The village show

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The village show

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My name is Sarah Mountbatten. My mother told me we were extremely distantly related to a well-known and rich family, but they didn’t want to know us. Not that it mattered to me. I was happy enough as I was.

One day my best friend Carol asked if I fancy a trip to Blackfort Castle. There is a village all around that is extremely pretty and every year they re-enact scenes from history. Last year they did the witch trials, but no one got drowned or burned fortunately. They replaced the actresses with dummies for the final scenes. That night they had a barbecue and a shindig. Everyone enjoyed themselves and people had come from all over the world.

This year was to be the Battle of Culloden. But it would be a whole week affair with everyone dressing in the costumes of the day. I said I fancied going even if just to see the men in kilts. Carol laughed and said she would make the arrangements. I had better put in for my two weeks off as soon as she gets the dates. I agreed.

A week later, Carol phoned and told me the dates and I applied for time off the next morning and was relieved to find that no one else had booked those dates.

We had three months to get ready. I told Carol that I would look for the costume of the day, but she said she had arranged for them to get the costumes for us. They would choose what they wanted us to be. I imagined some village woman in rags.

The day before we left for Blackfort Castle I was feeling excited; I had never done this sort of thing before. Carol said she felt the same. We spoke about how we were going to get there and what clothes we would take. Carol said we won’t need much as they were supplying the clothing. So I just took underwear, nightdresses and what I was wearing.

It took us about three hours to get to the village of Blackfort. Carol was right. It looked beautiful and I said I could imagine it back in the eighteenth century. It was like it was stuck in a time warp or something.

We found the local inn where carol had booked us in. The landlord came out “You’re here for the festival then” We told them we were, “Enjoy yourselves. I have some reading for you to get into the mood for the festival” He gave us some leaflets and we went to our room shown the way by a woman dressed in a long drab light brown skirt that reached the floor and a gypsy style blouse.
She told us, she has to get in the mood long before the event and it does bring people to the inn to see her dressed in a village costume of the day. It brought a grin to our faces.

The woman gave us the key and left us. We looked around the room. It was clean but was decked out in eighteenth century style furnishings. The bed was new though although it was made to look like an old four poster bed.

Out of the window we could see the village green. On it there were stocks and pillories. “They look interesting” Carol said. We put away our undies and went downstairs for a drink and some food. The landlord said that our car would spoil the week if it were left there so would we mind moving it to a hiding place. Of course we didn’t know where to put it so the landlord said if we left him the keys he would do it for us. Carol handed him the keys to her car.

The landlord came and sat with us as we ate and we went through the course of the festival. “Once it starts, there is no backing out, so if you want to leave now, please do so” Carol and I looked at each other and both said we would stay.

“Good” said the landlord, a man of around thirty, quite good looking at that. We both commented on that later. “Tomorrow we will measure you for your costumes. It takes a few days to alter them”

I told him I was a size twelve while Carol is a ten. “Ah yes, but costumes in those days weren’t like modern ones. They fit where they touch”. We agreed to go along with it. “It will give you time to get used to wearing them before the main event”

We were happy with that and after we had finished dinner, read the leaflets with a glass of red wine to wash down the tiredness of travelling.

The next morning we were woken by the strange sound of rumbling. Carol went to the window and called me over to look at something. Our car had gone and there was a coach and four horses at the front of the inn. We quickly got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Lord Blackfort was there. Well, he said he was Lord Blackfort anyway and the landlord told me his family had bought the castle and the name a few years back. That is when they started the festivals.

“Call me Spencer. I don’t settle for all that sir and lord and lady crap. All my friends call me Spencer. By jove George, these are pretty maidens. I think they should be put up in my castle for the week. I’ll pay what you are losing” Carol and I agreed and we moved out with Spencer in his carriage. I watched as the countryside went by. but it only took a few moments.

We had a lovely time that day being measured for our costumes, but we still didn’t have any idea what we would be.
Carol and I walked around the grounds of the castle and into town later to have a look round. We were surprised how friendly everyone was.

The sun was shining and it seemed like we were in heaven. That night we were told we would be ladies as Spencer did not think it would be fitting for us to be peasants. We were to be Scottish ladies on the side of the Jacobites. Wow, we would have all those men in kilts around us.

We were told our room was ready and we could go and rest. Our maids would be there soon to get us into our costumes. We were both excited by this. We were handed a shift and was told “No bra as they weren’t around in those days” Fair enough. We stripped off and slid the cotton shifts over our heads. Once we had those on, the maids entered the room to get us ready.

