Lisa’s Guest

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Lisa’s Guest

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The folded note popping through the letter slot of his door was a familiar sight, that particular style of yellow paper having made several appearance prior. It was a bad sign, another message from Lisa, his neighbour downstairs. He expected another polite but stern moan about him playing his music too loud, or walking around his own flat late at night and keeping her awake with the sound of his footsteps, or perhaps not closing his door quietly enough. He considered throwing it straight in the bin but then thought it was best to know what she was thinking, just in case it ever came to a head. This time, however, the message came as a complete surprise:

Dear James,
I first want to apologize for having being such a difficult and fussy neighbour in the weeks since I moved in. I feel that I have soured any chances of us being on good terms as neighbours, and I appreciate that you have done your best to accommodate my needs by trying to keep the noise down. This is somewhat embarrassing to say, but the truth is that I have had something of a crush on you from the moment I first met you, and I have found it difficult to speak to you without feeling really nervous, which in part accounts for my odd behaviour. I hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable knowing this, but the truth is I would really like to have the opportunity to properly meet you and make friends. If however after reading this you decide that you don’t want to speak to me ever again, I’ll understand. I won’t bother you again.

Lisa was not what he considered pretty. She had a pallid, almost sickly face, with beady, nervous eyes and an ever-so-slightly upturned piggy nose, all of which seemed to betray evidence of a privileged but overprotected childhood. Her flat, black hair hung lifelessly just above shoulder length, clinging close to the shape of her head like thin drapes, the tips of her ears sticking out either side. Her androgynous figure stood stolidly and moved awkwardly, looking hesitant with every step. She was your classic school dance wallflower, not the Hollywood-style “pretty with her glasses off”, but a real-life unpretty, socially awkward victim. She looked the type to have been bullied by other girls at secondary school and completely ignored by male colleagues at work. Most likely a thirty-something virgin.

Although slightly harsh to admit so, the thought of Lisa at times made him shudder. She was a little pathetic, or at least had appeared so through her whiny, petty complaints, although never mean-spirited. And yet, he couldn’t help noticing that reading the note had made his heart beat a little faster and given him the beginnings of a hard on. Should he talk to her? he wondered. Now he was the one feeling nervous.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door that made him jump. He opened the door and was surprised by the sight of Lisa standing there looking flushed.

“I’m so sorry,” she said with her meek and mousy voice. “That note I just left you, I shouldn’t have...” She saw the note in his hands and shrank into her shoulders. “Oh God, you’ve read it! I’m so embarrassed! I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to make a scene. I don’t want this to make it difficult as neighbours.”

She seemed more and more agitated. He realised it was up to him to calm her down.

“It’s okay, Lisa, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind, really.” There was silence. He continued, not sure what to say, “It was very brave of you to speak out like this.” She didn’t respond. More silence. He felt compelled to say more. “No, really, I’m glad you took that first step to sorting things out between us.” He was really struggling for things to say. “I’m quite touched, actually.”

“Really? You don’t mind? I was afraid you’d be angry.”

She wasn’t pretty, but just then, standing near her, he felt his hard on grow fully. He realised that he had left her standing in the doorway for too long and invited her in. She hesitated a while and then accepted. He offered her tea, still confused about what was making him so pleased to see her.

They spent half an hour skimming through polite conversation, getting to know each other, awkward silences appearing between every question. In her answers, she pretty much confirmed everything he guessed about her: privately educated, religious upbringing, and from the number of times she mentioned her mother he could assume that she was her best friend, or possibly only friend. It is then that he understood that it was specifically her weakness that turned him on; she was easy to overcome, barely able to scratch, let alone fight someone off – not that he would ever act on it, he did have his morals, but the thought was somewhat pleasing. Furthermore he had just ended a long-term relationship, and looking at Lisa just then she seemed the perfect rebound material. It made him feel a little brave.

“I do appreciate what you said in the note. It was very honest of you.”

“Thanks. Though I’m still not sure what possessed me to do so.” There was a long silence. Her face reddened. “The truth is I have a boyfriend, we’ve only been together a few weeks. We met at church.”

Hearing this he felt a little disappointed.

“But,” she went on, her voice shrinking, “I’m terrified to tell him that I’m still..." her last words came out in a whisper, "...a virgin.”

This was getting really awkward, he thought. It was time to defuse the moment. “That’s okay,” he said unconvincingly, “everyone has their first time.”

“It’s not just that. When the time comes I want to be able to please him, but...” she faltered, “but I had a bad experience when I was younger, and I’ve since been terrified of being close to or touched by anyone. I guess that accounts for my shyness.”

“I see,” he said, not really seeing the point, feeling very uncomfortable and not knowing what to say or do next. He considered making an excuse about having to leave for an appointment.

“The thing is,” Lisa went on, “I was hoping you could help me with that. If you don’t approve then I promise I’ll never bother you again.” She gulped, half covering her face with her hands. “I was hoping you might be willing to spend the night with me, to help me overcome my fear.” She saw him being instantly taken aback. “I know it’s crazy, I’m sorry if I offended you . . . but I’ll pay you a thousand pounds.”

Taking advantage of his stunned silence at the offer, Lisa explained her circumstances again, clearly shaking from the effort of making such an unusual request. All he could do was listen, still unsure how to react.

“I've been putting off the issue, but I think my boyfriend might be getting impatient or be growing suspicious. He's a really nice guy but the thought of lying with him terrifies me. You really would be helping me a lot. And to save your blushes, even if you wanted to do it as a free favour, I’ll pay you no matter what, just so you don’t feel bad about taking money. But if not, I’ll understand if you never want to speak to me ever again.”

He said he had to think about it. She told him she be waiting for him in her flat the following evening. No obligations. She left.

He thought about Lisa's proposal all day long, all the while unable to stop fantasising about her, something he had never previously done. He realised that compared to sleeping with a hot model, in sleeping with Lisa there would be no pressure on him, it would be easy pickings. Easy money, he thought, not to mention he would be doing her a good turn. He hardly slept that night, still thinking about her, in the flat below, herself probably thinking about him. Could that even be called a connection?

