Laura's tale.

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Laura's tale.

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My name is Laura. My surname doesn’t matter as I don’t want you looking me up on Twitter. My partner is Samantha. We have been a couple for about twenty years now. We have a straight friend Sue, who enjoys a little fun and games with us. We often tie each other up and have races to see who could escape the quickest or who does the best tying up that takes the victim the longest to escape. I had to admit that Sam is rather good at it. She left Sue and me struggling on the floor all night while she went to bed and used her favourite vibrator on herself. Well, that’s what she told me later.

Sue and I thought it would be easy to escape. All we had to do was once she had left the room, roll over to each other so we were back to back and untie each other. What we hadn’t planned on was having Sam putting deprivation masks on us and instead of just rope, once we were on the floor facing down stark naked, she put deprivation mittens on our hands and locked them together. She moved us about so we lost our point of reference on each other and I felt some rope being tied around my ankles. When I tried to ease forward, I found she had tied the other end of the rope to something heavy.

Fortunately the masks had breathing holes in the nose and the gag so if anything happened, I was able to breath. I had no idea where Sue was or Sam come to that. Just every now and then, I felt a sharp pain as Sam whacked my bum with a cane. I heard Sue yelp as well so I took it she was getting the same treatment. Although they call them deprivation masks, ours don’t hold all the sound out. To make sure they do, we put ear plugs in before fitting the mask normally.

Because we had not escaped, the next day, I was tied spread eagled standing upright under a beam. Sue was locked in the heavy duty cage. She had to watch as Sam used the Hitachi wand on me and I started to beg her to let me cum. She kept stopping just as I was about to explode.

Sue on the other hand, on her hands and knees with a spreader bar between her thighs and her hands cuffed to the bars received a lot of attention. She was very quickly begging Sam to stop it as she was being drained by all her orgasms. I could only stand and watch enviously. Then it was my turn. Every fifteen minutes Sam used the wand on me and I was soon begging her to stop.

So she couldn’t hear me, she shoved a ball gag in my mouth. Then she let me have one orgasm after another. I felt as weak as a kitten. But she did not stop. She just laughed at my predicament. “One moment you were begging me to let you cum, now you are begging me to stop. I don’t think so”. Then she carried on ignoring my muffled pleas.

Finally she did stop and led me and Sue out into the garden where we were chained to posts by our necks “So we could get some sunshine” we were told. Then Sam went shopping. Although our garden is surrounded by thick tall bushes, we live on a main road so we had to be quiet to make sure people didn’t look through the bushes at us.

Often I would make Sam walk about naked when it was my turn to be dominant. One thing that tickled me was that although Sue didn’t mind being naked, when we put her into a short French maid’s uniform, she got embarrassed when we told her we could see her knickers as she bent down. My favourite thing was to make her scrub the floors on her hands and knees or make her climb up to dust the top shelves, revealing all. I did threaten to invite guests one day while she was so attired. I have to admit, she look so sweet and demure in that stark black uniform and little white apron. I always want Sam to wear one, but she refused. She liked long latex hobble skirts. I love the leather figure hugging cat suit with its laces, buckles and locks. All that anyone can see on me is my eyes. There are times when Sam wants an alone time, she laces me into it and then puts our leather straight jacket on me. I love the warm embrace it gives me. Occasionally when I upset her she straps the leg bag onto the straight jacket and all I can do is lie there and watch in silence as Sam ignores me.

Or another of my favourite things was being strapped to a padded bench in our spare room. As an extra, it was hinged so it lifted and formed a cupboard door. So whoever was on it was out of sight of guests. I love that as people are right next to me but have no idea I am there.

Anyway, we decided we would take Sue on as our full time maid, but she was not willing to do it as she has to go and see her family in Dorset quite regularly. She didn’t fancy only having the maid’s uniform to wear.

One day we went to the local pub to have a meal and there was this good looking lad sitting in the corner eating. Sue said he kept giving me the eye. That upset Sam. But she should have realised I was not interested. Anyway Sue went to the bar to get another drink. The lad joined her. They spoke for e few moments before Sue came back. She told us he fancied me. Sam’s face was like thunder until Sue said that she thought he would love to get us all into bed with him. We looked at each other. Had he not realised about Sam and me?

