Does it pay to keep fit?

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Does it pay to keep fit?

Unread postby restricted » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:27 pm

I kept myself fit. Every day I would be up at 05.00 and go for a three mile run. I even joined a running club. We often used to go for a 10 mile run as a group. They were a friendly lot, and there were some gorgeous girls among them, but I thought they were all taken so didn’t get involved. Mostly though, we trained at a local park where we could use the faciliti4es to store our clothes while we were out jogging. For those who didn’t want to leave their clothes which were most of them, there was a large car park and they could leave their clothes in their cars. I used to walk to the park so used the facilities.

Unfortunately, keeping fit became my making and my downfall at the same time. Somehow it got round that it was my birthday in a few weeks. It was decided that we would do the ten mile run the week before my birthday. Sadly my car was in for servicing so one of the girls said she would pick me up and I could leave my clothes in her car. It was a nice new car. A keyless entry and start up. That was something I dreamt of.

So I put my shorts on and my trousers over the top and went with her. I enjoyed running with her. It made the time pass quickly. Her name is Joy. She did mention I needed new shorts. I told her I would get some as mine had been stitched so many times.

My birthday came and I received a parcel. I hadn’t ordered anything so it was a surprise. I opened the parcel to find a new pair of running shorts and a slip to wear under it plus a new bright yellow vest.

With it was a typed note. “Happy birthday. We have given you this present early so on your birthday next Saturday, you can be ready for a five mile run. You will be picked up at 9 o’clock sharp. Do not cover them up with other clothing” There wasn’t any name on it so I had no idea who it was from.

The next Saturday, the one after my birthday, was hot and I was up early, showered, got the kit on and waited. I put a jumper and jogging bottoms on. Remembering what the note said I stripped off the jumper and jogging bottoms. At 9 precisely, there was knock on the door. I opened it to see a minibus outside. It had blacked out windows so I couldn’t see who it was inside. It had to be people I knew as they knew my birthday and as it was sports gear, they had to be part of my running club.

I felt a bit of a fool wearing this outfit as I closed and locked my front door. The blacking on the front windows had to be a temporary thing as they were removed. In the front were Tracy and Jean. I climbed in the back and we started chatting. At least from what I could see, there were in their running gear as well.
We picked up a few more girls on the way and finished up ten miles from home in a park. It was deserted. It was as shame we reached the park and had to get out as I was enjoying sitting close to all these lovely girls and accidently feeling their legs.

I notice another minibus a little further away. It arrived after we did. Some of the male runners got out. They too were in shorts and vests like mine. We did the run and the men said they had to go, but the girls said they would like to stay for a while. There wasn’t any room in the men’s minibus to take me home though, plus they came from the opposite direction of my house.

A couple of blankets were brought out from the minibus and some wine. As I don’t drink alcohol normally, with the hot weather and two glasses of wine made me feel drowsy while the girls apart from the driver, Jean, were pouring it down their necks like it was going out of fashion.

I said I was getting tired and wanted to go home, but the girls told me to have a little sleep there and then and get a sun tan. Before I knew it I was sound asleep. I had been up all night wondering about the events that would take place that day.

I woke up about a half hour later I reckon, but could not move. While I was asleep, the girls had got a large denim bag and slipped it over me. Tracy had got in as well. The two of us were stuck closely together It was hard to move. Even our lips were touching. I couldn’t get out of the bag as they told me they had put a chain around it at the neck and locked it on. We were both trapped in the bag. A strap around our necks prevented us from pulling away from each other.

I struggled to move my hands and found my vest had been removed. Tracy must have taken her bra off under her vest as I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest. That is when Jean told me why they had done this to us.

“You are incredibly shy surprisingly. We find tha6t odd as you don’t mind being seen in that outfit. We have noticed that you never finish before Tracy so you must love looking at her bum. Tracy gave us the idea for the bag and she bought you the running gear. You really are a daft mutt. Tracy loves you. So to make sure you get to know each other, we went along with her plan. We are going to leave you two in peace so you can enjoy being in each other’s company”

With that they stood us up and got some rope and tied it around the bag over our ankles. The next rope was wound around our thighs. Before they could do any more, Tracy took hold of my hands and guided them onto her bum. The she put her hands on my bum. The girls wrapped rope about our arms so my hands were trapped on Tracy’s bum and hers were likewise trapped on mine. Then they laid us down again.