We were handed wool stockings which we slid on and some tie up garters to hold them in place. After that came a Dickey petticoat. This was a long cotton half-slip that tied behind our backs. The maids went behind us and pulled what they called stays. This was in effect a corset that came below the breasts I could feel the material getting tighter as the laces were pulled tight. I looked and saw there wasn’t a busk in the front so I would have to be untied each night. A bone was slipped down between my breasts. The maid pulled it tight to emphasize my waist.

I saw Carol getting the same treatment. She was enjoying it whereas I wasn’t so sure.
A couple of pocket bags were tied around my waist. “The skirt has slits so you can reach into your pockets. Only real ladies had them”.

A hip pad was tied around my waist which looked like a thick sausage but tied at the front to make the rear fill out.
On top of that a full length petticoat that went to the floor was slipped over my head and smoothed down. A large kerchief was wrapped around my neck covering the petticoat top.

The maid put a stomacher on me. That was a triangular piece of material that pointed down to the ground and covered from my waist to the top of my breasts. I thought that at last, the gown. How wrong I was. The gown petticoat went over that. It was like a skirt with slits for the pockets to be reached. Mine was made of brocade. I said I thought the skirt would have been silk or cotton but was told I am a Scottish woman so it would be colder and therefore the material had to be warmer. They had this material in the middle ages. Besides, this is the only one we could find to fit you. You are taller than Carol so if we were to swap dresses, yours would show an ankle while hers swept the floor and she would fall over the dress. The stomacher was eased under the waistband of the gown petticoat.

Now they fitted the gown onto me and pinned it to the petticoat. My hair was fashioned into a style of the time plus they added extensions as mine wasn’t long enough. Carol’s was.

A cap was tied onto me and the maids put my sheer apron on me. The maids buckled my shoes on as I couldn’t bend forward enough to do it myself thanks to the stays.

By the time we went down to dinner, I was roasting. We sat close to Spencer and he said we looked wonderful. We ate dinner and made polite conversation. Spencer offered to show us around the castle to bits we had not seen by then. We accepted his offer and had a few more wines to celebrate. Spencer told us the festival didn’t start for two days so we could get used to the costumes and he would help get us into the mood.

We went down a long corridor. Spencer went on talking “We are expecting the first visitors to arrive tomorrow and we need to show them something so I hope you girls don’t mind helping me.” We both agreed to help not knowing what he had in mind.
We entered the dungeons. It was nice to see they had been cleaned up with fresh straw on the floor. And the walls scrubbed clean.

We heard a noise and saw the inn keeper follow us into the dungeons. He asked how we were getting on and said he only came to make sure we were being treated right. We both said we were enjoying the experience. “To make sure you are and everyone can see it, would you mind if I took a photo of you two chained to the wall? It will show everyone that this is only a fun thing. Spencer might get asked if he could lock them up for a few nights which he will as long as they pay”. We both agreed to help.

We found some chains hanging down and stood with our backs to the wall. Spencer and the inn keeper, George, locked the shackles on our wrists. “Of course in olden days they would not have had rubber inside the shackles but health and safety prevent me from just using the iron directly onto your wrists” Spencer told us. We laughed.

I realised I could not even scratch my nose, let alone rub somewhere else where I was getting damp. Yes, I admit it, I felt hot and randy. I could see Carol was as well. Shackles were fitted to our feet keeping them apart. I asked when George was going to take the photos. He took one of each of us but said there was something missing. Spencer left the cells and came back with some objects. I couldn’t make out what they were. “Don’t worry. There are new so don’t think you are getting old ones that have been used before. They are made to look old. George took one and I looked in horror as I realised what they were. I started to scream as the Scold’s Bridle was fitted over my head. A piece entered my mouth and held down my tongue. I felt the side and top metal straps being fitted and adjusted and head the click of a lock. I looked at Carol and could see what they had done to both of us. I could only look forward unless I turned my head.

George took more photos. Spencer quipped “That will make George’s guests want to come here to see my captives. There is only one thing left”. With that the two men dropped to their knees and put their hands up under our dresses. I felt him tugging at my knickers. He removed one shackle from a leg at a time and slipped my knickers off. He soon had the shackles back on again. “No knickers. They didn’t wear them” he told us.

