I have the perfect life now.

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I have the perfect life now.

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Disclaimer:- I have no idea if this works, I have never tried it.

Sarah and I (Steve) had been married for six months when she got a promotion in her firm. I knew she was clever, but this was more than I expected. She worked for a private clinic and thanks to her hard work, they had gained several rich clients and contracts for different companies worldwide, which led to a chain of clinics being set up all over the world. Only the best surgeons were used and they had a lot of them on standby as well.

They had made her a director. Her money now meant she earned more than our Prime Minister. So much so that we spoke about buying a new house. One that reflected our new lifestyle. I asked her what she had suggested to make money for the clinic. She went through a lot of things I didn't understand, but one thing that stood out, she had introduced the company to the best hypnotists so that saved them money on sedating people. Obviously they had doubts but she suggested they try it and give a free operation on someone to test it out. Luckily there was a man who needed a nose job. He was the ideal person and said he never felt a thing. He slept through the whole thing,

One day after searching for a nice apartment or a house, we returned home and had an Indian meal delivered. After lashings of the sumptuous meal and quite a few glasses we retired to bed. The pair of us crashed out. A week went by and Sarah said she was bringing someone home. I asked who and she said it was the director of operations for the hypnotists. That was okay by me. In fact he turned out to be rather a great laugh. I thought he would be a stern miserable soul, how wrong I was. I was doubtful about hypnotism so he tried it on Sarah. She went round acting like a cat. Purring and meowing and one her hands and knees rubbing herself up against my leg. It was a laugh I had to admit. I filmed it on my phone.

Then it was my turn. I don't remember a thing about it, but Sarah showed me the film of me acting like a chicken. My doodle doodle cock was something to be be proud of. They had convinced me it was good.

A few months later, we had found a place and sat indoors for the last night, everything packed and ready to be picked up the next day by the removal people. We sat down at the table and had a good glass of wine and a meal. That would be the last meal in this house. I cooked it as Sarah had such a busy day. Although she had the day off, her mobile phone never stopped ringing.

Sarah started singing “Good morning starshine”. I thought she was happy. I don't know why but I came out with a statement that surprised even me. “Sarah, tell the truth. I feel we are getting more distant these days. Is there something wrong? Don't I satisfy you any more?” Why I said it I had no idea.

Sarah looked at me and said “To be honest, I am left frustrated. You don't seem to get it stiff enough these days” I replied it must be the pressure we are both under.. Sarah replied,she hoped so and would give it time to see what happens but as it is a woman would satisfy her better than I am doing at present. That was below the belt for me. Sadly, she was only speaking the truth, even though it did deflate my self esteem.

The place we moved to has four bedrooms, a large lounge with a picture window that overlooked the town and the surrounding hills. There is a large kitchen and a utility room. From the other side of the kitchen was a fair sized room, it would only be any good as a store room as you had to cross the kitchen to get to it, so it was no use for guests. However there was already a large store room attached to the kitchen. As the first room had a door to the back garden (the main store room didn't have an external door and was like a large pantry) I said I could use it as my tool shed. Sarah never replied. There was also a downstairs toilet. Three of the bedrooms were en-suite. So we presumed the fourth was used for the kids playroom. The views from the bedrooms are fabulous.

We settled in and in a few weeks felt we were at home. Sarah complained it was taking a lot of cleaning to keep the house sparkling. I said with her money and mine, we could afford a maid. Sarah said a maid would expect a decent wage which would wipe out my income. I replied she would have accommodation but Sarah said she would still expect enough to run a car as we were so far from town and there were no buses. That seemed to cheer her up as she started to sing “Good morning starshine” again. After that, we went to a restaurant and had an alcove to sit in where we could talk in private. Don't ask me why but I suddenly said, “Supposing I give up my job and become the butler and cleaner etc”

Sarah looked at me, “A maid you mean?” I responded with I am a man not a woman. Sarah argued what difference would that make? Thinking about it, I suppose as I now do the cooking and help with the cleaning and all the rest of the housework, a male maid is the nearest description I could give it. Okay, I would survive wearing an apron over my trousers. No more was said that evening.

