My Fantasy

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My Fantasy

Unread postby joemamma » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:19 am

It was a boring Saturday night. I was looking at porn. I wondered are there really that many guys getting blowjobs from their neighbors and/or roommates? I thought about my neighbor Jen, across the hall. She was a tall, amazon-like woman, with a great smile, and a fun attitude. I wondered if she loved giving head as much as I loved receiving it. I continued watching, and slamming back a couple brewskis. About 9 pm, I said, “What the hell?” and walked across the hall and knocked on her door. She answered the door with a tank top, yoga pants, and a big smile. She said, “What’s up, Joe Mamma?” I told her I was bored and wanted to see if she wanted to hang out. She said to come on in, and grabbed a couple of wine glasses. She was sitting on the floor doing stretches, and I was sitting on her couch. She asked, “What are you doing home on a Saturday night?” I told her I was just hanging out. She asked if I was watching porn, and I froze. I said, “No. I don’t do that stuff.” She laughed, and said OK, but told me to remember how thin the walls were in the apartments we lived in. She was staring at me intently, and like a guilty schoolboy, I admitted I was watching porn. She said “What kind?” I was getting nervous, and said, “I better go.” She looked at me intently, and repeated, “What kind?” I admitted I was watching BJ videos. She said, “MMMMMMMMM! I love giving a good BJ!” I said, “Really?” She laughed and told me not to get my hopes up, at least not tonight.

The wine was having its effect, and she asked me what kinds of fantasies I had. I climbed off the couch, and sat on the floor next to her. I suddenly felt emboldened. For the next ½ hour, I told her all the stuff I was into: bondage, post orgasm torture, balloons, nipple play, big boobs, prostate play, endless BJs, girls wearing tank tops, girls wearing yoga pants, nurse/patient fantasies, girls wearing scrubs, etc. She listened intently, sometimes taking a break to continue her stretching routine. She asked, “What is your ultimate fantasy?” I told her I’d love to be tied up and continuously stimulated to orgasm by someone who had no intentions of stopping after I came. Someone who could show me zero mercy, and totally take advantage of how sensitive I get after I cum. She looked at me incredulously, and just said, “Wow!” She told me she had been with one med student who liked that, but he always cried Uncle after a couple of minutes. I told her in my fantasy I would have no safeword, and no way of making her stop, until she was done. She said, “O M G !!”

I asked her what she was into. She told me she was a travelling nurse, and naturally liked caring for people, and doing nice things for them. I asked her if she was into anything “kinky.” Her eyes lit up, and she said, “Yes, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.” I circled back to her comment about BJs, and asked if she was serious. She smiled, and told me she got herself through nursing school by blowing rich med school students to “relieve” their stress. I asked if that was dangerous with STDs and all that. She said they were med. students and got tested regularly. As did she! She then looked at me, and said, “Why? Do you want me to give you a BJ tonight?” I responded, “No, we’re just friends. I wouldn’t want to ruin a good friendship.” She looked surprised, and said, “Wow! I’m impressed. I’ve never had a guy turn down a BJ offer.” I looked back and told her, “not that I wouldn’t want one.” She told me to go get myself an STD test, and she’d see what we could work out. We finished our wine, gave each other a goodnight hug, and I went back to my apartment. I jerked off like crazy thinking about Jen blowing me, and came like I hadn’t cum in a week.

The following Wednesday: I got my STD test results, made a copy, and slid the copy under her door. About ½ hour later, a note lid back under my door. It read,

My first impression was, “Wow!” Then I started thinking about it. I thought why not. She’s a cutie, and how often do you get a chance to live out a fantasy with no strings attached. I can only describe the next few days as tortured anticipation. Jen and I don’t see each other regularly, due to our schedules. I did catch a glimpse of her once getting in her car. She was wearing her scrubs…….

