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Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:01 am
by Petrajane
My most recent story, hope you like it. (And yes, I treat myself to an Echo Dot for Christmas).

Selexa, a Tech and S'r'U story.

Barry was bored, he was on a sales trip for his firm and had ended up at a motel in the ass-end of nowhere's Ville, the winter snow had set in and he was stuck in this dump of a town until the snow ploughs could get through the drifts cutting the town off from the rest of the state.

At least the snow had stopped falling long enough for him to get out of the motel and look round the town to see if there were any shops that he could get something to releive the boredom, and perhaps play a little bondage to pass the time away.

He went up and down the single shopping street of the hick town and was about to give up and go back to his motel room to jerk off when he spotted an alley off the main street that he could have sworn wasn't there moments ago. He looked down it and could see a large shop front, far too large for a town this size he thought, but there was not a lot else to do tonight, so he went to look at it.

Barry was amazed at what he saw as he looked in the windows, there were mannequins dressed in leather and latex, even bondage gear and in all sorts of interesting positions and by interesting, I mean bound into working fucking machines as well as a number of items of bondage furniture. In the main store window, there was a display of mannequins dressed in shiny black latex bodysuits, bound and gagged female mannequins, many with oversized breasts and all arranged around what looked like a Amazon Echo. Barry had to know more and before he knew it, he was entering the store.

The store seemed to go back far further than it should be possible for such a small town but he only had eyes for the bound mannequins and the Echo. He stood looking at the very realistic mannequins until he was startled by a "Ahem" from behind him.

He jumped and turned round to see a wizened old man in a strange bathrobe.
"Sorry," he said, "You startled me!"

"Well Barry, do you like what you see? Everything on display is controlled, and indeed comes from, the special edition Echo." The old man said.

"What? Wait, how do you know my name? And what do you mean, comes from the Echo?" Barry stammered.

"Look, it's very simple, this is the S'r'U store and I'm The S'r'U Wizard, so it's magic!" The old gezzer said.

"What? Magic, there's no such thing as magic!" Barry exclaimed.

"Beg to disagree Barry." said the old man who was suddenly behind him having disappeared from Barry's sight as he started to speak.

"So, do you want to spend the rest of your time stuck in this town bored out of your mind waiting for the snow ploughs to get through, or do you want to get one of these special edition Echo's and get to play Damsels Bound in Distress? Hmmm?" The 'wizard' asked.

Barry was tempted for sure, he had after all been looking for something to pass the time whilst he was stuck in this hick town and this 'wizard' seemed to know him and his desires.

"How about a demo of what it can do then?" Barry asked.

"Hmm, ok. Selexa, activate SRU Mode." The old man said.

"Okay. SRU Mode engaged." Said a disembodied voice.

"Selexa, Bind Barry to a chair." The old man said.

"What, wait a..." Barry started to say when he was suddenly sat in a chair that wasn't there a moment ago and leather straps appeared out of thin air and fastened him to the chair so effectively that Barry was unable to wriggle more than an inch or so.

"Okay Barry, to release yourself, just say 'Selexa, undo bindings' or 'Selexa, exit SRU Mode'." The wizard said.

Barry was actually enjoying himself as he was bound far more securely than he had ever managed to bind himself before, but thought he better get out of the store before he embarrassed himself any further by having a massive hard-on so he said "Selexa, exit SRU Mode."

"Okay, exiting SRU Mode." Selexa said and with that, the bindings disappeared and released Barry allowing him to stand and as he did so, the chair also disappered.

"Oh WOW! That is an awesome gadget, how much is it?" Barry asked.

"Well, it's been a quiet week, and it is Black Friday so to you, $100 and it's a bargain, you also get the SRU app to control Selexa."

Barry couldn't get his credit card out fast enough and minutes later, he was the proud owner of a Special Editon Echo with a final warning from the Wizard ringing in his ears as he left the store.

"Whatever you do, don't be in SRU mode over Midnight, if you do, things will be permanent!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Barry mumbled as he left the store and made his way back to his motel to try things out for himself.

Behind him the store, then the alley, simply faded away.

Getting back to his motel, he let himself back into his room, locked the door and made sure the curtains were drawn and plugged the Echo in. He downloaded the Selexa SRY app to his phone and started to set up the app and the Echo.

