Maid for the job

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Maid for the job

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“Oh hello. You are awake at last. Thank heavens for that. I thought we had overdone the drugs and killed you. Don’t try to talk. Just listen and I will explain what has happened. We filmed it and I will start the recording up shortly to show you. I don’t suppose you will remember everything. So before you try to talk, which you can’t do as you are gagged, just listen to me. Better still, I’ll get my husband Michelle to explain.”

Michelle stood there looking while our victim struggled hopelessly to try to get free. A big grin came on Michelle’s face. “You are wasting your time. Carol is an expert in tying knots. So I suggest you lie there and take it easy while the glue sets.” She paused, then went on. "Ha-ha, I can see the puzzled look on your face. You want to know what the glue is for.”

Michelle paused for a second and then carried on talking. “A few nights ago you tried it on with my wife and me. You couldn’t have realised we are a couple. Well, we are, and very happily married at that.” She took a sip of wine and carried on talking. “We told you to come back here which you never refused. You thought you were going to use us both for your lust, didn’t you? So we decided to get revenge on you. We gave you a drink mixed with a cocktail of drugs. The first one put you out for the count. You’ve been asleep for two days. While you were asleep we stripped you and removed all of your body hair. I had to laugh when Carol was shaving your privates. She said I mustn’t make her laugh or she might accidentally snip it off. That’s when we came up with the idea. We decided we need a maid to do our housework, so we took a vote and it was two to one that you became the maid. It wasn't our fault you didn’t cast your vote. We tied you to the bed spread-eagled like you are now. We cut your clothes up and burned them. You won’t be needing them anymore. So instead of those boring rough pants you used to wear, you will have the chance to wear soft silky satin panties. I bet you are busting to have them on so you can run your hands over them, aren’t you! Firstly we taped your cock down between your legs and I must admit it looks like you have a nice feminine profile down there now. We had to tape it down and that is where the glue comes in. It takes about 4 hours to dry but we are giving it a day. After which we don’t think it will ever become unstuck. Then we had to pull a panty girdle on you to make sure the tape stuck to you. Once the tape comes off it won’t tug on your skin anymore. We couldn’t do it before as we had to make sure your balls were dry. You were a problem. Your little clitty cock never seemed to want to go down. But we managed to stop it yesterday and that was hard work for us. The only problem which you will have to accept is that you will have to sit to pee in future like us girls do. Still, you will get used to it. The tape comes off in two days as I say, and if it stays stuck down, that is where it will be very likely for the rest of your life. You won’t see what it looks like, thanks to your huge fake breasts. Nonetheless, I have to admit it looks really sexy. We also gave you oestrogen tablets crushed up and injections to make your breasts grow. Real ones are much nicer than those fake ones. Plus of course, your bum and hips will grow as the fat congregates in those areas. Female bums are so much lovelier than men’s ones, don’t you agree? Your skin will start to feel softer and silky. The snag is now it has started I’m afraid it can’t be reversed. But never mind, you will look lovely in the sexy little French Maids uniform. You will be able to show your frilly panties and petticoats off. That’s one advantage of being a girl. Men can’t do that can they! I’ll leave it to Carol explain a bit more”

Carol carried on explaining, “I’ve glued a wig on you that is styled for a maid’s job. I must admit, putting all that make-up on you was lovely. I enjoyed that. Even piercing your ears with a hot needle gave me a thrill. I put Hyper-allergenic pearl ear-rings in for now. You look really beautiful” She held a mirror up and Michelle laughed as the victim was shocked what they had done to him. It was a look of sheer terror.