Sunday, the big day finally came. I drove to the address which was not in the best part of town. It was a smallish concrete building, with a small sign on the door reading The Clinic. There was one car in the parking lot which I did not recognize. I looked around, and slowly made my way to the front door. It was cracked open which I judged was my invitation in. When I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised by a well-furnished, modern doctor’s office with a reception window.
I was greeted by an older woman at the reception window. Her nametag read Gwen. I would guess her to be late 40s. I could barely read her nametag, as it was pointed towards the ceiling due to her having two of the biggest breasts I have ever seen in my life. Her boobs looked like they were stretching her scrubs to their breaking point. She smiled and said, “You must be Joe Mamma. Welcome!” I said hi, struggling hard to maintain eye contact. She told me to come on back, and that Jen would be along soon. Jen told me nothing about a third party involved, but I decided to see how this would play out. Gwen made small talk, and told her that she would be assisting before and during “the procedure.” I thought “what procedure?” She led me to a room labelled Treatment Room. It was there that she explained that Jen left her very specific instructions that I was supposed to follow to the letter. She told me to strip down, have a seat on the exam table, and handed me a prescription I was supposed to take. It was a small blue pill, and a cup of water. I asked if the blue pill was what I thought it was. Gwen looked at her instruction sheet, and said, “It doesn’t say what it is. She just says to give you one little blue pill.” I have never taken Viagara before (never needed it), but had to assume that’s what it was. Once I was stripped down, Gwen handed me an envelope. She told me that Jen asked that I read and sign the enclosed document. I sat there naked, reading this, Permission for Treatment. It said:

Hi Joe Mamma,
If you have gotten this far, you have already met Gwen. Gwen is a Psych Nurse, and good friend of mine who is assisting me today. She is an expert in some of the “skills” your fantasy described. She will not be having any potentially dangerous contact with you from an STD standpoint. She will be conducting your first hour of pretreatment. I will be in for your second hour. The little blue pill is Viagara. We want to make sure you are “up” for the entire procedure. Please follow all of Gwen’s instructions to the letter. Please remember our discussion about your fantasies, and specifically the words “no mercy” and “no safeword.” I promise we will all have an awesome time. Remember, we are nurses, and are not here to harm you. If we have your consent for treatment, please sign at the bottom, place back in the envelope, return it to Gwen, and follow her instructions………… Your “friend” Jen

I took a deep breath and signed it, and put it back in the envelope. The whole time I was reading Jen’s note I heard the distinct sound of water running, and ice cubes in the other room. Gwen came back in and said, “What do you think?” I handed her the envelope, and told her I signed it. She said, “Excellent” followed by “Jen told you I was a Psych Nurse right?” I told her yes. She told me, “OK, time to get you tied down properly.” She patted the exam table. I sat down with my legs dangling over the edge. From below the table, she spun out two stirrups for OB/GYN patients. She put the stirrups together in front of me, and positioned my legs in each one. She then produced two sets of locking leather psych restraints. She positioned one set at my ankles, and the other above my knees. She locked my legs into the stirrups. She then pushed a button underneath the table, and the stirrups automatically began separately, spreading my legs wide apart. When she reached a certain point, she told me to scooch but butt down, so my cock and balls were hanging directly over the edge of the table. She separated the stirrups a little further, and my legs were locked in place. She asked if I felt vulnerable? I said Yeah. She told me I would appreciate what women have to do during their annual checks. She then placed the same style of leather restraints on my wrists. Before securing them, she asked me to hold a ball in each hand. She then produced several rolls of coban, which is “stick to itself” medical tape. She wrapped both of my hands with the coban with the balls inside them. She added an exterior layer of duct tape. This basically made my hands completely useless, even if I had a key for the restraints.

As she was doing this, she made no effort whatsoever to not let her boobs brush against me. She looked down between my legs and said, “Looks like that blue pill is kicking in.” She produced two leather belts which were used to restrain the wrist restraints to the sides of the table. She had obviously done this before. She then held the keys to all the restraints in front of my face, and told me, “The key will be on my desk in the other room if you need it.” She laughed as she walked away. That gave me time to explore my restraints. I have never been that well restrained in my life. My hardon gave away that I liked it. Gwen purposely stayed away for a few minutes, as I examined my situation. When she returned, she said, “Did you get out, Houdini?” “I guess not. Don’t feel bad. No one gets out when I strap ‘em down.”

She continued, “OK, Jen says I’m supposed to call her, and put her on speaker, prior to your pretreatment……….. Hi Jen……… Yep, he’s all strapped down, ready for pretreat.”

