Mandy and Molly

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Mandy and Molly

Unread postby restricted » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:35 am

Mandy and myself, (I’m Molly) were getting bored. We had very little money between us after paying rent and other bills. We could only go out once a month, so we spent most of the time indoors.

To save heating the flat, we bought a couple of mummy sleeping bags and go to bed early. We were lucky though, by buying two we got a third free, so we had a spare. I’m the dominant one and make Mandy wear extremely short skirts and heeled shoes when we go out. She gets embarrassed when the wind blows and reveals her panties. I also make her shave her pubic area. She did complain once that she was cold around the bum, so I gave her a good spanking. That warmed her up. Then without telling her, I turned her skirt up another inch and stitched it. Mandy noticed it and complained so I told her to shut up or I will turn it up another inch.

The only extravagance we have is our camping gear and an estate car. Other than that, we spend as little as possible. Most of our clothes come from charity shops and I get our old sewing machine out and make use of the material to make more modern clothes out of them. Shorter ones for Mandy of course.

One day I came home and told Mandy I had a present for her. I had been walking past a charity shop and saw it. I had to get it for her. Before she opened the parcel she asked what it was. I told her to go and put it on but she was not to wear panties. She rushed off to the bedroom and came back wear the girls’ games skirt. It was short on her and I could see the bottom of her bum. She said she felt embarrassed. I told her she looked lovely in it. I then ordered her to go and remove her blouse and put on a tight silk t shirt but no bra. Mandy argued with me but I insisted and told her that if she didn’t do as she was told; I’d chain her to the wall naked and get men in to ogle at her. She knew I was serious so she did as she was told. I could see she was excited by her nipples standing out like organ stops. I gently brushed them and she gave out a deep breathe. I then gently gave her bum a rub and she turned to ask for more. I told her later. We had to go out when it was dark. Mandy said she would get changed. I asked what for as she was going out like that.

By the time it got dark, it was warm but very windy. I loved seeing her exposed bum and watching her squirm. It was a beautiful sight as the pleats swayed as she walked. Of course that did make her show the bottom of her bum cheeks. A few lads saw her and gave her a wolf whistle. Mandy hated it so I said, “you dress like a slut, what do you expect?” Mandy tried to tell me she was obeying my orders but I told her that she didn’t have to do it, although I think she realised she would have had a paddling. The last time she had one, her bum was bright red by the time I had finished. The same colour as her cheeks. I made her stand naked facing the wall for the night with a gag locked in her mouth. It must have been colder than I thought, maybe because I was wrapped up well. Her nipples were trying to burst though the silk t shirt by the time we got home.

To make sure she didn’t move the last time I paddled her; I cuffed her hands in front of her and locked it to an eyebolt I had screwed into the wall. She couldn’t reach her bum to soothe the pain that way. At one time she stamped her feet, so I chained her ankles together. She had spoiled my TV viewing by then so when it got late, I told her I was off to bed. She tried to beg me not to leave her there but I pretended I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say and thought she was begging me to leave her chained up.

Lying in bed I could hear Mandy trying to escape, but of course I knew she couldn’t. It put me in the mood so I used my favourite vibe on myself and had a tremendous orgasm. So much so that for the first time I fell back exhausted and promptly dozed off.

By the time I got up and wandered downstairs, Mandy was feeling rather sheepish. She apologised through her gag. I said the only thing I did wrong for her was not to put her locking seven inch heeled shoes on her. She shook her head wildly and I could see she was worried that I could still put them on her and she would not be able to stop me.

Now I took pity on her so released her. I told her to have a shower and report back. When she returned I had breakfast waiting for her but demanded to know who told her she could slip a dressing gown on. Mandy went sheepish and removed it. I told her that was better. I took her hand gently and led her to the bedroom. I no time at all we were doing the horizontal tango.

One day I was asked to go to my solicitors. Mandy didn’t like him and she had the day off. So I put her into her mummy sleeping bag and with the aid of five heavy leather straps, fastened her up for the day.

Our house is some distance from others so there was no need to gag her, but I did anyway. A ball gag full of holes so if it came to it, she could breathe still. She looked lovely with just her little face partially visible. I did enjoy watching her struggle trying to get the straps loose. So to make sure she didn’t fall off of the bed, I got some rope and tied her down to it.

We have a wooden framed bed so I screwed eye screws into it every foot apart. Now I didn’t have to climb under the bed but criss-crossed it from the top to the bottom and back again so the ropes crossed over her. Mandy ”Oooomphed” as I pulled it tight, still, it was nice to see her firmly snug as a bug in a rug.

I gave her a peck on her forehead and told her I might be out all day. She was to have fun. The only problem for her was that I had sewn sleeves into her bag so she could not touch herself. She was soon to find out.

The chat with the solicitor was useful. I had been left some money by a long distant relation. There was more than enough. It gave me ideas. I signed the papers and he gave me the cheque. It surprised me as I thought nobody used cheques these days. Still, I called in at the bank and was told I would have to wait a week to collect the money.