A month later and we sat watching the television. A program on operations came on which Sarah wanted to watch. It was a series all about different operations. This one was about gender re-alignment. Somehow it fascinated me while Sarah watched very intently. I said she was not with me tonight, so she replied, that was one area they should be getting into. Sex change. I laughed.

Still, it was an interesting program about it. A bit gruesome which made me shudder when they cut off the man's privates. After they cut to the insertion of the fake breasts. It surprised me when they said that hormone tablets would need to be taken for the rest of the man's life. It would make his hips and bum become more feminine by putting the fat around the appropriate areas. Even his own breasts would grow.

Even more horrible was when they reshaped his face and altered his Adam's apple. It cut to some time later and compared how he looked when he started to the final look. Wow! You would never had guessed he was a man. Now he is a beautiful woman. His voice had become softer and when she was naked, everything looked right.

Although the program lasted an hour and a half, it ended with part two the following week. So we had to sit and wait for the next instalment. Sarah said she found it fascinating.

The following week showed she had to learn how to walk, how to talk and think like a woman. It was funny to watch her struggling in heels whereas normal girls try mum's shoes on at an early age. It went on to show how she struggled with make-up. It took a whole team of girls to show her how to apply it. When she did it herself it was over the top and looked terrible. She did get the reasoning in the end that less means more.

The last view showed how she had gained confidence to go out on her own without worrying if people realised she used to be a man. The next day we had a good chat about what we had seen. Sarah said she was jealous of her boobs. She said she saw me ogling them. I said as a man I said of course I loved big jugs. Sarah said I should try them for myself see how. I asked how I could do that. Sarah said she would get some huge breast forms and a bra and I should wear them for a week. I laughed and the bet was set that I couldn't do it.

So I had to do it just to prove I'm a man. A week later and Sarah came home with a bag. When we opened it, Sarah told me to take off my shirt. It didn't take long and she slipped the bra on me and clipped it behind my back before slipping the breast forms into the cups. After a few moments I said to Sarah that my shoulders were aching. Sarah told me that girls with big breasts shoulders ache as well, but they don't whinge. “Be a good girl and get on with it, you big Jessie”

I was glad the week was over. More than once I felt like giving up, but how could I let a woman beat me? I only just managed it. But I had won. Sarah told me that I looked superb with big breasts. I joked that the next thing would be she would want me in a dress. Sarah smiled. I could see she was imagining it. I was glad to get those heavy breasts off though. My shoulders ached but at least I knew what big busted girls go through.

No more was said for a month until one morning at breakfast Sarah asked how I felt about giving up work and become the full time maid? I said cleaner come butler? Sarah said that is what a maid does. I asked why she brought that up and she reminded me that I had suggested it a month earlier. “Oh, so I did. Silly me”

We went to work and I thought no more of it. That evening went without any discussion on the matter and eventually we went to bed. Once again I failed to give her an orgasm except with my finger. But at least she had one which is one more than I did.

That night over dinner again for some reason of which I have no idea why I asked if I could have my breasts back on again. Sarah looked smiled and said “go and get them” and she would put them on me. I was shaking with excitement by now. I couldn't help it as much as I tried and I'm sure Sarah saw it. I told her I was going to the toilet first and she told me to leave my shirt and trousers in our bedroom and she would find something to put on.

When I came back down with the bra and breasts, Sarah was waiting for me. She had one of her old jumpers and a skirt. It didn't take long to get them on me. So I washed the dishes and we sat round for a while before I said I'd go and get changed. Sarah wouldn't let me. She said it was making her hot looking at me. She said the outfit suited me. I'd never worn a skirt before and as it had an elasticated waist I found it very comfortable. The only thing I was annoyed at was because of me walking about the breasts kept moving in the bra and turned around so the top of the teardrop was pointing downwards or at least at an angle. I found them uncomfortable quite a bit of the time.