We sat there in silence until Sue said she had an idea. We listened intently as she went through her plans. We could see the lad trying to overhear us.
It was left to me to go and tell him he could join us at home for a drink. It turned out he had no family or any friends in the area. He was looking for somewhere to stay. I watched as Sue and Sam left and after twenty minutes, I left with the lad.

We arrived at our house and Sam poured out the drinks saying we might as well have a party. Sam had put sleeping tablets in his drink. Fortunately he was only drinking orange juice. He never touched alcohol and he soon fell asleep.

Quickly we stripped him and strapped him down to the bench. We were lucky that he had no hair on his back or under his armpits. Then all we could do it wait for him to wake. His hands were strapped to the sides on the bench and his legs were splayed out. Five hours later, he woke up shouting. Sam went downstairs and gagged him before returning to bed.

Next morning we were up bright and early. Sue turned up. We knew what to do. Sue put the maids dress on and fed him. His cock was rock hard. Sue fed him breakfast and put a tube over his cock so he could urinate into a bucket. Then we washed him down thoroughly. He asked what was going on and Sam said he would find out. His name was Terry. Swiftly Sue gagged him as Sam said she didn’t want to hear him moan.

I got a pack of cards. We each drew a card. The highest had the first choice while the lowest had the last choice of where to work on his body. I was lucky and had the first option. I took his head. Sue took his legs and feet while Sam had the chest, stomach and his genital areas.

We all snapped some rubber gloves on and I started. I used an electric hair trimmer on his head and removed all his hair. Sam said I should remove his eyebrows as well. Sue used depilatory cream on his legs and soon they were as smooth as silk. I borrowed the rest for his head and he was completely bald in no time at all. There wasn’t a hair to be seen.

Now it was up to Sam. She used the trimmer on his pubic hair. He started to moan so Sam said if he liked, she could get a razor but she might accidently slip and cut it off. He went quiet but his cock was standing up like a totem pole. Sue asked if she could use it, so we left her for a half hour. When we got back she said she had never had a cock that stiff before.

He was still semi erect so we took turns in masturbating him. After the third time, he was as soft as a jelly. So now Sam could do her bit. She lifted his cock and smothered the bottom of his balls with superglue and then pushed them back between his legs. She held his balls down for a couple of minutes and let go. They were stuck fast between his legs. Then she smothered the underside of his cock, and pushed it down as fast as she could before holding it for a further two minutes. When she let go, his cock was forced right back between his balls. “Now you will have to sit and pee like us girls do. Get used to it. From trials we did, it takes three months to wear off. Now you act like a girl, you might as well dress like one. Sue, take your uniform off, we have us a maid”. Sue pointed out it wouldn’t fit him.

Sue went and changed into her normal clothes. I took all his belongings and burned them in a fire pit in the garden. When I got back, Sam said it was time for the full treatment. I climbed on his body with my knees either side of his head. I used mascara to draw on some eyebrows. Sue and Sam handed me the base cream, powder, blusher, eye shadow and lipstick. I had to move in order to complete the job but Sue and Sam held him steady. It was time for the hair and earrings. We undid his wrists and sat him up. All resistance had gone by now. Sue superglued one ear earing to one ear while Sam did the other side. Then it was my turn. “We’ll take him along to get his ears pierced later” Sam explained

I smothered the dark wig with contact adhesive and sat it squarely on his head. Sam tied some scarves on his head to hold it still. Then he was laid back again and his hands were strapped down once more. The pair superglued some false nails on him and while Sue painted his toe nails bright red, Sam matched the colour on his fingernails. They also matched the lipstick.

He was told what I had done to his clothes and his heart fell. So it was time to carry on. Sue undid his leg straps and spreader bar and slowly smoothed one stocking up his leg while Sam did the other. They both had a big grin on their faces. “I bet you wish you could get a stiffy now don’t you?” Sam mocked him.

