Freedom in Bondage.

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Freedom in Bondage.

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This is not my story but has been sent to me by a friend who I think the world of.

My name is Debbie Silverstone. I’m 5’7” tall, have a nice figure, blue eyes and short platinum blonde hair. By preference, I am a lesbian and I’m also the bondage pet of Charlotte Stillwater, who is my Mistress.

I had just turned 20 and finished my degree in computer science when my life changed. My parents won a lottery triple rollover, and then the following week they were killed in a road accident. I inherited over £100,000,000 as well as the large house we’d lived in. After the funerals and settling everything, I didn’t want to live in the house on my own, but as it held so many memories, I didn’t want to sell it, so ended up renting it out through a reliable company of estate agents. With my degree, I started working for a company that specialised in dealing with computer hacking attacks and spent several months travelling from place to place.

I lived out of a suitcase – well several – and spent a lot of time in hotel rooms. Most of the money I’d inherited was invested in various ways and provided me with an income, and I used some of that to upgrade myself to four or five star hotels.

This was my situation when, after travelling the country for about 18 months, I started a job with a small company called “Searchers.” They specialised in a niche market tracking down valuable items of art and other items for various collectors. The firm I worked for was hired to do an audit on their computer systems as there had been cyberattacks on a network they had used.

On my first day, I met with the owner, Charlotte Stillwater, an attractive 30 year old hazel eyed brunette and I could hardly take my eyes off her, she was so good looking. It didn’t take long to discover that Carol too, preferred her own sex to men, but I decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to become involved with the boss. Better to get the job done then move on. It was probably just as well that I didn’t know what Charlotte was thinking that day! I was introduced to the five girls who worked for Charlotte, finding each of them to be about my age, early 20’s, very attractive and strangely, unattached to anyone.

The girls were friendly but a little reserved, which I put down to me being a relative stranger. At lunchtimes, we would all go out to the nearby pub and chat, but I noticed that nobody talked much about what they did at the weekend. At least one of the girls staffed the office, and sometimes they also had to travel round Europe to verify that what they had found was the genuine article. However, I noticed that they didn’t seem to have a social life outside work, or at least they didn’t talk about it. They were all very attractive but nobody seemed to have a boyfriend – every one of us drew admiring glances from the guys - or a girlfriend if they were that way inclined. However, I decided that it was none of my business, especially as I was only going to be there for about four or five weeks.

It was the Wednesday of my third week that events conspired to completely change my life. I walked into the office to hear Charlotte saying that the weekend wasn’t important, she could work something out. Ingrid, one of the girls, had just received news that her mother had been taken into hospital so she was going down to Hampshire to be with her. I overheard her say to Charlotte,

“What will you do? Everyone else is committed this weekend, and you were relying on me.”

“Don’t be silly Ingrid,” was Charlotte’s reply. “It won’t be the first time I’ve lost a commission, and it won’t be the last. Go see your mum and don’t worry about coming back until she’s back on her feet.”

I wondered what commission Charlotte was talking about but was distracted by Ingrid rushing out the door. When I turned round, Charlotte had gone back into her office.

As was my usual routine, I checked my e-mails and was shocked to discover one from the company I worked for telling me that owing to changes in the marketplace, the business was no longer viable and that everyone’s contracts were being terminated forthwith. I was shocked, not for myself, but for everyone else who had just lost their job. With my private income, no job wasn’t a problem for me, although I would have to find something or become bored to tears. About ten minutes later, Charlotte called me into her office and showed me the e-mail she had received from the company I’d worked for. It said that the company could no longer fulfil the terms of any contracts and all business had ceased forthwith. Understandably, Charlotte was angry, having paid for work that the company wasn’t going to complete, however, when I told her that I intended to continue with the audit, she came round her desk and gave me a big hug. She was worried for me, though, regarding money, but I told her about having a private income and I worked because I wanted to use my degree and because I didn’t want to get bored. Charlotte made us both coffee and we sat chatting. It was only later I realised just how Charlotte had encouraged me to talk about my life, my current situation and myself.

As I stood up to leave, I knocked over a folder that had been on Charlotte’s desk and it fell, spilling its contents over the floor. I bent to pick things up as Charlotte tried to come round her desk.

“Don’t worry about that stuff Debbie,” she called. “I’ll get it in a minute.”

However, I had already picked up a drawing and was staring at it. It showed a woman, tightly bound and peering through the bars of a cage. As Charlotte stood there staring at me, I looked closer at the drawing and commented, “She looks a lot like Ingrid.”

“That’s because it is Ingrid,” came the reply. “I think you’d better sit down again Debbie while I explain.”