We both tried to scream but couldn’t get a word out. “Don’t forget, you agreed, once it started, there was no backing out” George told us. The two men bade us goodnight and left the cell locking the door behind them. Then the light went out leaving us panicking. It took some time for us to calm down. When we went quiet' Spencer came back into the dungeon and released us. “Now you know what is entailed, or at least some of it, we can get back to more humane things like going to the inn for a drink”.

When I asked if I should change Spencer told us to go as we were so George’s guests could see us in our roles. Spencer went to get changed and came back wearing a great kilt as worn at the time of Culloden. “Just so you don’t feel you are an oddity” he told us. I told him my dress weighed a ton and made me glad I live in modern times.

We rode in the coach back to the inn and everyone told us we looked beautiful. Lots of photos were taken. We enjoyed the night having all our drinks paid for by others. Spencer was always surrounded by women.

When we had a quiet moment I spoke to Carol about the events in the dungeon. “Did you enjoy it?” Carol had to admit she wanted George to rape her there and then. I said Spencer could have had me and I would not have objected. Later I asked him why he liked the kilt. “Well when you are having a bunk up in the hay, it keeps your bum covered and no one can see what you are really up to. They think you are just kissing and cuddling” Carol and I laughed.

George told us that the festival starts tomorrow so we had better get a good night sleep. We went back to the castle with Spencer. The maids got us undressed. It took them ages to do it. We were told that we had to be up by six to get everything on. “Don’t forget. No knickers”. We slept like logs and were woken at seven by the maids. They said they had looked in and saw us sleeping so soundly that they left us there for another hour.

After a shower and hearty breakfast, we were once again made up in our costumes. But this time, I definitely chose to leave the knickers off to help cool me down a bit. Besides, as the maids said, if I need to go to the toilet, just stand there and do it, but choose a place with no one about.

We went into town with Spencer. There were about 30 men in kilts like his. The women visitors of the huge crowd were hanging around them. George came over dressed as a redcoat and told us we would be captured by the redcoats and fastened for the duration. We thought of being tied up. We both liked the idea but how we would be fastened became clear later when we got captured.

“As soon as the redcoats turn up, run. Because of your costumes you will find it had and will soon me caught. The Jacobites on their way to Culloden will try to rescue you. The redcoats will try to get information from you to tell them where the Jacobites are hiding”. George told us. We said we understood and waited for the fun to start. Carol said she was getting horny at the thought of being tied up and at the mercy of men in uniforms. I agreed, but it was the men in kilts that were turning me on.
George told us to go to the far end of the village. When the church bell rang, the festival would start. As soon as we saw the redcoats, we were to run screaming to warn the Jacobites.

Carol and I walked to the far end of the village. We were overlooking a valley and could see for some distance. We thought we would see the redcoats in plenty of time. The church bell rang once and we waited for the redcoats to get close. Before we knew it, they were only a hundred yards away. We ran screaming. The crowd loved it and several people filmed us. I found it hard to run in my heavy outfit and was soon captured by the redcoats.

George was their commander and he told one of the lieutenants to lock me in the pillory. I started to scream and George told him to shut me up. For the second time I was wearing the Scold’s Bridle. As the lock clicked shut and the key turned, it seemed louder than last time.

I was stuck and unable to move. Well, apart from my legs. I was getting randy again but as I wasn’t wearing knickers, I didn’t want any old Tom, Dick or Harry entering me. Not that I could stop them. I had to look down at the ground and heard Carol scream as she too was caught. I heard the commotion as she was locked in the stocks. At least she was sitting. Carol went quiet as the bridle was fitted on her.
We were left like that for an hour. I heard the Jacobites charging at the Redcoats. They shouted they would rescue us and were only twenty feet away when more Redcoats turned up. The Jacobites had to retreat. Eventually Spencer sneaked back into the village and produced some keys. The problem was, they didn’t fit the locks. “Someone has changed the locks. I will have to get a locksmith in. As it’s late, you might have to stay here all night” he whispered to me.

He ran off as he heard George enter the village square, but he was captured. “Take him off to the dungeon. Make him uncomfortable and we can get the information from him later” George shouted at his troops. I could not see what was happening.
The crowd applauded tremendously at all the enactment. Eventually George came over and released us. He told us he got the smithy to make some more locks to get Spencer worried. The crowd went into raptures of applause by now.

