Revenge is best served cold

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Revenge is best served cold

Unread postby restricted » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:53 am

I should have cottoned on what was to happen yesterday, but it was set up over twelve months and I never realised. Rosie has proved herself more cunning than I suspected. Mind you, it was enjoyable, even if boring at times. I’ll explain the whole history of our relationship. To cut a long story short, we planned to get hitched and moved into a large house that we share with six other girls. I am the only male in the house and Rosie was worried at first. Yes they are all gorgeous and great fun. Rosie was annoyed at first when they kept asking me to put up shelves and other things, but after a few months, when she realised nothing was going to come of it, she relaxed, and the girls actually do a better job of handiwork than me these days.

The one good thing is we all hold parties in our flats and have a great time. In fact, it is perfect, but Rosie and I know we have to move out one day, however, we would like to keep in touch with them. There is a hotel nearby so we can stay there when they have a party. The cheeky cows, on one occasion, decided to find out (with Rosie’s blessing of course) what turns a man on using me as a guinea pig. We all had to sit down with a pen and paper and write down what we think would get a man really turned on. Of course I wrote the usual stuff about seeing girls in bikinis which led to them sunbathing in the garden that summer wearing the skimpiest outfits they could find. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There, on my list was the usual ultra-tight mini-skirts, women’s armed forces uniform’s, nurses, air cabin crew, police women’s uniforms etc. One thing that shook them was the fact I had put dirndl outfits. I love those outfits on the girls. Most feminine garments I can think of.Once that had been completed, we had to write what we thought would turn women on. I put a smart suit, clean shaven, muscular bodies, thinking of films I put uniforms down.

Question one, the girls put more or less what I had put but they added tennis outfits with frilly panties. When we were talking about it after a couple of them said they had played tennis as partners against their boyfriends and they had noticed that whenever they changed ends, so did the male on lookers which made sure they leaned over displaying their frilly undies. They laughed afterwards at the thought of all these men getting an ache and having to rush home to toss themselves off.

Question two, they agreed with me about what men can do to turn them on, but they did add Speedo’s, tight trunks and short shorts. Some said they did not like the baggy shorts they wear today. Surprisingly, kilts were also mentioned. “Easy Access”, as one put it. I didn’t think they would like to see a man in a skirt, but they jumped down my throat. “It isn’t a skirt”.

The months went by and the parties went on. At least every two weeks we had another party to go to. This is where Rosie had got the idea to be more adventurous in our sex life. I had to go away for a couple of days and she had been talking to the other girls. It was hot summers evening when I got back from the conference. I had a shower and Rosie told me we were having a party in the garden. Thinking of the girls in their bikinis, I was up for it. I took a shower and Rosie called out that my clothes are on the bed. Once dry I wandered into the bedroom to find an athletic slip and a pair of running shorts. I said I can’t wear them in front of the girls but she argued “Why not? You ogle them in their outfits and it would do me good to know you are making the girls as well as me rather hot. It shows that you are still fit as far as us girls are concerned. Remember at that party, where they all said they liked to see short tight shorts on a man. ”

I figured she was right, so what the heck, I put the slip on and then pulled the shorts up tight over them. The front is flapped over the back half so if I move carefully, they will be able see more of my thigh. If it is a man’s leg they want to see, then that is what they will get. “I feel like a right burke and very vulnerable” I told Rosie. She replied I looked hot and she won’t be able to keep her hands off of me tonight. I got a bottle of Prosecco from the fridge and took it into the garden. Immediately all the girls looked at me. I got admiring glances from them and quite a few comments. “Wow, we have our eye candy” one of them said.

It was quite a great afternoon and the wine and food flowed freely. We went indoors as the sun went down and I said I would go and get changed. Rosie told me “Don’t you dare. We want you to stay as you are”. In the flat, I was grabbed and before I knew it, my hands were cuffed behind my back. “There, now you will have to stay as you are” she said, putting the key into her bikini bra. I couldn’t get out of the room and had to stand there while the girls kept rubbing my bum and over my cock. Rosie stood there grinning. I had a few playful spankings as well.

Needless to say, we got back to our flat, Rosie undid the handcuffs and we enjoyed intense sex where even Rosie had a violent orgasm. Happy to say that this became a regular occurrence for us. Very much enjoyable. We took turns to restrain the other and have our evil wicked way with each other. Rosie did mention that the girls were going to a party and she would like to go. I disagreed and no more was said. I forgot all about it. We went to an auction some weeks later and bought some high backed dining chairs. They are sturdy and rather lovely to look at.

Time went by and there was many more parties. Things slipped out of my mind. The weekend came up and Rosie suggested that she tied me to the chair and could impale herself on me. Wow. I was up for that. Rosie held my shorts up and I went and changed into them. Rosie stared by tying my hands to the rear legs of the chair. My ankles were tied to the front legs. My knees were tied holding them apart with the rope going under the chair. Ropes were wrapped around the chair and my stomach. Then I felt her tearing some tape off and before I knew it she had wrapped it around the ropes holding my hands to the chair. My ankles followed.
“Open your mouth” I did as she told me and I was gagged with a ball gag. Before I knew it, Rosie had put a blindfold on me. My excitement was rising. I wondered what she was doing. I could hear her moving about but couldn’t work out exactly what she was doing. “When are you going to try to escape?” That wasn’t part of it. I tried to escape and heard her laugh at my useless attempts to get free.

