The party.

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The party.

Unread postby restricted » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:48 am

I was sitting in a wine bar minding my own business when in walked three girls. They were quite attractive. I couldn’t help looking at them.

After a half hour they got up to leave and one came over to me. “We are having a party. Do you fancy coming?” Of course I agreed and left with them.They lived in an old house that had a pillar in the centre where two rooms had been knocked into one. The asked if I would help decorate the room by blowing up some balloons. I agreed and they gave me a drink.

Ten minutes later and I felt drowsy. I sat on the sofa and promptly fell asleep. I don’t know how long I had been out but found that although awake, I couldn’t move my arms and legs. “Don’t worry” they told me. “That will soon pass. Maybe it will last about an hour. I the mean time we have to get busy on our decoration. Sorry to say, we have had to tape your mouth shut. We don’t want to hear you complaining”

They stripped me naked and as my cock was flaccid they could do nothing with it. The drug worked on all parts of my body. They told me they had some shiny Lycra socks specially made and have put them on my feet. Slowly they pulled some shiny Lycra disco leggings on me. Once they were in place, everything from my toes to waist was covered in black Lycra. Over that they pulled a shiny Lycra leotard. They arranged my cock so it pointed straight up. It had started to come round and get erect with all the attention it was getting.

The Leotard was pulled up and my arms were threaded into the long sleeves of the leotard. These came down to my wrists. Lycra gloves of the same material were put on my hands and tucked inside the sleeves of the leotard.

“We are lucky as one of us works for a firm that makes everything from Lycra. The gloves and socks are trial runs. We are testing them out for them”

Finally a helmet mask that covered everything except my eyes and nostrils was put on me and tucked into the Leotard. This forced the tape more strictly onto my lips. “Another test run we are trying out and giving a report on. But we have already said this could be made of a one piece item”
I was hoisted up off of the sofa and backed up to the pillar. A collar was locked around my neck, and a chain that was put around the pillar and locked to the collar. Even if my muscles were responding to my wishes, I was stuck.

They wrapped cling film around me and the post and covered that with duct tape. They walked around me five times around my chest and five times around my thighs and the post. I was shown a mirror and all I could see was this black mummy looking back at me.

“Try to remember what you look like as we are about to put this deep purple blindfold on you” Indeed they did and I could not see a thing.

Eventually I heard girls coming into the room and could only imagine what they looked like. Each of them screamed in delight when they saw me. The party got into full swing. I could only hear female voices so presumed I was the only man in the room.

My cock was rubbed several times and girls were laughed whenever one of them backed up to me and wiggled her bum against my now erect but trapped cock. I had no idea how long I was like that but eventually the noise receded.

It was some time before I realised everyone had gone home. Even the hosts had gone to bed. I kept drifting in and out of sleep all night. I was woken by the girls. “Sorry. We all thought one of the other girls had let you out. You must be tired” I shook my head to say yes so they removed the duct tape and cling film and carried me into the bedroom where I was laid on the bed. I don’t know which one it was climbed into bed with me and started to stroke my body. I was getting near to a climax and she stopped.

I don’t know what happened next. All I felt was that my arms and legs were spread-eagled on the bed and one of the girls was tied to me. Even though the Lycra, I could feel her nipples harden. She was wriggling all over my cock as if she was trying to get it into her body. I could feel her pussy trying to ease onto my knob, but of course, as the Lycra was holding it flat against my body, it was impossible. She did manage to get an orgasm herself. She screamed as it hit her. Then she slumped back exhausted.

We were left like that for a while. She started shouting for the others to come and release her. They untied her and by sitting on my body, removed the Leotard and leggings so apart from the gloves and socks and this helmet I was naked.

I felt something being fitted around the base of my balls and guessed it was a chastity belt. “We have got your phone number. We will call you for the next party. We will keep the key to that chastity belt and if you go to the police, we will throw the key away. We are moving today, that is why we had the party. You will never find us. We don’t even rent this house. We are squatters”

I was untied and allowed to get dressed. I begged them to give me the key to the chastity belt but they refused saying they want my balls nice and full for the next party.

So here I my with my cock locked away so I can’t touch it and waiting for the phone call for the next party. I’m dreading it if I have to go into hospital…..
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