Jean picked up the blanket and the girls picked up the rest of the litter including my vest. We watched out of the corner of our eyes as they got in the minibus and drove off. Tracy really got me hard simply by running her hands over my back and bum. Struggling she got her hands in between us and run her hounds over my stomach before slowly working her way down to my shorts.

I was till rubbing her bum cheeks when she rubbed my cock through my shorts. I moved my hands round to return the favour. As I got down to her shorts, she slipped her hands inside my shorts and grabbed my cock. It was the hardest it had ever been and so far she hadn’t started rubbing it. I reached inside her shorts and fingered her pussy.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t come as I didn’t fancy sitting in cum soaked shorts until we were released. Tracy soon started to moan and she shook violently as her first orgasm hit her. A few moments later, I too shot my bolt. I didn’t want this. Tracy kept working on me and I worked on her. We had another orgasm each and I fell fast asleep with my hand still inside her shorts.

I awoke to find we were still in the bag, but at least we could talk by turning our heads slightly. She told me the girls would be back soon and they had been told to bring my vest and more shorts as they could expect to find what they would find.

They did turn up with more clothes and we went behind some bushes and changed. Unfortunately I found the shorts they had bought me were women’s shorts. When I complained they said that was all they could find, but the fit perfectly. “Shorts are shorts” as Jean said.

Well now Tracy and I became an item and we still go running together, but we do it where we can run level. If one of us flags, the other has to give them a smack on the bum. I’m sure Tracy is faking it as I have to smack her pert bottom more that she does mine.

We have got a place to live and move in next month after we get married. The running club are coming as guests. They have given us the bag and Tracy said it would be fun to leave the key in another room and lock ourselves in the bag and have to struggle to reach it. One of the girls heard it and said she so enjoyed tying us up, anytime we wanted to repeat the performance, she would come round and tie us up and stay the night if we want. Tracy said that would be fun.

A month after the wedding, Tracy phoned the girl and she came over and locked us in the bag and tied it tightly. The only difference was we were naked this time. Once we were tightly tied, she put a large double ball gag between us and strapped the individual straps tightly behind our heads. Finally she put a dark pillow case over our heads and taped it down around our necks. We could shill breath as she had put holes in it. It was only 4.30 in the evening when we were put in the bag.
What happened next was a surprise for us. We heard the doorbell go several times and eventually the party started. So here we were at the party and yet not with it. Everyone was making a noise so they must have enjoyed it. Eventually it went quiet, but we still weren’t let out of the bag. The girl said “It is making me feel really hot knowing I have the power over you two. I’m not letting you out. You are all mine. I’m having you licked up in the morning and transported to a secret destination where I will keep you both chained up as slaves”.

My cock was rock hard resting between Tracy’s legs pressing against her pussy. Tracy started move as much as she could. The girl must have seen what she was doing as we heard her moving about and suddenly felt duct tape being wrapped around the bag over the area where our bums were. Round and round she went until Tracy could not move any more. “I don’t want you having fun tonight. I’m the only one who is getting an orgasm if you don’t mind. I am your mistress, you are my slaves”.

We were released in the morning. I was livid and had top rush to the toilet stark naked. As I came out, Tracy went in. The girl stood there laughing. I pulled on some boxer pants. Tracy had put on a bra and knickers by the time she came back. The girl didn’t realise she had gone too far. I was livid as I said earlier, but Tracy was furious and later told me she intended to get even. I would hate to be in that girl’s shoes right now. Tracy phoned Jean who rushed over to find Tracy was still furious. She explained what had happened. “We like bondage, but she went too far”

Jean said she had told them that we had asked to be locked in that bag as we wanted people to enjoy themselves. However, she said she would meet with Tracy later and go shopping while they discussed what to do to the girl. I wasn’t allowed to find out. “It’s a girly thing Revenge is best served cold.” I was told.
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