Fell asleep a self bondage adventure

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Fell asleep a self bondage adventure

Unread postby Captain Howdy » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:53 pm

I am always doing self bondage and self sissy time. I decided to go all out this time with my self bondage and sissy time. I got all undressed and got all the items ready for my playtime.

I set out a pink long sleeve turtleneck leotard, white tights, diaper, princess dress, 7" dildo, duct tape, and I have the final item in the freezer for the last moment before I finish dressing, a large medicine pacifier that has frozen cum from 3 Masturbation sessions inside the medicine container.

I start off by having the dildo ready and the diaper partly put on, it's a diaper panty so I pulled them up most of the way. Lubed up the dildo a bit and stuffed my ass with the mighty cock. After I stuffed the dick in my asshole I pulled the panty diaper up all the way and it successfully keeps the cock in my ass without it sliding out.

The tights are next and pull those slowly up my legs and then pull them up over the panty diaper. It makes it a snug fit even more firmly keeping the dildo in its place. The leotard is next, i step in one foot at a time and pull them up, it makes the panty diaper all the more snug firmly keeping my invader in place and it's not coming out until the leotard comes off. putting my arms through and reaching in the back to zip up the zipper. I grab a baby pin and and put it through the zipper pull and through the turtle neck. I grab a pair of pliers and squeeze on the baby pin ensuring it'll take me a while to remove this whole outfit so far.

The last part of clothing for the night, my princess dress with a sparkly blue chest and silky smooth arms. The dress is layers of pink ruffles with a white underskirt . The dress is a little bit longer and almost touches my feet. I reach for the zipper and struggle a little pulling the zipper all the way up, but I finally get it. To make sure I can't get it off in a rush either, I take another baby pin and put it through the zipper pull and attach it to the dress and also squeeze this one so I can't get it off too easy.

I rub my hands all over myself in this imprisonment. I rub my hand over my own dick since it felt like I was trying to get hard, and to my shock it felt literally flat, nothing was there I did not feel a bulge that would say I'm a guy, being like this I'm definitely a Sissy Boi. At this point there was not turning back.

I put the frozen cum pacifier in my mouth and duct tape it on. I wrap my hands up next in duct taper so I am unable to take the gag off once the cum starts going into my awaiting mouth. I then lay down on my bed to absorb all of it in.

Every move in bed feels like I'm getting fucked and I reach down with my taped hands, I want to try to get some relief but I still can't feel my own dick, it's just a worthless thing. Not worth giving anyone pleasure. The cum started to melt a little and was slowly dripping into my mouth, I sucked n swallowed it down as it dripped into my mouth.

After I sucked down the cum I somehow fell asleep.
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