Settling back into my chair, I listened, mesmerised, as Charlotte went on to tell me of her other business. She did illustrations for erotic magazines, especially those dealing with fetish clothing like leather and latex as well as those dealing with bondage. She also did portraits for special customers, all of whom were women and the girls were her models.

“I received a commission for a painting and was going to do the preliminary work this weekend with Ingrid, but as you know, she has to go see her mother, and she’s the only blonde in the office.”

“Why don’t I model for you?” I asked, still staring at the sketches I was now holding. Every one of them showed women, now recognisable as the girls in the office, in various bondage situations.

“Would you?” Charlotte’s asked. “You’d be perfect.”

Before I could say more, she went on with a smile, “I have to tell you though, I like to keep my models restrained when they’re in my house!” Strangely enough, instead of being put off by that remark, I felt a tingle start between my legs. “Could be interesting,” I answered. “Would I still be able to do some research work just to make sure your systems are virus free?”

“Certainly – if you can use a computer while chained up!” This only made me more intrigued and I told Charlotte that I would be happy to model for her. Charlotte came and gave me another hug and this time her hand seemed to linger on my breast, not that I minded! She led me back into the office and told everyone there that I had agreed to model for her at the weekend.

As work tended to finish at lunchtime on Friday’s, it was decided – by Charlotte, I wasn’t asked – that I would check out of my hotel and move into her place. I would live there and come into the office with her while I finished the audit. Charlotte went back into her office, and the remaining girls gathered round me. As I was now ‘In the know’ they freely talked about their modelling for Carol. One of them, Beryl, turned to me and said, “You do realise that once you’re in her house, Charlotte will regard you as her property and you can expect to be kept chained up while you’re there.”

Mandy, another of the girls added, “If you’re time there is anything like ours, you’ll be sleeping in a cage, possibly even in her bedroom!”

“If Charlotte treats you like that, why do you put up with it?” I asked. The response was laughter and a chorus of, “Money!” Beryl explained that they were paid for their modelling. Each of the girls was paid around £200 for a weekend modelling session and if they were modelling for a commission, they got a percentage of the sale price as well. Mandy continued, “Charlotte might be considered kinky in the way she treats us, but she’s kind and loving to us. As you just saw with Ingrid, she’s like a mother to us. She’s paid for Ingrid to fly home.” I hadn’t known that, but it settled any qualms I might have had about staying in Charlotte’s house. If only I had known.

On the Friday, I wrapped up my work and headed for my hotel where I checked out then headed out of town. If I hadn’t had a satnav with the co-ordinates given to me by Charlotte, I would probably never have found her home. It was a large house built into the side of a hill, standing in its own grounds surrounded by a high wall that in turn was surrounded and concealed by thick woodland. The house couldn’t be seen from the roads around it unless you knew what to look for.

I drove my car up a driveway and was met by Carol who directed me into a large garage that actually lay under the house. She helped me unload my car and we took a wood panelled staircase up to the house level where Charlotte led me to a large bedroom and waited while I unpacked. As soon as I finished, she suggested we go through for some lunch, but first, “Before we continue Debbie, we’ll have to do something about your clothes.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?” I asked, puzzled. I was wearing a knee length leather skirt, matching turtle neck jumper and shoes with 3” heels. Charlotte smiled. “You’re still wearing them!” She replied with a challenge in her voice.

She brought her hands from where she had been holding them behind her back and I saw that she was holding steel shackles. Again, that frizzy feeling ran through me and remembering what the girls in the office had told me, I decided to accept her challenge. I stripped off and stood there, totally naked, hands on hips and looked at Charlotte. Smiling, she said, “What about your watch?” I removed the offending item and resumed my stance as Charlotte walked towards me.

“Stand with your feet slightly apart and put your hands behind your head with your elbows spread. Keep your head up and look straight ahead.” she ordered and I meekly complied.

Charlotte walked up to me and bent down and I felt the cold steel around my ankles as she fastened the steel shackles round them. I couldn’t describe the feelings running through me as I heard and felt the ‘Crrrrriiikk’ as the cuffs ratcheted closed. The chain between the cuffs allowed me a step of about 12”, no more. Charlotte stood up, smiling, ordered me to bring my hands in front of me and I looked as she locked handcuffs round my wrists. Another chain was locked round my waist and my handcuffs were locked to that and another chain that was then locked to the middle of my hobble chain. The restraints prevented me from lifting my hands away from my waist.

“Right,” said Charlotte, “let’s go get some lunch and then I’ll show you my studio.”