"So, Selexa, Bind me to a chair!" And no sooner than the words where out of his mouth, then once again, he found himself securely bound with leather straps to a solid chair that wasn't there a moment ago. He struggled to loosen any of the multiple straps securling him to the chair, feeling himself getting harder with each passing moment as the straps might give slightly here and there, but almost instantly tightened and kept him firmly attached to the chair. After what felt like only minutes he ejaculated into his boxers and felt spent.

He sat there for a minute or two whilst he came down from his high and said: "Selexa, undo bindings."

And the bindings disappeared as if they had never been there but his body could still feel their pressures on his skin. He stood to go get cleaned up and as he did so, the chair disappeared as before leaving no trace it had ever been there.

"Oh wow," He thought, "What a superb gadget! Not only can I tie myself up tighter than ever before, but there's no evidence of the straps and stuff left afterward!"

He showered and tired out, he went to bed and slept well, awaking the next morning to see the snow had fallen hard overnight so he was still trapped in this hick town, but now, he wasn't as bothered by his being stuck for he had a new toy to play with.

After breakfast in the local diner he tried to find the SRU store again but now in the light of day, he couldn't even find the alley it had been in.

Returning from his walk, he decided to look through the Selexa app on his phone and see what other things it could do.

Bringing up the app, he started off by looking at the Settings section. He was intriged to spot there was an Add Devices option and upon checking out the descriptions found that he could link his home smart devices to the Selexa app so he could use this to turn off the lights when he was back home and bound he could them tell Selexa to put him in the dark whilst bound. There were also options for Male or Female and Barry wondered what these would result in. It wasn't anything close to midnight so he through he would experiment with the settings.

Changing Sex from Male to Female, he decided to give it a try and said: "Selexa, bind me to a chair!"

No sooner had he spoken then he was back in the chair, tightly bound with the leather straps, but now he was not only dressed as a woman, his body was that of a woman, all slim and curvaceous. He, or she, even had long blonde hair and her firm breasts were straining against the straps securing him to the chair.

"Oh wow!" She whispered, her voice instantly turning Barry on. Her crotch became moist and Barry realised that the change was complete, he no longer had a penis but a vagina and it was throbbing and getting wetter by the moment.

"Selexa, exit SRU Mode." She said.

"Okay. Exiting SRU mode." Selexa's disembodied voice said. Barry was once again released from his bonds and he was male and back in his own clothes again.

"Fucking AWESOME!" He said.

Going back to the app, he looked through the skills available and came across one that he just had to try, a timed vibrator option.

'My God' He thought, "What would that be like as a bound woman to have a vibrator start up inside her vagina? This I HAVE to try!'

"Selexa, Bind me to a chair." No sooner said than done, and Barry was back to being female, wearing a dress and strapped into the magically reappearing chair.

"Selexa, add a vibrator to my vagina, set to go off in 5 minutes, for two minutes, then release me."

"Okay. Adding Vibrator, timed to run for two minutes in five minutes, then release you." Selexa said, suiting actions to words.

"WOW!" Female Barry said as the vibrator appeared filling 'his' vagina, even inactive that nearly tipped him over the edge, but he sat there testing the security of the strapping keeping him in the chair. Every time he thought he had a little bit of movement, the straps re-tightened and he was helpless and was left secure in the chair, 'his' panties getting wetter as 'her' body tried to adjust for the inactive vibrator between his/her legs. Then it switched on! O.M.G! What an experience he thought, then he lost track of his thoughts and simply wriggled in his/her bonds trying to free him/her self, totally lost in the orgasams s/he was being rocked with.

Finally, but just two minutes later, the timer ran out and the vibrator stopped, disappeared and he was released and back to himself, but his penis was rock hard and he was spurting into his boxers yet again.

'Oh, I HAVE got to try this again!' Thought Barry. 'This is incredible.'

A quick dash to the bathroom and a change of boxers later, Barry was ready for the most fantastic time of his life.

"Selexa, Activate SRU mode."

"Okay. SRU mode activated." Selexa's disembodied voice said.

"Selexa, tie me to a wooden bondage frame with pads for my stomach and knees."

"Okay. You are tied to a bondage frame."

"Selexa, add a dildo and vibrator, timed for random ons and offs, finishing after one hour."