Carol went on talking, “You will look lovely walking in your high heels. That will make the petticoats and dress sway nicely. I can’t wait to see you in action. Of course, we will have to put a shock collar on you. That stops you leaving the premises. Once you get used to obeying orders we will take the collar off. Until then if you go within a few feet of the edge of our property, it will shock you. Each time it will get stronger and stronger. I’ll show you how to put your bra on along with your suspender belt and stockings. You will love wearing them. It will make you feel sexy. Another thing will be when we get you your own wardrobe, as you know how men go wild when us girls grab the hem of our skirts and wave them about showing our petticoats, you will be able to do that to men knowing you are driving them mad with lust. The first lessons will be how to curtsy and walking in heels. I think you will need at least a five-inch heel so your leg muscles look nice and taught and your panties are well displayed along with your stocking tops. I’d love to wear the uniform but they are too fussy for me. We think you will make a lovely maid. We’ll start the lessons next week, training you how to tidy up, do the cleaning and washing and ironing our clothes plus of course how to curtsy and walking in your heels like the sexy girl you will be. I nearly forgot; you will love it when a man’s big hairy rough hands fondle your breasts and stroke your thighs. Funny how all men love to play with suspenders. You will soon know all about. At least you will know you have a little secret that once they find out will shock them. So you had better make sure they don’t get inside your panties. Well, we will leave you now to have a little sleep and while you are awake, you can think about your sexy future. A lot of men would give their right arm to be where you are right now”

The laptop was connected to the television to show him all what we had done to him. He struggled right until the end and must have realised how futile his situation is so he relaxed. Perhaps he had accepted his fate. Time will tell.

A few hours went by and Michelle returned. “We have decided not to use the shock collar on you. We searched the internet and found a nice maids’ uniform to use as a design, we have ordered one for you. If Amazon is true to their words, it will be here tomorrow. Our friend Dee is a dressmaker and she has agreed to make some for you. There aren’t many people that get that. Bespoke dresses made to measure. We told her to make some in different colours. We chose one with a high neck that zips up at the back. You will love the sensation as you feel the material pulling together when the zip is pulled up. Oh, there’s no need to thank us. Carol has run into the city to get some black satin and cotton materials. Satin is lovely as you will find out no doubt, but once it gets dirty, it needs careful cleaning. Cotton is more durable. I think it’s about time you had something to eat and drink. You can scream if you want, as there is nobody about to hear you so you would be wasting your time”

Our victim was fed and watered and Michelle had to tell him that it would be awkward for him to pee with his cock taped down. She did manage it somehow. “Oh, your poor little clitty. It must be aching by now. Do you call that a cock? It wouldn’t satisfy any woman. What we are doing for you is for the best. Don’t worry you will get to empty your balls now and then. I’ve ordered a couple of strap on dildos for Carol and me so we can penetrate you and massage your prostate. It’s right what they say, you will cum but will get no sensation. I look forward to servicing you. You can tell us what you think afterwards. After you’ve had them sliding in and out of your pussy. Oh God, it’s making me hot thinking about the power I will have over our poor little maid. We will start with the smallest one and gradually build-up to the largest. You will thank us for helping you to get ready for men to make love to you. There are a few other things as well. I won’t explain what they are as it will spoil the surprise. It’s nice to see you still have that fiery spirit in you. The men will love it. But you are wasting your time. All that writhing, wasting your energy. I told you, Carol is an expert at tying people up. I’ll leave you for now to await Carol’s return. You should fall asleep soon as I had put a sleeping draft in the water”

Hours went by before our victim woke up once more. Carol spoke “While you have been sleeping Dee has measured you for your new dresses. She is putting a lock on them so you have to ask permission to remove it and let us unlock the dress on you. We decided to cuff your ankles with a short-chain so you have to swing one foot round in front of the other. That should make you walk with a nice feminine wiggle. Dee has a tattoo artist friend and she suggested we have your lips tattooed right red to save you putting lippy on each day. Michelle and I are not sure as we feel that perfect lipstick is really lovely on a girl and you will soon be an expert at it. The good news is that you can get up tomorrow so we can dress you if the delivery is early enough. I can’t wait to see it. Dee will be coming tomorrow to see what the best length of skirt the uniform should have to give us the best views. Ooh, I can’t wait. I bet you are excited as well”

Michelle joined in, “Hopefully if the delivery is here in good time, Dee will see you resplendent in your uniform. I can’t wait to see you walking in your heels. Maybe we should get some six-inch heels for you. Oh, don’t look at me like that. I’ve read all about men and their fantasies on web sites. They all say they want to be forcibly dressed as a woman. Well, yours is a fantasy come true. You are sooo lucky. We will have to teach you how to speak like a woman as well. That may be difficult but we will persevere and if you fail to talk like a woman then we have suitable punishments for you. I fancy using my paddle on your frilly panty clad bum”

After watering and feeding him, we left him for the night. Just to be sure, he had a sleeping draught and yet more hormone tablets. We want our maid to have nice big breasts. After all, she will be our walking work of art.