He was stood up and Sue put the frilly knickers on him she had been wearing only a short while earlier. They were stretched to the limit and I thought they would split. “I bet you have love juice in your panties already Terry” We all laughed. I got a Basque that I had bought years earlier for Sam but it was too big for her and between Sam and myself put it around him and laced it tightly. He moaned but Sam pulled him up sharply. “We need breasts to go into the cups. He will have to have knickers for now until we get him some falsies. The same goes for the shoes. Look on line to get him some really high heeled shoes that lock on. It will be lovely to see an ex man totter about on them”

Sam tightened the chords on the Basque after Sue had fastened the busk front. I said I preferred those without the busk front as it gives a nicer look. Sue said she liked the ones with the suspenders on as it saves a separate belt. I put some pairs of rolled up knickers in the cups. “That will have to do until we get you some large falsies and maybe even some tits of your own” Terry winced, but he knew he had to stand and take it. He could never fight off the three of us. However as we knew he would never get into the maid’s uniform, he had to remain dressed like that for the day.

Finally I removed the scarf holding the wig in place and fitted the pert little maids cap on the wig and clipped it in place to hold it steady. “We can’t call him Terry, now he is a woman. We must think of a nice feminine name for her”. We settled on the name of Philomena for our maid.

She gave him a list of things that needed doing. He never completed them in time. He spent some time locked in the cage the next day as punishment while we went shopping for him. Sue said we should have brought him, sorry, her, with us. Sam disagreed as people would see what we had done to him. A trip to the city meant we had four inch heeled locking shoes and some G sized false breasts as well as a couple of larger sized maid’s uniforms (plus more panties and petticoats for our maid) along with a suspender belt to take home with us.

Philomena was allowed out of the cage and told to wash her panties and told to strip. Now we had to get her dressed. Sue arrived early so Sam suggested that she puts her uniform on and show Philomena how she should look. Sue couldn’t wait to put the short dress on. So much for her being shy wearing it.

Sam told him we will put the uniform on we bought him so he must not struggle. He stepped out of the panties and stockings so Sue could put fresh ones on him. He obliged by pulling the panties up himself. However, we had to take the Basque off to make sure they were settled in the right place. Sue put the fresh stockings on him.

The suspender belt was put around his waist and clipped up behind his back. Sam stuffed the straps down inside the knickers and Sue clipped them onto the stockings. Finally the Basque was put back on him. Again he moaned, but Sue told him he would soon get used to it.

He lifted his legs, one after the other to allow Sam to put the frilly petticoat on him. I took the dress and he raised his arms so I could slip it over his head and onto his body, finally pulling the zip up. Sue smoothed it down and Sam got the little white apron and tied it around his waist. It. Sue locked the shoes on him with a twelve inch spreader bar between them. I had never seen one that short before and wondered where she got it from. I’ve seen hobble chains and use them myself at times, but they are a nuisance having to make sure you keep your legs wide apart enough so the chain does not drag on the floor.

“Now you look really pretty. You are the perfect maid for us. I’ll order some higher heels for you so we get the best views” Sam told him. He winced, but Sam told him that men look for women’s knickers so now we had a chance to get even.

I had one more job to do. I put her wig into a style befitting a maid and clipped the pert little cap onto it. “It will be a lot better once your own hair grows Philomena” I told her. I saw her blush us and I said “Isn’t that sweet of her!” Sam said she had made arrangements for a visitor today. Once Philomena was in the kitchen, she said she was having her ears pierced. She had seen some nice pearl earrings on line for her and by the time they came, his ears should be ready to accept them once the sleepers had been removed.

Philomena said she liked a joke, but the fun part was over now and it was tiome to give him his old clothes back. Sam said to him quite sternly that this was not a joke. He or now, she is our very own maid and will do all that we order her to do.

Philomena was told to go and make us a nice cup of coffee. I said I loved the way the spreader bar makes her walk. She has to wiggle her bum and I love the way the petticoats and dress sway on her. The other two agreed.

All day long we gave her jobs that involved reaching up or bending down which caused us a lot of merriment and Philomena a lot of embarrassment as her panties and petticoat were often on display.