The evening of the following day he went downstairs and after hesitating he knocked at Lisa's door. After casting a shadow in the peephole she opened the door, wearing a dressing gown, inviting him in.

“Thank you for coming,” she said. "I was hoping you would."

“I hope you don’t mind if I do feel a little awkward about it,” he replied, hoping that honestly would help break the ice.

“I’m sure you do, which is why I am grateful.” She untied her gown and revealed herself wearing a black lycra catsuit.

If this was her attempt to be erotic then it was clearly amateurish, he thought, and yet, her bony, angular figure looked so out of place in that tight costume that it almost worked. He had never truly seen her figure before, usually hidden under thick and loose clothes. Her breasts pressed under the lycra were pleasantly rounded and plump. He looked down and saw there was a zipper at the crotch. It started working for him and put him more at ease.

“You look very sexy like that, if I dare say. Do you want me to undress? Should I kiss you first?”

“Thank you,” she recoiled, “but it’s not just for that.” She went on to explain her fear of skin to skin contact, and that she needed to do things slowly and gradually. He had hoped this would be a quick in and out job, but it seems it was going to be much more complicated than that. He was seemingly going to have to work for his money. It became all the more apparent when she pulled out another black catsuit from her cupboard. “Could you go to the bathroom and put this on for me, please?”

For a second he was going to protest, but he quickly put his pride aside and decided to indulge her, hoping she could indulge him later. He popped into the bathroom and inspected the catsuit, it was clean and pleasantly soft to the touch, but he also noticed that unlike Lisa’s it had a hood for the head, as well as gloves and footsocks incorporated. Zipped from the back, it was designed to cover the whole body. It was a full zentai catsuit. Just like Lisa’s it also had another zipper for the crotch. He saw the crotch zipper and sighed. This is getting weird, he thought, then stripping down to put it on, thinking of the money. He went back into the front room leaving the hood off and hanging down on his chest. She looked at him with serious eyes.

“I know this must be really strange for you,” she said, “so I appreciate your patience and understanding.”

She gently ran her hands down his lycra-clad body. He was about to do the same to her, reaching out when she suddenly took his hand and led him into the bedroom. On the floor at the end of bed was a pile of crumpled shinny black lycra. “There’s one more thing I need you to put on.”

She guided him near the small lycra pile and then asked him to put his hood on. He did so and the room briefly went dark before his eyes adjusted to the reduced light coming through the thin material stretched over his face, allowing him to see blurry shapes around him. He already decided that he wasn’t having fun. Either this was her misconceived idea of sex, or else she needed to reduce contact to make it like being in separate rooms. But either way, he again just thought of the money.

He felt her guiding his legs into the new-found lycra costume and slowly pulling it up around them. As she got to waist height she then guided his arms into the sleeves and pulled up further. As she zipped up the costume it seemed to tighten around him more than expected. He felt his limbs stiffen slightly against his body, losing the freedom of movement. Through his hood he said, “Wait a minute, I think you got the sleeves mixed up, I can’t seem to move.”

She gently pushed him back to sit onto the bed. “That’s normal,” she said softly, “I’ve put you in a sleepsack, it’s got internal sleeves so your arms are held by your sides. Don’t worry.” She pushed him back further to lie back on the bed. “Like I said, I have issues with physical contact, a fear of being grabbed. Before letting you touch and hold me, I just want to lie down with you a moment and feel you by my side.” She lifted his feet onto the end of the bed and helped him shuffle up to the pillows.

Inside his catsuit and sleepsack he started to sulk. This was going to be a boring evening to forget, he thought. “I wish you had told me about this,” he said.

“Please, just for a while. I just want to lie down with you.”

She hesitantly ran her hands along his body, though shyly avoiding his crotch. He then felt her warmth through the material on his left side as she put her arms around him and held him close. There was silence, though he could hear her breathing next to his ear. It was a comforting sound. For all the strangeness of the situation, he gradually relaxed, and for all Lisa’s strangeness and relative lack of attractiveness, he enjoyed her soft lycra-clad presence by his side. He lay there for a long while, saying nothing, relaxing under her gentle caresses, eventually falling asleep.

He woke up, at first momentarily disoriented by the hood blinding him until he remembered where he was. He felt Lisa stir next to him.

“We fell asleep,” she said.

“How long for?”

“It doesn’t matter, we have plenty of time. This is nice. I’m glad you are here.” She held him, putting her head on his shoulder.

It had better be worth it, he thought, though unwilling to say anything for fear of upsetting Lisa and not getting his money. He momentarily felt a brief pang of guilt at thinking so much about the money; it wasn't like him. But, then again, the strangeness of his current situation convinced him he was going above and beyond to help someone he barely liked, meaning he deserved whatever rewards he had coming to him.

He felt Lisa moving her hand across his chest, smoothly stroking it. After several minutes of this her hand moved down and eventually reached his crotch, making his heart stir. He felt the warmth of her hand on his cock through the two tight layers of lycra. Her fingers stroked his bulge and he heard her breathing grow louder. He felt a shadow over him as Lisa leaned over his face and planted a kiss on his covered mouth. She did so again, and again, all the while stroking his cock. This was getting good, he thought. As his cock grew and hardened, he then felt her gently grabbing it through the material. Feeling the excitement rising in him, he blindly reached his head up to kiss her, but as he did so she suddenly pulled back, letting go of him.

“What happened?” he called out, unable to see her figure through the hood. “Did I do something wrong?”

Her finger pressed down on his lips. “You are being naughty. I need you to be still and behave.”

He wanted to apologize, afraid that the deal was off, but he noted a change in her voice, unsure of what to make of it. For a moment he didn't know where Lisa was, when all of a sudden he felt something tighten across his chest, pulling him into the mattress. “Hey! What is this!”

“Just need to strap you down so I know you’ll stay still for me.” She put another strap across his stomach and two more across his legs, pinning him down.

He struggled for a bit, though still trying to keep his cool. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this. Could we just take time out?”

“No time for that.”

Something pressed down on the lycra across his mouth. By reflex he opened his mouth and felt something pushing halfway in and then tightening around his jaw. He tried to yell, but the obstruction held tight. It was a ball-gag.

“Hmmmph!!!” he called out.