The next day, Saturday, we cleaned him or her up, wiped him down with a mixture of body lotion (with hormone cream in it). That made him smell nice and sweet. At 9.30 A.M and there was a knock on the door. Michelle was nearest so she answered the door. It was the delivery from Amazon. She came into the lounge and we unpacked it.

Michelle held it up and we looked at it and giggled. “I’m glad I don’t have to wear it,” she said. Carol agreed and said they should get their new maid up.

Carol spoke when they got to the room holding our captive. “Michelle, sit on her legs so we can remove her panty girdle and tape”. With the ropes untied from his feet, he tried kicking out. Firstly his legs were pushed together, then Michelle sat on his shins while Carol pulled the panty girdle down as far as she could. Carol sat on his thighs while Michelle pulled the girdle off of his feet. Carol removed the tape. “Oh good, your little clitty is well held down now. It’s lovely”

Between the two girls, the frilly panties were pulled up followed by the sheer black stockings. It was noticed that all resistance had gone so we got our spreader bar instead of a chain and locked it to his ankles. Once that was secured, his hands were released. Michelle spoke. “You can run if you want to but you won’t be very fast and it is now at freezing point. You will be very cold. I wonder how far you will get before hyperthermia sets in?”

He was helped to stand up and Nichelle wrapped a corset around him. Between the two girls, as the laces were pulled tight, it was noticed that his waist was made about a half-inch smaller. They didn’t want to overdo it on the first day. The stockings were clipped to the corset. His G sized fake breasts were slipped into the cups. The net petticoats were pulled up to his waist. We got him to hold his hands up while we slipped the dress down and smoothed it out on him. We saw him shudder as the zip was pulled up behind his back. The click of the lock holding the zip up to her collar sounded like a canon and she jumped a little. Surprisingly she never asked what the noise was. Carol tied the pure white cotton apron around his waist with a lovely bow at the back and smoothed it down at the front. “Wow. I love it. Very sexy and demure at the same time. A marker of a being a sub. Let’s get the make- up done”. A half-hour later and our maid stood there in her 5-inch heels wearing full makeup. She looked really beautiful. We both agreed the outfit suited her. The dress was short and flared out nicely revealing all her (or should I still say his at the moment) petticoats and when she bent down, we have a lovely glimpse of her panties.

Then there was a knock at the door. We ordered our maid to answer it. She refused so we told her she will be punished anyway for refusing to go and even more if she doesn’t do it. The argument came back pleading not to make her go to the door dressed like that. “Maids do not have the right to answer back. Now go or I’ll double the punishment you will get” Michelle screamed at her. Begrudgingly he started to leave for the door when Carol shouted at him “Have you forgotten something?” Carol shouted at him. He gave a puzzled look “You forgot to thank your mistress and curtsy to her” He quietly thanked Michelle and gave a little bob. “That will do for now. Now open the door” Michelle said as the knock came once more. We watched with fascination as the spreader bar made her walk with a bit of a waddle. The little dress and petticoats were swaying around her body as she twisted her hip to allow her to walk although rather awkwardly and slowly. “Isn’t that a beautiful sight? Really sexy. I could smack that bum quite easily” Michele quipped. Carol agreed.

Then we heard the scream of delight. It was Dee who was shocked at the sight of our maid. She wasn’t expecting it quite so early. Dee followed our maid into the lounge. “Did she curtsy when she opened the door?” Michelle asked. Dee replied that she didn’t. “That’s another punishment for you young lady” The smirk on her face belied that Michelle did want to punish her.

