The helmet.

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The helmet.

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I had known Jane for some time before we started to go out together. Eventually we became a couple and moved in together. It was luck her aunt Marion had given her a large house. I said that was generous but as her aunt said “It’s too big for me. I have no family of my own so Jane might as well have it now. It will be going to her anyway”

Her aunt lived in a smaller house along the lane. As far as I was concerned everything was hunky dory between Jane and me. My sex life was excellent but after a while Jane seemed to lose interest. I asked her what was wrong and she replied she wanted to spice things up. When I asked what she had in mind she said she wanted to try bondage.

So I tied her to the bed for the night and gave her all my attention. I started with toe sucking and working my way up. Jane did get her orgasm and when she asked to be released, I gagged her. She was there to do my wishes not hers.

Next day when we got home from work, Jane said she would get revenge. I asked what she wanted to do and she said she had been looking on line that day and saw male chastity belts. I told her there was no way I was going to wear one of those. Jane protested it would make her feel randy knowing I could not touch myself or masturbate unless she gave permission. I still refused.

The following weekend, Jane told me she was going to tie me to the bed in response of my tricking her. I let her tie me to the bed and gag me. Once I was prone, she set to work on me. I was exhausted by the time she was finished and sweat was running down her body. I knew she kept fit, but I never realised just how fit.
I thought Jane would release me after that, but no, instead she gagged me. “Now you are mine to do as I wish. You can find out what it is like to be stuck at someone else’s command.” She cleaned me up and stood back to admire her handiwork of restraining me.

Jane left the room and came back with a small box. “It’s your present. I hope you enjoy it. I know I will”. I wondered what it was. Then she opened the box and took out a CB6000 chastity belt. I shook my head to say no, but Jane slowly took the pieces. My cock grew hard again. “Oh, it knows what is going to happen to it and it’s enjoying its last moments of freedom”. With that she laughed and tossed me off once again. Once it had gone flaccid, Jane washed my cock for me. “We can’t have it all messy in its little prison can we. I look after my prisoners”.

She put cold cream on my cock and slid it into the tube. I winced as the locking collar went around behind my balls. She pushed the two pieces together locating the tube on the studs. Holding up a small padlock, she grinned. “Say goodbye to your cock. It’s mine to control now. All mine”. She put the lock in its place but did not close it. She pulled and tugged on the tube to ensure it would not come off and once she was positive it was secure and was certain I could not escape, she closed the lock and the click might as well have been a cannon going off. “Don’t bother looking for the key. It’s in my desk draws at work”.

Jane untied me and I tried to remove it. I realised that all I was going to get for my troubles was either cut it off and risk cutting myself or a rupture. We walked around naked all day at Jane’s insistence to see what the effects were on me, and my cock was straining against the plastic. “Poor little thing, all alone in there. Isn’t it a shame? I feel sorry for it already”

I asked her how she got the idea for it. Jane told me the girls at work recommended it. They get more attention from their men now. I asked how long she intends keeping me in it and was told that if the girls were right, she saw no reason ever to remove it. She said maybe she should get a more secure steel one. She could have all the cock she needs. Variety is the spice of life as she says. Maybe if she gets a chastity belt with a fake penis attachment, she could ride me to make up for lost time. “Of course, you will get nothing out of it except seeing my enjoyment. Isn’t that delightfully thoughtful of me!” she said emphasising the last sentence.
Two months later and when I got home from work, there was a parcel. I opened it to find a steel chastity belt. “Now you won’t be tempted by all those young girls” I told he I couldn’t with that plastic one on, but she said that this one hides if from me so I would not be reminded what I had down there. However, the bad thing was I would have to sit to urinate.

The following day was another parcel. Again I was handcuffed to the bed and she fitted the chastity belt on me along with the fake penis and she straddled me. In a matter of moments she was screaming as the electric shocks of her orgasm hit home. I had never done it that quick for her myself. I thought that would turn her off of me in the chastity belt, but I was wrong. She said she could see what the girls meant. She could have it any time she wanted. No more being tired and unable to perform.

Then she opened the other parcel. I had a shock. It was a chromium plated steel helmet that came down to some shapes that I found out held the head steady on the shoulders. I looked in horror as she examined it. All that could be seen was the eyes and a hole where the mouth is. I told her I would have thought the hole was too big but she said that there is a reason for it. Although the wearer could breathe through the nostrils, the nose would be covered.

I told her that I would not wear it but she was determined. I tried turning my head so she sat on my chest holding my head with her knees. I watched her grin as she slowly lowered it towards my head. Sliding the back under my head made it easy for her to put the front piece in place. They fitted together by a hidden flange at the top. She pinched me so I yelled and she slipped it right home. My mouth was held wide open by the ring inside the hole for the mouth.

I looked at a metal collar that she held up. She slid it around my neck and clicked shut the two built in locks on the side. Now I was trapped in the helmet. The collar held my head so I could not turn it nor look up or down. The helmet was tight against my head. I could not puff my cheeks. I was well and truly stuck.

