The new life

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The new life

Unread postby MobServer » Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:16 pm

Marie was an unhappy wife of an impotent alcoholic husband and had many dilemmas such as "What can I do with my body?", "Is there a way to repair it". Quite right as her belly was big, her ass - huge and her boobs were saggy.
- Who would ever want to fuck you, lady? said her husband
- It's not about this... It's just that I don't feel happy.
- Dunno... Just go then, do your best and leave me alone! Can't help it....
- Ok then. she answered.

The next day, Marie went out, bought a plastic barrel and as she didn't see anyone at that very moment on the street, she just got her body naked, put her clothes in the barrel and then put herself in. She was standing with her legs and bum in the barrel that suited her better than any skirt she ever had.
The people passing by were shocked to see such a strange appearance. They hugged, touched her, carressed her, even asked for a kiss. She answered them with hugs, kisses and carresses. Even fed some curious babies with her breast milk, then all of a sudden, probably after so many kisses and carresses, her body turned younger than anything. Her big belly turned into one of a bellydancer. Her saggy breasts became round and so tasteful. She was so happy that she refused to ever get out of the barrel(not only because it was already tight on her).

After some time, her husband came there after hearing the news about her.
- Marie, what are you doing? Are you insane?!
- No, but I'm happy!
- I see, so... when are you gonna come home?
- Never
- Ahh, come on, please.,..
- Never-ever! Want some? said as she was bouncing her boobsies to and fro.
- Yeah. he said almost wanting to kiss them, but she backfired by slapping his face with both tits.


They say that then, she remained in that very place as the town's living statue until her death. Her body is now in preservation at the town museum. On the street where she did what she did, there is now a statue. People still hug the statue or even try having sex with it just hoping she'll be alive forever.
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