Sue was in her elements as the chief maid. She bossed Philomena about something rotten and kept telling her that her hat was not on straight or her apron had slipped. She often pulled her up as her curtsey wasn’t up to scratch or her voice was not feminine enough. We felt sorry for Philomena, and I was certainly glad it was not me she was lording it over. Although Philomena did look kind of cute in her dress, Sue really looked resplendent.

At the end of the day while Philomena was preparing the dinner, Sue got changed and we sat in the lounge talking about it. Philomena brought the first course in and did give a nice curtsey. I always thought curtseying was a sign of subservience.

Philomena asked if she could have a normal maid’s knee length dress as her legs were cold. Sam called her over and bent her over her knee and I gave her six strokes with the cane. “Now you are warmed up, get on with serving us Philomena”. She scampered back into the kitchen as fast as she could with that spreader bar between her legs. Sam was laughing and called out that for her cheek we might remove an inch or two off of her dress length. Philomena never replied at first until she took it in what Sam had said. As she brought the next course in, she thanked Sam for being so kind to her. Sue grinned.

After she had washed up, Philomena was ordered to smarten herself up. I don’t know how you get in that state” Sue told her, “I never do”. Sue left for home. We ordered Philomena to go and turn our bed down to freshen it up.

She was ordered to stand to attention and watch as we made love. I had to admit, it felt fantastic knowing our slave was trying to get an erection but because of the glue, was probably hurting herself. But then again, the panties helped her. Sam and I fell back exhausted. And looked to see Philomena was still standing there watching. “Tomorrow you are getting your ears pierced. As a treat, we will take some of your juice from your balls Philomena” Sam told her as a matter of fact. Once we had our fill of pleasure, Philomena was allowed to go to bed. Sam unlocked her shoes. She said she was glad to take them off as her feet were killing her. I said all us girls get that. “You will get used to it”

I arose as the sunlight hit my bed. It was very early and Sam was not with me. I slipped on my negligee to cover my naked body and sauntered downstairs. I found her looking on line at some petticoats and other girly things for Philomena.

I told Sam to come back to bed. Sam said she thought it would be fun to ask Philomena what undies she preferred. I told her to switch off and come back to bed.
After breakfast duly served by our maid, I removed her cap and clipped her hair back out of the way on her ears. Then I put the cap back until the woman came to pierce her ears. “My, you do look sweet my dear. Very pretty indeed” were the first words she said when she clapped eyes on Philomena.

It didn’t take long to pierce her ears. “Now you really are a woman” Sam told her. Philomena brought us all a coffee and curtsied when she was ready to return to the kitchen. We spoke to the woman for some time before she had to go and see another client. She said she "loved the way the little skirt swished from side to side, revealing her petticoats and panties as Philomena walked in the high heels and the spreader bar or hobble bar whatever you want to call it” We called it a spreader bar, friends of ours think it should be a hobble chain. Perhaps hobble bar would be more apt.

Sue came later and as it was a hot day, suggested we all go for a picnic. Sam said that it was about time Philomena saw some daylight. But we agreed that the picnic would be better the next day as it gave us time to organise ourselves and it was supposed to be hotter. Sue said she was available to stay the night so we could start out earlier. Sam said we only had one spare bedroom with a double bed in it but Sue was happy to share. She could get Philomena dressed in the morning. I had to ask why Sue wanted to do it. “Well, Philomena is not in the position to try anything on me so I would be safe. I’ll check the superglue first”. Sam said they could check it there and then. We checked and it was still holding. Sam said Philomena needed milking.

She was led to the bench had her panties removed and strapped down in a kneeling position with her bum high in the air. We picked cards and Sam had the highest number so she went first, then me, and finally Sue. Philomena was gagged with a ring gag. Sam, removed her skirt, put latex gloves on, strapped on her dildo and lubricated Philomena’s bum with Vaseline. Gloves off and she slowly pushed her way into Philomena’s rectum. Philomena squirmed and screamed against the gag.
We could see Sam was getting something out of it as she was breathing heavily. Slowly she began the backwards and forwards motion. Before we realised it Philomena was arching her back to accept the intruder. There was a little dribble from her cock and we realised that she was about to shoot her load as best she could so I put a little bowl under her to try to catch some. I couldn’t help feeling her limp cock and felt the dildo sliding in and out of her body. Sam suddenly let out a scream. She pulled out and then it was my turn.

