The rapers just desert.

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The rapers just desert.

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Looking at the paperwork in front of her High Court Judge Lady Margaret Spencer didn’t even bother looking at me, the defendant. After a few moments she did look up and sternly spoke to me.

“Charles Mandible. Over the past four years, you have been found guilty of the rape of at least sixty women. You are a serious threat to the women of this country. You have only been out on parole for a month to have the latest three victims. The law allows us to look back at your previous crimes and determine your punishment. Fortunately for you, I cannot prescribe the death sentence or physical castration. Looking at the reports from your victims and what you did to them, you deserve it. However, in the past year the state has purchased an island that is one hundred and fifty miles from the nearest land. I fail to see why the state, along with other countries, has to keep you at our costs and therefore recommend you be transported there to survive if you can. May God have mercy on your soul!”

I wondered what she meant by that statement. They wouldn’t just dump me on a desert island. There has to be food and water there. I was carted off to a holding cell. A week later I was taken to and airport and escorted on the plane. Some of my victims cheered when they saw me being put on the plane.

I was given a drink and it must have been drugged as I passed out. I woke to find the plane landing at one airport but I had no idea where. I was dragged to a lakeside where a sea plane was waiting. I was told to drink again as during the transfer it got hot. Once on the sea plane I dropped off to sleep again.

I woke just as the plane was coming to a stop on the water. Once it stopped, I was told to enter the rearmost cabin and remove my clothes. I argued and was told that if I didn’t they would be removed. My clothes were to be put in a bag and passed out through a hatch. They told me it was to make sure that my clothes were cleaned to prevent infection being taken to the island. Once I had done that, a bag was passed though the hatch. I was told to open the bag and put them on.

I opened the bag and found sharp hunting knife and a pair of women’s satin boxer panties. I said I can’t put them on. They were a light lilac colour and extra thin. I was told that “all the inmates wear them. That is all they have on the island. It is a prison island and all we have is women’s clothes. They are cheaper. So it’s either this or go naked. There are more hidden for you in the centre on the island at the highest point. When I asked why all the inmates wear them I was told I would find out”. I slipped them on and a pair of trainers and was told to leave the plane. I found the panties a little tight but my attributes were standing out for all to see.

It was lovely and warm so I thought it was the perfect item to wear. As I descended on to the pontoon I was handed a letter. I jumped into the water and walked to the shore. I watched the plane take off and opened the letter.

It was from the judge. “This island is a women’s prison island. The garment you are wearing shows off your manhood. The women are fed with drugs that keep them extremely randy. You like raping women so you might be able to help them out. However, from reports, the last convict like you only lasted two months. Hopefully you will be sick of being raped by these women. I would like to wish you good luck but cannot bring myself to do so”

Women on the island, sex starved at that. Wow. I can help them out. So I thought until I noticed the large sign, “there are seventy five highly frustrated women on this island. Any man passing by on a boat, please drop in to help us”.

I carefully crept into the bushes to see some of the women rush by. It was obvious they had heard the plane even if they had not seen it. I realised I would have to be careful. I saw one with a note, she read it aloud “Ladies, there is another male prisoner for you to play with. Happy hunting. He is another rapist. Please remember to share and share alike” I knew then I would have to extremely cautious. Maybe introduce myself to one or two of them as their personal pet. But finding out what ones I can trust until I get round to seeing to all of them would be a problem.

I noticed they were wearing the same thin satin boxer panties as me. Of course, they looked better on them. Plus they had loose fitting tops made of the same material. On one or two I could see their nipples standing out like organ stops as the wind gently brushed the material against them. “Crikey” I thought, “they must be going mad with frustration”. My cock fought against the material of the panties.

I stayed as silently as I could until they left. Fortunately I had come ashore on the rocks so there weren’t any footprints for them to follow in the sand. I gave it time, looked around and started towards what I thought to be the highest point in the island. It was getting dark when I reached the point. I had been stopped by hearing the women heading my way several times. I decided to climb a tree and try to sleep if I could.

I never slept that much but the blazing sun woke me up. I could see then there was another hill higher than this one I was on. But I was surprised to find some food in a parcel. The plane must have dropped it as it flew over the island. I ate it with gusto.
Time to move on I thought, so I headed towards the highest hill I could see, and after two hours reached the summit. There was a box there as well. I opened it to find more of the silk panties I was wearing but in light blue, lilac, pink and white. There were also some of the blouses I saw the girls wearing. I slipped one on and noticed that even though it was hot, the coldness of the material struck my nipples. It made me wonder what effect it had on the women.

