Sarah gets treated to bondage.

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Sarah gets treated to bondage.

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Hello, my name is Sarah. I had a little problem some time ago. It involved an ex friend Jenny. I found out it was her that my boyfriend was seeing. I had a blazing row with her in front of all our friends. But that was a year ago and I had since moved on. Oh, I know how she did it. Peter loved bondage and I didn’t. Jenny let him tie her up any time he wanted to. Through mutual friends I found he often left her bound and gagged all night.

Well, all was forgotten until the invite for a party came. It turned out it was one of our mutual friends and thought Jenny was going so I said I wouldn’t. A phone call assured me Jenny was on holiday. “In that case, I’ll be there. Casual dress or what?” I was told loose casual dress so we could relax and have fun. “There will be boys there. Let’s get them horny!” As it was summer, I chose shorts and a T shirt. I was told all the girls were going braless. So I decided to go along with it.

I arrived at the party to find that the girls were there first. They were mostly wearing short tight skirts and T shirts.
I had a gin and tonic and started to mingle. In no time at all I found myself in the middle of the room surrounded by everybody. Strangely there still weren’t any boys there. From out of the kitchen I heard Jenny’s voice call out. “Okay, get her”

They all pounced on me and as much as I fought against them, I was no match against twelve of them. I was grabbed by my arms and legs and pulled to the floor. I felt my shorts being pulled down and then my panties. They pulled them off of me. My T shirt followed suit. I was naked.

I was gagged with a cleave gag and had tape put over the top. They rolled me onto my stomach and tied my hands tightly behind my back. My elbows were tied together nearly touching. I realised it was impossible to wriggle my wrists to try to undo the ropes on them.

My feet were tied apart with a bar that held them wide apart. I was carried out into the garden. They stood me under a tree. Rope was put over a branch. It came down behind my back, under my arm pits across my breasts and back under the other arm pit and back to the branch. Two of the girls pulled hard on it so I was standing on tip toe. I watched as they tied it to the trunk of the tree. I couldn’t reach it.

Jenny laughed. “Well, we are in a pickle. When the boys turn up they will obviously finger you and some might shag you. Think of all the cock you will get with your pussy spread open like that. You are our entertainment and will certainly be the boys”. They all went indoors laughing.

The boys did arrive and I was fingered many times. They seemed to have a bet who could make me have the longest orgasm. It didn’t take many times before my strength started to go and the rope under my arm pits started to hurt as my weight went on it. But none of the boys raped me.

I was left all night standing under that tree. Jenny came out in the morning saying I must love bondage as I had not escaped. “I’ll make it more enjoyable for you” She bought out a box and I was lifted onto it. At least the ropes didn’t hurt now and I was standing flat footed.

Jenny undid the ropes under my arm pits. I thought she was going to free me. The other end she wound above and below my breasts around my body, so they were crushed painfully. It was cut at that point which have Jenny a long length to play with. I could not run. The free piece of rope was tied to the bindings above my breasts. Instead, she took the rest of the rope and threaded it between my legs and up my back under my wrist and arm ropes. She threw the rope over the stout branch and pulled tight before tying it off on the trunk once more, causing the rope in my crotch to try to cut into me. Then she kicked the box away. I was swinging held up by the crotch rope. My breasts were hurting and caused me to cry with pain as the rope pulled down on their bindings. Jenny stood their laughing and went indoors returning with a cup of coffee. She stood their gloating. “Not only can I have your boyfriend I have you as well as my plaything”

The other girls came out to see what she had done and convinced her to release me. They handed me my clothes back and one, Sue, offered to run me home in her car. On the way we spoke. She told me they knew I would be tied up but not as painfully as I was. They thought that my hands would be tied behind my back and the leg spreader would be used. They didn’t know Jenny had planned to get me raped. She also told me the leg spreader was hers and after what happened wanted to get rid of it. The girls had told her they would help me get revenge for that. I had to think of a good one, best served cold though. I told her not to get rid of the leg spreader as I could make use of it. That was agreed. “You enjoyed being held open and available then?” I told her it was not for me. Jenny would get that pleasure.

I met with the girls a week later and gave them my plan. I would hire a van. They would take Jenny for a picnic. They would be given stakes so she could be stripped and staked out until I jumped out of the van. They agreed to help. Jenny was becoming a controlling selfish bitch who needed taking down a bit.

I let the year go by and kept out of Jenny’s way. I planned my revenge for the mid summers solstice the following year. It was a nice summer’s day and all the girls took Jenny to a quiet spot in the country. From my van I could see they were all in bikinis. Jenny had the smallest one and it was a tie sided outfit. Good. That made it easy for me.

