Cowboys and Indians.

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Cowboys and Indians.

Unread postby restricted » Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:36 am

I love bondage. Ever since I was a little girl, I somehow got hooked. I used to play cowboys and Indians with the boys and inevitably got caught by the Indians and tied to a tree. Once they left me there all day. They did apologise but I wasn’t that upset.

The years went by and I forgot all about it until one day I was watching an old film where a girl was tied to a tree by the Indians and they rode off and left her. Another film showed a girl staked out spread-eagle on the ground. I always fancied that.

So once again my lust to be tied up was awakened. I looked around the shops in London and got lots of ideas but was too timid to enter them. Thank heavens for the internet. I ordered them on line and picked everything up from a local shop. If only they knew what was in the parcels.

I had ordered handcuffs, leg cuffs, rope, a leather bikini. I loved that but it was costly. I finished up with a deprivation mask with a built in ring gag and a stopper to fill the hole if I wanted to. Even then I was not happy and bought a posture collar.
With all the chains and locks I had quite an extensive array of gear.

Well, that night, I went to bed early knowing I had the weekend off. It was bondage time once again. The little girl would be captured by the Indians who would use and abuse her while she lay there helpless.

I put my cotton bikini on. It was tie sided so I thought the Indian would love to slowly pull the strings to force me to be naked. I never thought bikinis weren’t around in those days. Maybe some rednecks would find me and have their evil wicked way with me.

I tied ropes to the bottom castors of the bed and my ankles which kept them well apart. Looking in the full length mirror at the bottom of the bed, I could see my camel toe. I had ropes around my thighs to the middle castors of the divan. I had got the rope tied to the headboard and made a couple of loops. The idea being I could use one hand to slip the loop on the other and then wrap the other one around my free wrist and slip the loop over my fingers, That would not be tight so that hand will always be able to get me out of it.

The next thing was to put ear plugs in my ears, fit the deprivation hood and tighten it behind my head. I slipped my one hand into the loop and tightened it on my wrist. I clipped the blindfold down and had to feel for the other rope.

I lay there for hours thinking of the constant drumming I should be hearing staked out like this awaiting my fate as the sacrifice to all the young braves who would become warriors after they had raped me.

The ear plugs and hood worked so well I could not hear only muffled sounds. It was only when I felt the loop on my “free-ish” hand being tightened. I could not hear what was said. Although this was frightening, this was also my dreams come true. Was I wetting myself from fear or excitement?

I struggled to escape but I had made too good a job of it. I struggled to no avail. My hands were now fastened. Whoever it was certainly didn’t touch me. My imagination was running riot. I wanted to be freed but at the same time, my juices were telling me that I was hoping they would get on with it. This squaw needed to be taken by the braves. I don’t know how long I was left alone. I couldn’t hear what was going on or how many people was involved. I was getting frustrated with the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

I felt the bikini bra being undone and lips encircled my nipples. I felt a tongue flicking them making them go harder still. Fingers started to explore my lower body and found their way into my pussy. Finally the bikini bottom was removed. I was now naked and bound and feeling helpless. And yet, I sensed a feeling of freedom. Whoever it was I was wishing they would get on with it.

My thighs were kissed and I was trying to arch my body as best as I could to offer myself up to my captor, but they were in no hurry. I didn’t have to go to work for two days. I could be here all weekend. Then everything stopped leaving me gasping through my gag trying to scream they should finish me off.

I felt someone climb onto my king sized bed and thought that was it. But then I felt hair on my arm. It was a woman lying over it. It took me a matter of seconds to realise that a couple were making love right next to me. I wanted it to be me. I was getting more charged by the minute.

I felt the bed shake as she had an orgasm. Her libido must be quite high. It didn’t take long. Then it all stopped again leaving me struggling.

A bit more time went by and the attention was turned back to me. I felt a tongue enter me and it took a matter of seconds before I had the most explosive orgasm yet. I wanted more, but it stopped. I realised I had been left. Maybe they intended to leave me here and come back over and over again throughout the weekend.