Looking round, I made a rough tent out of branches and the parachute silk that was with the box. I used some thin but strong vines to tie the branches together and carefully covered that with more branches and palm fronds so it would not look out of place should anyone go looking for me. I thought it was a reasonable enough camouflage. I just wish I had brought the other parachute from the first box with me. But I thought I would go and find it tomorrow. Today I had to look around to see the layout of the land around me.

The next morning, I headed back to the first hill to find the box and the parachute gone. The women had found them and had taken them. Now they knew I was on the island and what direction I was headed in. Damn.

The only problem I had now was finding food to sustain myself. Of course, the women had been here longer so they knew where to get food. I’d have to sneak in and steal it from them. Of course, once I find animals I can kill them myself with the knife.

I was careful as I headed towards the girls camp. Halfway there I saw a pool with crystal clear water. On the far side was a waterfall. I thought I would jump in and freshen up. I eased towards the water and just before I stripped of I saw one of the women come into view. She looked beautiful and I was amazed at her shapely figure. She stripped off and dived headfirst into the pool.

My member twitched at the thought of having my way with her. I found some more vines and cut them. These would be perfect for tying her up. I picked up her panties and blouse and carefully hid and waited. After some time, she climbed out of the pool and started to panic as she realised her clothes had gone.

When she had her back to me, I crept up behind her and hand gagged her. She started fighting. It left me no choice but to shove the panties into her mouth and wrap the vines around her head. Once tied off it left me the opportunity to tie her hands behind her. I tied her feet with some more vine before throwing her over my shoulder and walking into bushes. She was struggling but not enough to though me off balance or get away.

I finally found a clearing and put her down facing the ground. Cutting off more vines, I tied one foot to a tree about ten feet away. I undid the ropes holding her feet together and tied the other foot to a tree five feet away. Now her legs were spread I stood her up, bent her over and untied her hands and then retied them with her right hand to her right ankle and her left hand to her left ankle. I had never had my way with women in this position before, this will be a first.

I toyed with her, handling her hanging breasts for a while. I felt the nipples stiffen up in my fondling of them. I stroked her thighs and moved into her pussy area. I could feel the heat and how damp she was. My member was pressing against the silk of the panties so I pulled them down.

It didn’t take long to slip inside her. She was more than receptive in my mind. This cannot be rape if she wants it. I humped away for a while and I felt her body stiffen up. As I shot my load, she came as well and I felt the vibrations through her body.

I pulled out satisfied, but I could hear her mumbling against the gag. I told her that if she did not scream I would remove the gag. If she did, I would put it back in and leave her there like that. Upon removing the gag she begged for more. “Please, I need it. It has been years since I felt a throbbing cock inside me”

I was soon ready to give her what she wants. I have to admit this position was nice for me and obviously she liked it as well. It was a good job I had my vasectomy years ago or I would have hundreds of babies to pay for,

It didn’t take long for her to start murmuring. Again we both came together and this time her one must have been stronger as she shook violently. Satisfied, I pulled back from her and thought that maybe she would like it in her rear for a change. I asked her and she said no. She was purring like a cat by the time I undid the vines from the trees. I left her with her hands tied to her feet but thought that at least she could undo her hands and feet from the vines.

She never saw me thankfully. I walked off in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go and heard her screaming, calling me all the bastards in the world. Actually she did me a favour as I saw the rest of the women running towards the sound. It was obvious they were looking for me. I hid up until they passed and went into their camp for food. I thought it was strange they all went. Maybe they would spread out not realising I was helping myself to their cooked meals.

Once I had had enough I walked towards the beach. I walked into the sea so my footprints would head out. I came back via the rocks. It took me the rest of the day to get back to my camp without being seen. Lying on my makeshift bed, it went through my mind what was happening in the women’s camp. Was the girl telling them how nice it was? Were the others jealous and even more frustrated? Never Mind, I will look by the pool tomorrow.

The sun rose and woke me up. I felt like the rooster on a chicken farm. I was ready to lay anybody who wants sex. Unfortunately I spotted a group of girls long before the pool all heading that way. So I went off in another direction.

I soon came to some cliffs and there was a cave. I went inside to see nobody had been there. The women had obviously not found it. I got some bushes and covered the entrance so it would not be seen. Now I had a more permanent home. All I had to do was collect my clothing from my old camp. I was regretting they only gave me these soft panties. A nice pair of camouflage shorts would have been great.