Dee said we should get straight to business. She said she would make the dresses for nothing as long as she could come and enjoy the spectacle and maybe bring some of her girl-friends. Of course, both Michelle and Carol agreed immediately. Dee went on talking. “I’ll make one in pale blue, one in royal blue and a nice pink one. What do you think?”

Michelle shouted at her. “She wasn’t asking you. Maids don’t have opinions. They only do as they are told”. It was agreed that the colours were perfect. Dee said that the dress she was wearing could do with being a little shorter. The reply was it would be good to have different lengths which Dee agreed she would make. Our maid stood there shaking as Dee measured the length from the waist to the hemline. It all went well. To be honest, it did for us, but our maid wasn’t too happy. You could see that in her sad eyes. Dee pinned the skirt part up and asked what we thought. Each time, she took it up a little more. By the time an hour had gone by, all the measurements had been taken for different lengths of dress and were agreed.

Then Dee asked a question. “Have you got a name for her?” We looked at each other and said no at the same time. Carol suggested Gladys. Michelle came out with Susan, then Erica.

“No, as she is a French Maid, she needs a French name. How about Fifi?” We looked at each other and thought that was perfect. It’s also used for dogs and really Fifi wasn’t much further up the ladder than a poodle. Dee carried on talking “She should speak with a French accent as well” We both agreed with that. It sounds so sexy. So we asked Fifi what she thought. She answered straight away that she didn’t like what we had done to her or asking her to accept the name or speak with a French accent. The trouble was she spoke in her normal voice. “That’s it. Over my knee for a sound spanking now girl” Michele screamed at her. Carol and Dee grabbed her and held her fast as Michelle firstly smacked her bum with her hand and then a paddle. Finally pulling the frilly panties down and smacking her bare bottom. Each of the other two girls took it in turn. She was crying her eyes out by the time they had finished. “Now will you do as you are told, Fifi?” Michelle screamed at her.

All three girls stood there grinning at Fifi’s misfortune. “Yes” “YES what?” screamed Michelle, “Another paddling Fifi” “Please no, Mistress” she cried with a French accent while tears run down her face ruining her makeup. “That’s better Fifi. I’ll let you off this time, but this is the last time. Now go and freshen up and bring us a coffee” Sometime later, our maid returned hobbling very carefully not to spill the drinks, thanks to the spreader bar. And then handed us our coffees before thanking us in a nice French accent and giving reasonable curtsy. “The kitchen floor needs scrubbing. There are some cushions you can kneel on and scrub it spotless. Off she went after thanking Carol for allowing her to work and she curtsied nicely.

About ten minutes later, we went into the kitchen to find Fifi on her knees, her panties and petticoats on display to us. All three of us found it hard not to burst out laughing. Dee spoke up, “The girls will love coming to see Fifi in her uniform scrubbing the floor. Some of them have had to wear these outfits for their boyfriends and husbands so it will be sweet revenge for them. They might want to hire her. I love the way she wiggles her bum as she works.”

Eventually, Michelle pointed out that as Fifi had done so well and they had enough film of her which made her look shocked. “You never saw the hidden cameras? No, I suppose you didn’t. You have been too busy being sexy. Well, unless you carry on working as our maid, we will throw you out in the street dressed like you are, and that will raise a few eyebrows to see a French maid when it is now minus two centigrade. You would soon freeze and not only that, if you managed to stay alive or at least not get raped, we would put your films all over the media. Your life would be ruined. If you decide to stay you can choose a new name as long as it’s French. Think about it and let us know in the morning”

The morning came and the girls got up to find a hearty breakfast waiting for them. “So you’ve decided?” Michelle asked. “Oui Madam. I have decided there is nothing out there for me and here I am made to feel wanted” Fifi replied. Carol spoke up next, “Have you chosen a name? Come over here and let us take that spreader bar off”

“You do realise that you will have to obey every order without question” “Oui Madam. Thank you, I will do as ordered” “So what is your name?” “I have chosen the name Collette madam” “That’s a nice name. Collette, it is then” The spreader bar was removed.