“Now, now! You need to calm down.”

He felt her putting some kind of brace around his neck which prevented him from shaking his head. He yelled again. Although his words were muffled, the sound of his yell was still fairly loud.

“Very well, if that’s how you want to play it.” Her figure disappeared for a few seconds, before he could just see her re-enter. He heard familiar sound which right then he could not identify. It is only when he felt the tightening sensation around his face that he understood Lisa was wrapping his head up in clingfilm. Unable to breath in the tightening plastic, he tried shaking his head free, but the neck brace together with Lisa hands held him down as she continued securing him. The indistinct shapes through the lycra became blurs, the sounds around him dampened, and his shouts through the ball-gag were cut dead as layer upon layer of plastic film enveloped his head. Lisa tore a hole in the plastic covering his nose, letting him breath. This relieved him slightly, and he tried to convince himself that Lisa’s little game would eventually come to an end. He slowed down his breathing and tried calling out to her in spite of the gag. Her name just came out as two muffled syllables, more recognizable by tone than sound. “Mmmh-fmmmh. Mmmmhh-fmmmhh.”

Through the clingfilm encasement he could just hear her gently talking next to his ear.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you. I’m sorry I had to deceive you with my sob story about wanting to sleep with you, but I had something else in mind.”


“You may as well accept it, because you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.”

The turn of events had him all confused. This was plain-jane Lisa! Shy, meek, little mousy Lisa! Where did this side of her come from?

Lisa's hand travelled down his body to his bulge once more, she pulled at the lycra and something came loose. In his hood he had not seen that the sleepsack as well as his catsuit had a zipper at the crotch. Her slim fingers reached in and pulled his cock and balls out of his cocoon and into the cooler air of the room. In his panic his cock had begun to go limp, but the mere gentle touch of her fingertips made it change course. Her skin on his cock felt incredibly soft, making it hard for him to focus on the fact he was being held captive. He expected her to start wanking him off, or perhaps it was just wishful thinking, instead she started tickling his cock and balls, the sensation was pleasurable at first, but fast accumulated beyond what he could endure. He began to convulse as he laughed as loud as the plastic casing would allow, in his head sounding like bombs going off, but to Lisa only sounding like a slight case of giggles. With one hand she tickled him continuously while with the other she gently held the end of his cock between finger and thumb, keeping an eye on its growth and pulse. In his torment the tickling seemed to go on for several minutes, and with only his nose to breath through he tried as best he could to control his laughter to allow for some breaths. He could feel his cock growing and for all the discomfort was building himself up for when he would cum. His body went rigid as he prepared to shoot, and just then he felt the tickling stop and Lisa hand wanking him off. It threw him off for a few seconds, but only to slightly prolong the sensation before he finally let rip, a shaking in his bonds as he felt Lisa’s other hand cupping over his end to catch his load.

As he caught his breath, following what had been an amazing sensation, he could feel Lisa wiping his cock with tissue paper, the strokes of the soft material feeling very intense on his oversensitive post-cum cock, but he was too exhausted and relieved to struggle. Lisa then began unwrapping his head out of the clingfilm. He felt that if this was the end of it – which it surely was, he thought – then it hadn’t been so bad. Kinky and strange, but worth it.

Lisa removed the last of the clingfilm, undid the ball-gag and unzipped his hood to bring him back into the light. As he flexed his jaw and squinted at the sudden brightness he saw Lisa lean very close. He dared a smile.

“Hello,” he said. “Well that was intense.” He looked down and saw his tired cock shrinking. She had done a good job of cleaning him up, with not a drop on the sleepsack.

“Glad you enjoyed it.“ Lisa's smiling face was only an inch away, and although still not his type, there was something incredibly sensual about her just then. Even strapped down and in a neck brace he knew there was enough give for him to lean forward and kiss her, which he wanted to do. As if reading his mind she planted a small peck on his lips. “Just trying to get my money’s worth.”

The money! It seemed it was still on the cards. He tried to humour her as well as try to take control. “Well, I’m still game to sleep with you if you are, now that we’ve got to know each other better. Just as soon as you let me out of this thing we could move on to the main course.”

The smile fell from her face. “Ah, well, there was another condition I forgot to mention.”

“Oh, what is thaaa...” he was stopped dead as Lisa shoved the ball-gag straight into his mouth and secured it back on.

“I forgot to mention that every time you cum, you forfeit £100, as well as accepting three more hours under my control.” She planted a playful kiss on his nose before zipping the hood back over his head.

It was all starting all over again, but this time he wasn’t being coy, he began to violently struggle and scream through his gag, wanting to get free and making it clear that he meant it. A hard slap across his face stopped him dead.

“Unless you want me to wrap your head up again, then I suggest you lie still, take what I give you and appreciate it.”

He quietened down, dreading the smell of clingfilm invading his nostrils again. He felt Lisa grabbing his cock again and lubricating it with something oily. She then proceeded to gently run his flaccid, slippery but still highly sensitive cock in her hands, creating an agonising sensation that made him tighten his muscles, helpless and hoping she would stop soon. But she continued, on and on for he didn’t know how long. Finally, while still trying not to scream he couldn’t stop himself from whimpering into his gag as his cock wallowed between pleasure and pain. It could have been ten minutes, it could have been twenty, or even thirty, but he felt his cock ready to pop again, and he feared the consequences, at once trying to stop it and yet welcoming it. This time it wasn’t so much an explosion as a deep and slow burn running down his inner thighs, his whole body shook, his whimper turning to a loud moan.

“Oh my, oh my! Another three hours!” he heard Lisa say. “Looks like you’re up for more. Perhaps I should train you to have a little more self-control.”

In his exhaustion he tried to say no. “Hmmmph, hmmmph!!!”

“Oh, do stop your whinning. Looks like you’ll be spending the night here, so you may as well make yourself comfortable.”

She sat lightly on his chest and unzipped his hood and undid the gag once more. She held a glass of water with a straw to his mouth which he gladly sipped. It tasted slightly sugary.