Eventually I felt my hand being untied. Then I was left. I struggled to get the ropes untied. I realised how dangerous a situation I had been in. Why wasn’t I raped when they had a chance to do it and I would never know who it was? How could I report to the police, I tied myself up and was raped?

I had a shower and put on my bikini again. Going downstairs to put the kettle on, I saw a printed note. They had used my computer to write it out. I put the kettle on and read the note.

“Thank you for the fun we had. We were going to rob you, but we enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to leave you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you want more then you should be in the café at 10 next Saturday. Maybe we could meet up and discuss further meetings. Signed, The Three Musketeers”.

So there were three of them. I couldn’t wait. Obviously they had no wish to hurt me so I decided to go along with it. All week I eagerly counted the hours until the time of the meeting. Should I tell the police? I decided not to.

Saturday came and at 10 there I was waiting in the café. There was only one man with his back to me and later a couple came in for a coffee. I was looking for three people together. Four cups of coffee later and we had been joined by a half dozen people in the café.

I saw the man who sat with his back to me had eaten his breakfast so he got up and left. He left his paper behind. But I need to go to the loo. When I got back the paper had gone, but there was a note under my cup. I read it. “Be at the bus station at 12”

The bus station is only around the corner from my house so I went home. I found some parcels had been left for me. I opened the first one to find a pair of handcuffs with a long chain fastened to the middle link along with a note. “Put these on, cover them with a coat and I’ll be waiting for you. When you get to the bus shelter allow the chain to dangle between your legs. Push it under your seat and put a bag I front of it so people can’t see the chain”

The second one had a collar that was locked by an Allen key so no lock was visible, but it did had a D ring on each side of it, and the note said I was to wear that as well. I wasn’t sure about that idea as everybody would see it. But the overriding sense that I needed to be a slave soon put my fears to rest. Maybe people would look, but what has it got to do with them? The frightening thing was how did they get into my house?

It was getting hot, (or was that just me getting excited?), so I changed into a pair of shorts. Duly dressed in my handcuffs and collar, I crept out of my house looking round and was surprised to see no one in the street that was close enough to see my predicament. Plucking up courage, I quickly walked to the bus station.

There were quite a few people there so it could have been anyone who sent the parcels. I was worried about how I met the person. Would they be the right one and in the state I was in, I couldn’t do anything about it. This started me off again. I sat on one of the benches arranging the chain under the seat and put my shopping bag in front of it. After a while a man asked if he could take the vacant seat next to me. I didn’t want him to but I could hardly say no as I’m waiting for my master to take me could I!

He sat down and after some time started to moan about the buses. He was fidgeting with his mobile phone so I presumed it wasn’t him. He did say he was going to be late for an appointment now and picked up a holdall off of the floor so he was ready to run for his bus.

A woman sat next to me on the other side from the man and they didn’t seem to know each other. We started talking and the man went to catch his bus, saying goodbye. I said goodbye back but hardly glanced at him.

The woman was quite talkative and I was hoping she was going to go so whoever it was could come and collect me. Eventually she left. I sat there for an hour when a boy came by and picked up an envelope off of the floor and asked if it was mine. As I was the only one there he presumed it was. However, the snag is that I couldn’t take the coat off covering my arms and revealing my handcuffs, so told him it was mine, thanked him and told him to drop it in my bag and I’ll sort it out later.

Another half hour went by with several people sitting next to me on and off so I went to get up to leave. I couldn’t; whoever it was had somehow managed to lock the chain from my handcuffs under my seat to the bench I was sitting on. I was stuck and at his or her mercy once more. I could feel the heat building up between my legs.

The clock on the bus station said it was now 4 p.m. I was surprised nobody had wondered why I wasn’t moving. I wished they would hurry up and put me out of my misery. I noticed a van pull up a bit further along the road. But there wasn’t any activity that made me think I was going to be shoved in it.