Jen responded,” Joe Mamma, are you doing OK?” I responded yes. She then said, “Us nurses can be pretty kinky, huh?” I responded with “I see that.” She continued, “Well let me tell you a little bit more about my friend Gwen. She and I go way back, and have always kidded about having a patient in the situation you’re in right now. I will remind you that nothing bad will happen to you. Here’s a couple more tidbits about Gwen. They are 38G in case you wondered. She hates that question, but she loves the attention they get her, and she also a former lactation consultant, which means she is an expert in the stimulation of female (and male) breasts and nipples. You said you liked yours played with. I couldn’t think of anyone better to do the honors. Enjoy your pretreat, I’ll be there in an hour…… or so. Don’t cum without me.”

The buildup was incredible. I have this raging hardon, and Gwen wheels a cart into the room. Of course she keeps it behind me so I have no clue what’s on the cart. First, she says, “We have to take care of the health stuff.” She hooks me up to a blood pressure monitor, puts a pulse meter on my finger, and attaches some sticky pads to my torso. I look up at the monitor, and see my name, and my vitals. She offers, “OK, everything looks normal. We can begin.”

She goes to the sink, and washes her hands. She then puts on these rubber dishwashing gloves. She washes them in some kind of sterilizing fluid. She then says, “Let’s see what we’ve got here. I am looking for lumps.” She begin the most thorough exam of my breast tissue I’ve ever had. She completes it by squeezing/pinching each of my nipples. She says,” Oh your nipples are tough, and can take a lot I see.” She then touches the tip of each nipple with her gloved hands, and make tiny microscopically small circles. My cock automatically reacts and pulsates. She smiles, and says, “Oh goodie. I love sensitive ones!” She then pushes a button which lowers the head of the exam table till my head is slightly below horizontal. She walks up to the head of the table, and tells me to close my eyes. I do, and she removes her scrub top. She then reaches over the top of table towards my nipples. Her boobs (in their bra) are now right over my face. As she mashes her boobs in my face, she starts aggressively pulling, twisting, pinching my nipples. She lowers the full weight of her enormous breasts on my face, and cuts off my air supply. The monitors react as she does this. She lifts her boobs up and resumes the small light touch circles on my nipples. My cock is throbbing, and bouncing aimlessly. She smiles, and announces, “Only 5 minutes so far. We have awhile to go.” I am probably hornier than I have ever been in my life. She smothers me again briefly, then says, “OK, let’s try something different.”

With that she reached into a bucket on the cart. She told me to close my eyes. When she said to open them, there was a red water balloon directly over my face. She dropped it, and I almost freaked, but she was holding the stem to it, and it never made contact with my face. She looked at the monitor. She said, “That made your heart rate jump.” The water balloon was filled with very warm water. She began rolling it all over my upper torso, my neck, and anywhere else she thought would be sensitive. “Betcha can’t guess what’s next?” She had a blue balloon ( red= warm, blue = ?) . She placed the balloon on my nose so I could feel what was coming next. This balloon was ice cold. She started it on my neck, down my sides, down my legs, to the soles of my feet, and back up on the insides of my legs. She rested the cold balloon under my balls, and said, “That should cool you off”. She pulled out a little shelf and rested the cold balloon there under my balls. She grabbed two more water balloons, one blue, one red, and basically massaged every inch of my body (Well, almost every inch. She never touched my cock.) She re-positioned herself at the head of the table, and started smothering me again, and making tiny circles on my nipples with the water balloons. I thought I would go insane! She looked at the clock, and said we still had 45 minutes of this pretreat left.

She put the balloons back (leaving the one under my balls), and started give me face time with her boobs again, and doing the pinching, pulling, twisting to my nipples. She then went down between my legs, and put her face within inches of my cock, and asked, “How much would you pay me right now if I licked that precum you are drooling?” I was breathing heavily, and she moved her boobs to within inches of my cock. She smiles at me, and said, “I could slide your cock under my bra right now, and titty-fuck you, and you wouldn’t last 30 seconds.” I told her she was right. But she told me she wasn’t “allowed” to do that per Jen’s instructions. She then went back to her cart, and took out some ice cubes. She brought them directly to my nipples, and started in with the tiny circles. I thought I would pass out. After what seemed like a lifetime, she ran the ice over my entire body, looking for spots which got the biggest reaction. She reminded me that she and Jen had talked about doing this to someone for years. After some more nipple play, she resumed smothering me, only this time without her bra on, and pinching and pulling on my nipples. She was training me to only enjoy her boobs when my nipples were getting pulled and pinched. She momentarily let one of her nipples slip into my mouth. As soon as I went to suck on it, she pulled away. I whispered, “Please” She responded, “Please what?” “Please touch my cock. Please let me suck on your nipple. Please!” She stopped, and got out her instructions from Jen, and replied, “Nope, none of those are on my list of Dos.”