“That’s it,” she smiled. “You need to stay nice and hydrated, and get your energy back.” He was about to say something when she suddenly put her hand over his mouth. “No, you don’t speak unless I allow you to. Or else.” From the bedside table she took the roll of clingfilm, unrolled an arm’s length and without ripping it off the roll she stretched it tight across his face. For a second he stayed still before realising that she meant to suffocate him. In vain he tried to breath in and started shaking under the hold of the straps and her weight, but she held fast until finally pulling the plastic off just as his lungs felt ready to burst. “If I have made myself clear, you may say ‘Yes, Mistress.’”

He stuttered and said it with a weak voice, “Yes, Mistress.”

Still, she placed the clingfilm over his face again, pressing it tight, leaving him struggling to suck through the plastic squeezing around his features. She released it. "Say it again, louder!"

"Yes, Mistress!" he blurted between breaths.

“Good,” she said with a teasing little smile. Lisa then unzipped the crotch of her catsuit and pulled the edges aside, revealing herself. “It’s not fair that you should have all the fun while I do all the work. And I’m sure your jaw must hurt from that ball-gag. This should help it loosen off.” She moved forward onto his mouth and made him take her in. “Now feed!”

He began to lick into her, and in spite of what Lisa said his aching jaw just hurt more from the effort. When he slowed down she leaned forward and smothered his nose against her before pulling away, a silent but forceful threat. Looking up at her she seemed unaffected by his efforts, and she said nothing. Seeing her so close, with every lycra-clad contour of her body showing as she towered above him, Lisa looked strong, in control, which she was. Lisa then sat a little heavier onto him and began moving herself up and down his lower face, chin to nose, nose to chin. She seemed to go moist on him, though it was hard to tell if it was just his own sweat and saliva. She then suddenly pulled away and climbed off him, zipping herself up.

“That’s very good,” she said sternly. “Let me clean you up.” She took out a box of wet wipes and wiped his face several times before letting him have another drink. She then kissed his cock and tucked it back into his catsuit before zipping it and the sleepsack back up. “I’m going to clean up and get changed. I hope you will stay nice and still for me. If I hear any commotion I might have to take certain measures.” She stood back to look at him and then ran her hands up his restrained arms. She suddenly beamed a beautiful girly smile, “You really are so beautiful like this.” She leaned over further and kissed him, then placing his ball-gag back on.

As Lisa turned and left, peeling herself out of her catsuit as she stepped out of the room, he stared at her with a creeping sense of admiration. For a while he lay on the bed unable to think of getting free; in his mind he just visualised Lisa’s crotch pulsing back and forth onto him, smothering him and pulling away, her skin and pubic hairs so close to him they were a blur. The smell of her was still vivid in his mind, in fact he didn’t want to forget it.

No! His mind snapped back to reality. He remembered he was being held against his will and needed to get out of there. This girl is crazy, he tought. He raised his head an inch and looked down his body, relieved that Lisa had not replaced the hood over him. What a predicament! How had he so easily let himself fall into this? He couldn’t help thinking that this was not so different to the kind of inescapable and over-elaborate trap that movie spies and adventurers would fall into – if somewhat kinkier – and yet find a clever way of getting out. But after a brief and pathetically helpless struggle all he could see beyond the sleepsack were the tight straps pinning him down to the bed. Although the four straps were just placed laterally and seemed easy enough to slide under, they prevented him from turning or bending his body to allow for movement, and where there was some give he just felt the lycra of his captive outfit sliding over the bed sheets without moving his body either way.

Before long Lisa returned, walking into the room naked, drying her hair with a towel. Sitting astride of his chest again, she looked down at him and smiled.

“I hope you’ve been a good little girl,” she said. She momentarily removed his ball-gag to give him another sip of his drink, and although he didn’t ask for it he gladly drank it. Putting the gag back on she said, “What do you say?”

“Fmmfh yffhhm,” he mumbled though the gag. He stared up at her naked body. Although her figure was not the most typically appealing, the apparent silky smoothness of her pale skin was inviting. He briefly imagined himself running his face along her tummy and down her thighs.

“Is that ball-gag uncomfortable? And the straps?”

He nodded as much as the neck brace would allow him to.

“Do you need the toilet?”

He did not, but he nodded, seeing the chance of escape. He figured once free he wouldn’t need to fight or struggle with Lisa, but just convince her that enough was enough and refuse to get back into the sleepsack, regardless of the money.

“I can get you to stand up, unzip your cock out and help you pee in a plastic bucket. But I warn you, if I don’t see you pee a large amount, I’d assume you were just lying about wanting the toilet to get free, in which case I will deduct another £300 and add nine hours. I will ask again, do you need the toilet.”

He hesitated and then shook his head.

“Okay, glad we got that sorted.” The sternness suddenly disappeared from her face, as she smiled excitedly and kissed him on the ball-gag. “You look so adorable like this, it would be a shame to let you go.” She lay on top of him, planting gentle kisses on his face. “I really have fancied you for such a long time, and finally I have you all for me. I always hoped we would be on better terms, but I didn’t dare dream that you would become my very own little play-doll.”

Once again he felt conflicted. Lisa’s words filled his mind with a sense of panic, her words and girly outbursts making her sound demented, but all the while his body felt strangely at ease under her warm touch and care. Part of him wanted to grab her and shake her back to reality, the other part just wanted to smell her hair and taste her silky soft lips.

“I need to get you ready for bed. You can’t be going to sleep with that ball-gag pulling at your jaw.”

She went to the drawer and pulled out a crumpled and flimsy piece of black rubber. It was another kind of gag, covering mouth, chin and the bridge of the nose, allowing holes for the nostrils, the rubber straps buckled at the back of the head. After giving him another drink she fitted the new gag. Once secured, he found himself with the rubber pressing against his face but without holding his mouth open or shut. It allowed him to speak relatively clearly, as the air from his mouth escaped out the edges of the gag with a slight hiss. But if he tried to shout or speak too fast the air coming out would be too much and inflate the gag, blocking his breath. Still, it was better than the ball-gag.

“How’s that for you?”

“Muf beffer . . . misfress.” he replied through the rubber gag.

“Good, just a few more things to make you more comfortable.”