Led by Charlotte, I shuffled into the dining room and immediately noticed that there was only one seat at the table. Charlotte pointed to a large cushion next to the chair and simply said, “Kneel.” Feeling slightly bemused, I knelt and Charlotte then locked my ankle chain to my waist chain, then she went into the kitchen leaving me kneeling, naked and restrained next to her chair. An hour ago, I was a normal young working woman. Now what was I? I felt like a slave waiting for her Mistress, and I felt myself getting damp between my legs! Charlotte returned with one large plate, settled herself at the table and proceeded to hand feed me my lunch from her plate while carrying on a conversation with me about nothing in particular. I felt more than ever that I was Carol’s slave. She had ordered me around, locked me into restraining chains and acted as if this was normal. Thinking back to my conversation with Beryl, I had the thought that this probably was normal for Charlotte!

An unknown time passed when I heard the sounds of the vault door opening and Charlotte’s footsteps approached. I then felt something cool being sprayed on my backside and gently rubbed in. There was a slight stinging to begin with then the pain, which wasn’t all that bad, subsided. I was released from the bench, my clothing refitted and I was led, still shackled and blindfolded back upstairs. When my blindfold was removed I found myself in my bedroom, or rather what should have been my bedroom. I’d spent my nights elsewhere! My shackles were removed and the collar unlocked.

“Have a shower, Debbie, then I’ll see you downstairs for dinner.” She laughed, “I think we missed lunch! I’ve left your clothes out.”

Once Charlotte left the room, I went and examined my backside in a full length mirror. It was slightly red, but there were no welts or anything else to show that I had recently been flogged. I enjoyed a leisurely shower then did my makeup and hair before turning to the clothes on the bed. There was a pair of red latex panties with a built in dildo, a knee length red latex dress and a matching pair of shoes with 4” stiletto heels. I pulled the panties on, finding the dildo slid easily into me, but when I started to walk, I almost came! The dildo moved when I moved, but continued to move even when I stopped! It was the most amazing feeling. I pulled the dress on and zipped it up, enjoying the feel of the latex against my bare skin, then settled my feet into the shoes. The walk downstairs was an experience. I had to stop several times as the dildo seemed to take on a life of its own, and when I finally arrived in the kitchen, Charlotte smiled and suggested I go sit at the table as dinner was ready.

Once dinner had been served up and we started eating, I just had to say something. “Charlotte, do you have some kind of mind control machine or have you been taking lessons from some ancient Tibetan mystic?”

Charlotte choked on her food, swallowed, looked up at me and responded, “Huh??”

“Look. In the past two or so weeks, you’ve had me stripped naked, kept shackled, locked in a cage, strapped down to your bed, scared the crap out of me, diddled me stupid and then flogged me. Oh yes, you also decide what I’m to wear.”

“I notice that you didn’t object to the sex,” was her reply.

“That’s just it,” I said, “I haven’t objected to any of what’s happened. Apart that is, from a brief hesitation about being hanged.”

“Mmmm. You went back for seconds, I believe,” Charlotte smiled as she replied.

I laughed, then went on. “Yes I did, but that’s just it. I didn’t object to being ordered about by you or complain when you ordered me about and I still don’t object. We’ve only known each other for a few weeks. I just can’t understand it.”

Charelotte sat silently for a moment, then she spoke, “I’ve been tying up the girls in the office for the past five years now. Although it’s supposed to be for the illustrations and paintings, I find that the sight of beautiful women in restraints turns me on. The stricter the restraint, the more I like it. All the girls have spent time in my bondage den, but have never been really happy about it and I have to be careful that I don’t scare them away. It’s been very frustrating, and then you came along. You accepted the challenges I threw at you and never complained once. In fact, I think you enjoyed what was happening to you. The fact that you can sleep soundly while in bondage is a good indicator. Of course, it helps that you breathe through your nose so I don’t have to worry too much about gagging you. A couple of the girls are what I call mouth breathers, so I can’t use something like the wedge gag on them.”

“Talking of the girls,” I replied, “I imagine they’ll be glad when I leave. I must be costing them modelling money.”
Charlotte’s reply was a peal of laughter. “Oh Diana, the girls are overjoyed at your being here. They’re getting a break from me!”
At my puzzled look, Charlotte explained. “Between manning the office, or travelling to verify something, they usually only get two weekends out of five free, and they often find themselves here on at least one of their free weekends. They’re particularly happy this weekend as tomorrow is a local holiday and the office is shut. If you weren’t here, then at least two of the girls would be spending their long weekend as my guests, and you know what that means!”