I phoned Sue and she answered. I told her it was time. I watched as they pounced on Jenny. In no time she was spread eagle tightly between four pegs hammered into the ground and they shoved a gag in her mouth. Then I got out of the van.

I walked over to her and stood over her. “Well, well, who’s in a pickle now?”. Her eyes were blazing at me. I watched her struggle as I slowly pulled on the strings of her bikini. I decided to remove her bra first and finished with the bottom part. “I’m going to leave you here. Maybe I’ll do you a favour and tell some lads there is a girl who fantasies being raped and possibly they could help you”
Jenny struggled as I pulled her bikini bottom out from underneath her. “All exposed and juicing yourself up for all the cocks you will get. There’s a college a mile away so I might all in there and leave a message and your b8ikini with one of the lads. They are about sixteen and their cocks will be nice and stiff for you” Jenny was wriggling but she could not escape. “Now you know how I felt when you stitched me up” She tried to say she was sorry but I told her I couldn’t understand her. That is when I said I had a better idea. I asked the girls to untie her and hold her face down.

While they were doing that, I went back to the van and got the spreader bar and a rechargeable electric razor. The girls held her down while I fitted the spreader bar between her ankles. Then I tied her hands behind her back and matched them with ropes around her arms forcing her elbows to as closes as I could get them. From what Jenny did to me I knew there was no escape from her bondage. Once again the girls turned her over for me. That is when I get the rechargeable razor and shaved her as best as it would. I could see the vibrations were getting to her. She started to moan, but I finished before she came and she cried I should finish her off. I told her that was the best part for me. Her worst part is yet to come.

Jenny was stood up and told she would have to walk home. As she started to by swivelling her legs from the hip I said she looked to comfortable. I went back to the van and retrieved some heavy padlocks and chain. I wrapped the chain around her waist and locked it behind her with a fair length left. I threaded it between her legs and pulled it tight to the waist chain. Jenny moaned. I took the other lock and locked it in place. The keys I put on a string and hooked it over her head so they rested between her breasts. “That’s better. You will have more excitement as the lads undo the chain so they can shag you like the slut you are. Maybe they will use the chain to fasten you to a tree for another session on another day”

With that, the rest of us told Jenny we were off and walked back to our cars and my van and drove off. We didn’t go far. Just far enough so we could hide the cars and watch Jenny struggle. When she got to where we are, I jumped out of the van and released her as well as handing her clothes back to her.

We agreed never to cross each other’s paths again. I told Sue how when they tied me up, I really liked it and never had it done to me again. Sue went off and came back. The girls jumped me, bound my wrists behind my back, tied my feet and legs and shoved me in my van. I was driven for some time before they stopped. I heard Sue leave the van. Then she tossed the ignition keys into the van with me, afterwards shutting the doors.

Sometime later, the van doors opened. It was my boyfriend, Ted. He looked at me and said I should have waited to what happened between him and Jenny because when the girls told him what jenny had done to me, he left her. They’d never shagged either. He started to untie me but I shook my head to say no. Instead he removed my gag and lay down in the van with me. We had a lovely kissing and cuddling session.

We got together again and got engaged. He not only gave me a ring there was a box. In the box was a chastity belt I had to wear on our wedding day so he had the pleasure of removing it. The girls were my bridesmaids. What people didn’t see was that under the flowers they were carrying, they were handcuffed. It was a fabulous wedding. The reception was held in a dungeon with chains hanging from the wall.

That night, I was spread eagle on the bed and he slowly removed the chastity belt. By the time he had finished kissing me all over I was screaming for him to get on with it and take my virginity.
Now we have games we play and the loser (or should I say winner?) gets tied up. Sue and some of the girls come round now and then and a number of times, with me in a tiny bikini and Ted in Speedo’s they tie us together so we have to spend the night like that, but they do release us in the morning. With all the struggling we do during the night, with me rubbing myself up and down his shaft and getting the tip to point at my pussy, we are both frustrated and can’t wait to get at each other. Sometimes they tie us back to back. They have a way of tying us so we can’

T with reach each other’s sex so have to be content with rubbing each other’s bums. Other times, we go to bed leaving them all tied up in the lounge or to a post in the garden. It’s a good harmless fun. I just wish I had been more receptacle to the idea of bondage instead of not trying it. I suppose I owe that to Jenny. I’d like to tanks her for introducing me to it.
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