All of a sudden a pair of dark glasses came over my head and was settled on my face. But inside the glasses were pads of cotton wool. I was blindfold now. I heard the chain being undone. A woman’s voice told me to be quiet or they would expose me. I was grabbed on both arms and helped along the road. I heard the woman say I had just had an eye operation and need to wear extremely dark glasses.

I was helped into the van, (judging by the number of steps I had taken) where I was gagged and had a proper blindfold quickly put on me. There was no time for my eyes to get used to the light so I didn’t see them. I felt my hands being tugged and when I tried to move them, I found the other end of the chain had been attached to something else.

I was in no position to argue. I felt chains being attached to the collar. My head was held rigid now. They must have locked the other end of the chain to something else. I so far had not heard the man speak, but the woman said, “This is a lovely specimen. We will get lots for her at the slave auction”. So they were going to sell me off to some unknown buyer. I opened my mouth to accept the bit gag and someone pulled the straps tight and I heard a lock click shut.

Finally they put headphones on me and I listened to the Arabic music which was quite calming. I heard the woman say they will lock me in the cellar until the auction. Then the man said that it would be best if I were put in the attic as the cellar is nearly full of slave girls all chained to the walls. I didn’t recognise the voice.

I was led out of the van, spun around a few times and led into a house. I was forced up some stairs and chained to a post of some sort.

I could hear people moving about. Eventually I was unchained for whatever it was and led to a bed. The woman told me not to struggle as she has a cattle prod that would deliver a nasty shock. Quickly they removed my clothes. I was looking forward to it and yet terrified at the same time. I felt a collar being locked around my neck. My hands were individually cuffed and attached by a small chain to my collar. A strap was put around my elbows forcing them back. I could hardly protect my breasts by now with my hands held each side of them.

My ankles were strapped to my upper thighs which were held apart by a spreader bar making me open for treatment. I imagined a tribe of hungry cannibals getting me ready for the cooking pot. That was another game I used to love playing. I would be stuck in an old cleaned out oil drum waiting for them to light the fire beneath the drum to slowly stew me.

The only thing that was bothering me was I still had not seen my captors. I didn’t have to worry as a few moments later; a vibrator was placed next to my pussy and turned on. I was soon shaking spasmodically as the sensations hit me. I tried to tell them to stop, but they laughed at me saying they could not understand me.

Hands started to massage my tits and the vibrator was held tightly against my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to succumb to my first orgasm of the day. After my third, I was well and truly spent. I had no energy whatsoever.
All I wished was to see my captors. After an hour or two, (I lost track of time), I felt the straps being removed from my elbows. I tried to ask what was going on but there wasn’t any response. I removed the blindfold to see I was alone in my own bedroom.

On the dressing table were some keys. Now that caused a problem. I still had my ankles strapped to my thighs and somehow I had to get off of the bed and over to the dressing table to retrieve the keys.

I threw myself sideways and lay on my side. I managed to pull myself round after an hour according to the clock. Finally my feet touched the floor. That solved one problem. Now I had to get across the floor to the dressing table. That took me 15 minutes by wriggling myself and rolling now and then. (I didn’t like that as my face was on the floor at times). It was a shame the straps around my upper thighs had the buckles at my shins so I could not reach them.

There I knelt, looking up at the top of the dressing table. I had to figure a way of getting the keys from the top. This was exciting me again. I wished some man would come and use me while I am helpless like this. I knew I had to take stock of the situation. I can’t reach the buckle on my gag let alone the lock.

My problem was to raise myself up to reach the keys on the top of the dressing table. I wish now I had put it beside the bed. An idea struck me. It may not work, but it was worth a try. I went back to the bed and grabbed the sheets. By pulling them, the pillows came along with them.

I had four pillows in front of me. Somehow I got two at a time and put them in front of the dressing table. My body ached and my knees were sore. Still, I was pleased when I got the pillows stacked. By wiggling my body from side to side, I managed to climb on top of them. Even though they sagged with my weight, my hands were able to reach the keys.