"Okay. You have a dildo and vibrator attached. Random timing to finish in one hour."

"Selexa, add a neck collar fastened to the frame, blindfold and gag me."

"Okay, you have a neck collar, blindfold and gag added." Selexa confirmed.

So, there was Barry, securely fastened in place to the heavy wooden frame of a bondage bench, his nylon clad legs knelt on the padded frame, unable to raise his head because of the neck collar and penetrated by both a dildo and anal vibrator, unable to see or make more than a muffled grunt waiting for the timer to kick in.

The vibrator duly kicked in randomly over the next hour as instructed and Barry got everything he asked for, an incredible night of bondage and orgasms and when he finally came round from mind-blowing fucking, he realised that he was still bound to the frame and unable to move.

'WTF? Why didn't Selexa release me after the hour?' Barry thought.

What he had forgotten was to specify Selexa to release him afterward. Not to worry, he could simply ask her now.

"Selexa, release me." He said, or rather he said "ummmhhppggh mmmppghhhgee"

The gag was interfering with his ability to speak, so he tried pushing the gag aside to try again, BUT, like with the straps earlier, Selexa simply tightened up the gag so it stayed firmly in place. Barry was beginning to panic now.

"Selexa, SRU mode OFF!" he tried, but again it came out more like "mmppppphgghgh!"

Barry now started to panic, how the hell was he going to get free, was he stuck until the motel owner came to clear his room once the weather cleared? What was going to happen when they found a female bound like this in what was Barry's room? The police would be called to free the woman secured here, if Selexa would let them free her, Barry would be a wanted man for kidnapping and abusing the woman. Oh Shit!

Time passed regardless and before Barry knew it, midnight had been and gone and he was no longer in the hotel room but he felt hands on his face as someone lifted the blindfold enough for him to see... The Wizard! Barry was back in the SRU store, and he was in the display window among the other mannequins.

"Well, Barry, I did warn you about midnight didn't I? You shouldn't have remained in female form and bound over midnight! Now, well, welcome to my new window display. The others would like to welcome you I'm sure, but they can't talk either now. I'm sure you'll be here for a long time but don't worry, you won't be hungry or thirsty, the magic will make sure of that. Enjoy your new life as another of my displays for some other sucker to get trapped, just like you and all the other mannequins on display!"

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Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:45 pm
by Dianag
Nice story. Classic tale of 'Be careful what you wish for' (Especially if you're thinking with your hormones) !!

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Unread postPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:05 pm
by lanad
I like this scenario very much and only wish it was me, very well written.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:26 pm
by Petrajane
lanad wrote:I like this scenario very much and only wish it was me, very well written.

Thank you.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:26 pm
by Petrajane
Dianag wrote:Nice story. Classic tale of 'Be careful what you wish for' (Especially if you're thinking with your hormones) !!

Thank you.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 1:09 pm
by lanad
Thank you for thanking me, it's a shame that more people don't comment as this is a very good story.

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Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 11:51 pm
by restricted
Where do I buy one? A great story. Easy reading and not hard to understand. Maybe in years to come that will be a reality. It also leads to other ideas. Ones that can be done today. I love the way he is unable to get back to his normal self. How many times have we all done self bondage and found ourselves in a state?

I did it once, got home from work, put one of my uniforms on, put the key outside in the kitchen cuffed my hands in front of me thinking I'd have a half hour sleep. I didn't hear the alarm clock and slept on for two hours, with only a half hour to get dressed and go and pick up my wife. Panic. I'd forgotten where I put the key. I couldn't go dressed like I was. I could tuck the dress into my trousers as I would be in the car, but I would be unable to put a top over the dress so everyone would see me. I finished up pulling my jeans up over the dress and tucking it in as much as I could, nipping out tot the shed in the back garden. putting one of the cuffs in the vice and by using a screwdriver managed to pull the parts of the cuffs apart. Relief.
It was when I got back indoors I saw the key where I had left it. So I now had one wrecked pair of handcuffs. But I did manage tol get to pick the other half up with ten minutes to spare. Good job I was in my nurses uniform as make up is not allowed.


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Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:54 am
by Petrajane
restricted wrote:Where do I buy one? A great story. Easy reading and not hard to understand. Maybe in years to come that will be a reality.

Thank you, THAT is the response I was hoping for! One day Res, one day!