She unzipped his cock out again and placed condom on it, over which she slid a small padded cylinder which was attached to a thin wire. As she zipped him up again, the wire protruded from the top of the zipper, running down over the edge of the bed. Lisa then undid the neck brace, allowing him some movement, but then she placed a molded blindfold over his eyes before putting his hood back on. This time he was left completely in the dark. He felt Lisa lean over him and heard the gentle click of a button. All of a sudden, the cylinder on his cock began to vibrate with a slight buzz. The sensation was both pleasurable and painful, all the worse as the vibrations were not constant, but wavered from weak to intense.

Lisa spoke in his ear. “There’s enough battery power for a good six to eight hours. You still have seven hours under my service, so let’s see if you can hold it off, or else if you are up for more.” She kissed his cheek. “Goodnight my little doll.”

Already he could feel his painful cock growing again, and he knew there was no way he would be able to hold himself all night. Lisa lay down besides him and settled with her arm across his chest. He assumed the lights were out and she was going to sleep, but he wondered if she would be able to while he shook and whimpered. And shake and whimper he did, lost in the timeless blackness and silence, with the vibrating ring the only thing his senses could clearly feel. Still, the wavering intensity of the vibrations helped him hold himself, although it also teased his balls, ready to cum just before the sensation eased, only to return later. His own reactions were unclear. He thought he caught himself crying aloud and calling for Lisa, but she seemed undisturbed, making him wonder if he had imagined it. Occasionally he drifted into semi-dreams, seeing Lisa pulsing crotch, or himself caressing her face. He dreamt of making love to her, and in that dream as they both came to orgasm the vibrations increased and he felt his drained cock shooting what it could as he tightened his thighs and wallowed in the unwelcome yet wonderful sensation engulfing him for a few seconds. But as he caught his breath and shook off his dreams, he could feel that the vibrations were not letting off, and this time the pain turned to soft agony as the vibrations seemed to ask for more from his cock which had nothing more to give. This went on and on, until it was finally ready to give some more, once again a truce of pleasure amid the pain. But by then his mind had already stopped thinking clearly, all he had was instinct reacting to sensation, a cowering mind floating in blackness. If he was whimpering or screaming through his gag, he wasn’t aware of it.

He awoke at a time indistinct, blurred by his confused, sleep deprived mind, peppered with instances of brief dreams, intense pain and delicious orgasms. He felt too weak and lost to move or even find his bearings. The blackness over his eyes was pierced with brightness, as he felt a pair of hands gently guiding him. He did not know whose they were, where he was, or who he was. The painful vibrations had ceased, and his arms seemed to be floating as he felt them being moved apart from his body. A gentle voice whispered in his ear, "Relax."

The maternal hands and voice were soothing as they led him on towards promise of warmth and comfort. He was given a drink. He was undressed and dressed again. He did things that seemed to make sense at the time, before they faded from memory. Every time he started moving of his own accord the hands slowly eased him back down, caressing him into submission. Those hands, with their touch so smooth, seemed to melt into him. He had a glimpse of himself naked in the bathroom, being cleaned with a damp cloth and allowed to use the toilet, but even those moments he could not place quite as to when. And every now and then a glimpse of Lisa would appear before him, as she leaned down to look into his eyes and gently kiss him. Her gaunt, slightly piggy-nosed face just then was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Then there was blackness.

He woke up on the bed, his eyes blinded by bright daylight coming in through the windows which momentarily made him think his ordeal had come to an end. But he then noticed his bondage attire had changed. He had a tight hood covering his head which smelt of leather, with holes for his eyes and nostrils. The leather felt warm and tight over his face, yet comfortable, even though under the hood something in his mouth was holding his tongue down and filling his mouth. He looked down and saw he was still bound to the bed, but this time by two straps over his upper torso, his arms and upper-body bound in a red latex straightjacket. His legs, however, were exposed but looking pale, spread apart as each ankle was strapped to the corner of the bed. He then realised he was wearing thin white nylon tights which was what made his legs look discoloured. Over the straightjacket he could just see his cock pressed under the tights. His feet were strapped in red high heel shoes which were a very tight fit, squeezing his toes at the end, likely a pair of Lisa's, a size or two too small. He pulled his legs against the restraints and found he could move them quite a bit, but not enough to pull himself under the straps holding his torso. He felt something stir beside him and saw Lisa awaking. She was dressed in what seemed like an unbelievably tight and shiny black latex catsuit.

“Hello Princess,” she said smiling, “Did you sleep well?”

He thought of the previous night, remembering the glimpses of lucidity that had passed by him, the sight of the bathroom, Lisa’s face, her kiss, her hands. He wondered if tiredness had made him so compliant, or if she had drugged him. He shook his head at her and mumbled under his gag, not so much answering her question, but just as a plea for letting him go.

“I’m afraid that you clearly had more fun than you anticipated last night. That little buzzer ring made you cum at least three times, don’t you remember? That’s another nine hours, of which, according to my clock there’s another five to go.”

He silently stared at her in disbelief. How could she be so cruel? He thought. Just what did she want from him? Was this revenge for being a noisy neighbour? Hadn’t she already humiliated him enough?

Lisa was oblivious to his thoughts as she lay on top of him, resting her head on his chest, her neck fitting nicely over his bound and rubber-clad arms. He hated her, and yet inexplicably he could not stop desiring her. His torment lay not just in his captivity, but in that she stayed near him, just inches away, close and yet teasingly out of reach. Once again the thought of her crotch moving back and forth before him filled his mind.

“I’ve waited so long to be with you,” he heard her say. “This is just as I imagined we would be.”

“Hmmphh!” he called out, shaking his head, trying to get up in spite of her and the straps.

A childlike look of disappointment appeared of Lisa’s face. “You don’t want to be here with me?”

He shook his head.

“But we had an agreement, you still need to stay for five hours.”

He shook his head more vigorously, moaning through the gag. He would not cooperate, he decided, even if part of him wanted to. She sat up, reaching for the clingfilm on the side of the bed, stretching it out menacingly. He shook his head vigorously but without fear, calling her bluff. Lisa stared at him, looking disappointed.

“Very well,” she said with a slight pout, “there’s no need to be like that. If you want to leave, you can leave.”