In bed that night, Sarah managed to had a feeble orgasm even my cock was the stiffest it had been for a long time. She said she would like to feel it violently throbbing inside her. However, in subsequent experiments of cross dressing failed to do anything for her. It didn't do anything for me either, although I liked the way the hem of the skirts tapped my legs.

Another week went by and I had a chance of redundancy. Sarah told me to take it as I was getting fed up with the uncertainty of my firm. Sarah said I could stay at home and look after the place while she brought in the money.

We discussed the matter and Sarah asked if I would like my own breasts. I asked what she meant and she said, ”You with those fake breasts really turned me on. You complained how awkward the fake breasts were so what if we gave you some real ones?” I laughed but saw she was serious. She sang “Good morning starshine” again. I don't know what happened but she asked me if I wanted real breasts again.

I said I wasn't sure, but she told me she would love to play with my real breasts rather than fake ones. She said I should get pleasure from her playing with my nipples. I said I would sleep on it. I had not got a clue as to why, maybe I had slept on it and it had played on my mind I don't know but in the morning Sarah looked at me as she was getting ready for work, She came down in just her skirt and bra with her blouse over her arm. She put that down and pulled her bra down then played with her breasts. I was stunned as she took deep breaths. I could see she was getting excited. She stopped and pulled her bra up.

“See how nice it is. You could have that feeling too”. I said I would think about it. “How do I get them?” She replied “with hormone treatment”. All day at work I thought about this. It would be nice to be able to get an orgasm simply by playing with them. In the toilet I played with my nipples and chest but got nothing. Then I thought of snuggling up against Sarah, our breasts squashed against each other. It might keep us together rather than divorcing.

By the time I got home, I could think of nothing else. Sarah had got home before me and had dinner on the go. She turned and gave me a kiss. “How do you feel?”. I told her about the day. Sarah smiled. In bed that night she said “Imagine me caressing your tits. You will love it”. We spent some time cuddling before we went to sleep Sarah asked me once more about me having breasts. I told her it would be weird and she replied “who was going to see you?”. If we went out, she would wrap them up tightly against my body so no one would see them under my jacket or jumper. I failed to give her that wonderful feeling of the explosive orgasm that night.

The next morning I asked what size breasts she thought I should have. She told me that as I love big breasts, I should have them. The thought of her caressing my breasts more than excited me. So I told her I was up for it. I was getting more excited by the thought of going round town with my breasts and nobody would know if Sarah bandaged them up for me.

My final day at work came and I said goodbye to everybody. For some strange reason I felt sad and had to work hard not to cry. Us men take it in our stride whereas women are more emotionally attached I thought.

A month went by and it was getting towards Christmas. I couldn't understand it. I was getting more emotional by the day. My whiskers were growing not quite as fast and my nipples felt sore along with the area around them. I mentioned it to Sarah and she laughed. “That's because you have been taking hormone tablets. I have got some cream for you to rub in as well” I looked in the mirror and sure enough my nipples seemed to have grown. My chest showed little points on them. Sarah said my tits were growing nicely but it would take some time for them to be pronounced and recognised as tits.

Came Christmas and my present from Sarah was some bras and knickers. I asked what she was up to. Sarah pointed out that my knickers should match the bra. I asked how long it would take to get real tits. Sarah said she could arrange for me to have implants. I asked about them and she said that it would not stop me expressing milk. Me expressing milk? A man able to feed a baby? Sarah said that they had found that men can give a little milk even without tits. If we had a baby, I could look after it while she went to work. “You might as well be useful. I can't have you sitting round here all day doing nothing” That made sense especially when she reminded me that me having tits would get her so hot and wet she cold hardly control herself. I agreed to have the implants.