Jane left the room with me struggling against my imprisonment. It was an hour before she returned. “Ruth is coming shortly to see her handiwork”. I knew Ruth to be a sculptress. Then Jane went on talking. “The other week when you got home did you notice how quickly after dinner, you fell asleep? I sprinkled three sleeping tablets over your dinner. You were out for 20 hours. I usd plaster bandages to get the shape of your face and head and when it was set, I took it to Ruth who made this for you. She hopes to make many more and sell them for one thousand pounds each. She made this one for free as it’s the prototype. I know you can’t talk so be quiet. I want you to turn over onto your stomach”

I did as she said, hoping she would relent. Instead she undid the handcuffs, pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed them together. Then she told me to get on the floor and helped me down. I was ordered to kneel and she locked a spreader bar between my ankles finally fastening a chain between my handcuffs and the spreader bar. I sat there on my haunches waiting for whatever she had in mind.

Ruth turned up and was in awe of what they had achieved. Ruth told her the chastity belt was never coming off nor the helmet. Ruth asked why. Jane told her I’d had an affair with some of the girls where I worked. I couldn’t figure out how she found out. But by having this outfit on, one I could not shag any girl ever again and two, they would never see my face ever again. Ruth asked about food and drink and she was told Jane would feed me. She would pour soup in through a funnel. I could eat her out as well. She could see no reason that why I gave up sex, that she has to.

My ankles were held 2 feet apart by the spreader bar. Jane fastened some cuffs on my thighs and the bar between them held them a foot apart. Ruth went downstairs and came back with a triangular shaped bar with a vertical bar from the apex to the bottom horizontal crossbar. “We forgot this” she said and Jane set about attaching the corners of this cross bar to the cuffs on my ankles. The vertical bar was attached to the collar at the back. Jane got another padlock and locked my handcuffs to this vertical bar. Now I was held steady and could not lean forward or backwards.

Ruth grinned. She took some photos to use as advertising for her products. Fortunately no one could see my face thanks to the helmet. The pair of them left me there and went downstairs for some coffee. Later they returned for Jane to tell me that she “is having four men come round tonight” I will pick the best out of them and chose them for sex with no strings. Afterwards you can clean me out with your tongue” Ruth grinned and they walked off again taking about how Jane was going to enjoy life now. A short while later, Ruth appeared and told me that Jane has given her the keys to my chastity belt and the collar. “Later I might fill the holes up so the looks can be improved. Of course it would mean you would never be able take them off again” The pair of them manoeuvred me to face the bed “Just so you can join in the fun of sex. Well. you won’t be getting it again, but you are free to watch and help me”

I grunted but as Ruth told me she could not understand what I was saying. She laughed and left me like I was. I heard the music for the six o clock news and then some heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Then another lighter footstep was heard. That must be Jane, but who was the first person there.

A tubby man walked in. Jane ordered him to strip. His cock must have been only three inches long. “Let’s get this right. Your job is to get him ready for me. But warning, if he comes inside your mouth, Ruth will be told to fill the holes in your belt and helmet up. I want him ready to take me to heaven”

I watched in horror once more completely unable to stop the man as he slowly walked towards me. Jane was stripping her clothes off and lay on the bed naked watching me being assaulted. The man stopped with his cock at the edge of the helmet. “Get on with it. I haven’t got all night. I want a cock inside me now” Jane screamed at him. I closed my eyes to stop me looking at his belly as he slowly pushed his cock into my mouth. “Use your tongue. Lick him into wanting to enter me” The man said I was not licking or sucking him so Jane said the holes would be closed permanently. I didn’t want that so I started licking his cock. I felt him go from semi erect to quite stiff. He pulled out and I had to kneel there watching him enter Jane’s body. Soon he shouted out as he had his orgasm. Jane was nowhere near satisfied.

She picked his clothes up and threw them out of the window. He had to run down naked to retrieve them. Jane made a telephone call and I heard her bring another man in. He was better built so I thought she would be satisfied. No. He hadn’t been in my mouth for many minutes when he shot his load. I felt the sticky substance hit the back of my throat. I wretched, feeling sick. Jane threw him out.

The third man entered. Quite slim and he had a six inch cock. It took me some time to get him hard. Jane got fed up playing with herself and threw him out. The fourth man turned out to be a strapping Afro-Caribbean. My got, his cock must have been nearly a foot long and I didn’t think it would go through the hole in the helmet. Somehow it did and he grew even bigger as I licked and sucked. Jane was getting hot watching the show. She grabbed him and pulled him onto herself on the bed and it took only a few minutes for Jane to scream she was coming.

He shot his bolt. Jane wanted more so he came back to the helmet and pushed his cock into my mouth once more. He started going backwards and forwards as I couldn’t and he soon shot another lot of hot sticky semen into my throat. Then he went back to Jane and gave her another good seeing to. She had another orgasm and I didn’t think it was possible, but he too slumped as he came into her pussy.

Once he had gone, Jane said that is the one for her. She came over to me and told me to lick her clean. I wondered how she had got into such a filthy situation. I could taste his spunk inside her as I licked her clean. Jane had another orgasm.

“I need to pee now. Where’s my urinal?” She produced a funnel that was bent at ninety degrees and had a screw end on the thin pipe. She screwed this into the hole in the helmet and stood over it. I watched as her pee poured into the funnel and my mouth. Her pubic hair was right up to my eyes and I could see she was still excited after that sex session. I could feel the heat from her upper thighs.

She unscrewed the funnel. “Well, you have had a drink now so I suppose I had better put a potty undo you. Tomorrow, all the girls you took advantage of are coming to see you. You will repay them by licking all of them to a climax. If you fail even one of them, you know what will happen”

I sat there all night watching Jane, dreading the response I was going to get from the girls tomorrow.
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