Without delay she moved off him and removed the straps from his ankles and torso. Relief flooded over him as she helped him up from the bed, grateful that she had come to her senses, or perhaps just given in. They stood together in the room, him still bound in latex, but able to walk on his own two feet, balancing uneasily on the tight stilettos. He stared at Lisa, waiting for her to undo the hood and straightjacket. He knew he still had to play it safe and not lash out at her, but be civil as long as he was in her flat. But Lisa made no attempt to free him, she just stared at him for a minute and finally spoke.

“You still owe me five hours, so in exchange of that I will release you as you are. You can go and find someone to untie you, and then come back for your things. Until then, or unless you change your mind, you can go.”

He stood there blankly, not understanding her, when Lisa suddenly pushed him out of the room and to the front door. He could not resist her, trying too hard not to topple from his high heels, and before he knew it she had pushed him out into the corridor and closed the door behind him. He understood her game, finding himself standing in the corridor bound in leather and latex, and his cock visible through his white tights. He was exposed and suddenly very afraid of people finding him. He tried to convince himself that he could call for help at another door, but would they know or recognise him? How would they react? If he ran outside, what would people do to him? Would they let him explain? Even if he could get his story across, and even if people believed him, what would they think of him? How ridiculous did he look?

Across the corridor, the peephole of another door stared at him menacingly. All of a sudden, the prospects of serving Lisa for another five hours seemed more logical. She had taken a risk but played well. It was only five hours. Even if she kept him for longer, she would sooner or later have to let him go, wouldn’t she?

He dared not consider the alternatives. Dejected and scared he knocked at Lisa’s door with his foot. The door immediately opened as Lisa smiled and gently pulled him back in, hugging him tight.

“I knew you would come back! I’m so proud of you!” She stroked his backside as she guided him back to the bed where she strapped him down once more. There wasn’t much he could do but comply, he figured. Once strapped down, his legs apart, she leaned between them and rubbed the end of her nose against his nylon clad cock. It made him stir.

“There you are, that’s going to cheer you up, my lovely.” She kneeled at the end of the bed and began stroking his legs with the tips of her fingers. “A little punishment for your escapade.” The tickling sensation was immediate and intense, the nylon tights somehow increasing the sensitivity on his thighs. He screamed under his hood and struggled, shaking his legs and fighting his bonds, but they held as the leather straps snapped taught, over and over again as he pulled his legs in small circles the slack of the straps allowed. This was not tickling, Lisa gentle finger strokes seemed to be barely touching him as they ran up and down his legs and down to his feet, and yet he could not control himself as he struggled to breath under his hood, his flushing face noticeably warming the underside of the leather. His cock grew awkwardly down the left leg of his tights as it tried to redress itself to stand up.

Lisa seemed to have an expert eye, as she stopped herself just as she could see his cock pulsing, holding the strokes just long enough to let it die down before starting again. In those moments, much as he wanted to beg her to stop he could only catch his breath, unable to moan. As much as he wished while tickled that he had taken his chances outdoors in his ridiculous outfit, during those lulls as he caught his breath and his throbbing cock retreated, part of him wanted her to continue, he wanted to be with her, just as he had chosen to return to her flat. Perhaps, he thought, if he just remained obedient, indulged her, sucked up to her and, most important of all, learned to ride and enjoy it, then things might just turn for the better.

The tickling went on for an hour, possibly more, on and off, stopping and starting again before he had time to recuperate. She seemed tireless. As he yelled through leather and pleaded for her to stop, he saw her at the end of the bed, now tickling the soles of his feet. She wasn’t ugly anymore, and he certainly didn’t hate her. In fact, she was gorgeous . . . absolutely gorgeous. In her tight catsuit she was perfect. Gorgeous, perfect and in control.

His cock had managed to redress itself under the tights, and as it grew once more towards his belly-button he could feel it pushing out against the nylon, harder and harder. Once again Lisa stroked his inner-thighs, but this time she didn’t pause, she allowed his cock to throb, pulse and shoot, as he moaned loud enough to make his ears hurt.

Immediately Lisa stopped and leaned over him. Until then unbeknownst to him there was a zipper over the mouth of his leather hood which Lisa undid, upon which she pulled out a rubber ball from his mouth, the obstruction he had been feeling all that time. He breathed loudly through his mouth and nose, but looking up at her, her face so close, he just said: “Kiss me!”

“What do you say?”

He puffed, “Please kiss me, my lovely Mistress!”

And she did, giving him what he wanted just then, her lips against his tasting of heaven.

“You are mine!” She said straight onto his lips.

“I am yours,” he replied.

Lisa then pulled back, placed the ball back in his mouth and zipped his hood up as he moaned for her again. She sat between his legs. There she pulled down his tights a few inches revealing his cock which he had not noticed was covered with a condom. But instead of removing it, Lisa leaned over to the side of the bed and pulled out the vibrating ring again, waving it in front of him. His eyes grew wide with fear.

“Hmmmphh!!!” He shook his head violently. “Hmmmphhhh!!!!”

She placed it on his cock, pulled the tights over it with the wire hanging out, and said, “Fresh batteries.”

Every muscle in his body fought against the straps to get free as Lisa switched the ring on again, upon which he began to shake as the sensual pain took over. He longed for it to turn to pleasure, no matter how briefly, even though he knew it would be followed with more pain.

His first agonizing orgasm came sooner than he expected, as he saw Lisa remove her catsuit and from her perfect porcelain nakedness get dressed in normal clothes. As she pulled up black tights under a winter skirt he felt his cock go again, putting him on the edge of tears and unsure if they were tears of sadness or joy. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“I’m just popping out for a bit,” Lisa said, putting her coat on. “You be a good girl, and there will be a reward for you.”

He tried calling for her in his moans, fighting the straps, his eyes both begging for the vibrations to cease and yearning for her to be by his side. Lisa smiled as she blew him a kiss and left the room. He heard the front door open and close. He then stared at the ceiling as all turned to haze.