I have to say, I felt all powerful knowing I had this ex-man tied up and I was shagging him like this. Yes, I love the double ended dildo Sam and I use, but this gave me a new experience. The strap on was putting pressure on my clitoris. I must try this on Sam, but of course I will have to buy a new one for her.
Sam collected more fluid dribbling from Philomena and I felt the start of my orgasm, but it always seemed to elude the intense pleasure I normally get. Still. It was pleasant enough for me and I hope that Philomena was enjoying it.

Sue took over from me and Philomena shot a lot of spunk into the bowl. It was awkward as her cock was still pointing to between her legs. Still, we managed it. Once Sue had finished, we turned her over and strapped her down once more. She thought we were going to use a solvent on her to break the glue. Sam shoved a funnel into her mouth and poured his semen into the funnel. “Drink up Philomena. It’s all yours. If I was you, I would get to like the taste” I stroked her Adam’s apple to help her swallow it. It soon went and Sue laughed as Philomena gagged on the sticky fluid going into her mouth.

We left her there and went into the lounge. Sue asked if we could strap her down with her head at the bottom of the bench. We told her we could. When we asked why, she told us she wanted to stick her dildo in her mouth. I suggested that she got a new one and covered it in her sperm to make it easier to slide backwards and forwards. Sue told us she had a new one at home. It had a surprise feature. But she wouldn’t tell us what it was.

I pointed out that Sue still hadn’t told us the reason for her wanting to share a bed with Philomena. “Well, it’s because I have been thinking and found I was getting a thrill thinking about checking her uniform out as she got dressed and then tying the apron on and giving her a nice big bow at the back. I love the way the apron stands out against the black dress. It’s like having her predicament that she is in chastity being advertised. It’s telling the world to guess what is trapped behind the apron. I love the way it holds flat against her body when she only has the one petticoat on”. I could see what she meant and spoke to Sam about it. We agreed that would be the case. Philomena would be mightily embarrassed to have her uniform checked by a woman.

So it was agreed. Sue went home to get her strap on dildo. When she came back, she brought a suitcase. I asked what it was she was carrying but was told I would find out in the morning. We all retired to bed. Sam said she wondered what Philomena was thinking about as Sue undressed.

Next morning Sue was up first and told Philomena she would dress her. She only put the one petticoat on then the dress. She ordered Philomena to turn round and tied the apron with a big bow. She told us later that she felt herself tremble as she tied it and again as she went round the front and lightly brushed the apron down.
Philomena was ready and was sent downstairs. Sue got dressed. When she came downstairs into the kitchen, Philomena was surprised to see her in a below the knee maid’s dress and apron. She asked why it was she could not have one like that. Sam straight away grabbed her and took her to the bench where she was strapped down.

Sam pulled back Philomena’s panties and gave her six resounding slaps with a paddle. Philomena was crying. I told her that there was plenty more where that came from. She asked why she got paddled. Sam told her, maids do not ask for anything. They have not got the right to ask. They will only accept what is given to them.
I looked at Philomena and spoke to Sue “I see you have kept the petticoats down and used a plain apron Sue” Sue said yes as she loved the way the apron made Philomena look flat fronted like us girls. I told her that I preferred the more frilly apron and lots of petticoats so the dress stood out all the way round. That way she had to be more careful where she walked.

Sue left the room while Sam and I released Philomena. She was told to kneel on our leather padded footstool and hold on to the front. I handcuffed her to the front legs. Sue came back and we could see the bulge in front. She lifted her dress and revealed her strap on. Philomena was made to open her mouth and Sue slowly pushed it into her. “Be a good girl and give it all you can. Don’t bite it though as it is filled with a most revolting tasting liquid” Sue explained that whatever action Philomena did on her end, the pressure was transmitted through the fluid to her vagina and her clitoris especially.

