfortunately I didn’t take into account the amount of burglaries we had in our area of late. I lay there with all the lights out and heard my front door open. I panicked. I didn’t want Becky to see me like this. But in walked a girl in a figure hugging latex jumpsuit I suppose you would call it. Her face was covered and all you could see was her lips, eyes and nose. I had never seen the likes of such an outfit before.

She turned the light on and saw me. She laughed. I started to move my wrists round but she grabbed me and put a cable tie between the cuffs. They were now stuck behind my back. She put a cable tie into the buckle of the strap around my waist and pulled it tight. There was no way I could get out of it. More cable ties were put into the buckles of the straps around my legs and ankles. I could not escape. So far she had not said a word so far. Then she said “That will hold you. Now you really are a damsel in distress. Have fun” I never recognised the voice so it wasn’t Becky. Finally she got some of my rope and tied my feet to the wooden armrest.

She went upstairs and returned with a pillow case which she clipped over my head and I felt her put a cable tie around my neck. So now I could not see anything. I heard her use her phone and heard others turn up and heard them being busy.

Three days went by and I was getting sore. Eventually Becky came in to see if I was alright. “Oh my God” she exclaimed and removed my pillowcase. Whoever it was had stolen my hifi, TV and other ornaments.

Becky left me and then returned to say they had taken all my own clothes leaving me with all I was wearing. Becky released me and said she would phone the police. I said I couldn’t let them see me like this. Becky agreed and ran back next door to her house. She returned with some short white shorts. They were women’s but that was better being seen in them than a dress. She took the clothes I was wearing home and phoned the police.

She came back with a cup of tea. They had even taken my kettle and mobile phone. Becky let the police in They saw me in the state I was in. Becky said that we liked to play and she often tied me up and this time wanted to see me in the short girls’ shorts. The Woman Policer Constable said she wished her husband would let her do it to him.

After the Police left, Becky said I couldn’t sit there like that all night. I had better stay with her and she would give me some clothes.

She produced her hostess uniform and I said I couldn’t wear that. “It needs cleaning so it doesn’t matter. You can wear your own undies and in the morning, I will get you some male clothes. In the meantime, get dressed.

Once I was in the uniform, Becky said she loved me in it. “I will have to get you some high heels so you can really be the part”.
I said I didn’t want to carry on like this. “You are not hurting anyone and you are making me damp looking at you. You are ravishing. I wish I had known about you dressing up as a woman before now. I could have helped you”

She made dinner for us and we sat and ate it. I was starving so it didn’t take me long to finish it. I washed up while Becky sat and watched me. “Miss, can I have another cup of tea please?” I got it for her. “Walk by putting one leg in front of the other” I did and she told me that the sway made me look sexy.

Bed time and I said I would sleep on the sofa. “Oh no you don’t. You have got me really hot now. I need you to get rid of this frustration” We went up to her bedroom and she handed me a nightie. It was short on me and barely covered my bum Becky loved it.

We spent a lot of time screwing each other. The next morning, Becky asked me to put her uniform on again. There was a knock at the door. It was a WPC who cuffed me. “What’s this for?” I asked and she told me nothing. She always wanted to cuff a man in a dress. But she did release me. Saying she loved having a man under her control

Anyway, they had caught the mob. My items had been sold to a dealer who was arrested for fencing stolen goods. If I could go to the police station and identify anybody or my items, they would return them. I said I could not go out dressed like that. “Why not, I’m sure the sergeant would love an airline hostess brining him his morning tea”. But she did run Becky to the shops to buy me some trousers, shirts and a jacket.

“We couldn’t find any pants so we got you these satin knickers”. I said I couldn’t wear them but Becky asked why not and the WPC said it made her feel hot thinking about a man in them. Especially if I was in those tight shorts I had been wearing. Apparently she screwed her husband last night and wore him out. She was insatiable and he moaned. He should pay me.

By the end of the month, I had everything back, the mob pleaded guilty so I had no need to go to court. Becky and I are now an item and plan to get married. “I’ll buy you some nice white satin knickers, stockings and suspenders she told me, so afterwards, you can wear the dress.”

I laughed, but Becky was deadly serious. Months later, she had flown to Hong Kong, designed her wedding dress, gone back a month later and picked it up. The WPC had it in her house so I would not see it.

So, do I carry on bondage or drop it?
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