Firstly I undid the cuffs on my wrists. That allowed me to undo the collar and gag. Finally I undid the straps around my upper thighs. It was great to be free. But I ached. I decided to have a soak in a hot bath with salts in and hopefully relax. An hour went by before I climbed out and dried myself. Slipping on a bath robe, I went downstairs.

I was shocked to see a parcel with a note attached. I read the note. “If, like us, you are having fun, please put the contents of the box on and be at Stewards Range Farmhouse next Sunday week by 10.00 A,M for the two weeks festival. We are paying for your stay. You will receive a letter explaining your part next week”

I thought about this. Was I getting in too deep a water? I had two weeks to think about it. I decided not to open the box that was wrapped up like a parcel. Perhaps it would be best to decide if I wanted to or not. On one hand, I was frightened and though anything could happen to me but on the other hand, I loved being tied up and although I have been assaulted, no attempt to rape me had taken place. They could have done that and i would never have known who it was. Thinking about it, I still didn’t know anything about them.

Just to be safe if I decided to see what it was all about, I booked a three week holiday to cover the festival. I kept thinking about opening the parcel but restrained myself. It probably contained a bunny girls outfit so everyone would be at it like rabbits. Still, I lifted it and found it was too heavy for a bunny girls outfit. It made a noise like material moving and I nearly opened it. At the last second I resisted the temptation.

If I didn’t go, they could find the parcel on my doorstep and I’ll get the lock changed. Once that was done, I could go away on holiday.

The following day there was a note in my door. “Please find the key we had cut for your door. We will not bother you again”. Bother me? If it carried on like it had been, then I would be begging them to do it to me even when I didn’t expect it. That made my mind up. I was going to the festival, even if I had to wear a toga and it was a Roman orgy.

Two days to go and I opened the parcel. On top of the box inside was a note. “Welcome to the Country and Western Festival, there is a barbecue and dancing to be enjoyed”. I opened the box and found a dress I would call a Victorian dress, but it was in white with green trimmings. Not at all like the sombre pictures I have seen with dark colours. Getting everything out of the box, I laid them out on my bed.

There were some bloomers, a corset, a petticoat an apron and the dress. There was nothing else in the parcel. I tried the dress on and it fitted me, but only just. It was tight around the waist. I buttoned it up at the front and realised why I needed the corset. It would push up my breasts and give me a better shape.

But how could I tighten the corset? I was stuck. I went down to the town centre and entered the café. There was my old friend Hayley. We asked each other what we were up to and I explained about going to the festival but had to go dressed and couldn’t do the corset up. I never mentioned the delicious bondage.

Hayley agreed to turn up on the day and lace me into the corset. I thanked her. She asked me where it was and I told her. She wanted to go along, but I said as it was an invite, she would have to wait a year for her invite.

The day I had to go to the festival arrived and Hayley was on time at 7.30 like we agreed. I put the bloomers on and we laughed at them. They were down to my knee. The petticoat was next and the corset was put around me. Hayley pulled it ultra-tight. I had trouble breathing. I told Hayley that was tight enough but Hayley gave it another tug. I had to breathe slowly and deeply. “I feel like I’m tying you up” she joked. If only she knew.

Once I was ready, Hayley left and I got in my car to go to the festival. I found it difficult driving but also found it funny dressed like I was. Fortunately from what people in the street could see, I didn’t look too strange.

I arrived at the farmhouse at 10 like ordered. The barbecue had just been lit. It would take some time to get going. I was met by someone who I thought I recognised. But I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. He was dressed like a cowboy and had a big bushy beard. In the distance I saw other men dressed in a similar way while others were dressed as Indians.

Some women dressed like me came over and the cowboy introduced himself as Jesse James. He introduced the women to me. None of the names was recognisable. He told me that I was to be a rancher’s wife and help with the herding of the cows. It looked great fun, but I couldn’t see any cows. Then in the distance I saw some strange looking animals. I realised it was people dressed as cows walking on their hands and feet.

