Caught in the act.

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Caught in the act.

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My girlfriend, Josie, and I split up after a year. She even posted my key back to me by registered post. We didn’t live together like most do these days. She wanted to save herself. I thought it was because I kept trying to get her to allow me even just once to have sex with her.

Anyway it was time to move on, but I missed her. She was beautiful and fun loving as well. So now I was alone once more. Time to get out and about, but without her being with me it wouldn’t be the same.

So I retreated into myself once more. My big problem was that I used to cross dress but since being with her I had managed to hold it back. But the temptation grew too strong and in no time I had a collection of clothes ranging from ankle length to micro skirts.

Well, once I started to do that, I got back into bondage once more. But this time I thought instead of just tying myself up which made it ridiculously easy to escape, I would plan something better. Then I could lay there and pretend I had been captured by some woman who wanted to abuse me.

I ordered lots of soft rope from eBay and in my hardware shop I bought some locks, chain, and other items (including leather straps which I was lucky owing to the fact they also supply our local horse riding fraternity) I thought might come in handy, including a can of spray glue.

Came the Bank Holiday, I had already booked my three weeks after that so I knew I had lots of time to enjoy myself.

I was spoiled for choice, do I have a long short and tie myself up over it, or a miniskirt which when I wriggled would expose my panties. I sat and thought hard and then decided to put a description of each outfit into a hat and see what I pull out.

I pulled out a miniskirt, tights, blouse so I knew I was going to be exposed to anyone who wanted to rape me. I put the rope and straps on the bed. A piece of cloth was handy to gag myself with.

I got started. It was only 7 at night so I had a long time to try to escape the clutches of this evil woman.

I laid out my clothing. Tights, satin panties, a nice high waisted flowery panty girdle, a colourful bra along with inserts, a T shirt with a pocket. Finally the skirt was chosen. It was a nice short one that when I struggle would allow my panty girdle to be displayed. I love the girdle as it keeps my equipment tucked between my legs.

I climbed on the bed and started to tie myself up. Unfortunately I am not very good at self-bondage. I managed to wind rope around my ankles. Sadly although they were held together, they weren’t as tight as they would have been had I been kidnapped. Next step was my knees followed by my thighs. Not as secure as I would have loved them, but still, they were tied together and I could not walk.

I gagged myself with the piece of cloth. I then made a loop of the rope, sprayed it with the glue and slipped my hands into the loop behind my back. In five minutes the loop would not slip. I was in seventh heaven. Bound, dressed like a slut and ready to be sold off to the highest bidder or used as they thought fit. Maybe it would be a man with a huge cock or a woman with a big strap on. Whoever it was, I was unable to prevent them doing what they wanted with me.

I lay on my stomach to wait for the glue to dry. That is when I heard the noise. Someone had broken in. Oh hell. Then I realised I had forgotten the scissors. I’d have to try to loosen the ropes myself.

The bedroom door burst open and in a squeaky voice like the person had been sniffing helium, one of the two men said “What have we here? A damsel in distress”. The other man said in the same squeaky voice, “The ropes don’t look very secure do they?”

“That is true, well, if she wants to be tied up, let’s help her do the job properly” With that they set about tightening the ropes on my legs and wrists. They also tied between my two elbows pulling them together. The rope was passed around me holding my wrists to my back. They then rolled me onto my back.

The second man said “What a lovely pair of tits. I don’t half fancy giving her one” The first man told him to leave it; they were here to see what they could steal.

The first man, the bigger of the two said, “So you like wearing women’s clothes eh? Well we will help you by removing all your normal clothes and selling them off as you have nothing of value here. You can enjoy your life in women’s clothes forever then” He took another puff of helium as his voice had started to return to normal.

I lay and watched helplessly as they took all of my clothes including underwear and put them in the rubbish sacks that I had in the kitchen which they had brought up with them. “Her wig isn’t on very well. I have an idea” With that they removed all my head hair, sprayed it with the glue and firmly stuck the wig in place, holding it until the glue set with only took a matter of minutes. “That’s better, now she looks the part. I wish she had a longer wig though, we could have platted around the headboard.

The first man said “We have your phone. We will call someone to come and rescue you tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy your bondage scene and those clothes. Nice panty girdle by the way. You have all night to escape, but I doubt of you will. Thank you for tying yourself up for us. It makes it so easy for us. I wish everybody was as helpful as you. Goodbye”

The second man started to play with himself through his trousers. “It’s no use, she is so hot. I’m as frustrated as anything. I must give her one”

The first man told him to forget it. They had to go. The one who wanted to rape me said I must be damp down there with anticipation of his huge cock sliding in an out of me. They know I’m a man and not female. “Look, she has a gag to hold her mouth open. Haven’t we got time for her to give me a blow job? I’d love to see how she handles me deep throat” The first man told him he could not leave his DNA hanging around, even inside my mouth. “I’d make her swallow everything and my balls ache with being so full”. The other man said they had to go, so they had better make sure I couldn’t hop to the scissors or the window for help. They tied my feet to the bottom castors of my bed.. They closed the door and left me struggling futilely to escape.

However, it was only a few hours later, the door opened and my ex-girlfriend Josie walked into the room. “Well, well, what have we here? A fine old mess you have got yourself into. You look so cute all helpless like that. And I love the outfit”

I tried to answer but she told me to be quiet. She would talk for the two of us. All I had to do was nod or shake my head side to side.
“This has been going on for some time hasn’t it?” I nodded yes. “And you couldn’t think to tell me?”

I looked down in shame as she continued, “I love it. This is my two favourite things. A man dressed as a woman and a man tied up helplessly. To find the two items together like this is making me weak at the knees. Wow” With that she stripped off.