While happy that I wasn’t upsetting the girls, the extra day off meant that I wouldn’t be able to finish off my report for Charlotte. When I mentioned that, she said that I could use her office as she would be away in the afternoon. She also said that Susan Penhaligon had been in touch and would be dropping in to see us in the morning. Suddenly, I had to stifle a yawn and Charlotte smiled. “It’s late Debbie, so why don’t you make use of the bedroom you’ve not been in since you came here. I’ve got some paperwork to finish off, so I’ll be late to bed.”

“Good idea,” I replied as another yawn caught me. “See you in the morning. Good night.”
“Good night pet.”

Entering the bedroom, I found that once again, Charlotte was organising my life, as laid out on the bed was a gorgeous full length nightdress of pink satin. I quickly brushed my teeth and pulled the nightie on, luxuriating in the feel of the smooth satin against my skin. I sat on my bed and thought about what little I actually owned. Travelling and living out of a suitcase meant that all my clothes, mostly underwear, skirts, blouses, five pairs of shoes and a couple of dresses, fitted into two large suitcases. Apart from my laptop, the only other item I had was a laptop sized fireproof steel case. Sitting on the bed, I dialled up the combination locks on the case, and opening it, surveyed the contents; passport, birth certificate and several documents that I thought that I might need so hadn’t left with my solicitor, and a list of all my passwords – disguised, of course! Everything else I owned was in long term storage. Thinking of my clothes brought the realisation that I hadn’t unpacked anything, as I had never been given the chance. Getting up I opened the wardrobe door and found my clothes neatly hanging from the rail with my shoes underneath. My underwear I found in a drawer. I also found lots of clothes made from latex. There were dresses, skirts, slacks and tops. In other drawers, I found latex underwear, tights, gloves and hoods. The predominant colour was black, but there was a veritable rainbow of colour hanging in the wardrobe. I settled down, went to sleep and dreamed of wearing all that latex.

Next morning I rose, showered and as I reached for my underwear, stopped. Going to the wardrobe, I reached in and withdrew a shiny black latex catsuit that had integral feet and gloves. I saw that it had already been powdered and as I drew it in, I felt it warming to my skin and clinging to every inch of my body. From the bottom of the wardrobe I withdrew a pair of ankle high boots with 5” stiletto heels. Feeling incredibly sexy, I went downstairs and found Charlotte already having breakfast. She looked up as I entered and gasped.

“Oh Debbie, you’re looking gorgeous in that outfit.” She smiled, and went on. “In fact, I find you look gorgeous in any of the outfits you’ve worn – including your bare skin.”

“You’re just saying that, ‘cause I model for you,” I replied. Inside though, I felt a tingle run deep through me. I felt good, and from what Charlotte said, I looked good. I also still felt very sexy.

“I’m going to work on the painting you posed for.” Charlotte said, breaking the mood. “Susan’s coming round to see it.” She paused, looking me up and down. “And you,” she added as she then got up and left me to enjoy breakfast.

Afterwards, I wandered up to the studio where Charlotte was working, but didn’t interrupt her. About mid morning, Charlotte’s phone rang and when she answered it, turned to me and asked if I could go down and let Susan in. Susan Penhaligon was tall, slim and beautiful. She had an oriental look to her features and black hair that cascaded down her back almost to her waist. She was wearing a figure hugging dress in dark red leather. She looked at me, smiled, and in a deep contralto voice, said, “Hi. You must be Debbie. You’re as good looking as Charlotte has been saying. I take it she’s in her studio?”

“y..Yes,” I stammered. Had Charlotte been discussing me? To cover my confusion, I simply said, “Yes, she is,” and led the way back upstairs.

We entered the studio where Charlotte greeted Susan and called us both over to see the painting.

“There’s just a couple of touches to finish off,” Charlotte explained as we stood and looked at her painting. I was amazed at the scene. The figure, chained to a rock facing an incoming tide was obviously me, but it was Susan who was over the moon with what she saw.

“That’s amazing Charlotte. It’s so vibrant; and just look at the expression on Diana’s face. How did you capture that?”
“It’s all down to Debbie,” Charlotte explained. “I could never have painted something like that from my imagination. I think Debbie should have been an actress.”

“It wasn’t all that difficult,” I answered as they both turned to me. “I had a sore bum so just thought self pity.” Charlotte and Susan both laughed, and then Susan turned to Charlotte and asked about payment. I excused myself and said that as it was nothing to do with me, I’d just wander around and explore.