The day she went back to work she came home with the consent form and a contract. I asked what the consent form was for and she told me it was for the breast enhancement. I asked about the contract and she replied “Everybody must have a contract .As my maid, you would need one” I told her not to be so silly but she begged me to indulge her. For some reason I seemed to be getting more emotional. I thought it was perhaps because of the moving home, packing up work and saying goodbye to all my friends and my continual failing to satisfy Sarah.

It was February when they got me booked in for my operation. My breasts now stuck out by two inches. It seems that although the hormones take time to kick in, once they do, they take off. I don't remember much until I woke up strapped to the table. My ankles had straps on each one, as did my thighs so I couldn't kick my legs. A strap across my chest held me down. My wrists and upper arms had straps holding them down ensuring I couldn't escape.

I was naked and couldn't open my mouth to talk. Two gorgeous nurses were washing me down with an antibacterial gel. “Shh! You have got a plaster cast on your head which stops you from trying to chat us up. In case you are wondering, you are having a complete change. Everything off, chop chop, and you will become a girl” I struggled but the straps were too strong. The nurses laughed. “Well, there is one thing we can do for you for the last time” They grabbed my cock and masturbated me. They laughed as my sperm shot out. One of the pair scooped it into a cup. “Your last male orgasm” They got a mirror and held it up. I could see there was plaster from my neck right up to over my nose. My mouth was covered except a flat tube where my mouth was. “The tube is to make sure you can breath if your nose gets blocked”. I could feel it right across my teeth holding my mouth slightly open. Two tubes were where my nostrils were. The plaster went up to nearly the top of my forehead. Only my eyes were visible.

Sarah appeared and stood next to me. "Hello darling. I'm so glad you agreed to this sex change. I gives our surgeons a chance to practise. There is someone I'd like you to meet”. A woman came over and thanked me for the donation. Sarah said “You must be puzzled. Don't be. She wants to become a man so I decided she could have your spare parts. Maybe you and her could get together and she could fuck you. Oh dear, you could literally fuck yourself” With that she burst out laughing.

Then she went on talking, “Don't worry I will still love you. And you get the advantage of wearing nice soft underwear instead of those horrible thick boxer shorts you wear. The only problem is you will have to sit to pee from now on and don't forget to dab yourself dry with a tissue at the end of it. You will be here for some time, but I will call in daily to see how you are getting on. Oh, I can see what's going through your mind. How are we supposed to fuck each other? Well, we can't. You won't be able to have sex like you have been and I have no intention of giving it up, so you will have to accept me being with other men. In fact thinking about you being trapped like this is getting me extremely hot and in need of a good screw. The reason I'm doing this is because you only ever thought of yourself in bed. Now you will know what it is like. The only thing is you won't have the monthly blues. Maybe we can do something about that although what as you don't have a womb. Maybe Clara here will donate hers as she doesn't want it any more”

With that I struggled again. Sarah and the nurses laughed. Sarah and Clara said their goodbyes, kissed my chest and walked off and left me. The female surgeon came in to examine me. She was as beautiful as any actress. “Let's have a little look at what we have to do” She hmm'd and aah'd and then did something and I felt my legs being forced apart. She said “I love this motorised operating table. Press the buttons and all sorts of shapes and positions an be used without any work on the part of the operator”

When my legs were far enough apart they stopped and she walked between my legs. I felt her drawing around my balls. “Right, we'll slice open here, remove his testicles and use the loose flesh to stitch him up one we slice his penis off”. I felt sick. Another female surgeon came in and the pair of them were talking like I wasn't there. Just a piece of meat on a slab. The second surgeon drew on my chest and explained how she will give me large breasts. She would also alter my voice box
when my body could take it.

Within the hour, I was given a sedative injection and I was out within ten seconds. I came round and felt sore all over. The nurses were there again. “Welcome to the world of girls. You will love it. It's all arranged for you to have beauty treatment, all the tutorials you need in how to walk and talk and be a girl. Sarah has got you a complete new wardrobe to go home to. I still couldn't work out what had happened and how I got in this state. I was still strapped in bed with my hands fastened by my side. “It's still early days and everything is tender so to make sure you don't disturb your bandages we have had to resort to this”

Sarah came in and told me that Clara thanked me for the donation of my cock and that her operation went well. I didn't get her womb, that was donated to someone else who's own womb had collapsed.

