My friend from school 2

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My friend from school 2

Unread postby lanad » Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:27 pm

At school I knew a chap that was very vindictive and a bit of a sadist, but as I sat next to him and over the years we became friends.
I lost touch with him when we left school, then about 20 years later he phoned me up, and as he moved back to the area would I like to have a second drink with him,
He talked about a video that he’d seen and it gave him a hard on and some ideas, and when he was redy he will call me.
He then left me with what was my last pint of beer to finish, needless to say that I was trembling as I still remember his last visit some 6 months ago.
The phone rang 2 weeks later, it was him and he said that he would pop in tomorrow very early at 7 in the morning, and wear just your under garments and high heels.
I’m no fool I dressed as he told me to the previous evening and went to bed, at 7 on the button he rang the door bell and I opened the door, he was dressed as a woman and I can’t say unattractive in fact he was quite beautiful,
He threw his arms around me and gave me a big wonderful hug, in fact it gave me a hard on, when he released me he promptly tied my wrists behind my back so tight that I protested, then he rammed in a ball gag with a leather cover and pulled up the straps as tight as he could and that gave me an even harder erection and it was the end of my conversation with him.
The next thing he did was to tie my elbows together to a point that they were almost touching, the pain from these 3 bonds was constant and I remember stooping and walking around whimpering, don’t be such a cry baby he said I’ve only been here 10 min and we have all day to go and with that he gave me a hard slap around the face, look at me he demanded then gave me a second slap on the other side of my face.
I felt fear rising in me as I never thought that he was like this, he then went outside to bring in a bag of stuff that he brought with him and dumped it on the floor, from which he took a leather neck brace and chin support, and strapped it around my neck, the effect was astonishing as it forced my head back and stopped me from looking directly at him.
He started to rummage in his bag and pulled out some cloverleaf nipple clamps, then pushed me against the wall and pulled my corset top to reveal my nipples, this going to hurt, his smile said it all, fuck, fuck, fuck, was all I could mumble as he tided up my corset top and manipulated the connecting chain to hang on top of my corset where it would be easy to tug.
He led me via a heavy rope attached to my neck via a snap lock in to the next room, he tossed the rope over a beam and pulled it tight, I was pulled upright for the first time and with my head tilted back all that pain was reawakened, he tied of the rope and let me stand for a short time on tip toe, he backed off the rope a bit and left the room.
I kept as still as I could for I feared that if I was to lose my footing I will strangle to death, the pain from my bonds were becoming numb except from the clamps they were sending small stabs of a nice pain to my sex and I’m sure that if he left me any longer an orgasm would occur.
When he returned he was carrying a tray with my best cup and a pot of tea, he placed these on the table, walked to his bag and pulled out a pair of spreader bars, he had to adjust the rope so that he could fit the spreader bars to my ankles and knees, this stress was part of his plan to give me a non orgasm,
He sat at the table and started to talk about rubbish while drinking his tea, by this time my legs were beginning to tremble and I collapsed a few times, it’s a wonder didn’t break my neck.
He got up and unhooked the rope from my neck and snapped it to the strap on top of my head that should make it more comfortable he mumbled, once again he tightened the rope and I must say that it felt a lot better (not).
He continued to drink his fucking tea, then when he finished he stood up and pulled down his knickers, he opened his legs and lifted his skirt to reveal his large cock, he began to rub it slowly he through his head back and started to rub faster and faster, I forgot the pain I was in and my own cock was as hard as a rock, my legs gave way and once again I was hanging by my head.
He stopped what he was doing and left the room again, he returned with a stool from the hall and placed this behind me, undoing the snap lock from my head he helped me to sit down.
Using the rope from my head he tied this to my wrists and began to pull the rope over the beam, as my arms were pulled up I leaned forward to relieve the pain that was building in my shoulders at this point he stopped on account of my screaming and tied it off,