We needed a garage. So it gave me an idea that in the same building we could have a games room. If being locked in a cell is classified as games to you. I needed to see some people who had ideas how to go about it. Luck was on my side. I swallowed my pride and went into a newspaper shop. I pretended to browse the lower shelves while secretly looking at the titles on the top shelf. One magazine caught my eye. It showed a woman and a man both tied up, but the little advert in the right hand corner read “How to make a dungeon”. I took a copy of the TV magazine and a copy of this one. The shopkeeper looked at me and gave a big grin. He knew what I was up to.

I read it once I got home. It surprised me that there were lots of adverts for builders who would make anything with secrecy guaranteed. I phoned around and found one who would not accept payment until I was happy with his work. He was the one I plumped for.

We arranged for him to come to our house the following day, during the evening. Which of course meant that Mandy would have to be put out of circulation. I didn’t want her to know what I was up to. The next night came and Mandy told me she had been embarrassed all day by her short skirts. She was given the task of storing all the records and everyone made sure they went on the top shelf which of course showed her panties to everyone. Mandy didn’t take it too well when I laughed.
After dinner I led Mandy to the bedroom and told her to spread-eagle herself. I fastened the straps holding her in that position. I showed her my strap on that I was going to use on her and she seemed excited. She was upset when I put the deprivation hood on her. I hadn’t quite finished fastening it when the doorbell went. Mandy tried to ask who it was, so I laced the hood on her and left her there unable to hear or say anything.

The builder and I spoke for an hour and I told him what I wanted. He looked surprised and said he had done so many jobs like this, for some reason all for women. He said I didn’t look like the average mistress. I thanked him and said I wasn’t. It was only between me and my partner.

I wanted a garage with a thick wood cupboard. Inside it would be a cage that Mandy would be stood up in. he agreed that would be easy so agreed on a starting date taking three weeks. When he left, to make sure Mandy never knew, I booked us a four week holiday starting the day before he starts.

His plans were to make the garage door up and over and the walls covered in wood panelling. The back part would be like the garage doors, up and over. This will come down to allow the cupboard to be concealed. No one would know about the cupboard.

We went away and left him to it. Mandy had no idea. I did allow her to wear long skirts. Well, I say long. They went to six inches above the knee. However, just in case we went to a special night, I had an ankle length latex skirt made for her and kept it in my suitcase. It was a hobble skirt that would only allow a ten inch step. But normally, with her high heels and normal skirts, her panties were just about on show unless she was careful. It did amuse me. If she got a chance to wear the hobble skirt, then there was no room for panties and she would have to go commando.

In face one night we did go to a club and she had to wear it. The belt was locked on and if she wanted to go to the loo, she had to ask my permission. However the holiday was soon over. It was great to see that once the men realised she wasn't wearing panties, they could not resist giving her bum a rub. I had made sure all her bikinis were extremely tiny.
Back home, as soon as we walked indoors, I made Mandy strip. She argued so I told her to make some coffee while I looked in the garage. Wow. It was perfect. I inserted a key and the back wall panel made of wood slid up and over noiselessly. Inside was a thick wooden cupboard. I figured it was just wide enough for Mandy. The front, instead of doors was made of iron bars. I worked it out that her arms and legs would go into the shapes keeping them apart. So there would be no touching herself and her crotch would rest on the leg divider.

Once we had drunk the coffee, I said it was time for bed. Mandy went to go upstairs. I told her that Before we got to the garage, I blindfolded her and then backed her into her new bedroom. As she argued, tonight her bedroom would be in the garage. I pushed her in front of me. Before we got to the garage, I blindfolded her and then backed her into her new bedroom. Once she realised what was happening she started to panic. But by then it was too late. I closed the iron barred door making sure the mouthpiece that was fitted went into her mouth. Then I removed her blindfold. Her arms were pressed tightly back so she had no movement to speak of.

It was then I noticed an attachment on the front of the leg divider and wondered what if was. I went to go into the kitchen once more but then found a note. “On the wall remote, there is another up and down button. This adjusts the tension on the crotch” I tried it and Mandy squirmed as the leg divider gradually raised and pushed itself into her crotch. I adjusted it so it wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable. I didn’t want her to have an orgasm. Mandy was trying to adjust herself but her feet were held tightly.

I bade her good night and pressed the down button and watched as the look of horror spread across her face as the wall came down sealing her off from the rest of the world. I didn’t leave her there long. I soon went back for her and told her that it was only for fun. We went upstairs and screwed each other like rabbits.

I asked Mandy what she thought of it and she said she loved it now she knows I would not leave her there for long. I did once. We were having a party and Mandy complained again that her skirts were too short for partying. Shame Mandy missed the party. I told the other guests she had gone away to visit friends for the evening.

It looks like we are going to really enjoy the future.
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