I was told to go and herd them into the corale next to the horses. In that corale was some people dressed as horses. I grabbed one of the cows and walked it to the place I had to leave them. I tried speaking to whoever it was only to get a “MOO” back. Okay so there was no talking then.

I got all the ten cows into the corale to be told I had to bring couple of horses and tie them to the hitching rail. It was funny watching them trying to walk. Their legs seemed to be held straight and they must have had extensions on their arms. I led them by the reins and enjoyed fastening them to the rail. The barbecue started and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves except those dressed as animals as they couldn’t join in.

Then the fun started. The men dressed as Indians started getting rowdy and the next thing was the cowboys started shooting at them and they shot back. Obviously they weren’t using real bullets. Suddenly I was grabbed by the Indians and pulled off some distance where they tied me to a tree. An Indian squaw came out and said I was to be used to bring the young braves into manhood. Shades of my younger days sprung into my mind. I was gaged and then she said, “You don’t recognise any of us do you? We used to play with you when we were five years old until we went our separate ways”.

Unfortunately all I could do was grumph back at her. She told me that the cowboys had no idea where I was so I could be there all week. Later I was released and staked out on the ground in a spread -eagle fashion. That was my favourite fantasy.
I grew bored after a while and tried to escape, but the Indians had made a too good a job of tying me up. I watched as the sun went across the sky and shadows started getting longer. I heard music starting up.

Some bushes rustled near me and one of the cows wandered into my view. Whoever it was, is stuck and could not untie me. Then the cowboy turned up, “WE have found you at last. Everything is ready. Just lead the cow back to the farmhouse”. He sat down beside me and said “I could have my wicked way with you ma’am. There is nothing you can do about it” I realised he was right. If only he never had that bushy beard. He started to nibble my neck and ears. I was getting in the mood to scream “Take me now. Get on with it” but he got up, untied me and walked off leaving me to take the cow back to the farmhouse.

At the farmhouse I was told to remove the cows head. It was Hayley. She had been dressed like that all day and I never knew it. I laughed and she was told to go inside and get changed. Some of the women went with her and she returned dressed in a similar way to me.

The cowboy disappeared and came back without the beard. Now I recognised him. It was Paul from my younger days. Eventually everyone came up and we had a good time. The barbecue went down a treat.

After a few drinks we sat down and Paul said “I hope you enjoyed the treatment you got” I thought he meant staked out, but he went on, “I have to thank Hayley for getting me the spare key to your house. I hope you enjoyed the bondage like you used to as a kid” So it was him. Another cowboy turned round and I saw it was Paul. The squaw came up and I saw it was Susan my old best friend.

Now I recognised them all and they told me they were the three musketeers. By chance they were in town and they knew Hayley and when they saw me talking to her. They decided to relive old times but take it a step further. Susan and Paul were married, but James was still single.

I said I would get even with Hayley another day. James asked me what my reaction to the assault they had done to me. I could report them if I wanted to. Instead I picked up a lasso and slipped it over my shoulders, then grabbed a length of rope and held my hands out. James knew what I was getting at and tied my hands together in front of me.

I wanted him to pull me into the bedroom and take me, but I couldn’t show willing and started to protest I held a piece of cloth up and James gagged me. I pulled against the lasso and James towed me in struggling against the rope. Everyone was laughing.

In the bedroom I told James I wanted to get even with him. He agreed I deserve the chance so I tied him naked, spread-eagled on the bed. Slowly I removed my clothes. He started to moan so I gagged him.

I rode him like there was no tomorrow and soon we were both exhausted from having our orgasms. I released him and we spent the night cuddled up.

The next morning we agreed it was fun and became an item. Everyone else had gone home or had pitched tents up. Hayley was in one of them. Perhaps I could get even before the week was out and we had another week after that. Poor Hayley has no idea what she has coming her way.
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Re: Cowboys and Indians.

Unread postby Petrajane » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:19 am

Very enjoyable Restricted. I liked that very much. Thank you.
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