“Three people happy with sharing what they don't need That is nice. I think you should become a nurse and live here” one of the nurses said. Sarah said I had a home and a job. At the time I was covered in bandages all over so I couldn't tell what they had done to me or if they were joking, but I was sore. My throat was like I was swallowing a cactus. However, I was not allowed to drink anything for a few days. I was injected with pain killing medicine and anti-biotics.

Then one day they removed the bandages around my neck and the surgeon said she was pleased with the result but I was not to talk for a few days. I was given Pineapple juice and water which eased my sore throat. Over the following days all the bandages came off. I had no idea of how long I was in the recovery room.

Eventually I was helped up. I was stood in front of a full length mirror and saw it had gone. My manhood had been removed. I had two G sized tits which although looked lovely, just not on me. I had bruising all over. Sarah came in and started singing that song again, “Good morning starshine” I could not work out for the life of me, why she kept singing that song.

It was several weeks before the bruises went and in the mean time I was given instructions on how to walk in heels plus make up. Hair extensions had been put in my hair and it had been brushed into a nice style. The two nurses came round every now and then to see how I was getting on with the make up and if the beautician wasn't around they would give me tips.

Time went past and I had no idea how long I had been there, but the day came for me to go home. I had no clothes. I asked for my male clothes but was told Sarah had taken them. She was coming back later with some clothes. There were some there already. My underwear.

The nurses watched carefully to make sure I didn't hurt myself. They handed me my knickers and I pulled them up and snapped them on around my waist. I noticed my hips were wider so the fat had built up around my hips. Next was a pair of black stockings. Which I slid up my legs. I was handed a suspender belt which I had to tuck into my knickers so the straps hung down through the leg holes allowing me to clip the stockings to it. The nurses clipped my bra behind my back. As I handled my breasts I noticed they were more sensitive than my chest and nipples were before.

A full length petticoat was slid over my head and the nurses smoothed it down. Even my bum felt different. I liked the feeling I had now. But I still didn't have a skirt and blouse so I had to wait for Sarah to finish work to come and get me. The nurses said they could get me a spare uniform if I wanted to go home like that. I told them I would wait. Finally they put some pearl earrings in my ears. So my ears had been pierced.

Eventually Sarah turned up. I asked why my clothes weren't there already but her response was she wanted to make sure I didn't leave early. When she handed me the bag and I opened it, I found a full length maid's black short sleeved, with white collar and cuffs uniform. I put it on and found it came to just above my knee level. For some reason I loved it.

We left the clinic and everybody stood by the door and waved me goodbye. I made a nice curtsy and waved back. I was glad to be away from the clinic.

Back at the house, Sarah tied a little white apron around my waist and then showed me to the store room on the other side of the kitchen. “This is your room from now on” I argued I should be in the bed room with her but Mistress Sarah told me I was no use to her any more. I couldn't go to the bedroom unless given permission. I argued even more but Sarah put me down saying the maid does not sleep with her mistress or masters. I was flummoxed. She started singing Good morning starshine again. Suddenly all seemed right.

I looked in the wardrobe and all there was were maid's uniforms of all lengths including short French maid's outfits. But there wasn't any normal clothes. There were also some heeled shoes. I was told I had to master walking in them for when I had to wear the French maid's outfit.

One evening Mistress Sarah called me to the bedroom. I had to use my tongue on her. As much as I tried to not do it, my will was over ridden by the orders Mistress Sarah had give me. She had three orgasms and my face was covered in her scent. I was glad when she told me she had had enough.