Still, beggars can’t be choosers. I would have to make do with what I had. It took me all day to get back to the cave with my stuff avoiding being found by the women.

A few days later I thought I would try the pool again. I thought they would be bored of going there and not finding me. I was wrong and nearly got caught by them. Keeping alert like this was exciting and kept my adrenaline flowing. But my member started to require attention once more. I decided it needed a female touch. I would have to find one.

Down by the pool I saw there was no one there so I took my soiled panties and blouse and washed them as well as having a scrub up. Once I felt clean I scrambled to the safety of some bushes and watched. I did wonder where the girl from the other day had sprung up from. I watched as six of the women came out from behind the waterfall. There must be a cave there. I would have to investigate.

Watching the women strip off and enjoying themselves I had a job not to masturbate. They were there for an hour. I thought that if one remained behind, I’d repeat my performance. But they all left. I gave it some considerable time and investigated the cave behind the waterfall. It opened the other end and I could see their camp was not too far away. I realised that was how they heard the girl screaming. The sound must have carried. Still, It was handy to see when the girls were on their way and how many. I could lie in wait for one of them.

By the fourth day, I needed to relieve my sexual tension so I waited by the pool again. Upon looking at the women’s camp I saw one girl heading towards me and the cave. I rushed back and hid in the trees. The girl came out from behind the waterfall. Her luck was in. She would soon be receiving my attention.

It did not take long to get her bound hand and foot and tightly gagged with her panties. I thought about how I would take her. I tied her blouse around her eyes and went back to my clearing. I laid her down and tied vines to the trees around my clearing. It only took a matter of moments to have her naked and spread-eagled on the ground.

I was just about to enter her when I heard a commotion. There were some women heading my way. I pulled up my panties and ran like hell, leaving her staked out.

I should have watched where I was running as I fell into a large hole that had been covered with palm fronds. There wasn’t any way I could get out of it. I watched as all around the hole more and more women’s faces appeared, including the one I was about to rape.

“So, we have caught our prey. This is our animal trap and it looks like we have caught ourselves a large one this time”. I demanded to be let out and was told that I was not in a position to demand anything. A net was lowered and I was told to step into it. The net was pulled up and finished up higher than me. The women pulled me out of the hole. I was unable to struggle as the net enclosed me.

Eventually I reached the top and was pulled to one side. Before the net was undone, they reached in and tied my hands in front of me with the same vines that I had cut. Then the net was released and my feet were tied. They took a long bamboo pole and slid it between my wrists and then down to my feet. I was lifted and carried by four of the women. I started to moan and was gagged the same way as I had gagged the girls I swung between them as they carried me down to their camp.

On the way there, one of the women started to stroke my cock over the panties. It felt lovely and my cock sprang into action. My engorged cock stuck out but held back by the silk panties I was wearing. All the girls laughed. “We will soon get rid of that” “Let’s draw lots who goes first” “Put a bet on how many he can service before he collapses. Nearest to the figure wins” I was talked about like an animal. For the first time I could understand what the victims I had were thinking. I treated them like they were nothing.

Eventually I found myself tied to a tree. The women ignored my presence. The vines were stronger than I thought I could not break them, but at least I was fed and watered.

The women walked off to a distance and I could hear them, but not loud enough to hear what was being said. Every now and then there would be a shriek or a rousing cheer. I knew they were talking about me, but in what way.

As evening came, I was untied and my hands were tied in front of me. The other end of the vine was thrown over a branch of a tree and was pulled tight lifting my hands over my head. My feet were tied together and a stake was driven into the ground so I could not move. The women pulled on the vine so I had to stand.

The women looked at me in disgust. I knew I was in for a rough time now. They decided who was taking what shift. I couldn’t work out why they wanted to know that as I couldn’t move.

I watched as the women except eight went to sleep. These were taking the first shift. At midnight by the glow of the fire, one of them came up and started to rub my cock through the panties. It got harder than ever. I was ready to let go and shoot my load when she stopped. An hour later, another did the same. This was repeated every hour buy another of the women who was on guard. By six the sun was shining quite strongly. I hadn’t slept a wink. All the attention I was getting kept me highly frustrated and alert. By six I was just dozing off when the next session started. As soon as it got hard, I felt someone rubbing my bum over the panties. This was highly erotic and I was just about to explode when “Whack” I felt a paddle hit my bum hard. I shot forward and screamed through the gag. I shot forward as far as I could with my feet tied to the stake in the ground.