She undressed and climbed onto the bed pulling a cover over us. She was spooning with me and my hands found her glory hole. I couldn’t help it. She soon had an orgasm. Her hands were playing with my fake breasts. Although I loved running my hands over my breasts, it felt different when she did it. Somehow the sensation got to me and I found it pleasant. Then she reached down and lifted the skirt slightly and started the rub my panty girdle. She kept her fingers sliding in and out between my legs, following the line of my body. “I’m jealous. That is a fabulous panty girdle. I’d love one like that. It’s making me feel hot again thinking of your poor cock trapped inside with no escape. I bet you are trying to get hard but it won’t let you will it; the poor little thing. I feel so sorry for it; all alone in there in the dark. Still, it’s making me happy knowing it’s mine to control. The only person in the world who can rescue it”
Then she rolled me onto my back once more. “Now listen, your clothes are at my place. When I sent you your key back I had already had another couple made. I gave it to my friends boyfriends. They knew that I liked it and I told them you had tied yourself up for me. So, if I decide to come back to you, would you do this for me regularly” I nodded yes enthusiastically. “Right, I will untie you. I will show you how to do make up as well as teach you how to walk and behave like a girl. Next time, you have to wear stockings and suspenders so I can get hold of you in the appropriate place” I realised she meant under the skirt.

She did release me but said she had trouble with the wig. Fortunately I had some time off so by then, I hoped sweat will have released the wig.

The next morning I went to put some clothes on and she told me that I had to remain in women’s clothes until we got to her place to retrieve my normal ones and she said I could. She handed me my panties, tights and panty girdle once more. Once I had the blouse and a short skirt on, she tied me up once again. She started with my hands behind my back and again tied my elbows to as near to each other as she could, but this time the ropes went around my body, below my breasts and again above. Further coils went around my body pinning my arms to my back but they criss-crossed between my breasts.

“I am feeling hot already seeing you helpless like this and giving up your freedom to me” Josie told me. I was getting randy, and the satin panties helped to make it more pleasurable. “We can go shopping and get matching outfits”

I told her I couldn’t go out dressed like this, but she told me I would have to in able to get my clothes back. I replied I would look stupid walking along in a skirt and high heels. “You expected me to do it, what is good for the goose is good for the gander” I said yes, but she would not be tied up. Josie left me there for a couple of hours before she returned. “Now you can walk with me and no one would know you are tied up” I didn’t know what she had in mind though.

Then Josie started to stroke my body. It really turned me on. “I guess I can’t call you Robert in the street, so I will have to get used to calling you Roberta” I argued against it but Josie wasn’t listening. Eventually she untied me after she had run a bath for us both. The water was scented and covered in bubbles. Obviously she had brought them with her. It was great fun splashing about in the bath. We stayed in the bath until the water started to get cold. It was time to get out and dry ourselves off.

Josie insisted she got me dressed. I was back into my satin panties, tights and panty girdle once more. My cock pushed between my legs which made it a little awkward to walk but as Josie said “You’ll get used to it”. A white satin bra held my breasts in place. Over that a white satin blouse that allowed an opaque view of the bra. Fortunately the wig was already fixed. I always had trouble with it. Finally a tight mini skirt held out and I stepped into it so Josie could pull it in place.

Josie tied my hands behind my back once more, only this time, wrists to elbows. Again my upper arms were tied together thrusting my breasts forward. She applied my makeup and brushed my wig. Once I stood up in my high heels, I saw how short the skirt was.
She took her phone and photographed me from all angles. I looked at the rear view picture and Josie told me I had better be careful when I walk or sit down or I would expose my girdle. I repeated I couldn’t go out like that and was told I would have to in order to get my clothes back.

That is when she presented me with a cape. She put it around my shoulders and did the collar up I front of me. Looking in the mirror, I could see my arms were covered but it was so short, my skirt was visible. “Come on, it’s time to get the bus” I said I thought she had her car here but was informed that when she went to get the cape, she left the car at home and got a cab.

On the bus, Josie chose the side facing seats right at the front so everyone getting on would have got a view of my undies if I allowed my legs to part. A couple of old ladies muttered what a slut I looked in such a short skirt. I was so embarrassed, I felt myself blush.

At her house, Josie untied me and ordered me to strip. Once that was completed, I expected her to get my clothes. I was wrong. I was stood with my back to a four poster bed post. Josie then handcuffed me with my hands trapped behind the post. She told me I was to be her decoration for the day. I started to shout and found a ball gag stuck in my mouth and it was strapped up tightly.

She knelt down and took my throbbing member in her mouth. With her action of licking and sucking and taking it all the way in and out of her mouth, it didn’t take long for me to cum. I tried to mumble that was lovely and found myself ignored. “That’s the last treat you get unless you are willing to get back to me and let me dress you and tie you up” I mumbled yes. Josie went to freshen up and brought back a wet flannel to clean me up.

Once that was done, Josie put her coat on and went out. She wasn’t long before she came back. “Your clothes are now at your place, so you will have to go home in a nice dress I have bought you. We can walk. It’s only four miles. The exercise will be good for you.”
I did go home in that dress, even though it was short and Josie’s dress matched but was longer. Mine stopped at mid-thigh whereas Josie’s one went to her knee caps. She did promise me a longer one so I can wear stockings and suspenders.

Back at my place, I was glad to see my own clothes were back. However, I was not allowed to wear them unless something happened.
We planned to get married and Josie only agreed if I would guarantee to allow her to tie me up. Of course I did, and could not wait to see what she had in mind.
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