I left them talking and wandered round the studio, eventually finding myself in the walk in changing room looking at some of the bondage equipment. As I picked various items up to look at them, I could feel a familiar tingle running through me at the thought of being held captive in some of these devices. I was looking at something that appeared to be a belt, wrist and ankle restraints made from a finely woven metal mesh. Everything was joined by strong chain and I saw that the cuffs and belt were secured by yet another of Charlotte’s magnetic locking mechanisms. As I was about to put it back on the shelf, I became aware of Susan standing behind me. Without a word, she took the device from my hands and then sorting it out, proceeded to lock the belt round my waist. She then knelt down and locked a set of cuffs round my ankles before standing up and holding the wrist cuffs out. I was in a daze, as I silently held my hand out and allowed Susan to lock the cuffs round my wrists.

The ankle cuffs were joined by a 9” chain and my wrist cuffs were joined by a 6” chain. A longer chain ran from the centre of my ankle chain, up through a ring in the waist belt and was secured to the centre of my wrist chain. Standing up, I could just touch the bottom of my breasts.

“One day,” Susan said, “I’m going to have a slave pet of my own and this is how she will live. She may be in latex, or maybe I’ll keep her naked. What way would you like Charlotte to keep you?”

Looking into her large dark eyes, I could see amusement in them and also a challenge? “I think I’d like her to make sure the key was handy,” I replied in a husky voice. What was happening to me? Was I becoming so entranced that I would allow anyone to tie me up? My whirling thoughts were interrupted as Susan produced a latex hood that matched my catsuit.

“Let’s get you properly dressed, shall we?” and pulled the hood over my head and zipped it closed. It was very tight fitting, and I could feel it squeezing my head and face. There were eyeholes, a hole for my mouth and two small rubber plugs that fitted into my nostrils. Before zipping the hood closed, Susan first partially unzipped my catsuit, smoothed the hood down and after zipping it closed, zipped my catsuit up again. I stood there, experimenting with my restraints to see how much freedom of movement I had, and was so engrossed that Susan had the collar round my neck and locked before I realised what she was doing.

“No objections, Debbie?” Susan asked. I stood there, shackled and collared and thought back over the past two weeks before answering, “Just so long as you don’t lose the key.” Susan chuckled softly and a strange expression crossed her face, too fleeting for me to think what it was.

At that point, we heard Charlotte calling, “If you two have finished exploring, I’ve made dinner.”

Susan produced a metal leash, clicked it into the ring on the front of my collar and led me out of the changing room. Charlotte turned towards us and her hands went up to her face. “Oh my. Diana, I’ve really got to get this on record, and reaching for her camera, proceeded to take numerous photos. Shackled as I was, my little internal devil was active and I made a point of waiting until Susan was holding my leash then knelt down between her legs with my head lowered. A quick glance showed that Susan was taken unawares and didn’t know what to do.

“Enough,” Charlotte said, laughing so much she had to wipe tears from her face. Dinner will be ruined if we keep on like this. I stood up and saw Susan looking at me with an amused look in her eyes as she gently tugged on my leash and led me back to the dining room.

When we entered, Susan turned to Charlotte and said, “Do you think it’s right for a pet to eat with its Mistress?”
I looked at her and she simply leant towards me, smiled and whispered, “Payback.”

“Well,” said Charlotte, looking at me. “I agree that pets shouldn’t sit at the table, but I do like to look at her while I’m eating, and besides, I’ve already made enough for three. I think she can stay here with us. She can stay over in the corner and I’ll get her bowls.”

So while Charlotte and Susan had dinner and enjoyed their conversation, I knelt in a corner of the room and ate from a dog’s dish. Charlotte and Susan enjoyed a bottle of wine while had to settle for a bowl of water. To ensure I didn’t interrupt them, a chain ran from a ring at the rear of my collar to my ankle chains, holding me in a kneeling position, together with the padlock holding my chained ankles to a ringbolt in the floor.

Despite my position, I enjoyed my meal as Charlotte is an excellent cook. Throughout the meal, Carol and Susan talked in voices too low for me to hear, and completely ignored me; although I was sure I caught them taking surreptitious glances in my direction. The meal ended and Charlotte cleared away the plates. Susan looked over towards where I was kneeling and said to Charlotte, “You start tidying up in the kitchen. I’ll join you when I’ve sorted Debbie.” I knelt there as Susan came over and I thought that she was going to at least allow me to join them. However, instead of releasing any of my chains, she produced the wedge gag I’d become familiar with, shoved it into my mouth and did up all the straps. By the time she was finished, I couldn’t be heard across the room. Picking up my bowls, she smiled down at me, patted me on the head and left me kneeling, shackled and gagged.

