Madam Sin’s Emporium.

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Madam Sin’s Emporium.

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My name is LiXiu Sin Yeung. For professional purposes I use the name Madame Sin. Hence the name of my shop. Madam Sin’s Emporium. I was born In Bejing and emigrated here when I was two. I have a Chinese Mother and a German Father. I am exceptionally tall for a Chinese girl. I am just short of six feet. My father moved us here and we have gone from strength to strength. My parents went on a cruise when I was eighteen and the ship sank and they were never found. So I was all alone in the world. However, my father had them both well insured so I looked at how to make money and using the insurance as collateral, I built up my empire. I have friends in China who make things for me as well as friends in Germany now. They too make things that I sell. Needless to say, I make a vast profit. I have shops in every country, but this is still my favourite. Over the time, I have bought this warehouse and a farm out in the country. The warehouse is old, three stories and a massive cellar. Each floor sets out something different as my customers find out. To visit, you have to make arrangements, pay £10 in advance to which you get a £20 voucher which you can use at any time or send as a gift.

My staff are all female. I give them a uniform of a tight silver latex cat-suit. I notice men like it as soon as they see them, it is obvious they have reactions. The uniforms show the empowerment women have over men. All the women customers love them. When they are in the front of the shop, they have masks as well, so no one knows who they are. Once in the back of the shop and on other floors of the warehouse, they remove the mask. As soon as customers come in, we give them a mask to cover their faces if they want it. Most do until they become regular customers. The girls themselves are all trained in self-defence in case things get out of hand, but as it has never happened to date, I don’t tell the customers.

That is my history. I will tell you what happened to me. I’m afraid technology is not my forte. That’s why I have people setting things up for me. It all started in the week leading up to Christmas. People had bought all their presents and things had gone quiet. Although I paid my staff for the week, I let them have every other day off, one half of the staff at a time. On the other hand, I would still be around in my flat so anybody who wanted to be locked up would know I was around.
This day in particular, we had a stranger come into the shop. I knew he was coming of course as he had phoned. I was busy stock taking when he arrived. He bought the voucher and asked for a tour of the warehouse. I told him, that I would get one of my girls, Andromeda, (I give them all names so they can’t be recognised) to show him round once I knew what he wanted. The ground floor contains clothing, handcuffs and such like.

It was music to my ears to hear he had won a lot of money. I asked what his scene was. He said he would like to look around but he fancied being forcibly dressed as a girl and tied up. I told him whatever he wants we can arrange, for a fee, but there would be no sex involved, and he agreed to that. I decided to go with them so I could ask questions about his ideal. He told us he didn’t want to say. He liked the idea of being jumped on, stripped, completely dressed and left bound, dressed like a woman.

I explained we do all sorts here. “The top floor is for adult babies. People pay by the day. Some by the week. We have one little baby girl in residence here. He doesn’t know it yet, but his wife has taken his clothes away and is taking him home dressed like that. He has been here a month. He was a director of his own company. However, he cheated on his wife so she taught him a lesson. She has taken over the running of the company and has lots of men friends if you know what I mean. She has been away and is now decorating his bedroom into a nursery for a baby girl. She has told me he will never get beyond being a three year old baby. I showed her a letter from a woman who took over a company from her husband and turned him into a mini skirted secretary. She was not interested. She liked the idea of him having to lie there as a baby listening to her moans of ecstasy with another man. She even bought a baby alarm to make sure he could hear her.
I had never noticed before how the Lycra showed the muscles movement in the girls, and I could see how men get caught and love them. I’m glad I was given the idea. I had to admire Andromeda’s lithesome body. Well-toned with taut muscles that flexed under the Lycra as she sauntered towards us. She had her mask on, so only her eyes and mouth were visible.

“As you can see, we have babysitting services. The girls dress up as nurses to feed and burp and change them when the time comes. That really empowers them to take over the control of the men. There are also some women that like to be tied up as well. As a matter of fact, we are in the throes of wrapping a woman up like a mummy and putting her in a sarcophagus. We can go there shortly. The girls are dressed as Egyptian priestesses. They will let me know when they are ready. We are filming it. You should find it interesting. Ahh my phone is ringing so they must be nearly ready. We have to go down to the cellar. Come, let’s go”

I’m not into women, but looking at Andromeda’s perfect bum as her legs moved and her body swayed causing the cheeks of her bum to be even more noticeable and I understood why some women are attracted to other women. Fortunately Andromeda and the other girls asked for sheer G string V string thongs so there was no panty line to ruin the look. I could see me getting some polish out if she wore black Lycra just to polish her bum. I noticed the man couldn’t keep his eyes off of her either. Thanks to Andromeda, I knew immediately we had a customer and from what he told me, a lucrative sale was coming. Andromeda was going to get a bonus.