I got a brief respite as she wheeled the cart down in between my legs. I heard a car door slam, and heard the entrance bell as someone else must have entered the building. I prayed it was Jen. Gwen pulled up a seat between my legs, and said 25 minutes more pretreat. She removed the cold water balloon from beneath my balls. She then began tracing circles on my ball sac with more ice cubes. After the circles, she would run the ice cube on my taint between my balls and my anus. This had to be the most devious torture yet. She told me to close my eyes. I did, and a new sets of hands standing behind me put a blindfold on me. It was Jen. Gwen told her I started begging when she put one of her nipples in my mouth. Jen patted my shoulder, and said, “Wow! You really held out for a long time before begging.” Jen pinched my nipples, and told Gwen, “Wow, you really got them hard!” Gwen began drawing circles around my anus with the ice cubes. I was squirming, and letting out OMGs. Jen reminded Gwen, “He said NO mercy and NO safeword.” Gwen smiled, and said, “he’s gonna need a safeword soon.” With that she started gently pushing an ice cube into my anus. I thought I would go through the roof, if I wasn’t tied down. Gwen told me, “Men with sensitive nipples usually have incredibly sensitive nerve endings near their anus. “ I repeated my OMGs. She stuffed a second ice cube in my ass, then a third. Jen came over with her own set of rubber gloves, lubed up two fingers, and inserted them in my ass. Before the ice melted, her fingers had come in contact with my prostate. They could tell that when my cock started bobbing violently. Jen told me not to cum. The ice on my prostate was soon replaced with Jen’s fingers. She kept them inside me for several minutes making circles on my prostate gland while the ice melted. Gwen said, “You’re doing great. That would have made most men cum all over the place.”

After my prostate exam (which Jen said everything was normal, except for some unusually cold temps in my ass), Gwen started with the ice on my balls again, and then finding my most sensitive spots between my balls and my ass. While Gwen was doing that, Jen lowered the head of the exam table till she could stand with her crotch right over my face. She had on leggings with a scrub shirt. I could smell how turned on Jen was. She took off my blindfold, and asked if I’d like to see her pussy. Of course, I said yes. She reached for her phone, and showed me a pic of her cat on her phone. After they got through laughing at me, Jen said it was time to switch places, and enter the “treatment” phase. As Gwen came over, it was the first time I saw her massive boobs without their bra. As soon as I started to say, “holy…..,” Gwen silenced me my stuffing one of her boobs in my mouth. At the same time, Jen put her tongue on the base of my cock. She ran it up the underside of my cock, and made a big production about licking up all the precum my cock had drooled. Her tongue felt incredible. Jen started at the base of my cock again. As she did that, Gwen started smothering me again. She didn’t stop until the monitors indicated I wasn’t breathing. They kept this up. I started wondering if I would cum and be passed out and not even get to enjoy it. Gwen moved just enough that I got some air. I said, “Please let me cum.” Gwen looked down at Jen and said, “He said Please!” Jen moved down are started in on my balls. She had one in her mouth, both in her mouth, then started licking my taint with both of them in her mouth. This felt incredible. Gwen was dangling her nipples inches above my mouth causing me to strain my neck. Gwen, then reached down, and started pulling and pinching my nipples. Jen released my balls from her mouth, and licked her way up my cock, and FINALLY, she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth. Gwen was working my nipples, and Jen began in earnest sucking my cock.

Gwen appeared upside down to me from this angle, and she told me, “to give up that cum.” Jen sucked and slurped, and I filled her mouth with the biggest load I ever shot. It felt SO good! She was going up and down on my cock, and it felt like she was literally draining my balls. She kept going, and her strokes with her mouth got shorter and shorter until she was focused just on the head of my cock. She continued her sucking, and all at once my sensitivity kicked in. Her tongues was making circles around my cock while she continued sucking just on the head. My enthusiasm turned to laughter as it began to tickle. When my cockhead began to tickle, Gwen started with the tiny circles around my nipples. OMG, this was intense. I continued laughing, and Gwen told me we had another 50 minutes to go.

