self bondage/chastity/crossdressing/caught

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self bondage/chastity/crossdressing/caught

Unread postby CuffmanS1608 » Thu May 02, 2019 9:09 pm

It finally had to happen....I live in a rented bungalow up a quite country lane which has given me plenty of area to partake in my hobby.
My favourite attire for practicing my kink is as follows,
full body stocking with open crutch,corset laced on over the stocking with bust inserts,around the lower part I then lock on a male chastity belt with built in cock tube,,this keeps the corset on and my cock under control between my legs keeping a nice flat front.
On my feet I put on some nice ankle boots with platform soles and six inch heels,,these are locked on by puting leather cuffs over the zips and laces which have padlock fastenings,around my neck I fasten a leather posdure collar which again is lockable with padlock but just to reinforce this I wrap a steel collar through the rings of the leather collar.I then have a choice of pvc or leather dresses,,,,this day I put on my pvc knee length dress which has lockable buckles down the front,fairly tight around the knees,and locked the top of the zip to the collar,,this was not coming off in a hurry. Around the wrists and over the top of the dress I locked on some more cuffs,,around the waist I added a lockable belt.Light make-up,eye shadow lipstick and black bob-wig finished the transformation,,,,not a stunning model but presentable .
It was now time to start the housework etc.,,,all the keys to my locks were set in my timelock security box which is bolted to the workbench and time set for the day about eight hours , so no escape for a while.

About three hours into the cleaning hoovering and washing I saw a car pullup outside the gates to the drive,I thought if I kept out of site who ever it was may go away,,,,,no such chance,,it was my landlady who I dont see for months,she came straight round to the back door which I had not bothered to lock as I dont normally get any visitors.Horror struck she knocked the door tried the handle and walked in calling out my name,,I had no chance,
When I walked out of the hallway into the kitchen her face was a picture,,I had practiced walking in the boots so just struted out to brasen the encounter not quite sure what the reaction was going to be,,,that was when her reaction took me completly by surprize ,,,she came towards me slung her arms out and took me into a firm imbrace before actually saying anything.
Wearing the heels made me about four inches taller so when she broke away I was basicly looking down at her,,,,not sure where to go now I offered her a cup of coffee,which she readily accepted,,,so for next halfhour she quized me on what I was up to,,
I found it very differcult to explain but I think she finally understood ,,,she then said she only called in on the off chance I was in and no particular reason,,the next thing she asked me took me completly by surprize,,,,she wanted to know exactly what I was wearing and where the keys were,,,,I took her into my spare bedroom where I keep all my bondage bits other dresses etc,
its also where my timelock box is,,,to say she was fasinated was what threw me next ,,,,,she picked up my pair of rigid police style cuffs and asked how they worked,,,,very easy to show a stranger how they operate without the key and nothing inside the
cuff,,,the next thing she did took me unaware very quickly she put one on her right wrist and slid her left hand in the other side and shut it down,,,to late now she was cuffed,,,,and the key was in my timelock box,,what to do now and how to explain she was stuck for over four hours still left on box ,,,strangely she did not panic ,,simply asked if there was another way out..
After making her think she was there to stay till the time run out,,I decided I would have to try and shimy them open,,I told her to come back into the kitchen and I would go out in the garage and find my picks from a previous job,,,when I came back in I was shocked to see her quite happily making some more cups of coffee with both hands still joined together,,,to which I said she looked at ease with her problem,,,anyway we sat and had the cuppas before I attempted to open the cuffs,,,,half an hour later she was free and I thought she would want to get away ...but she wanted to see more of my restraints and clothing,,and then asked how long was left on the timelock,,,she also asked when I had got to go back to work,,,then also what was the longest I had "played" for?,,,,,,,,The first answer when I looked at the box was just over four hours ,,,,not back to work till monday morning,,,,and the longest I had played had been a day (about eight hours)....her next question was how long it would take to get free,,,with the keys half hour,,,,I could then hear her brain working out how long till monday morning,,,it was now just coming up to saturday lunch time,,,,,monday morning would be about forty hours away,,,the next thing she did took me by surprize ,,,,she grabbed a set of legcuffs and slapped them around my ankles,,,then found some handcuffs that had a twelve inch chain joining them these were quickly put around my wrists above the leather cuffs already there,,,she picked up my set of lockpicks and put them in her pocket saying I wasnt getting out that easy,,,,she then went to the timelock and added on thirty five hours,,I was now stuck for a long weekend,,she wished me luck and departed as quick as she could,,,,this was now set to be my longest ever session,,,,,thank goodness I was still mobile and could carry on almost as normal but I had no control,
what a different feeling,,,wish I had someone to play with more often,,,,,,,monday morning did arrive but it seemed to take forever and sleeping was certainly strange,,,hoping for more now.
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Re: self bondage/chastity/crossdressing/caught

Unread postby Stahlketten » Sun May 26, 2019 9:22 pm

You should have left the handcuffs on her.
A handcuffed woman is a beautiful thing.....
Especially if SHE was the one to put the handcuffs on herself.
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Re: self bondage/chastity/crossdressing/caught

Unread postby RAE123 » Sun May 26, 2019 10:13 pm

Yes, and I would have added the leg cuff's on her. and see how she liked it.
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