Part of me was angry at being left like this, but another part of me thrilled at being treated as a pet. The dining room lights had been switched off when Susan left the room, and I knelt in the darkness, listening to indistinguishable sounds coming from the lounge. After an unknown time, their voices sounded closer and I heard Susan wishing Charlotte good night. There was silence for a while then the lights came on as Charlotte entered the dining room.

“Poor Debbie. I hope you haven’t had too bad an evening.” She undid my gag, and offered me a drink of wine. “Here, pet. Try a sip of this.” I drank then looked up at Charlotte. “If I’m going to spend the night here, I really think you should provide me with a bucket. I’d hate to pee all over your carpet.”

“Oh Debbie,” Charlotte laughed, “You don’t think I’d leave you here all night? Come, let’s get you to the loo then we’ll get you settled for the night.”

She released me from my kneeling position and helped me to stand, but I noticed that she didn’t remove any of my chains. Instead, she took hold of the leash and led me back upstairs to her bedroom. Once there, she led me into the toilet, undid the crotch zip of my catsuit and settled me on the toilet. Once I had finished, she cleaned and dried me, redid the zip then led me over to the cage. The wedge gag was strapped into my mouth and I was helped into the cage. As I settled down Charlotte locked the door, then, almost as an afterthought, she pulled my leash until my head was on the floor of the cage and then locked my leash to the bars. She then undressed, climbed into bed and switched off the light. I struggled to find a comfortable position but eventually, I settled down, but didn’t get much sleep as I found myself wondering why Charlotte had secured me in such a difficult position.

After a fitful night, I was woken by Charlotte rising and getting dressed, then I was released from my cage, but before removing my gag, Charlotte held my head in her hands and quietly aske me, “Debbie, will you continue to trust me?” When I nodded yes, she removed my gag and then kissed me before leading me into the toilet where I relieved myself. After cleaning me, Charlotte closed the crotch zip, then after washing her hands, brushed my teeth. As I was still wearing a latex hood, she couldn’t do any more for me. I was then led into the dining room where I had breakfast – kneeling and eating from ‘my’ dog bowl. It was only as Charlotte was clearing things away that I looked round at the clock on the wall and saw that it was only 7.30 in the morning, and I wondered why Carol was up and dressed so early.

Charlotte came back into the dining room, where I was still kneeling, sat down and said, “Debbie we have a bit of a problem. There will be a cleaning crew coming today. They normally come once a week, but they were unavailable last week, so they’ll be extra thorough today, and it wouldn’t do to for them to see a shackled woman in my house. They’ll be in the studio too, so I can’t simply lock you in a cage.”

“Don’t they ask questions about you having two cages anyway?” I asked.

Charlotte laughed. “They think the one in the studio is one of my props and they also think I sometimes look after a friend’s dog, hence the one in the bedroom.”

“Well, just unshackle me, and I’ll wear a skirt and top”

“Ah,” was the reply, “that’s the problem. I can’t release you.”

“Why not? You get the magnetic key, place it on the appropriate spot, and my chains unlock.”

Charlotte sat with a sheepish look on her face. “I’m afraid I don’t have the key. Susan took it away with her when she left yesterday. She said she’ll give it to me when she gets back.”

“What??!! Why did she do that?”

“That’s why I asked if you trust me,” Charlotte responded. “Keeping you shackled like this was Susan’s idea. She said she’ll explain when we see her.”

Don’t you have a duplicate?” I asked.

“Yes,” was the reply, “but it’s not immediately available. Debbie, I have learned to trust Susan. She usually has a good reason for doing something strange.”

“Like locking me up? When is she coming back, by the way?”

“Sorry, I don’t know. She’s flying out to Italy in the morning, but I don’t know for how long”

I sighed, “OK. I guess I don’t have an option, do I?”

“Not really.”

“So where are you going to keep me from view?”

Charlotte’s response was to attach a leash to my collar and proceed to lead me down the stairs towards the garage. I thought that I was going to be left in her bondage den, but although we entered the place, we didn’t stop. Charlotte led me over to a steel door in the far corner of the den that I hadn’t noticed during my last visit, unlocked it and urged me through. I found myself in a concrete corridor that must have been about thirty feet in length. On either side were solid steel doors, three on each side of the corridor, and a further door facing me at the end of the passageway. Charlotte led me down the corridor until we reached the third door on the left. She opened a panel next to the door and made some adjustments to what was inside. However, she shielded the contents so I was unable to see what she was doing, but when she closed the panel, she unlocked the door and led me inside.