Then as I sat on the stool crouching forward he attached a bungee cord to the beam and hooked a piece of string between the hook and my nipple chain and pulled that tight so as to pull me upright to the point where my arms and shoulders were almost breaking, why don’t you stand up he smirked, he sat down in front of me and began to rub himself again.
As I struggled to stand up he was in ecstasy what with his desire to see me struggling with the impossibility of my situation and the fact that he was dressed desirably and my screaming to overcome the pain was too much for him, he was rubbing himself faster and faster and finally he came.
He shot his load into the palm his hand and continued to rub until he was empty, it’s your fault, I did that because of you, he rummaged in his bag and pulled out a syringe and very carefully began to suck up all the sperm from the palm of his hand, he laid this down on the table.
By now I was standing up he moved closer and kicked the stool away, you fucking bitch he tightened the rope to my wrist just enough to tilt me forwards then he pulled the cord to my nipple clamps tight, suffer bitch and left the room,
My whole body was screaming pain but slowly over time this eased to a numbness that terrified me as I felt that at any moment my legs would give way,
He came back and loosened my gag picked up the syringe and empted the sperm in to my mouth, then retightened the gag and laughed out loud and said do you know what the time is, yes Lana dear it’s only 1ok.
He sat down facing me and then turned on the TV.
He was ignoring me and that is a terrible thing, time slows down to a point where you remember every second and every stab of pain, the trembling in my legs the fear of losing my strength and collapsing and breaking my arms.
The nipple clamps were still painful and sent an arrow of lust all the way to my dick. My legs were trembling and could not feel my arm at all and my back was aching all the time. He was watching the TV and he started to play with himself again.
Are you wired he asked I nodded yes, I shall fetch your lap top and amp, with that he went upstairs and came down with my stuff, he placed the lap top on the table along with the amp and plugged everything inn, connected the wires to my plugs that I had concealed in my corset.
Now he switch it on and asked for the password to the lap top, I was unable to answer on account of the gag that he fitted, so he sat and watched me and stroking his large cock, he fetch an A4 sheet of paper and stated to Wright the alphabet, were going to play a game, I’ll point to a letter and you’ll nod your head, if I point to a wrong letter I will whip you with this and he held up a ridding crop.
I think that you will fall over so I’ll adjust your arm bindings; he undid the support rope and my elbows then my wrists, my arms hung limply by my side they were totally dead.
He gathered my wrists and bound them again but in front of me, then connecting the rope that he used to raise my arms behind me pulled on the rope and yanked my arms as high as they go, then he tied and cinctured a rope around my elbows and my head was trapped behind my arms, my toes were barley touching the floor, now I have your whole body to thrash,
And you will stay like that until I go home and that will be when I’m fully satisfied, and then he picked up the paper and the ridding crop,
Is this the first letter, but I was unable to see as my head was trapped behind my up stretched and bound arms, I felt the searing sting as the crop struck my inner thigh and again on the other thigh,
That’s for not answering me slut, and fuck did it hurt, he held up the paper again but I was still unable to see, whack, it felt like he cut my leg off, whack on the other, tears filed my eyes and he gave me a third whack across my backside.
Your legs are trembling are you having an orgasm, but the stinging from my legs was far too great to even listen to him.
Whack, whack, two of the worst right between my legs, whack right across the base of my stomach. I felt sick and dizzy; he sat down and started to play with himself again.
Judging from the oo’s and rr’s he was going to cum and I could him him getting faster and faster, he let out a big grunt, then silence, whack across my arse whack, whack, whack, my legs whack across my stomach, and two on my crutch, I passed out.
When I came to my mouth was full of his seamen and as I glanced up I could see that my hands were black so I pushed with my legs to take some of the weight of my wrists, that’s when he hit me again and again, then he told me that he had to go, I was frustrated as I think I would have let him fuck me.
He removed the leg and thigh spreader and lowered me to the ground; he undid the elbows and the wrists, if you have anything left you can stim yourself.
He placed the laptop next to me and diapered, I was so desperate to have that climax that I left the ball gag in, needless to say there was nothing left and I was left frustrated and in pain for the whole night, fucker I’ll get you back for this.
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