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My name is Sidney Silver. I used to love teasing and tormenting girls. I’d meet them, have a fling with them for a few weeks, and then dump them. I would work on them, get them used to bondage and once I got fed up with them, bring my mates round to watch them struggle to escape while we had a few beers. Funny as each girl had a different way of struggling. It was good entertainment. It was best though when they had a crotch rope and they could not help having an orgasm right in front of us. Afterwards I used to watch my friends leave telling them I would untie her but when they had gone, say goodbye leaving the girl trying to escape.

Of course a day later, I would have a key cut for her front door lock and drop it into my last girl’s house with the address. I always thought about getting them all together and tying them up in mass and watch who orgasmed first. I never got round to it though. It was a shame really; I could have put it on You Tube. But for myself, in order to look macho I shave my head. I think I look like Bruce Willis.

Well, I was into The Bound Forum and a few other such sites. They gave me great ideas so each girl would be tied just slightly different. I love big busted girls and tie their tits up nice and tight. Sometimes I wait until their tits go red with the blood stopped in them and the untie them. Some scream as I suppose they get pins and needles in them. I’ve never asked as I’m not bothered. As long as I was happy, the girl didn’t matter.

On one such sight, I found Maria. Unfortunately there wasn’t a photo and in all my sites, people were not allowed to meet or give phone numbers. A few days later, Maria popped up on another site. This intrigued me. I had to meet Maria.

Under the list of hobbies I had put I loved to cross dress. Maria had put she loved to force a man to wear female clothing. That did it. I also said I loved bondage. Maria replied she loved it to, but she preferred tying men up if they were wearing a dress,

watching them struggle and teasing them as their panties were revealed. I had to do it; I told her that was my dream scenario.
So over the two groups we arranged a code so we could meet. No one would be able to work out how we did it, but it took all the month of March to get the rendezvous point. We had agreed that we could not meet in our houses. Maria said she would love to do it outdoors one day so I told her that her idea was driving me crazy. I wanted to do it. She knew of a place but had to put it she that she knew of a place where she goes where nobody finds her when she gets into self- bondage.
I immediately thought of tying her up once she had seen enough of me in my dress. Then after I had shagged her, I would say goodbye leaving her there trying to escape. So the day was set.

Maria told me to list what types of dress I had. I said everything from a naughty schoolgirl in a games skirt to a ball gown. She told me to take my games skirt outfit and my breast inserts. I chose my satin panties. Maria said she wanted to supply them. It was her thing. Okay, so I went along with it.

Armed with my schoolgirl wig, plimsolls, little white socks, navy blue games skirt (like a kilt) and sleep bra, large G size fake breasts and T-shirt in my bag; I caught the bus to the nearest point and walked into the forest nearby. After fifteen minutes, I found Maria in a clearing. She was gorgeous and she knocked me out with her stunning beauty. I couldn’t wait to get her into a position where she could not stop me from fucking her.

She had a blanket spread out and a picnic basket along with a lot of rope. She ordered me to strip. I was wary of standing naked in front of her but she told me she had seen it all before. In a matter of minutes I was naked. Maria said I was not to help nor touch anything. She slipped the bra over my head. The T shirt went over that and Maria said she had forgotten to slip the breasts in. Silly her.

I was told to stand with my back to the nearest tree. I asked about getting my panties on. Maria asked if I wanted a blow job. Of course I did. Maria said he always wanted to do that to a man when he was tied to a tree and unable to stop her. The panties would get in the way. That made sense. So M stood with my back to the tree and she tied my hands behind it. She then took some more rope and wound it around the tree and my neck so I could not pull forward. I was now at her mercy. When I was my turn to tie her up, I would make it ultra-tight for her.

I watched as she took a scarf from her bag. I was intrigued what she was up to. Then she took a gag that held my mouth open. It was plastic and my gums fitted into it. “I don’t want to hear you talking or moaning while I’m at it” she said. Oh well, if it makes her happy, who was I to argue?

She put the socks on my feet and laced the plimsolls up as she didn’t want me hurting my feet. She held my games skirts up and said “very pretty. I can’t wait to get you in it”. When she bent down I thought she was going to start giving me my blow job. Instead she ordered me to lift one foot and then the other. I could feel something around my ankles but could not bed forward enough to see what it was. Then she pulled them up. They were thick cotton schoolgirl games knickers. I tried to say they were too tight when she snapped the elastic around my waist. I tried to tell her they were horrible. I wanted silk or satin panties. “Oh don’t worry; we girls hated them as well. They are horrible aren’t they”.

The elastic around my thighs and waist started to bite. I tried complaining, but she ignored me. Instead she rubbed my cock through the material which caused it to try to get erect, but the knickers were too tight. “I see your cock loves them though” she mocked. Quickly she tied my feet together and took the rope around the tree and back again holding them tight against the tree. She took more rope and wound it around the tree and my knee caps. I could not move.

Maria unzipped the games skirt and wound it around my waist before doing it up once more. “Now we are looking like a proper school girl. Only a few more things to do” she said. Then I was unable to stop her tying rope round around the tree and my waist.

She went behind the tree and I heard some hissing noise. I had no idea what it was. She came back with the breast forms and through the neck hole of the T-shirt and the bra, slipped them in. They felt wet. She brought the wig round and put it on my head. That too felt wet. Once she had it in position she used the scarf to tie if down. “I have glued the breasts and wig on with carpet glue. It doesn’t take long to dry. The bra and scarf will hold them in place until the glue dries” She clipped some ear rings on my ears. “I used superglue for them. They will be stuck in seconds. I must admit, I love the skirt, nice and short. I daresay your knickers will be on display as you walk, you little slut. Now for the fuck me lipstick” She gave me a thick coating of it then got on the phone to people. After a few moments, she removed the scarf allowing the plaits to cascade onto my shoulders.

She walked off and in a matter of minutes brought all my old girlfriends back who mocked me as they sat and enjoyed a picnic. A few times they snapped the elastic around my thighs. It hurt. The knickers were far too tight but there was nothing I could do about it. It gave them much merriment to see me wince.

They told me they had hatched this plot in revenge, knowing I could not resist a beautiful girl. They saw it a way of getting their own back on me. A few hours later, they packed up their things. I tried to ask not to leave me their like that but was told I had left them in turn. Maria said “Don’t worry, you will be found later. There are some gay men looking for a cross dressing slut. You will get your blowjob. The only difference is with your mouth open, it will be you giving it, all those big cocks full of spunk waiting in turn to unload in your mouth. And of course, you have another hole they can use. Just in case it gets a bit sore, here is the Vaseline and some gloves for them to use when sticking it into your pussy. Have fun. They will be here just after dark in about four hours. They know you are here. Mind you, they might leave you here like this for a few days so they have a slut on hand for their use. They might, if you are lucky, bring some friends. It’s a shame we won’t be able to see that cum dribbling out of your mouth and pussy. Goodbye”. They all laughed, blew me a kiss, picked up my clothes and walked off. At least I knew how they felt.

As hard as I tried, they ropes would not come loose. I watched in horror as the sun slowly started to set expecting the worse to happen to me. Gradually the shadows crossed my legs causing me not only to shake with fear, but shiver as well.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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