Entering through the door, I found myself in a large cell. Unlike the bare concrete of the corridor, this place was luxurious by comparison. The cell was about eight feet wide and stretched back about thirty feet. The walls were panelled in wood and the floor was carpeted. The ceiling, which was about fifteen feet high, was the only part that was bare concrete, and in the ceiling, was a slot about 3” wide from which dangled a thin steel wire cable. The slot started about six or seven feet from the cell door but extended all the way to the rear. At the back of the cell was a small area about five feet square that held a toilet, sink and shower. There was a steel framed bunk bed against one wall and I noticed that it had numerous attachment points, no doubt to secure a reluctant prisoner. The light came from recessed LED light fittings high up on one wall. Carol led me to where the steel cable dangled from the ceiling and locked the end to a ring on the front of my collar. She then removed the leash, wished me goodnight and left. The door closed with a dull ‘thunk’ and I was left alone.

I sat down on the bed and contemplated my situation. The first thing to strike me was the silence. There was no sound apart from the rattle of my chains and the squeak of rubber against rubber when I moved. Standing up I found that when I walked, the wire moved as well, obviously connected to something in the ceiling that moved when I did. I could walk to the wall in the shower room, but was halted about six feet away from the cell door. Suddenly, the lights dimmed to a faint glow. I could dimly make out my surroundings, but when I entered the toilet area, the light there increased in brilliance. At least I could see what I was doing in there. However, shackled as I was, and dressed from head to foot in latex, I knew I wouldn’t be washing or having a shower. I did wonder about using the loo, but found, by experimenting, that if I knelt I could reach my hands between my legs and undo the crotch zip, which was a relief to know!

With nothing to see, combined with a poor night’s sleep, I lay down on the bunk and dozed off, being woken up as the door to my cell was unlocked and Charlotte came in. I expected to be released, at least from my cell, but instead, Charlotte simply put down a bowl of hot food, said, “See you later,” then left. By now, I had learned that any questions or comments would only be met with an infuriating smile, so said nothing as the door was locked, and settled down to eat what was a good meal, my first since breakfast. To eat, I had to kneel so that my chained hands could reach my mouth. For drinking, there was a cup in the shower area that I could fill with cold water. I finished eating, struggled back to my feet then sat down on my bunk. After a while, Charlotte returned, but instead of releasing me, she simply led me into the shower are, unzipped me and once I had done what was needed, re-zipped me. After washing her hands, she then brushed my teeth. Throughout all this, she hadn’t said a word, so once she had finished cleaning my teeth, I asked her,

“I thought I was only being hidden away while the cleaners were in?”

Charlotte smiled. “Well, as I’ve gone to all the trouble of getting this place all cosy for you, it seems a shame to just use it for a day.”

I was about to object, when something triggered in my mind. “Susan wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would it?”

“How did you guess?” was the reply. “See you tomorrow darling.” With that, I was left locked in my cell for the night.

A routine was quickly established. I would be woken up, helped with the toilet, fed and left. At some point, I would be fed another meal, again helped with the toilet, and left again. I had no idea of time and quickly lost track of days. My meals could be at regular intervals, or completely random, I had no way of knowing. Also, after that first day, Charlotte refused to speak. When I tried to talk to her I was told that if I did not remain silent until given permission to speak, I would also be gagged. My only way of combating boredom was to get up and walk up and down my cell, no easy task with my ankles shackled and wearing high heels. I found that I had plenty of time to think. Why did I allow this to happen to me? I had been stripped, shackled, locked in a cage, strapped into a body bag, hanged and now dressed from head to toe in tight fitting latex, heavily shackled and locked in a hidden underground cell and only two people knew I was here. I could be kept here indefinitely. The only people who might want to contact me were my solicitor, and bank manager. The bank looked after my tax, and all the investments made with my inheritance took care of themselves. I had a monthly income from the interest, but didn’t really care about the money. Would Charlotte keep me here? I found that the more I considered the matter, the more I realised that I didn’t care.

For the first time since my parents had died, I actually felt safe! No wondering what hotel room I’d be spending time in. No worries about guys coming on to me. No eating meals in my room because I didn’t want the attention a lone female seemed to attract. No wondering what a home cooked meal would be like. I was shackled and locked away, but safe.

I also wondered about this place I was locked away in. When first brought down to my cell, Carol had told me that she had found that the plumbing had already been installed, and all she’d had to do was upgrade it. The original piping was lead, and upgrading had meant threading modern plastic piping through the old pipes and installing modern cisterns, and showers. She had also had the steel tether wire installed. It was connected to a motorised winch that could be programmed to reel in and shorten, then lock, so holding the person on the end of the tether in place. It could also be programmed to move up and down its track, dragging the tethered prisoner with it in order to make sure the prisoner had some exercise. The original work must have been a major undertaking, and the mention of lead pipes suggested to me that the work had been done well before the previous occupant had built his shelter. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to find out.