At times he awoke just to see the white ceiling, at other times he saw Lisa’s face looking down at him, her sweet eyes feeding his own with her beauty, though a moment later he would wonder if it was just a vision. For hours he remained in this trance-like state as the vibrating ring just turned him into a whelping slab of meat. There was no boredom or moment for clear thought, every second was just pain and ecstasy, but as the world outside melted away for him, there was no other place he wanted to be. At times he knew Lisa was by his side, even if he could not see her he felt her warmth and touch, and her smell came through that of the leather hood.

When he came to there was only darkness through the window, though he was too far gone to wonder if it was the eve of the same day or of the next. He did not think about his flat, or of work, or the day of the week. All he thought of was Lisa. And there she was, sitting by him, dressed in her underwear, her hand caressing his forehead.

“How are you feeling?” Her voice was kind and full of compassion.

He looked up at her, realising that he was not wearing his hood anymore. In fact, the straps and the straightjacket were all off. He was on the bed naked. Her hand on his forehead felt like satin. “I love you,” he said meekly, “I love you, Mistress.”

“I love you too,” she said before she leaned over and kissed him. “You’ve been such a good little girl, I think you deserve a treat. All this bondage must have made you stiff and sore. You go in the bathroom and get changed, there’s something in there for you to wear, and then come back here and you’ll get your reward.”

He got up from the bed and instantly felt his legs buckle under him. He just caught himself on the edge of the bed and felt Lisa’s hand touching his back. He moved slowly, step by step he walked to the bathroom just outside the bedroom and hanging on the rail of the shower curtain he found a costume. It was a purple and green lycra leotard with long sleeves and a short frilly skirt, it came with a pair of opaque but sparkly purple tights. It looked like a competition female ice-skating outfit.

Lisa came in to help him. “This will look so cute on you.”

He complied, just seeing the gleam in Lisa’s eyes. She made him look at himself in the mirror. The outfit was girly, it was demeaning, though on his trim figure it did feminise him somewhat. He looked with strange admiration, to him it was a precious gift, something clean, something dry, and something that got Lisa’s approval. She guided him back to the bed and lay him down on his stomach. There he expected to be tied up again, but instead she put her hands on him and started massaging his muscles. No tickling this time, just an expert massage, undoing all the tension and knots of the past few hours – or was it days? Every stretch and stroke seemed to reinvigorate him, bringing his body back from the dead, and as it did so, his own hands began to stroke the smooth fabric of his costume, feeling he was lucky to be there. Lisa worked on him from head to toe and back again, before she slithered onto him and held him tight, rubbing her body against his. Her hand reached down between his outfit and slowly she pulled out his cock and balls. The elasticised edges of his tights and leotard pinched down at the base of his balls, slightly impeding the blood flow. This allowed his cock to slowly grow, in spite of being so worn and tired, growing until it was rock hard under her touch. She maintained it so for a while as she kissed his neck.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“It feels wonderful, Mistress.”

“Do you love me?”

“I love you, Mistress.”

“Are you happy to be my slave?”

“I am, Mistress.”

“Good,” she squeezed his cock, making him jolt with pain. “You relax, and get your prize.”

Lisa turned him over on his back and she took his cock into her mouth. Although his cock had been abused almost continuously from the time he had entered Lisa’s flat, the warm wetness of her mouth made it all better. In this moment of comfort he had flashes of lucidity, thoughts of his past self, but every time these came the feel of Lisa’s lips and tongue washed them away as she gave him this great gift. He did not want it to stop, and he did not want to be anywhere else in the world just then. The base of his cock was still squeezed between his costume, and in any case it had nothing left to give. This allowed things to remain as they were for a long time, or so it seemed. Lisa didn’t seem to tire, and he took what she gave him. Her hair repeatedly fell over her face as she worked her way around and up and down his cock. Much as he wanted to stroke her hair and neck he did not dare touch her head for fear she would stop, for fear he would spoil perfection.

Lisa finally lifted herself and shuffled up to kiss him. She kept a hand on his cock, caressing its wet slickness with her fingers.

“Hold me,” she said.

And he did, just as she kissed him again. Looking at her he could not even remember ever finding her ugly, he could only think of her as always having been beautiful. The look of her was intoxicating.

“I love you,” he said.

“Will you be my obedient little slave?”


“Will you take more abuse from me? Let me play with you as I please?”

“I will, Mistress.” What else could he have said to her? She owned him. There was nothing else to think about beyond her, and why would he as long as she was with him?

“Good, in that case, there is something else I need you to do for me.”

She gave his cock a final playful lick in passing before tucking it back under his costume, although it was still hard and she had to bend it down painfully, leaving it to bulge uncomfortably under the tight lycra. He moaned inappreciably, wanting more of her. Lisa got up and pulled something out of her cupboard. It was another black sack, but this one was made of rubber and was much narrower than the sleepsack he had started in. “Put this on over your outfit.”

Another game he thought, more of Lisa’s firm control. It was all he wanted. He put the rubber sack on the floor and slowly pulled it up around him. Although the inside was lined with talcum powder, it still felt very clingy and the neck opening was very narrow and required strength to stretch it open wide enough. He repeatedly had to shuffle himself through the opening to stop the rubber from pulling the material of his outfit with it, or even his skin. He noted there were no internal sleeves, although it was definitely tighter. Lisa helped him pull it up to his waist through which he could only just barely fit and then she took over to slowly pull it over his arms and shoulders, which took several uncomfortable minutes, pulling at his skin. At times it felt so tight he wasn’t sure he would fit into the narrow opening. Finally the tight collar snapped into place around his neck.

“Are you still hard under there?” She stroked his obvious bulge.

“Yes Mistress.” The smell, sound and tight sensation of the rubber had kept him excited, that and his beloved Lisa handling him so close. He wiggled his arms to make the rubber creak some more.

“Keep your arms at your side and lie on the bed,” she ordered.