Michelle spoke to Collette quietly. She told her the girls have got to go out today so she must accept what had to be done. Collette did not understand, but both Michelle and Carol knew she would soon find out.

After breakfast with all the washing up done, Collette asked if she could have a longer uniform as she was embarrassed with the short one she was wearing. “Sorry Collette, you are thinking like a girl now. But I’m afraid we love you in it so you will have to accept that is all you are going to get. You are so sexy”

At ten Collette was ordered to stand with her back to the bannisters rail at the bottom of the stairs. Carol pulled her hands behind her and quickly tied them up. Michelle tied her feet together while Carol wound the rope around her chest and the bannister. “This is to make sure you stay here. We won’t be long. There is no need to gag you as there is no one about to hear you”.

Collette stood there unable to move and watched as the two girls left her on her own struggling as much as she could, but Michelle was right, Carol knew how to tie knots. Three hours later, she was still fastened as tight as ever. In her mind, Collette was cursing the girls.

Another hour and the girls turned up. They were not alone. Dee was there with her friends. Immediately they pounced on her in her helpless position, laughing and mocking her with things like “I couldn’t wear something like that”. “It’s something you only wear for fancy dress parties”. “She looks ever so sweet”. “She really looks helpless and vulnerable” “She needs a well-built man to come and service her. I’d love to see that” “She’s making me feel hot. I wish I was in her position, unable to defend myself”. “The ropes don’t look tight enough. It looks like she can escape at any time” With that the girl who said that retied the ropes holding Collette to the bannister even tighter. Now Collette was unable to move a muscle. Carol told her they didn’t do it that tight as she would be there for some time. The girl replied, “My boyfriend loves tying me up and he gets even randier when I am completely unable to stop him” The girls all agreed that when they look at films where the girl is tied up, the tighter they are bound, the more excited their boyfriends seem to get.

They kept lifting the skirt to look at her knickers and petticoats and mocking they were far too fussy for them. Eventually, Carol released her so she could serve them with a few drinks. The girls were in fits of laughter as Collette started to walk. Dee agreed with us, Collette suited her. “It’s a nice name. I’m glad she chose it. It shows HE is accepting his new feminine role in life” All the girls laughed and Collette blushed crimson red.

In the course of the afternoon, Collette found her bum was being patted which caused her to jump. But she did like it, and couldn’t understand why real girls got the hump over it.

In the course of the afternoon Collette found her bum was being patted which caused her to jump. But she did like it, and couldn’t understand why real girls got the hump over it.
By the time the evening came, Collette was good at walking and enjoyed the attention that she was getting from the girls.

Then Michelle told him the truth, “We haven’t been giving you Oestrogen. No female hormones. We only tricked you. The glue will come undone thanks to your sweat. Your clothes are in the shed. You are free to go, but we would like to see you again, Collette. What do you say?” All the girls chipped in and agreed with Michelle. Collette was lovely. They would like her to work at their place now and then. “We could have a weekly party with Collette as the star” Carol chipped in. The girls agreed that would be lovely and they would also help find him normal skirts for his own wardrobe he could leave at their abodes.

Finally Collette was asked what she thought. “Did you enjoy it?” Collette admitted she did and would love to go along with it. A girl said she would love to be dressed forcibly like that and tied to Collette back to back some days and on others facing each other. Carol whispered to the others that in the summer, they should go for a picnic and make the pair of them serve them. The food and drinks would be left in the car so they had to walk back to get if in front of the crowds. The rest of the girls thought it would be great. The girl and Collette kept trying to find out what they had in store for them but were only told they would find out.

One girls asked one more question, “Would you mind if I tie you up when you are dressed as a female?” All the girls looked at her and Collette and after a minute the reply was “Would you like me to buy the rope. By the way, I have to tell you, the glue came unstuck after a day so I had to stick my cock down myself every day” Michelle looked at her and said “And you didn’t tell us. Over my knee NOW and when I’ve finished, each of the girls can give you a good spanking. After that, I will use my paddle” Collette went over Michelle’s knee and her bum was soon feeling nice and warm.
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