We went through the door and down the stairs where, Galaxy, Aurora, Titania, Venus and Ophelia were just finishing the wrapping. One of the girls wore a priest’s headdress on so even I couldn’t tell who was doing what. They all had some sort of mask on. The man looked closely. By now he wasn’t worried and removed his mask. The girl on the wrapping table looked up at him with pleading eyes. She could only make mmming sounds. One of the girls wrapped some more bandages around her mouth and taped it down. The girl was lifted off of the wrapping table to a stretcher and carried high on their shoulders to a waiting sarcophagus. She was writhing try to do the impossible and escape. The priest said some words and the girl was lowered into the sarcophagus. It was only then the man noticed two women standing close by. They were watching intently.

Slowly the heavy lid of the sarcophagus was lowered over her, blocking all light from her view. She really struggled to try and stop them from lowering it, but of course she couldn’t. Some catches were pulled out from the lid and the base and locks were inserted, closed and sealed with bees wax. The two women came over, so the man asked them, “Did she want this?” They told him she did. He had to ask the obvious question “why did she struggle then?” They had told her that they had decided that instead of her being there one day, they are paying for a long time of which they had not decided, so the pair of them could become an item and forget her. I told him that when the locks were closed, she would hear that in her tomb and know she is stuck, possibly forever. However, by tomorrow at ten, she will be released. But she would know the horror that mummified women went through. The women and the girls who wrapped her up decided it was time for a drink. I agreed and we all went back to my little hospitality room I used for such occasions. We had a drink and the two women said they will see us tomorrow. The man said he would love to come back to see what she looked like in the morning. It was agreed he could. The women had been using my shop for years so we were on best of terms. The women left, so Andromeda, the man and myself continued with our tour.

The man told me that he had noticed how the cellar was divided up. I replied that it was so we could do different things at the same time. On girl wanted to be chained to the wall like the woman in the film The Pit and the Pendulum. Then she wanted to be boarded up alive. We could hear her screaming once she realised it was for real and she was trapped. We left her there for a few hours and then went back to release her. The look of horror on her face once she thought she was going to be left there because we had told her we would plaster over the boards so no one would know she was there.

I showed him one cell I use. I have these leather handcuffs with a metal back. I stand in a cell, close the doors but obviously I can’t lock them. They have to be done from the outside. I spread my arms and call Alexa, “Alexa, lock” and the power to the electro magnets turn on and I’m there until such time as I get bored and call for them to turn off the magnets.

One girl wanted to know what it was like being buried alive. We don’t do that here. She was put in a coffin with a glass panel and taken to my farm and buried for twenty minutes. It cured her of that fantasy. She honestly thought we were going to leave her in the ground. We could have done as no one would have found her once we had covered her grave with a haystack. The look on her face when she realised she was lowered into the ground was a sight to see. Horror films aren’t as good.

The first floor was full of cages. In one was a naked girl on her hands and knees. She had no room to move. Her head is covered with a dog mask. There’s something in it that holds her tongue down so all she can do is make a poor attempt at a bark and whining. Her hands and knees had what looked like dogs paws. Obviously she could not use her hands to undo the lock to the cage. Her anus was covered by a tail.

On a cross there’s a man in nothing but short sports shorts and a deprivation mask. The girls keep taunting him by rubbing his cock over the shorts. His murmurs of frustration were quite evident. I told the man that this was the closest to sex I would ever allow. He never knew which one was kissing his chest as well as his thighs and teasing him.

In two heavy cupboards, next to each other, both with strong hinges and padlocks on the doors is a couple. One person in each cupboard. So close and yet so far away. You can hear them sobbing as the realisation had sunk in. The pair had an affair and his wife and her husband plotted revenge. They were going to run away. They will be in the cupboards for another week, only released to be fed, watered and cleaned up. Their leather straps holding them in bondage are never undone. Neither is allowed out at the same time as the other and once out, they are blindfolded. The only view they get of each other is to see the heavy doors holding the other prisoner.

I had to tell him things are quiet as it is leading up to Christmas. The gibbets are empty. He looked at them. There is a man’s and a woman’s one hanging in the air. They can be raised or lowered as thought fit. I had to ask the man if he had noticed anything else. He replied he had noticed a square panel in the floor with a recessed ring in the middle. He had then looked up and seen a pulley fixed to a beam, and had wondered about it, but with so much information coming his way, he forgot to ask, so I put him in the picture. “It is a private cell a woman paid for it to be built. We lift the slab and pull her cage out, stick her in the cage, naked, then we lower her into the hole and put either that slab back on top or a grate so she could see everyone walking over her cage. We did find that when she had the slab back on top she was playing with herself, so we tried to see if handcuffs would stop her by fastening her to the bars of her cage. That would have been a surprise for her; she wouldn’t be able to touch herself any more but it meant the cage wouldn’t fit into the hole, it was such a tight fit. We had to let her enjoy herself that time but realised the best solution was to have a partition we fitted once she was in the cage. She couldn’t indulge in her sexual fantasies for relief but was able to reach up still. She had never been in the cage when the solid lid was lowered. It was lovely to watch her trying to stop us putting the heavy lid down sealing her off from the world. We didn’t leave her there for long as we removed the lid once the girl was suspended above her and replaced it with a grating so she could look up.