The next morning I had to be up and have breakfast waiting for her. I took it in to her at the breakfast table and gave a curtsy. She was singing “Good morning starshine again” then said “I can't call you Steve any more. From now one, you are Stephanie or Richards,my maiden name”

I thanked her and turned to leave. Once I finished the washing up Mistress Sarah came into the kitchen. “I'm bringing home a guest tonight. I want you in your French Maids outfit” then she started singing that Good morning starshine song. She expected a fabulous meal to be prepared for this person. Apparently this person did not mind what they ate. Before she left for work I stripped and Mistress Sarah fastened a Basque on me. I put on the full maid's uniform. I could hardly breath, thanks to that Basque. I put my I spent all day wondering who it is and getting the meal ready plus of course polishing the furniture and washing the floor.

The day flew by. I still could not help thinking something was wrong, but then again, as a maid I was in the right place doing my job. I chilled the white wine and opened the red wine to let it breathe. The first course was cream of mushroom soup. The main course was chicken in a white wine sauce. The afters were Eton Mess or cheese board. Simple but good meals. Mistress Sarah said she would send me on a cookery class. I had just enough time to change from my normal maids uniform to the French maid's outfit that she had ordered me to wear. Well, I say ordered me, but I could not think at what point she had said anything.

When Mistress Sarah came home, she brought Clara or Charles as he is known these days with her. Without thinking I automatically curtsied to him and Mistress Sarah. Charles said “Wow! How sexy is that. I'm glad I don't have to wear those outfits any more” I was extremely attentive to the pair of them and the evening soon went.

Mistress Sarah and Charles were talking about our operations and Charles said they say he should get all the normal male sexual reactions. He had already had a stiffy and he liked the idea of just being able to stand to pee rather than having to remove all the clothes and sit. “Would you like to try something else Charles?” Charles said he would love to. Mistress Sarah started singing that song. When she had finished she said “Stephanie, you must attend to our guest's needs right now”. I
couldn't help myself or stop it. I was down on my knees in front of Charles and unzipped his flies. His cock sprang out to attention. It was as hard and stiff as I could imagine. I wished I had one.

I edged forward and started to lick the underneath part of it and his balls which were full of spunk. Gradually I slowly opened my mouth and enclosed my lips around his cock. It did not take long before he started groaning and then I felt a rush of hot fluid hit the back of my throat. Charles let out a loud “Yes” and sunk back into the sofa one more. As for the semen I had in my mouth, I swallowed it and found I liked the taste, It was something I wanted more of.

Mistress Sarah said that was enough and I was to go and get cleaned up. I toodled off to the wash room and heard Charles tell Mistress Sarah that he enjoyed that.

That night I had to go down on Mistress Sarah once more as she had got frustrated over me sorting Charles out. Everyone was satisfied except me, but as a mere maid, what can I expect? I couldn't work out how and when I started to call her Mistress Sarah. Come to that, why did I start calling her that name. There seems to be a lot of gaps in my life.

A few weeks later, Mistress Sarah was singing that song once more. I still had no idea why, but when she told me she was bringing home another guest, I was more than pleased for her. This time she would order the meal and all I had to do was serve it. Again I had to be in the French Maid's outfit with my highest heeled shoes. I hate this outfit as it makes me feel vulnerable and of easy virtue, but when mistress wants me in it, I can't refuse. Mistress Sarah told me I look really sexy in it, so I had to curtsy and thank her for the compliment. The day flew by and about an hour before Mistress Sarah came home with her guest, the phone rang. Mistress Sarah was singing that song once more. Then she told me she was on her way.

Mistress Sarah caught me by surprise. With her was the CEO of her company. Mistress asked me to get them a drink. “Thank you mistress” was all I could say with a deep curtsy. The CEO, Henry Taylor was impressed and said so to Mistress.

All evening I served them and could only say “Thank you mistress”. Henry asked if that was all I could say. For some reason it was. Then Mistress asked me to help get Henry in the mood to take her to bed. “Thank you mistress” I was down on my knees, unzipped his flies, pulled his cock out and gave him a blow job. I swallowed his semen and Mistress said that her and Master Henry were going to get married and wanted me to serve at the wedding breakfast. “Thank you mistress”.