Charlotte entered my cell, smiled and from behind her back produced the magnetic key. “Come on Debbie, let’s get you out of here.” My collar was unlocked from the wire tether after Carol attached a leash to the front to my collar, and I was led out of the cell.

“Can’t you just unlock me her/” I asked.

“Oh no. Where would the fun be in that?”


“Well, for me anyway,” Charlotte replied. “Don’t forget, I like to see you in bondage. In fact, be grateful Susan didn’t suggest putting you in the end cell.”

When I asked why, Charlotte led me to the door at the end of the corridor, unlocked it and led me inside. Unlike the cell I had been in, this one was a bare five foot square with a low ceiling. It was bare concrete with numerous ringbolts located in all four walls as well as the floor and ceiling. Somebody, like me, for instance, could be left chained in a variety of positions and left. Charlotte said, “If somebody has been particularly naughty, they’re usually hooded, so we save on electricity by switching the lights off. Oh, and there’s no heating in here either.”

“You talk as if this place is used fairly often,” I said.

“Yes, Servicus members use this place to keep their pets safe if they’re going away somewhere. The other members help look after the pets.”

I stopped suddenly and Charlotte turned as the leash jerked tight in her hand. “Charlotte, do you want me as your pet?”

“What would you say if I said yes?”

I thought back over my time here and at my experiences at Charlotte’s hands, and knew without a doubt, my answer. Slowly, I knelt at Charlotte’s feet. “Charlotte, in the short time I’ve known you, I’ve fallen in love with you. I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt so safe. I will be your pet, slave, bondage toy or whatever else you want me to be. I will happily admit you are my Mistress.”

Carol’s response was a short cry as she fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around me. Through the tears that suddenly flowed, she cried, “Oh Debbie, my darling. I love you too. I’ve searched for someone ever since becoming involved with Servicus, and ever since we met, I felt that you were that person.” Sitting back, she smiled at me. “In fact, that’s the reason you’ve been locked away like this. Susan is a very perceptive friend and she thought we were meant for each other. She suggested this as a way to see if either or both of us were in fact in love with the other.”

I gave a happy sigh. I was home. I might, probably would spend the indefinite future, in bondage, possibly locked away from the world, but I was home. “Mistress,” I said, “may your pet make a small request?”

“Certainly, pet. What is it?”

“Can I be allowed a shower? I smell!”

Laughing, Charlotte urged me to my feet and as I was led out of the cellblock and bondage dungeon, she said, still laughing. “Oh yes Diana, you can have a shower, and a nice long scented bath as well. After spending so long in rubber, you need both.”
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Re: Freedom in Bondage.

Unread postby icy » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:49 pm

Really like this story. But I wonder if there is a part missing between this paragraphs..?

And the obcious question: Will there be a sequel? ;) :D


restricted wrote:Led by Charlotte, I shuffled into the dining room and immediately noticed that there was only one seat at the table. Charlotte pointed to a large cushion next to the chair and simply said, “Kneel.” Feeling slightly bemused, I knelt and Charlotte then locked my ankle chain to my waist chain, then she went into the kitchen leaving me kneeling, naked and restrained next to her chair. An hour ago, I was a normal young working woman. Now what was I? I felt like a slave waiting for her Mistress, and I felt myself getting damp between my legs! Charlotte returned with one large plate, settled herself at the table and proceeded to hand feed me my lunch from her plate while carrying on a conversation with me about nothing in particular. I felt more than ever that I was Carol’s slave. She had ordered me around, locked me into restraining chains and acted as if this was normal. Thinking back to my conversation with Beryl, I had the thought that this probably was normal for Charlotte!

An unknown time passed when I heard the sounds of the vault door opening and Charlotte’s footsteps approached. I then felt something cool being sprayed on my backside and gently rubbed in. There was a slight stinging to begin with then the pain, which wasn’t all that bad, subsided. I was released from the bench, my clothing refitted and I was led, still shackled and blindfolded back upstairs. When my blindfold was removed I found myself in my bedroom, or rather what should have been my bedroom. I’d spent my nights elsewhere! My shackles were removed and the collar unlocked.

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Re: Freedom in Bondage.

Unread postby Samster1975 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:38 pm

Didn't think I was going to read all of it but I did! Quite enjoyed that :D
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