I was told to get the coach and go and rescue Spencer. George released Carol. I rushed as fast as I could into the castle dungeons once more. There was Spencer chained to the wall in his kilt. I couldn’t help it. He looked so helpless. As he went to speak, I rushed up and kissed him straight on the lips. I felt his manhood get erect even through all the material between us. “Maybe I should do something about that” I told him. I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any pants. A few deft strokes and Spencer shot his semen all over the cloth I was holding. I saw him flop as his strength went.

I released him, we both went upstairs and he showered and put a modern kilt on. I said I hope he was traditional as I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He grinned and told me yes. After a toast to the event, we went back to the village where a roast hog was cooking nicely on the fire.

The crowd were more than appreciative; George said that was the most they had ever made from such an event. We all cheered and drank a toast. The crowds didn’t rush off, instead spent money in the shops and the inn. A lot of them asked Carol and me about the item of clothing we were wearing. Some of the women said they would love to know when we were doing it again so they can get dressed like us and join I the fun.

That evening we sat in the bar drinking with George and Carol. Spencer asked what our plans were now. We asked if we could stay in the village and keep these clothes for the week. Spencer agreed. Carol said she would love to move here. George said he could do with more help as his serving wench was leaving. Carol said that would not pay her much but George said “It would if you would marry me” Carol was shocked and stammered out yes.

Spencer asked me to marry him and I never answered him directly but said, “You know those dungeons of yours, what a shame if your naughty wife to be suddenly found herself chained to the wall again for her husband to take advantage of” Spencer agreed when he realised what I was saying. Of course I want to marry him.

That night I found myself chained to the wall and Spencer climbed under my dress and I felt his tongue working its way around my now soaking sex organs. I soon succumbed to an almighty orgasm. Spencer told me that he would like to think of me as a virgin on our wedding night. I told his I still was. So was he, but I never bothered to ask how he learned how to give a girl what she needs.
The next day we went to the inn and spoke to Carol and George. “First things first Spencer. How about us having a double wedding?” George said. We agreed. Spencer said we could work on it and if Carol and I didn’t mind, they could advertise it to get more visitors. Carol and I agreed.

Then we had to decide what to do for the next show. I said we could do several a year; when you think of it. The other three looked at me. “Okay so we do a Hawaiian theme, a caveman theme, Victorian / Edwardian theme goes well” George said he could get his serving wench who was leaving to take the part of Queen Victoria. “She would love that”. I grinned. “We could do the same theme we have just done. The Victorian theme could be done all week couldn’t it, if everybody gets dressed up. I’m sure people would flock from miles around. How about a middle ages theme Spencer and George in the pillory and stocks and people will pay to throw tomatoes at them?” The others agreed and George said he would put it to the parish council.

We saw the vicar and set the date. Spencer asked what we would like for a wedding. I said I want a white dress “but instead of just being walked down the aisle, I want to have a veil and be dragged in chains to the church and locked to my husband when the vicar says we are married”. Carol thought that was wonderful too and wanted the same.

It was time to go home and we jumped in the car and waved goodbye knowing we would soon be back. Who thought we would have such a wonderful time and find husbands for oursleves2 Carol said. I replied, “Who thought we would love bondage so much. I can’t wait for him to chain me to that wall. I’m sure he will let you and George use the dungeons as well”

Carol said she wanted to go in the pillory and let George take her doggy style. We laughed so much. Our future was looking brighter by the minute. We never realised how quickly the miles were speeding by.

Before the night was out, we had written our resignations out and were writing our guest list. Carol wondered where we were going to put them all. I sad we could ask the villagers if they have spare rooms as they will be gaining money from the event. Plus George can put some up and I can put beds in the dungeons. Carol went home and I fell on the bed and woke up still fully dressed. I had dreamt of that event and of the many to come. I wonder how many ways Spencer and George can tie us up. My family and friends said I looked happier than I had been for a long time and seemed more relaxed. When I gave them the news, they were more than happy for me. Dad even agreed to pull me to the church in chains. “I thought I would never get rid of you” he joked.

Spencer phoned me and told me that he had thought of something to make our day even more memorable. We were to stay in a village five miles away and be taken in chains by ox cart to the church. I agreed. George had asked Carol if she wanted the same as me and she said she would love it.

A couple of months later, my friends and family along with Carol’s family and friends found us back in Blackfort. The night before the wedding Carol and I were whisked off to the village of Glenbrogie. We stayed in the hotel there and worked out the plot for the wedding. Carol and I thought it would be fun. “Our weddings are our hen nights in one” she said.