Sam climbed on the bench behind Philomena and pulled her panties to one side before slipping her strap on into her anus. The two girls were shagging her from both ends. I found it erotic and couldn’t help playing with myself. That was something Sam noticed. Eventually all three collapsed with exhaustion as they all managed to get their orgasm. Philomena's was as best as she could in the circumstances. I came a few minutes later.

The next day Sam and I sat in the lounge and I did a silly thing. I said that I was annoyed that Philomena was getting more attention from Sam than I was. Sue and Philomena entered the room and I saw she was wearing the dress like I love, petticoats on show all the way round with the hem of the dress bouncing up and down as she walked.

Sam told them to grab me. I was frogmarched into the spare room where Sue and Philomena stripped me bare. Sam and Sue held me down while Philomena strapped me down. I watched her hemline as she stood right next to me. I never thought about how muscular her legs were until now. I wanted to grab her cock but of course, it was still stuck plus my hands were strapped to the side of the bench. Sam gagged me. “I don’t want to hear you complain. Sue and I are going out. I’ll leave you with Philomena who will be given instructions on what to do” With my legs spread wide apart, the three left me alone.

When they returned, Philomena had a collar chained around her neck. Sue was in normal clothes. She handcuffed Philomena’s hands behind her back then her and Sam helped her on to the bench. Sam forced her head down while Sue fastened a chain holding her head down between my legs.

Philomena was then strapped down and told that unless I had at least five orgasms, they would stitch her cock down permanently. Then they walked out to go shopping together leaving me naked with Philomena stuck with her nose at my glory hole. Al I could see was my tits and the skirt of her uniform as it stuck up from her bum.

Philomena used her nose, her chin, she breathed gentle puffs of air and within the hour I was thankful for being a girl as I received my third orgasm. I couldn’t help squirming as the feeling built up for my fourth again. I was unable to stop my love juice from spraying all over her face. I was begging her to sop but she ignored me and carried on. I hit the jackpot with my fifth when the two girls came in. I was sorry for Philomena as I weed all over her face. The girls laughed. They had set up a camera and had been watching all the time even though they were miles away shopping.

We were released. I felt drained and had no strength, but Philomena said her cock had finally sprung free from the glue and so it was decided to allow Philomena to go home. We both showered as we needed it.

Sue offered her a place working for her and she accepted. We watched as the two drove off for a new life together, but we did get the promise that she would come back and work for us once a week.

Then Sam turned to me, “Right young lady, you have had enough excitement for one day. It’s time to put you to bed. I want peace and quiet for tonight” I shuddered as the ball gag went into my mouth. I felt Sam tighten it up. I held my arms out so Sam could put the leather straight jacket on me once more. I love it when she tightens the crotch strap and I nearly passed out with anticipation.

Sam led me to the bench and held the leg bag open. I stepped into it and she pulled it up. The bag was then attached to the straight jacket. I loved this and could wait for her to lay me down on the bench and strap me down once more. But I had a shock. She produced another bag so I had to sit down while she passed it under my feet. Once that was done, I had to stand up which I found a bit precarious.

The bag was pulled up. I couldn’t understand why when my meet were already in a bag. I soon found out. Sam forced it up passed my waist, over my imprisoned arms. I found this was a bit tight as it squeezed my arms even more than the straight jacket. It went over my shoulders and Sam pulled the rope tight around my neck. The bag didn’t choke me as the bag was still too loose to do any damage and stopped the rope from being overtightened. However escape was impossible.
I was laid down and Sam strapped me down to the bench once more. It was hot and I was tired and soon fell into a delicious deep sleep knowing I was once more Sam’s bondage girl. I awoke the next morning to find Sam had opened the windows to let cold air in.

I wondered when she was going to let me out. Sam came into the play room, our spare one, and gave me a drink before putting the gag back. “I should have put a nappy on you but I forgot. Don’t wee if I were you. I will be away for a few hours. I’m off to lunch at the pub. I might bring some of the girls back in case they want to try it out. Have fun” She blew kisses at me and left me there in silence for the day.
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