I had no idea how long I was stuck like this. I could still hear her moving about. At the time I had no idea what she was doing. I was about to find out. The gag was removed and then the blindfold. “I’m going to the party with the girls. No point in shouting as the girls will be with me. Have fun. I’ll show the girls why you have agreed to me going with them. Anyway, I have to go now”. There was a knock on the door and Rosie brought the girls in. They laughed at my predicament. Each and every one gave me a peck on the cheek, laughed and said goodnight. “Just so you don’t get bored, I’ll put the television on for you. Now girls, what channel should he watch?” I thought there was some good films on so she would let me see them. Oh no, it was a woman’s shopping channel she put on and the only break from shopping was a half hour program of how to apply the perfect make up. Even that was repeated every ninety minutes. I had to sit there and watch as they all left and Rosie locked the door behind her. By the time Rosie and the girls came home, I was aware of all the make-up manufacturer’s, their ranges and even knew the names of most of the red and pinks they gave their lipsticks.

They stood around laughing at me. I was not amused, but when the girls left, Rosie made up for my torment. She gave me a blow job to get it nice and stiff and then settled down on me. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I didn’t say anything to her. Revenge is best served cold. Rosie got more adventurous. It had to be the girls telling her what they get up to. So six weeks later, I decided Rosie had forgotten about me telling her that I was going to tie her up. When I did, she was up for it. She put her bikini on as I requested and laid on the bed. She had no idea what I had in mind. It didn’t take long for me to have her stretched spread-eagle to the legs of the bed. I am into electronics in a big way. So she would not see what I was about to do to her, I blindfolded her but never gagged her. I knew her friends had gone out and wanted to hear her moan.

With the aid of my laptop, a microphone taped to the headboard, some wire, a relay and a vibrating egg, my revenge was set up. I knew she was going to be screaming before long. Rosie does scream loudly when she has an orgasm as I found out. I wired the egg to the laptop, sorted out a program that when she started to groan, the sound would cut off the power to the egg. Then wait ten minutes and start again.

I slipped the egg into the knickers of her bikini, pulled the bra top up. I didn’t see why I couldn’t enjoy myself as well, and once she started to breathe a little deeper, turned the egg on. With the aid of a stopwatch I found she only took eight minutes to switch the computer off. But then again I thought that it was because I had been playing with her. I was right. The next time took twelve minutes. I watched as Rosie bucked against the ropes trying to get more pressure from the egg. She was about to cum when, yes, I had to grin when it switched off once more. Rosie sank back as the realisation she was not going to be able to cum this time. However, I had decided that I had better watch her to make sure she didn’t cum earlier. But after two hours, she had settled into a rhythm of taking eleven minutes, so I knew I could leave her and get on with what I was doing.

After another hour, Rosie was swearing. She screamed at me to let her cum or release her. I told her she had kept me tied up for five hours so she had another two hours at least to go. I also told her that I was enjoying watching her and might make it last all night. What she shouted was unprintable. I couldn’t help but grin.
I told her I was going to the pub so she should be free to cum if she can. My program was working well. It would run until Rosie started to get louder in her breathing or screaming and stop. I could vary the intensity of her groans to switch off the egg. (Maybe I should work on a automatically variable level of pitch so she might not even get to where she starts breathing too deeply. That way she will never know if this time she will get to cum or not get any sensation at all). Then as I say, it would wait for ten minutes before starting all over once more. Maybe a variable vibration level might be fun for her as well. I’ll look into that.
When I got back from the pub, Rosie was one mass of sweat and was swearing loudly. It was great to watch her. Vengeance was mine. “Oh, well, I’m off to bed. I’ll sleep in the spare room. Try to keep the noise down so my sleep does not get disturbed”. Rosie bucked and twisted against her bonds, so I’m glad I had made a good job of them. There was no escape for her.

I watched her for a little while, felt my cock getting stiffer than it had done for some time and removed her bikini briefs. Seeing as she was nice and wet, I plunged into her. Rosie responded immediately. Her body went into automatic mode and she soon had her orgasm. I had never heard her scream so loud. Right in my ear. I came soon after. I didn’t know whether to release her or not, but decided to let her out of her restraints. She flew at me for a second, calmed down and we cuddled before taking a shower together.

No more was said, but Rosie was rather subdued for a few days. Then along came the girls with the idea they were going for a picnic in our local woods. It sounded great. We can walk there in fifteen minutes so plenty of wine can be imbibed.It was okay for the girls, they can put skirts or trousers on over their bikinis. I was told that I should slip trousers on over my shorts or better still just go in them. The days previously were hot, so I decided that I would go in my shorts. I wasn’t worried what other people thought. The girls love them.