The day of the wedding I was pampered. My hair was styled and my makeup was put on by experts from the film industry. They owed Spencer a favour for letting them stay in his castle while they were filming there. Carol had hers done at the same time. Eventually I was put into the dress. Carol and I had not told each other what our dress would look like. I thought she would have a meringue. We were shocked to find we had chosen the same style of dress.

The time came to have the chains put on us and we allowed the women to lock them on us with our hands in front of us and a couple of yards of chain to be towed by. One of the women thought that we should have had chastity belts locked on us for our grooms to undo, but it was too late by then to get one. I said it was a shame we hadn’t thought of that. But I didn’t tell her I was commando under the dress. Carol whispered to me she had forgotten her knickers too.

We were pulled out to the lounge of the hotel where we found our dads waiting for us. They took the chains and pulled us out to the ox cart. Of course we struggled and pleaded not to be made to go through with it. So they put the Scold’s Bridles back on us again. “Spencer said you might need these”.

We struggled and pulled against the chains and the crowd roared with laughter when dad said that I will marry today or my lover will languish in the dungeons for ever. We were forced into the oxcart and had to stand there with the chains fixed to the cart.
People lined the route to Blackfort. Everyone was cheering. I was glad I was wearing the Bridle again or my grin would have been obvious. I think Carol was thinking the same. We did our best to look like we were being forced into marriage. The crowd appreciated out “struggles”.

At Blackfort, our dads released the chains from the oxcart and pulled us struggling into the church. The crowds loved it. At the church entrance, the Bridals were removed. Dad said I had better say I do or he will lock me in the pillory and whip me.

I stepped onto the Aisle and the music started to play. At the end, my dad and Carol’s dad handed the chains to our husbands and they undid them. Once the vicar pronounced us husband and wife, I kissed Spencer and felt a click as hand cuffs were slipped onto my wrist and I looked down to see the other cuff on Spencer’s wrist. George did the same to Carol.

A rousing cheer went up from our friends and families. I don’t remember walking back down the aisle. I was floating in heaven with my husband at my side. Upon leaving the church the sun was shining brightly and Spencer, me, Carol and George climbed into the coach. Everybody was cheering us along the way.

The reception was held in the great hall of the castle. People asked how come Carol and I wanted to marry as quickly as we did when we had never been serious before. We told them what happened and they said they wished they had been here to see it. Both George and Spencer said they had never met such fun loving girls before and fell in love with us straight away. Carol and I said the same thing. “I thought all upper class people were toffs with no humour” I told Spencer. He laughed.

The next day, the four of us went for breakfast at George’s inn. That gave Spencer’s staff the day off to get over all the work they had done. I said it would be a nice gesture if Spencer and I dressed as servants and gave the staff and their families a day of being waited on Spencer agreed and thought it would be a great idea.

Spencer said they had chosen the next theme for the town show. “We are doing the crusades”. I asked what that meant. The men would be in armour and would say goodbye to us and ride into Glenbrogie to battle with the enemy. “So what does that leave Carol and me to do?” Spencer said that it meant that we would be locked into chastity belts and await our return. We could tell the visitors of our torments of our husbands being away and how we felt being locked in our chastity belts for many months and not knowing if they will return. “Plus if we are captured, we would be expected to go and rescue us” George said.

Of course we would be expected to help with the village fete while we waited for news of our husbands. Carol and I looked at each other and agreed we could have fun. Spencer said he would arrange for a show to keep us entertained. Carol and I looked forward to that. Later Spencer told the staff of our plan to serve them for a day. They soon put it round and loved the idea. Spencer said he loved the idea of being a butler for a day with me as the maid. The housekeeper told us they wanted to decide what characters we would be playing. Spencer phoned George to tell him of the plans and Carol and George said they would love to help.

So now Spencer and I are off to our honeymoon in Barbados while Carol and George are off to Australia.
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Re: The village show

Unread postby icy » Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:33 pm

A nice story. Well eine. Thanksgiving vor Sharing.
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Re: The village show

Unread postby Samster1975 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:10 pm

This is incredibly well written, I could very much picture the entire story in my head. Thanks for sharing, and happy easter :D
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Re: The village show

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Samster1975 wrote:This is incredibly well written, I could very much picture the entire story in my head. Thanks for sharing, and happy easter :D

Have to agree! Found myself getting quite turned on as well. :o
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