It was the next day when Mistress told me that she only really got her job because she told Master Henry that she fancied him and she had a maid that would do anything for him. “Thank you mistress”. For some reason I was extremely happy for her and Henry, but there was something wrong. Still, I had a happy life with lovely uniforms and maybe one day, I will get some skirts and trousers like Mistress has got.

Still, I am aware she has taught me housework, ironing and other jobs plus bought me the best make up and perfume. I just wish I could get this doubt out of my mind. It's sad I have no school photos of my friends. Plenty of the schools, but none of my friends. I wish I hadn't been so big headed now about how big my chest was compared to the other girls. Now they are too big and apart from being heavy, they get in my way when I am cleaning. I wonder if I could get a breast reduction?

Oh well, I have to carry on working. I have only got the dishes to wash now and I can go to bed. It's not too bad when my master is away. I hate it when I am scrubbing the floor and master comes in and pats me on the bum. But I still giggle “Oooh” and thank him. I don't know why. He tells me I am one beautiful sexy girl, but all I want to do is be left alone and get on with my work so I don't upset mistress.

Sarah's Story

I married Steve and for a while things went well, but then he got to a state where he could not satisfy me. So I took a lover. It turned out it was Henry, the CEO, who promoted me.

I tried to keep the marriage alive, but it didn't work. Anyway, I introduced hypnotism for minor operations at our clinic. We had the best hypnotist turn up so I invited him to our place for a meal..

I volunteered to be tested first and it made me laugh what he made me do. I couldn't remember a thing about it. It was a good job Steve filmed it. When it was his turn he was made to be a chicken. That was good,

However, while he was asleep at the end of his session, I got the hypnotist to set up a system where I could get Steve to do what I want. To make sure there was no mistake, I had to sing “Good Morning Starshine” and Steve would go out like a light. To wake him up I had to sing “Tulips from Amsterdam” This was done so I didn't by accident trigger the sleep command on him.

Unfortunately, each time I wanted him to do something different, I had to reinforce the spell by singing his sleep code. It was fun. I gradually changed him bit by bit until eventually I had my maid. First by getting him to ask for his bra and fake breasts. I divorced him. He signed the papers under hypnosis so all I had to do was go to a solicitor.

When we got him to the clinic and he was securely strapped down and when they had covered his lower face with plaster so he could not talk I had to snap him out of his trance. I loved the look of horror in his eyes when he realised what was about to happen to him. He looked so lost, I felt sorry for him and nearly backed out of the idea of the conversion but then I thought how my needs were ignored. But I thought he would have tried to thank me for getting him the most beautiful nurses and surgeons to look after him.

The only problem I would have had was the night I brought Henry home. I didn't want Henry to know we had used the company's premises and time to convert Steve into Stephanie. He asked if all she could say was “Yes Mistress, thank you”. Of course it was. I implanted that idea on him. Henry liked the way Stephanie was more than attentive and had no hesitation in getting him ready for me. However, when we went to bed and screwed like there was no tomorrow I told him about Stephanie and he was taken aback. He asked how I got Steve to agree to it. When I told him I didn't, he was shocked, but it proved my point that hypnosis can help. I told him about Clara as well.

I have the best of both worlds now. A maid who never complains, all the sex I want and when Henry is away, a maid who will use her tongue on me. What more could I ask for? I suppose that if I got tired of her, I could send her to the clinic to become a cleaner or auxiliary nurse, but at the moment she is an attractive girl who just loves to satisfy men with her mouth. Further more she loves to drain men's balls and watch them lose their strength.