Lisa fitted another tight rubber collar around his neck before placing the rubber bit back in his mouth to gag him. He let her do so with mounting anticipation, excited about being Lisa’s play-slave, but also about being in love with her, having found the person he would always want to be with. Lisa disappeared in the other room momentarily, leaving him on the bed, and she returned with a vacuum cleaner which she plugged in the wall. Fitting a narrow extension nozzle to the vacuum cleaner, Lisa suddenly pulled hard at his rubber collar and inserted the nozzle down the back of his neck. If the collar had been tight before, with the nozzle it was painful and strangling. He moaned with pain, but Lisa ignored him. She suddenly appeared cold, only paying attention to the vacuum cleaner. When she turned it on the deafening noise of the machine was matched with a piercing hiss from his collar, as the vacuum cleaner sucked air out of his already tight rubber sack, squeezing him down further as the rubber travelled down every crack and pressed against his every curve. Lisa then slowly pulled the nozzle out while leaving the suction on, taking every bit of air out of the sack, with the neck collar snapping over his skin in a tight seal. As she turned the vacuum cleaner off, he looked down and saw every contour of his body and costume in the shapely black rubber, from the crushed frills of his lycra outfit to his toes. He even felt the tightness across his chest as his breathing pushed against the stretchiness of the rubber. Finally, Lisa took out a tight latex hood which she fitted over his head and snapped over the neck collar, further increasing the vacuum seal. He was now completely encased in rubber, but for the holes of this eyes and nostrils. His body looked as if it had been dipped in sticky black oil, his limbs completely stuck to his body. It took a moment for him to understand what had happened, but the sensation of extreme tightness felt incredible. It was at once terrifying yet wonderful.

“I like to keep my little slaves vacuum packed for freshness,” Lisa said. There was once more a ruthless edge to her voice. “Does it feel good?”

He nodded with a excited moan.

“Are you happy to be a slave?”

He nodded again, unable to contain his joy and excitement. The rubber was turning him on, together with the anticipation of what games she had in mind for him, and as he nodded he also began rapidly thrusting his pelvis, feeling ready to pop once more. Lisa could see what was happening.

“That’s it little puppy! You go right ahead, this vac-sac is perfect for preventing spillages. It’s also perfect for slave transit.” She called over her shoulder, “You can come in now.”

He stopped himself short as he noticed a shadow moving in the bedroom doorway. Three burly men entered the room, one was carrying a large wheelie suitcase which he lay on the floor and opened. It was empty.

Lisa barely acknowledged them, as she sat on the bed by his side and stroked his rubber-clad chest. He urgently looked at her, “Mmmmhphhh?”

“I’m sorry, my sweet, but I can’t keep you all to myself. My job was to train and prepare you for your trip, and now I’m done. You’re off to meet your new master.”

Panic exploded in his eyes, “Mmmmmphh?!!!”

She leaned over and kissed the smooth rubber over his mouth. “If it’s any consolation, you weren’t a bad neighbour at all, I just needed an excuse to speak to you. I’ve had you marked as a target for weeks, you should be proud of that. I always knew you would make a great slave, that you would be good merchandise. I’m getting a very good price for you.”

He shook his head, his moan turning to a squeal, struggling in the vacuum sac. His panic turned to disbelief. It was the disbelief that he was now an object to be sold, but most of all the disbelief that he had been betrayed by Lisa, that she was abandoning him.

She smiled. “Ahhh, listen to yourself! You are so cute and helpless! Such a pretty little thing. I’m sure you new master will treat you well. Just make sure you act like a good little slave. I promise you will learn to like it, just like you learnt to appreciate obeying me. That’s why I picked you, it’s in your nature.”

He started to struggle, turning his whole body over, trying to break out of his rubber prison. Although he managed to sit up his limbs could not move apart, his hands were firmly stuck down against his hips, the shape of every finger and knuckle visible on the black rubber. The three men stepped forward and grabbed him, one by his shoulders, one by his waist, and the other by his ankles. He fought as hard as he could but they were strong and clearly knew how to handle him.

The men carried him to the open suitcase on the floor and carefully bent him in a foetal position to fit him inside it. The sound of his muffled moans became more desperate, as if he was weeping. Lisa moved up to him, stopping one of the men from zipping up the case.

“I suggest you calm yourself down and do as you are told," she told him. "There is a van parked outside where you will be strapped in for the trip to your new home, but before that these men have to take you down the corridor in this suitcase. It’s a short journey, but you may want to save you air.” She touched his face and smiled, “Don’t get yourself all upset. You are a slave now, accept it.”

Her words had an immediate effect, more through the sound of her voice than what she actually said. Even facing a future in slavery, he could not bear to be parted from her or even take his eyes off her face. He hoped she would unzip his hood and remove his gag so he could say goodbye, tell her one last time that he loved her, maybe even convince her to keep him. But Lisa dropped her hand and gave the men an almost bored look.

“Okay,” she told them, “zip it up.”

The suitcase closed in over him, and he felt himself in the dark being turned and lifted slightly. As he heard the front door opening, he could just hear Lisa speaking to the men: “Make sure it gets hydrated and fed on arrival.”

‘It’, the word spoken in her voice resonated in his head as he heard himself being wheeled over carpets and tiles. He had become an it. All of a sudden, with Lisa gone, thoughts of his past self-returned. He thought of who he was, of the person who had accepted Lisa’s unusual offer. He thought of his job, his colleagues, his ex-girlfriend. He thought of him then, and him now, zipped up and rubberised in a suitcase, being shipped for delivery.

He heard the sliding of a van door and felt himself being lifted in before the door shut. Inside the van the men opened the case and ignoring his moans they lifted him onto a fitted seat and buckled him up. They worked around him, ignoring his pleas and gaze, handling him as if he was an inanimate object.

“Make sure you label it,” one of the men said.

From his side he felt a hand pressing something against his chest. It was an adhesive paper label on which was written the word ‘SOLD’.

Once he was securely strapped two of the men climbed to the front seat, while the third sat at another seat behind him. With more space around him he turned his head and saw someone else was there. It was a young woman, strapped down to another seat and wrapped from head to toe in several layers of clingfilm but for her eyes and nose. Wrapped so tightly in clingfilm she looked almost impossibly thin and rigid. Their eyes met and they stared at each other as the van set off in the night. On the woman’s chest was a different label saying ‘FOR SALE’. In seeing each other they suddenly felt strangely calm. They could see the same sense of disbelief in each other’s eyes. Neither could understand or accept the bizarre and surreal turn of events that had befallen them. As long as they shared this disbelief they were willing to accept that this was not real.

Or at least, they hoped so.
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