Normally after I cum, my hardon goes down for a bit. However, I realized the Viagara was doing its thing. I was as hard as before I came, and a whole lot more sensitive. Jen took me out of her mouth, and started making circles on the head of my cock with her gloved hands. That was even more sensitive if you could believe it. Jen moved to the side of the table to continue making her circles with her palm. I thought OMG this is what it’s like to be completely out of control of your own pleasure. Gwen put on fresh rubber gloves, and lubed up two fingers. She lubed up my anus. Jen continued with her hands. Gwen slid a prostate vibrator inside of me. When she turned it on, I thought I would go through the roof. At that point, Jen resumed sucking on the head of my very erect cock. Gwen then slid a Hitachi magic wand (a plug in the wall type vibrator) and taped it to the prostate vibe. She didn’t turn the Hitachi on, but it was there if the battery on the prostate vibe gave out.

Jen then moved back between my legs and resumed her long, slow travels up and down my cock. Gwen grabbed onto my nipples, pulling and twisting them, and I was toast. The next stream of cum exited my body, as Jen worked the head of my cock with her mouth, Gwen announced, “not bad, two loads in 25 minutes.” As Jen continued the suckling of my cockhead, it was absolutely unbearable. This is when the tears started rolling down my face, and I was asking for mercy. Jen smiled at me, with my cockhead in her mouth, and said “Un uh!” She continued sucking on the cockhead. My cock got a little softer, but immediately responded to her sucking, and stood up like champ.

Out of nowhere, Gwen started in with fresh ice cubes on my nipples. I was laughing from the overstimulation, when suddenly an alarm on the monitor rang. Gwen looked over, while Jen kept sucking. Gwen reset something, and said,” No worries.” She continued with the ice to the nipples. They had absolutely no idea how perfectly that prostate vibe was positioned. It was right on the spot, and helped keep me hard as a rock. Gwen relocated the ice cube to my ears, and behind my ears. I thought I would pass out. Jen resumed her slow journey up and down the length of my cock. Gwen pushed a button, and suddenly, the Hitachi sprang to life. It was on a low setting, but it amplified what the prostate vibe was doing. Jen took both my balls in her hands and massaged them as I filled her mouth with load #3. Gwen looked the clock, and announced I had ten minutes left. I couldn’t even imagine what I looked like. Tears all over my face. Hair all messed up. Gwen put her nipples in my mouth and let me suck then, as Jen continued sucking my cockhead. I didn’t realize why Gwen did that, but apparently, I was making quite a racket.

As I was sucking Gwen’s nipples, I hadn’t realized but she reached down inside her scrub pants, and was rubbing one out. Jen turned the Hitachi up, and continued her assault on my helpless member. It was so sensitive, and yet, still felt so good at the same time. At that point she stopped sucking and just started lapping at the sweet spot on my cock. It was so sensitive and brought about a newer sensation. Gwen started moaning as she came. She was breathing hard, but nonetheless grabbed my nipples, changing between pinching and pulling and making tiny circles. Jen resumed her sucking on the head of my cock, and orgasm #4 started. She quickly let my cock free of her mouth, and grabbed her phone to film my “dry orgasm” where my cock convulsed, but there was nothing left to cum out. As my cock bounced from side to side, Jen had the biggest smile on her face, and told me, “That was fun. Wanna do another hour? “ I echoed my enjoyment. Gwen starting grabbing stuff and cleaning up like it was just another “Procedure” for her. Jen and Gwen then started making a list of all the things I had promised them during my treatment if she would stop sucking on me:
Cars, trip, money, hours of oral sex on them

We all laughed. I asked what the alarm on the monitor was about. She said the ice cubes on my nipples, while she was sucking on me caused my BP to spike, but it wasn’t in the dangerous zone. I thanked both of them profusely, and asked which one of them wanted to be next. Jen immediately volunteered. Gwen said she was free the next Sunday. I asked Jen if she could agree to No Mercy and No Safeword. She hesitated and asked if she could think about it. We laughed, and told her we would be ready when she was.

Jen and I went back to our apartment complex, and we fell asleep together in my apartment. We didn’t have the energy left to fuck that night.
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