One girl wanted to be hung up in a ballerina’s tutu like a Christmas fairy. We use that same pulley for her. Only twice has she had to look up under the girl’s ballerina tu-tu. It drove her mad watching the girl swaying away while she was unable to do anything to relieve herself. I decided it was time to let those who wanted to go home for Christmas get dressed and leave. The man came with me and he saw for himself how everybody enjoyed themselves.

Eventually we finished the tour and discussed what he wanted. In my office I wrote down his requirements. It was arranged. He would come back after Christmas and spend his New Year’s Eve dressed as a woman, securely locked in one of the cells in the basement while chained to the wall. I e-mailed the girls to let them know what was going to happen and got replies back that they all wanted to get involved. None of them had ever done that before.

As there was nothing to do at the farm for now, I decided to stay in town for Christmas and visit friends. That would also allow me to keep an eye on my “guests” via the hidden cameras and my mobile phone. Oh, that’s handy. Someone has just phoned to see if they could rent my house for Christmas for a family get together. That will give me more money as well. I have agreed so I will have to stay in my flat. I’ll have to get some drinks in.


That is Christmas over and done with. I’m just waiting for my regular customers to come back, but I don’t expect them until after the New Year really.

Two days go by and the man turned up. He said he would pay for everything. He didn’t want to be given a choice how he was dressed. He would buy his clothes here and then be dragged to the cell. I told him to return in three days so I can check if the other girls will be available. They all said they would come in and not get paid if they could have the choice of how to dress him. Aurora and Ophelia had never dressed a man as a woman before. They said they were looking forward to it. I arranged taxis for them so we could have a stiff drink at a conference. To decide what needs to be done. I invited the man again but he was to turn up two hours after the girls. They would not tell him what they had decided they will do to him. He told me he was happy with that. I said it would be costly and he replied, “Money is no object”.

The very next day the girls turn up and we decided what he should be dressed as, but we would need his permission. When he turned up, we told him he would be dressed as the girl in the iron mask, chained to the wall in a dusty cell for all eternity. He asked what clothes he would be wearing and I told him it was for us to decide. He readily agreed. As long as he is jumped on and forced into women’s clothes. Titania said that should be no problem.

The day before New Year’s Eve was the agreed day. He had to report here at 10 so we could work on him. But before he went we had to make a mask for him. Galaxy, who was into modelling and sculpturing made a mask out of wax. She oiled his face to stop the wax from sticking to him, put a wig on his head and bathing cap. He did ask why and she told him he will find out in time. Once the wax was dry it was smoothed out so it fitted perfectly and the outside was nice and smooth as well. Once that was dry and hardened, she removed it from the man who still hadn’t given us his name, and told us she will make a resin mask and spray it to look like chrome. The man agreed.

Galaxy must have been up all night as she phoned the next morning to tell me she had the mask completed. It had been made using resin laced with twisted wires for strength. The wearer would be able to breathe but not talk. It had been sprayed with a chrome spray to make it look like metal. The nose would be covered with holes for his nostrils. Only the eyes would be seen. The mouth had lips but with tiny holes to let air through with a part to hold the tongue down. Before the man turned up, he phoned to say he was on his way. The girls are ready for him. They are all grown girls so I know they won’t be embarrassed about seeing a naked man. From his phone call, I had to ask him what his name was. I knew I had heard it somewhere before. Some sort of politician.

He arrived gave me his card and let me process it. All he had to do then was accept the bill and enter it. He hadn’t had a chance to turn round when he was jumped on by the girls, stripped and before he knew it, he was dressed like a middle ages wench. He had the wig fitted and then the mask was put over him, the back closed and locked and he was dragged away to a cell where he was chained to the wall. All I could see was his eyes as I shut the cell door on him. As we weren’t expecting anyone else I told the girls to go and have lunch and I’ll see them the next day. They left and I decided to try self-bondage in my cell. Cuffs on and locked, I put my hands against the magnets and said “Alexa, power on”. I was held captive knowing the man was in the next cell. By me knowing he was there makes me hot and needing to relieve my tension, but of course I can't thanks to these cuffs.

That is where it all went wrong. Three men burst in and gagged me. They locked the cell door leaving me unable to tell Alexa to switch the magnets off. I was held fast. I was worried now. Some time went by before the girls entered my cell. They laughed at my predicament but released me. I said we had better phone the police and they asked why? I told them we had been robbed. They told me they had seen the men hanging around so hid until they saw them pick the shop door lock and enter. They followed them in and I would now find them in different cells. One in that cage with the lid firmly on. Another hanging up and the ring leader in the coffin. He was banging and screaming to be let out so we thought we would teach him a lesson and bury him for a while. Then I remembered people were staying at my farm so we settled for chaining him to the wall and boarding him up, giving the impression we were going to plaster over the boards and go away for a month leaving the three of them there.

Within 20 minutes all three were moaning they wanted out. So we decided to let the police know before we released them. The police turned up and wanted to prosecute me for running a brothel. The men were taken away. I realised who the man was and went back and spoke to him. Once his mask was off he was quite amicable and true to his word eventually stopped any charges against me. As they say, “It’s now what you know, it’s who you know”. Especially with the CCTV footage we have of him dressed as a middle ages woman. The photo of him locked in the cell helped as well.
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