I suffered this every hour without fail. I was stroked over the panties until I got an erection then smacked either with their hands, a cane or a paddle. By midday my bum was sore from the attention it was getting. I was getting tired and one of the women noticed it.
They cut me down and spread-eagled me between four trees. One of the women came over. It turned out she was the team leader for that week. She told me that each week they select a new leader so everyone gets a turn. She told me to rest and get some sleep as tomorrow I was going to earn my keep. I tried talking so she removed the gag. As she spoke she fed me.

I asked how I was going to earn my keep and was told that I had to satisfy every woman in the camp within a week or I would suffer. I asked if I was the first male on the island. She told me that I wasn’t. I asked what happened to the others and was told two had heart attacks and died, one had run off and drowned himself and the fourth one could no longer perform so the castrated him and when they came with the food supplies and other equipment, they sent him off to be habilitated.

“Have you heard what happened to him? I asked. I was told that he was now working in a brothel in South America and has to service twenty men a day. “How can he do that?” I asked with an air of not sure what will happen next and was told it wasn’t too bad. He gets food in return for his work. They leave him naked and locked in a large steel cage that used to house tigers. He often has to take one man in his mouth and one in the back passage at the same time. They love doing that to him. I gulped at that. Then they told me that unless he swallowed the spunk, they whip him. That frightened me.

“So, unless you want the same treatment, make sure you are always able to service us. Just to make it worse for him, before he left, we made a plaster cast of his cock and he has photos of it nearby to remind him what he was” With that, she burst out laughing. “They said they would take all our rejects. They are making a fortune from his services and he doesn’t have to stop every twenty eight days”.

With that, they lashed my upper arms together behind my back, pulling them as close as they could. I felt the women wrapping vines around my lower arms so I was fingertip to elbow. I watched as some stakes were driven into the ground and some blocks beside them. I wasn’t sure what they were up to but I knew I would soon find out. My knickers were removed.

Some parachute silk had been made into pads and they held them over my eyes while another woman wrapped more silk around my head covering the pads and eyes. I had effectively been blindfolded. I was led onto the blocks and felt them tying my feet to the stakes spreading my legs well apart.

The woman said I had to be blindfolded so I don’t know who to take it out on if I even think about getting revenge. I said with all that silk, why not make skirts for themselves but was told that it would mean some getting their skirts long before the last one and they didn’t want anyone to feel left out. Besides, they love their clothing. "Some of the women can't speak English, some are political prisoners sent here by men and some are gay. It's up to you to find out who is what. Some want to kill you now for what you have done" One of the older women told me.

I heard something being moved but had no idea what. I was pushed forward so I was bent over and felt a pair of legs going over my shoulders. “Now eat pussy and make her get her orgasm or you are for the snip” I started to lick her pussy lips and clitoris as best I knew hoe. She directed my head to where she wanted to and told me what to do.

I could feel her getting hot and her breathing became more intense. I was getting horny was well with my cock and balls hanging in the breeze like they were. Then I felt a hand grab my shaft and start rubbing it up and down. My cock sprung into life and I forgot about licking the woman. I got a slap on the back of the head.

I started to lick her again. The hand on my cock was getting faster. Then I felt something at the edge of my anus. It poised on the entrance and slowly entered me giving me a shock. I shot forward as best I could but whoever it was came with me. The woman stroking my cock laughed. I forgot to keep licking and got another slap.

Eventually the woman I was licking screamed as she had a terrific orgasm. I felt her whole body tremble. I too shot my lot and the woman masturbating me gave a loud cheer. But the one behind me was not giving up. By now she was thrusting backwards and forwards at a terrific pace. I tried to beg her to stop as my anus was sore, but by now my mouth was pushed deep into the not soaking pussy. Eventually the woman raping me gave a huge sigh as she too orgasmed. Not as violently as the one I had been licking but I could tell she had cum.

After a week, I could take no more. I was masturbated four times a day and made to shag three women. My cock was sore. I begged them to stop but was told that I would have to get the chop. The people they knew in South America were waiting for me. I was laid flat on my back while they made a plaster mould of my cock and balls. I did have a bit of luck. The plane flew over and the women forgot about me and made a dash for the beach. I managed to undo the vine holding me and made a dah for freedom.

It didn’t last long. I was recaptured and drugged. When I awoke, my pride and joy was on a pole as stiff as when it was attached to me.

The women said goodbye and I was bundled off to somewhere in South America to work in a brothel. Now I was to be raped like the women I raped, with no mercy or let up.
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