All my male visitors like me, love to see her in her short French Maid's dress with her frilly panties and petticoats quite visible at times. I love the way the back of the dress stands out and bounces up and down as she works and walks, (I can see why men love them) and lets me see her undies. It gives me a sense of dominance over her. I especially like the little white apron at the front,. It's nice and flat on her and to me it represents a sign she is happy to give in to me. I suppose I have made quite a little submissive of her while I have become more and more dominant. Hmm. That gives me an idea. I wonder if she likes being tied up? I can imagine all the men grabbing their cocks as she rolls around in her little dress displaying her panties while trying to escape. I can get the men to tie her up so they get randy. That means I can take them to bed and get rid of theirs and my frustrations. I think I need to start singing again.

I haven't told him of his past. I erased that part of his memory and entered a new past life for him including the girls schools he went to, the teachers and all the jobs he had working in women's clothes shops and how she loved playing netball. As the hormone therapy took hold it as lovely to see her get more emotional. However, she has grown to love her body now. I threw away all photographs of his. And in case you are wondering how he managed to put his part of what happened down, I sang Good Morning Starshine. He wrote it without realising what he was doing. As soon as he said he had finished, the command went back to stop him remembering what he had put.

Her bank account has been closed and all money comes to mine. I've changed her name by deed poll, so for all intents and purposes, Steve doesn't exist any more. Stephanie rules okay?

Soon, Stephanie will start to experience the monthly woes. No, she won't actually lose blood but she will think she is. She will get stomach cramps and get very emotional and short tempered for the week. I shall have to ask, does she want towels or tampons? I'm looking forward to implanting that idea in her head and watch her ask how you use them. If I have to suffer the problem every four weeks, I don't see why my maid should get away with it. I love that song “Good morning starshine”

As she is now getting used to her position in life, and is walking in heels better these days, I might just buy her a nice tight blouse, a very short tight skirt and killer heels so she can walk to town to order the shopping. I think with five or six inch heels she would have a very sexy walk. I would make sure I am around the see her squirm from the attention she gets or should I make her go to town in her French Maid's uniform? That is an interesting situation.

One suggestion Henry had which I think is brilliant is normally Stephanie wears a normal maids dress where I address her as Roberts. I have to tell her when she needs to wear her natty French outfit when she is known as Stephanie. So at Henry's suggestion, as soon as she puts it on, she should have a little French accent. I love it. I'll sort that out in the morning. Henry will be surprised when he sees her in it next time. I look forward to hearing “Oui Mistress or Merci Mistress”. I'm sure Henri will love it as well when she answers him. .

I have just had a sudden thought, when I think she needs a little punishment, I'll log it and let Henry put her over his knees and get her to kick like a girl does who's enjoying herself. That way Henry won't know she hates being spanked either on her bare bottom or with her skirts lifted and over her frilly panties. Of course she will have to thank him for the spanking. I will get great pleasure from seeing her struggle, kicking her legs out, and the best bit is she won't be able to do anything about it so will accept it is normal treatment for a maid. Oh God, I'm getting wet at the thought of it.

To get back to reality, I'll organise a party for the clinic staff so they can come and see what they did. That will be a whole houseful of women who Stephanie will have to serve. And they will be very critical. I will note the complaints and pass them on to Henry. Maybe another time the girls will like to see Stephanie being punished by Henry. What a delicious thought. All the girls baying for Henry to make her bottom sore. Maybe I should get them to tie Stephanie up in the strictest hogtie. It's no good, I am getting worked up at even the thought of this.

Sorry about this, but right now, I have to call for Stephanie as Henry is away and I have my pent up needs that want sorting out. That's Stephanie's fault for doing this. Oh well that is one excuse for Henry to punish her. Goodnight everybody.
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Re: I have the perfect life now.

Unread postby Hypercat » Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:41 am

Sarah is such a horrible woman and she would deserve to be tied to a pole and burned alive on the slowest fire possible.
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Re: I have the perfect life now.

Unread postby icy » Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:20 pm

Written excellently as always, but the plot isn't my cup of tea. :D
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Re: I have the perfect life now.

Unread postby mandytg » Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:12 pm

I have had similar fantasies too. Great story thanks
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