We found a nice spot, the grass was nice and short and there were trees nearby for shade for those who want it. Straight away I took my T shirt off. It didn’t take long to set things out. A few drinks and some sandwiches and the girls suggested they tie me up. I laughed at that suggestion and was called a coward. Not being a coward and the thought of being at the mercy of all these girls made me agree. My hands were cuffed with leather cuffs with a chain eighteen inches in between them. The cuffs were locked on. I thought that was too easy, but then they stood me between two trees.

Some rope was threaded between my arms and my back and the ends were pulled tight and tied to the trees. I couldn’t move my arms by now. My ankles were held apart by a spreader bar. The girls looked at me and said “One more thing”. Some cotton wool pads were places over my eyes and a blindfold was wrapped around my head holding the pads in place. The girls gave me a kiss and told me to open my mouth. A thing was stuck in my mouth holding it wide open. “Oh well, we have to go now. We have shopping to do. I’ll be back before the rest to get even with you” Rosie told me. I heard them pick everything up and heard their chatter as they walked away. It got quieter and quieter until there was silence.

How long I stood there when I heard voices. It was male voices but it was that unusual tone that gay men have for some reason. “Oooh Look, Quentin. Christmas has come early this year. A man all nicely tied up and at our mercy. We should investigate.” Another voice said “Lovely, Nigel. How nice of someone to leave him as a present for us like this. I feel positively randy now” I recognised Nigel’s voice when he said “I’ll get the Vaseline from the car. We can take him home and make him forget all about girls. Will you go to the hill over there and see if you can get a signal on your phone and tell everybody of our luck. I haven’t had a signal for some time I can imagine Roland will want him in a nice French Maids uniform like the last one”

It must have been Quentin who replied, “Okay I’ll tell everybody once we get home. I’m not leaving you to have the first go at him. Roland can’t have the next choice. He had the last one. His name will have to be left out of the draw this time. If I win, we can get him fitted in a nice lockable wedding dress and marry him off to Tarquin. I’m sure Tarquin will make his wedding night most enjoyable. I wonder where they will go for a honeymoon. It will have to be a bridal suite at least”

“Wait a while and tell them once we have had our fill of him. They will all rush down here and although we will need their help to put him in the boot of the car, there is no reason we can’t have some fun first. His mouth is open for one of us and I won’t be long getting the Vaseline to lubricate him. I think we should be able to bend him over to take the pair of us. One at each end. I wonder how far we can get our cocks into his mouth and his pussy.” “You bitch. You mean to say you’d be unfaithful to me?”

“I’m saying we can increase our little group. I would presume he is straight at present and has been left here like this by some girls, but once he finds out how much fun we have, he will change. All this time I was trying to loosen the rope, but the leg spreader stopped me moving to one tree or the other and the rope held me fast between them. I was panicking by now. It was obvious what they were going to do to me and I couldn’t stop them. I thought if I came out of this alive, I will kill the girls. That is when I felt hands running over my shorts rubbing my cock and another hand feeling the hem of my shorts leg plus rubbing my bum over the material, even slipping his hands up inside the leg of my shorts at one time. “I think he is up for it. His willy has got ever so stiff. Josephine will love tying him down and then lowering himself onto his nice big cock. That will fill Josephine up and maybe he won’t be so ratty”

The other voice said “I think he would look lovely in short satin shorts. Really tight ones at that. Or those lockable leather chastity shorts, nice and short and extremely tight. I love to see you in them. And I know you love wearing them. Next time we can get those thick heavy leather shorts, not the thin ones l” They both laughed and discussed what they were going to do. They needed to go to the shops to get some tape as they thought I’d be less mobile securely taped up.

“Ooh, all taped up. Completely inescapable and locked in the boot of our car. I feel randy already. I can’t wait to get him home to our dungeon”. I heard them walk off discussing where the nearest hardware shop is. I had no idea how long I stood there before the girls came back. I made as much noise as I could. The thing was taken from my mouth and I shouted for them to release me. The blindfold was removed and there were all the girls. But before the girls undid the ropes, the two men came back.

Rosie and the girls took the ropes, cuffs and spreader bar off of me. “Meet Dave and Charlie. Yes, they are gay, but they are an item. They are not interested in you. We got them to play up to your expectations and you bit” I could see them laughing. I was shown the film of the girls who were rubbing my shorts while Dave and Charlie only spoke. That is what made me think it was them interfering with me.

I calmed down and had to admit. Rosie had got even. I warned her that when we got home I was going to get Even with her. Rosie told me she was looking forward to it. All the girls were grinning. Then Dave said, “I like the shorts. I’ll have to get some” Charlie agreed it would be easier for them indoors. I didn’t want to know, but Rosie said “Don’t worry. You are mine, all mine”. We went home after having a fantastic picnic. How I will get one over Rosie to beat this session I have no idea. But I’ll think of something. As for the girls. I think I need to tie them all up together.
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